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ShFR Oct 2022
Faith in unknowns are tough
But, through your leadership,
I have emerged,
Thank you,
for allowing me to spread my wings
Thank you,
For being my guiding wind
© 2022 by ShFR All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of ShFR
Eve Jul 2022
I have this really amazing friend,
Her name is Radha.
She's great, she deserves the world ♡
She once witnessed me in pain
And she said to me,
"Fairy, get a pen and a book and just start writing.
Anything that bothers you.
Anything you wanna talk about but can't find words to say.
Anything you want out of you,
just write it..."

I admired her approach; it's really great!
'Cause I do write, and it does help...
It helps me to listen to myself clearly,
Without my brain jumbling up my thoughts,
And without my heart shaking in my chest.
But what if she knew,
About the things I write about...
About the things that I constantly think about,
About the things I dream about,
The things I ache about?
What if she knew,
**** even the things that I laugh about,
About the things I can't say out loud,
About the things I burden this site about..?
What if she knew?

Thank you Radha, for being your best ♡ I love you.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2022
Dear you
Soothe me with your voice
Soothe me with your verse
Soothe me with kindness
Soothe me with your pulse
Soothe me with light
Soothe me with love
Soothe me with truth
Soothe me with your vibes

Soothe Me
Soothe me with your soul
Said the Mirror
Francie Lynch Mar 2022
I should've written Thanks across a blue sky,
Where the winds would carry my message
Around the world.
But I didn't even try.

I should've banged my pots and pans,
Put a sign out on my lawn,
Or at least on a forward facing window.
But I didn't, and I'm wrong.

I could've, with minimal exertion,
Clicked Like or Love
On one of the millions of gratitude posts
Praising them... Them,
The essential and not so essential workers
On our northern, southern, eastern and western Fronts.
But I didn't, and it haunts.

I will now say,
Thank You
To all those who expressed Thank You
To all those who have kept us healthy, safe and secure:

koketso Dec 2021
To the middle school English teachers
that simplified Shakespearean plays to the last syllable, feeling like the same dagger of odd epiphanies.

The distinct powdery paint stained floors, acrylic smudged tables and the coffee aroma by 09:03.
An art class educated by a poetic tongue, flicking through all art movements like he existed eloquently in each.

Our engineering & graphics teacher who simultaneously mothered us as her own from the isolated section of block D. In the background, a blackboard with  meticulously drawn site plans of the highest precision. Her shouts were just as sharp.

To my spontaneous IT teachers that taught me how to maneuver through binary dilemmas and store any distress in random access memory.

Or to the person who found my wallet with my ID and bank cards but had no idea where my cash disappeared to.

The aloof B15 bus driver constantly arriving before the last bell, especially on rainy pastel gray days.

The far too kind Mrs Sharon. I've never met you personally. However, your positive impact on my grandparent's life rolled both from their tongues and into my life.

Thank you.
I live in those dreams,
that are fairy tales,
and yet, because of you,
it's my real life.
Thank you for both.
My husband is my fairytale and real life love. For so many years, I was with a narcissistic except at that time I didn't know what it was or his diagnosis. I barley got out alive. I was fatally injured many.times within that 20 years. You don't understand why I stayed. I didn't either not until I finally gout our for the last time, for good. I woke up one day and told myself. That I was going to put myself into counseling because I needed to understand what was so wrong with me and why or how I became such a monster that set him up and I learned a lot for the better. So this short poem comes from that kind if. The man I finally married that O swore to him that I'd never date him or anyone else much less get married and God only know I didn't want to love him after all those years ×th my ex. And honestly I finally was on my own with my youngest son, felt free except for tormenting myself over the past. So I wrote him a poem that went something lie... most women marry the man of their dream.... I married you but you were never the man of my dreams....because the only dreams ai had were nightmares and night terrors... something like that with more words.
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