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Like life isn't worth our struggle
Then why do we strife to survive
Not merry, sorrow and tears
But the ones that wreck our faith.

Our wish is our command
Our breath is a lend treasure
Once a hero in illusion of vain
Once a soldier and not trusting.

The world had betrayed us
Letting the cankerworms warm our ways
They are in us and out of us
Then the gods were lieing to the gods.

We all are fortune mongers on ant hill
Soldiers of treasure hidden in rankest
Sometimes we fail others we boast
But once a soldier is always a soldier.
This piece projects the way we humans feel and think about our selves in politics, business, social and more. We refuse to trust each other because we all are greedy treasure seekers, we are soldiers always out there to out smart each other
Joseph Preston Kirk Apr 2013
Truth Prevails
when times are good
everything is as it should
when times are hard
revealed is the hidden card
from the deck of life you were given a hand
play it right or it crumbles like sand
one can bluff or even lie
but the truth is known as it meets the eye
be true to thyself or or none can be true
as the life you build will fall upon you
based on deciet a heart can grow fond
but over time you will lose that bond
as with time it will show
the thorns as they rigoruosly grow
truth will consume the you, you think you know
because all the lies will suddenly go
when that moment of judment demandingly calls
and the castle of your lies built suddenly falls
to each their own and to thine own self be true
reap what you sow as it is cast upon you
Martial-law Civil-Law Civility
Lethaios Apr 6
They are liars.

Pretending to know,
Pretending to care,
Pretending to be;

And I,
the soldier;
the worker;
the ripped, torn hands;
the bloodshot heart;

I am laying on my back
on the ground,
in the background;

Hearing them
in front of the crowd;

The crowd is clueless,
just like they are;

I build the monuments,
they engrave their name;
flaunting their face,
without shame.

Behind the scenes,
in the silence;
and the isolation;
the eternal gift;
I found peace.
Dez Apr 2
Help me I cry
Don’t leave me here to die
But they left me to lie
So goodbye
Tell my country I said hi
It was worth their freedom to die
Thy freedom is why
I did come here and sound the battle cry
Forget me not when you pass by
For my tomb is unmarked under the open sky
And thereby I'll never truly die
For I'll always be a passing memory to testify
Of all the names that were forgotten by and by
Brent Mar 28
I saw you cry yourself to sleep last night
A tear-soaked pillow screams that nothing goes right
But I know you'll survive a fall no matter the height

Your thoughts- so vicious and wild
You'll see your hopes and dreams get defiled
You're in a war; you'll find yourself all riled

Monsters lurking in the shadows‘ll jump at you
Your darkest nightmares old and new
Wherever the battlefield, I know you'll make it through

This is not just a physical battle
Your mind, your heart, your soul will rattle
You’ll hear your inner demons prattle

Prepare for your life's longest night
Prepare for an unrelenting fight
The bitter-sweet end will soon be in sight

Breathe deep, firmly hold your ground
Do not give in; do not, in your sorrows, get drowned
As you will go to where you are truly bound
Something undesirable happened today and I wrote this one to cope with it
Zack Ripley May 2019
Today I stand beside you to honor those we love.
The ones who made it home, the ones still fighting, and the ones called to guide us from above.
Today, when they sing the national anthem, don't be surprised if you see me cry. It represents everything that makes me proud to be semper fi.
Today, it doesn't matter where you come from.
If you're here, you're American at the core.
Today, we celebrate everything we're fighting for.
Today, we'll visit our parents, daughters and sons
And tell them their war is over
"You can finally rest in peace. It's okay. Lay down your guns."
Whether you're a soldier, seal or marine, thank you for shielding us from all the things you see that should never be seen.
monica Mar 15
you said,
    "love is war,
      i am your soldier".

i'm in pain,
     yet you never came.

you held my hand,
     and there's no spark;
     you pulled me close,
     but then you fall.
Emily Feb 10
she's as beautiful as day and as mysterious as night
her feelings change as does her leaves during fall
the changing colors and emotions
a great oak tree now feeling cold by winters embrace with no colorful leaves but instead branches that show her majestic story of pain, sorrow, and love
she's a worrier, a soldier in this battle of life
and then when the war of society and sin is over in spring she dances and rejoices with the winds and rain and sings the song of new begging that yet to come
then finally she joins the sun and the clouds
sharing her life with others during the days of summer
she's a home for creatures big and small
shes a shield of protection
a mother caring for her child
a bride preparing for her wedding day
a slave enjoying freedom at last.
rhionna Feb 7
I want nothing more than for you to be okay
to be the you, that you want to be
you put up the toughest fight to the biggest battles
for that you're a soldier
a strong character that holds their own
but one that I know can not always be strong
and needs a place to be vulnerable
even the toughest of the tough cry
I'm sorry I can't shield you from everything like I want
guarding you from anything deadly to your mind, body, and soul
you're the soldier that will make it through it all
It will be okay I can't say when, why, or how
but you will be the one to prevail
through and through
words of encouragement for whomever may need it
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