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Matthieu Oct 8
Thank you for sharing your poems on this site
Thank you too, for reading mine.

Thank you, yes you!
For opening up,

To share your soul,
To be strong enough.

Some of you I feel the tears, the fears,
I remind you now, you're welcome here.

Some of you have puffed and passed,
Jesus, how you've made me laugh.

Thank each and every one of you,
For sharing the journey you're going through.

This community has been a sense of life,
a place of acceptance that's hard to find.

Im grateful to you all for the time, the energy, the comradery, the sense of family,the support, the empathy and love in every poem that's posted, and to have experienced your view of the world.

It's a reminder that this platform has been an outlet for many people trying to decode their reality, to express the emotions,

Thank you :)
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River Sep 16
one of these days i will grow in to forensic psychology
studying living minds with science to see
but that still wont ever stop me from perusing my dream
to be a poet, writer maybe
to have my words fill peoples hearts
like yours did mine
every word you spoke you said "was gold"
granted yeah i was only in the sixth grade
but you changed my life, still do to this day

i was new to a school, didnt know anybody
all i had was a couple friends, paper, and pens
and a mind full of poetry
but every word i wrote, i felt was never enough
i always loved writing, what a way to expressing the silent?!
but how could i continue with the lack of confidence?
i shared to a friend and they showed you
and man let me tell you, your words.
were truly golden
gave me that hope the fact is, you believed in me
and look at me now, i have PUBLISHED poetry!

all because of you
you showed me that little hope i needed
i was ready to end my writing
give up and move on with my life
but you convinced me i was something extraordinary
not even my own family had faith in me
but i knew every morning i walked in your class
youd say my last name asking "is that french"
and i knew right then
it seemed to be the push i always needed
you gave me hope and taught me i could do great things

all you did for me may not seem like much
but that year my life changed for good
because look at where i am
im sharing my poetry to the world now!
all because you took interest in my work
and made me keep pushing on
ive always wanted to say thank you
some days i wish to shake your hand and tell you how happy i am
tell me arent you proud?

i want to be an English teacher someday
when i fulfill my need of psychology
so maybe one day i could do the same
for some kid like you did for me
ill never be able to forget you and all you stand for
because without you
i wouldnt have made it this far

i guess this is a thank you poem
ive been trying for years to perfect it
but as long as it comes from my heart
thats all you need isnt it?
i pray and hope this poem the world will see
so they all know what you did for me
and i wish you the best of the rest of your days

thank you for being more than just a teacher to me.
i hope you see this, im not so sure if you will or not but this is a thank you for what youve done, for believing in me when no one else would because of that push you gave me look at where i am and where i intend to go
Maria Nieves Sep 11
Recently it hasn’t been easy
Lack of sleep
Horrible thoughts
But you
You are one of the reasons
I get up in the morning
Knowing that I will see you
Knowing that I get to hug you
Nothing has made me happier
Than spending time with you
So thank you
Thank you for saving me
For keeping me safe
For showing me a good time
Thank you for being there
When others were not
Being back in college hasn't been easy on me, but one person has been keeping me sane.
Amulya Sep 10
So, yeah,
I'm not like the rest of the heard.
I'm Different.
Thank you for spreading the word.
Christina S Sep 9
Thank you for reminding me of my beauty
Thank you for doing what you do to me
Thank you for being there at just the right time
Thank you for setting my soul free!

I wanted to write this poem
Not that it had to be done
But rather that I appreciate you
And to let you know that I have fun
Emily Sep 3
I'm so tired when I wake up
I wrestle with the alarms.
I never really like this place
So I write it in my poems.

I understand you don't need to stay
I know you do so anyway.
Thank you for all the support.

You don't hear me, yet you listen
I know that it is hard.

I wrote a lot
Not much makes sense
Thank you for trying.

Hardly on it often
Yet I feel the love.

I keep this quite secret
My family would be mad.
I hide it away
So no one will say
I have written these.

You know my name
You guess my age
You don't know my brain.

Yet you know me better
Than anyone I know
Because you read
These words and scribbles
I have on the paper.

We don't talk but I sing
And somehow you still hear me.
Thank you.

Thank you guys so much
for helping me
feel like I have a voice.
The conversation went like this:

J: "Hello daughter"
(It's an inside joke, we have a whole family tree :)
Me: [Looks at J]
J: "uh, Son"
L: "Son!"
L: [Smiles and hugs me real tight]
(L is trans too)
J: "How dare you ignore your mother"
Me: [Hugs J too]
Us: [Laugh]
A "poem" every day.

Binder update: I tried to order them, but the site won't accept my credit card in any way. I'll try again tomorrow, we'll get there.
wonderwall Aug 21
Thank you
For all the good laughs
For all the endless thoughts
You never know that
A part of me wished
You're the one
And only

Corey Aug 13
In the bustling city with cars honking
and sirens wailing, people shouting
and bottles breaking. Where the
lights pollute the air every night
and I wake up at three am
wondering if it’s morning,
or just another broken night:
I still hear you.

In late winter when the snow falls
silently, and the sun lingers
in the sky, lifelessly. When the
nights drag on and days are short
enough to make me wonder
why I keep getting up
before the darkness is filled:
I still see you.

In sorrow that surrounds my thoughts
as they collapse in on themselves,
I wonder what I did to deserve
someone who will pick me up
and hold me among the noise
around me, and in my head.
Through the noise and deafening silence:
I still feel you.
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