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kinhanyon May 15
If it hurts you
would you be kind
forgive me for ever trusting thou
just be kind to yourself
FunSlower May 13
Thank you for your empathy.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your time.

I’m sorry for my assumptions.
I’m sorry for my impatience.
I try to move at your pace,
But I **** it up sometimes.

You don’t need to reach for that dusty shelf
To prove, again, I’m in the wrong.
I can see I made mistakes myself,
Like I have done all along.

Just because I feel one way,
In my mind alone, some thoughts belong.
Not pushed in front of you all day,
As you can’t always be so strong.

To hold me close when I’d like you there.
To say “I know”, when I say “I care”.

And though you know I always will,
You know, I know, I need to chill.
Coz you’re not a ******* pill
I can take to help me feel
Like you make me feel when I see you for real!
I learn so much from your gentle touch, but I learn much more from your patience.
It's not your fault if you don't love me anymore, better to end this than to stay.
I LOVE YOU for the last.
my last word to him. RR cestina thankyou for making me happy while you're mine, I know you're happier now with her.
Ryan Apr 21
I will never make a difference in the world
And don’t you dare tell me that
I am strong and capable
It’s a lie
I’ll never break out of my shell
I’m not worth it and
It’s not fair to say that
I will do something remarkable with my life
The chains of my insecurities
Are powerful and I will break down
In failure where my hopes
Can be found
All I want to be
Is someone incredible
The reflection I see
When I look in the mirror:
I am missing
The confidence to truly live
I’m starting to find
That I will never grow
It’s absurd to think
I am a work in progress

If you want to know the difference a teacher can make
Read this poem from bottom to top
Thank you R.H., you changed my life.
heureuseelle Apr 14
A three letter word that I've always seen, but don't know what it mean. Then 7 amazing boys came into my life and kept me alive. They gave my wings another reason fly, they have shown me my worth in this beautiful world. They gave me a shoulder to cry on, hands to hold on to and their backs to lean on to, they're the reason that I smile that stretches for a mile. Thank you for being there for me, for making me smile and cry at the same time, thank you for bringing faith back into my life and thank you for saving me my anpanmans.
Kyle Apr 3
I cried;
I prayed;
I asked for his help;
And in the end of the day;
He answered my prayers.
Thank You for answering my prayers.
Thank You for the countless blessings.
Thank You for everything.
Showing appreciation.
Saying thank you to someone who handed to you a little favor, saying thank you to someone who delivered you from your painful labor , saying thank you to someone who helped you by being your savior, saying thank you to someone who kept you and made you strong when you went wrong , saying thank you to someone who has been there for you, Saying thank you to someone who walked in whiles others walked out of your life, saying thank you to someone who offended others just to defend you, saying thank you to someone who made you whiles others destroyed you....
Just say thank you:)
Juliana Mar 30
Thank you, Hate,
for teaching me how to love.

Thank you, Hate,
for bringing people together
even though you drive them apart.

Thank you, Hate,
for forcing me to look for a light
in even the deepest of your darkness.
Ainsley Mar 24
thank you HePo
it's been an amazing year
you brought out the poet in me....
you made me smile
made me believe its okay to cry
through thousands of words by poets worldwide
you got me such great friends
for which i am thankful for
though all of them are not here now..
the memories made will stay forever
thank you so much for this one amazing year
it was really a great year here...
It's all it takes to make me happy
All I need to put a smile on
3 things reason enough
To become a better man
Than I was a second ago
My daughter
Innocent and energetic
Heart of gold
I'd plate with titanium
So it would never be broken
Lock away in a far away castle
Too high for even dragons to reach
But I know you can't hide
The radiance of her eyes
Intrigued by everything
With a giving hand at her age
My Family
Jokes and burns
Scares and bruises
We give each other just for a laugh
Toughening each other's minds
Keeping the wise still sharp
Forging the young
Into durable adults
Prepared for anything
Ready to take charge
Tearing out walls
To open their own doors
My friends
Uplifting and always there
Significant to someone like me
Who fears the dark
Wishing to never be left alone
If not for them
I would have given up
On chasing the dream
Of becoming a man
My little girl is proud of
It's gratitude before me
Oceans of debts
Money could never pay back
Only my success could do
Proving to them all
Their failure to give up on me
Wasn't in vain
That I was truly worth
Every drop of effort
They didn't realize they put in
A simple smile
A helping hand
An "I got you if you need me"
Late night talks
Advice I didn't think I needed
It all molded me
Every bit of kindness
I didn't think I was worth
I say it's 3 things
Yet that's just the categories
I've placed the thousands of hands
I refuse to let go of, in
Thank you
From my soul
To the tears that fall
As I write this
While I'm supposed to be working
All of you saved me
When I couldn't save myself
Yes, I really started crying at work writing this. My appreciate runs so deep. I feel as if I'm in a better point in my life and things are looking up. I've been focusing on more of the positive things in my life. Through therapy, anger management, and being free from a very unhealthy relationship, I feel myself maturing at a rate that terrifies me bc I don't want to grow up just yet but ik I have to. My priorities are in line and I'm becoming proud of myself in everything that I do thanks to all the people that have become a major influence in my life, who I almost lost bc I fell deep in a rabbit hole of depression and almost gave up on my life. Even considering the unfortunate events that got me out of that I'm looking at the positive side of even that and being grateful that if not for the things that transpired I wouldn't have found the happiness that I'm slowly getting accustomed to. Now if only I could achieve one thing that's weighing on me I'm pretty sure I'll transcend to a Bob Ross level of Happy. Once again...nine out of ten if you're reading this you deserve this...THANK YOU.
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