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Yaryna 3d

You speak to me with a language I can't understand
I had a tendency to love with sorrow and grace.
You went through like a stranger from another land.
I was ready to give you a star, but all you needed was space.
You do look in the mirror, searching for magic,
Knowing that you had one and couldn't keep it close.
When comet sets on fire, it always ends up tragic,
And this who's sure of winning, always lose the most.
Please, don't you wipe my silver, frozen tears,
I'm not afraid of fire, I'm scared of being burned.
If you can't say I'm most atrocious of your fears,
Name me then a lesson that you haven't ever learned.
Secret-Author Jan 14
I am nothing to no-one.
Like a comet, you cannot find me.
Only catch a glimpse.
Out of the corner of your eye.
As I disappear in a blink.
To someone else's space.
Sobriquet Jan 10
She drifts in and out of lives
a stray comet offering brief illumination
before setting off on another lap about the world.

how are you so heartless,
asks the earth of her lofty voyage,
here to spark heat and small hopes,
the nonchalant aftermath of your visit,
only to leave as a flash in the night.

oh to stay a comet-
if you move fast enough,  
it's easy to forget you are dust in orbit,
if you move fast enough
you are not heartless but frozen,
in constant motion to forget
your heart only exists on earth,
in those fleeting moments where you allow the ice to melt.
comet- a celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust
Ashari Ty Oct 2018
i want to be an astronaut
and bring the moon to you

and touch the stars in heaven

i want to breathe space
until it is gone between us

you and i are forbidden to part

i want to ride a comet
anhilate your earth with you

and together we will touch heaven
we will be heavenly bodies
Jordan Oct 2018
the blinding light
of the sun setting
two people
compared to the near twilight sky

a comet
falls through the
and the sky lit from the beautiful

two people run
around a large crater
and as they pass each
other, three years apart
they stop

the sun sinks out of sight
and shifts to twilight
the bright light
lessens to show
the two standing


the girl cries in happiness
while the other smiles
they hug
And the girl questions
"When will I see you again"

the boy suggests
"let’s write our names on each
other, so we don't forget"
he pulls a pen out of his pocket

she agrees, and the boy
writes on the palm of
The girl he has known
for a short while, but
feels like he's known for years

They exchange the pen, and
The girl writes the one line-

and the pen falls

the beautiful can become the terrifying
the comet nears the small town
the crater overlooks
and falls
This poem is inspired by the ****** in Your Name, Kataware-Doki.
Comet, aim for the heart
For long it has believed in
The shooting of stars, it
Has been deceived, no star
Wishes it anything, only
The moon wants it to exist.
my body aches with
every heart beat,
brain flipping through
memories of those first nights
when I couldn't stop kissing you
I was just a target, tho
for your cosmic comet
your dead star of a heart
attempting to settle
**** life from my planet
but I refuse to do it
no love is ever worth
Pyrhos Jul 2018
Small ***** of light
A front porch of dreams
So lively and bright
The night sky it gleams

A hopeful star
I look up to see
Searching so far
To find how to be

Comet in a glass
I climb to get close
Seeing it's trail pass
A new path proposed

Signals and noise
The endless sea flows
With a newfound poise
My soul finally glows

Large clouds of gas
A nursery of light
All new eyes who pass
I shine bright to ignite
Adrian Mar 2018
You're a real comet boy
aren't you
everyone wants to call you a
shooting star
but you know you're just a
falling rock​
glittery and pretty boy
all bright and cheery
we all want to know if you light up
the dark
eyelashes cluttered
with star dust
​do you wear a crown
of broken moonstones?
​cracked and gorgeous
your beauty is your pain
so sad yet so pretty
comet boy
we all want to heal you
won't you let us heal you?
Heather Mar 2018
Do you like these stars
Last night, I stole them for you
From the moons pocket
Part 3
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