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nabi 나비 Feb 9
thank you
thank you for shattering my heart
you were the first to ever break it and it hurts like ****
you walked in and you ******* wreaked havoc
it feels like everything in me is broken and can never be fixed
and it's all because you wanted to be with that boy
I could spew you lines of **** about how this isn't the worst thing I've felt
but that would just be a lie
because this is probably the most hurt i've ever felt from another living human
nothing about this hurt is beautiful or romantic
it's just hurt and the ache of losing somebody you love
nothing good has come from this except the lesson i learned
i learned that heartbreak is miserable, but i can live through it
even though i know it doesn't feel like it at moments
i'll live through this, because when i was head over heels in love
it was the happiest i've ever been because another human
if the risk is having my heart broken, maybe that's okay
so thank you for teaching me what it feels like to fall in love
and to be swimming in that moment
and thank you for letting go and making me feel like this
and even though i wish i could hate you for making me feel this
i'm no longer afraid of letting myself fall in love
because it's actually a ******* brilliant and beautiful thing
and i now hope to fall in love with somebody who deserves me
Sophia Feb 8
might hurt now,
but one day you will look back,
And you will thank them.
Marina Feb 6
It's been 6 months that we talked,
It's been 2 an a half years since she died,
and 3 years since I was now a part of ****'s chaos.

Thank you

you have made me feel different
and alive, A.

That one habit of my heart
is the habit i'll always have.
I can imagine years and lifetimes, with you.
Most likely, its in my head but you made it hard
to let all of you, go.
i wish i can tell you, what my whole self can wish to tell you
Sophia Feb 4
I promised myself I wouldn't get attached.
I really did...
And it seemed to work...
Until our last night.
Until you got in a cab,
and got on a plane to discover the world.
Even though you will never see this.
I thank you, and I will for the rest of my days.
In a short period of time you showed me what it's like to be truly loved.
And that in life you must take certain risks.
May God bless and protect you everyday!
You are truly a gift.
Thank you and *see you later.
*fun fact: I hate goodbyes
Autumn Jan 22
I guess mushroom swiss burgers
are supposed to have mushrooms.
THEY ARE NOT supposed to have
lettuce, tomato, or pickle.
ONLY mushroom and swiss.

The angry and life deprived woman I was looking
down at sternly informed me.

Her burger was rapidly fixed.

The friendly, quiet, and easy table to the left
tipped me eight dollars for my troubles.

There are some good people.
It all comes out in the wash.
the joys and not so joys of being a server
kiran goswami Jan 20
"Thank you for everything." She said.

"Thank you for being everything." He replied with a smile.
Paras Bajaj Jan 18
You stood by my side
when I couldn't sleep
on cold and lonely nights.

You stood by my side
when I was losing
everyone in my sight.

You stood by my side
when I kept over thinking,
felt scared and terrified.

You stood by my side
when I wanted to quit
and commit suicide.

You stood by my side,
became my best friend,
and that's how I feel inside.

---Poetry by Paras.
There are some rare gems in your life that stays no matter what you go through. This poem is a thank you note to all the true friends out there who stays in your ups and downs.
Dear Sunshine,
Thank you for waking me up today,
But the rainclouds won't go away.
It seems a little brighter today.
When you're here,
They seem to fade away.
Sometimes I feel afraid,
Sometimes I feel done,
But when I hold you tight,
You push the rainy day away.
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