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david mitchell Jul 2022
scattershot strikes as a shattered damocloid
sending warning ripples through clouds
glimpses of sundered villages atop cumuli
not a gasp among the crowd
sup website user
Winnalynn Wood Mar 2021
Touch the stars tarnished with ancient dust
Gaze at the moon, round with the suns love

Of reflections thousands of miles away
As the incandescent comets fly and sway

And the planets hovering still around
Towards the suns rays they chance a bow

In the frigid darkness, silent in space
The stillness frosts the air like the most delicate lace
Payton Hayes Feb 2021
It was rather beautiful the way
he put her insecurities to sleep.
The way he dove into her eyes
and chased away her fears
the way a tail chases it's
comet across a pitch-black sky.
Her eyes became a galaxy and
he could see the dreams she kept
coiled beneath her bones.
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This poem was written in 2016.
No one
in sight
I am too
I wish I could
I cant so Ill
Em Glass Aug 2020
Hit me with that difference
between nodes and cores
and processors, between
being me and being sure.
Tell me again how to
calculate it, I missed the
first time, don’t shout--

remind me the difference
between comets and asteroids
and meteors, and how computers
and space are not the same
because to me it’s all voids--
the Perseids could be anything
as long as I get to watch
something else burn as it falls.
someone tell me that grad school is worth it
saturns Jul 2020
Though you have only been here for a short while,
you’ve shown me a glimpse of your wondrous mind.
You made me see beauty in every speck of every mile,
and I will always compare you to all the beauties I find.
Antino Art Jul 2020
   every few
thousand years,
    a comet
fades into view
     at an hour some call

It hangs
   out of place,
not a moon and not
   quite a star,
a wisp of incandescence
I never saw.

We talked
   for light-years
over soup,
on an empty rooftop.

The glow remains,
    no matter how far
apart we orbit
   through cold and godless
   past new worlds
      we’ll never know.
Space comet neowise sky
WJ Niemand Jun 2020
I watched her eyes
like I gazed at the stars
trying to discover
the constellations of her heart

I watched with wonder and awe
how she glowed and smoldered in the light
while only appearing cold as comet ice

Her sight ravished me to no end
as she gracefully lit the night sky
but saddened I couldn't reach her
I could not fly
We long for that which is distant.
Psychostasis Jun 2020
I was once a Comet
Racing through space in a blind fury
Towards some unknown goal that was so much bigger than I
That I stay trapped in an orbit so super massive
Everywhere I go and everything I see becomes the first time I've seen it

I was once a Comet.
My light burned so brightly everyone within hundreds of thousands of miles could see
And they watched as I accelerated with joy and pride in their hearts
Making wishes and hoping the universe grants it

I was once a Comet
And because I was unable to see myself
I believed them when they said I was on fire
That I was some ever burning torch
Destined to give my light for millennia.

I was once a Comet
And as I traveled, my mass decreased
Bits of stone and ice were lost as my stardust began to strike stagnant meteors and debris
I began to slow
My light became dim

I no longer receive the wishes of the people.
Their cries of pride and joy are a ghost to me now
A shadow of a phantom

I no longer feel the warmth from my travels
And as my light fades
And I blend into the eternal, ever stretching black sheet that is our universe
I will always remember
I was once a Comet.
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