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Amanda 5d
So soon the end of mankind will come
Machines will learn
Hear them hum
Attack us humans in the dead of night
Until that day gets here I'll sit and write
Just a silly little piece I wrote after watching iRobot
Carlo C Gomez Jan 14
technological mother
wi-fi our blood vessels
to your eternal link
make us passionate machines
symbiotic connections
programming a love
continuously on update
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of heartbreak
in lieu of...
Righteous anger is intoxicating;
Brain cells sold to the fiction of the mind.
It funds peddlers too loudly debating:
Oh, what to do with words spent on designs
Of machines combating contradictions?
Their motherboards are hardwired for the ****.
Any thoughts or beliefs on opinions?
Just wait for their hunger to get its fill.
Nothing like teeth flushed with red and venom.
***, death, and chocolate cannot compare
To the moral high ground's cheap decorum
Of beliefs held in contempt and despair.
      Because paying attention to the wit
      Of my getting hard done by is the ****.
Em Oct 2019
In Death
there are only

made to guide the man
to a heaven
that never existed.
i woke up in between naps to write this im going to sleep again
A M Ryder Sep 2019
We flew aloft
On mechanical wings
And suddenly the heavens
Were within reach
To those who could
Build the machines
That could take them there
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2019
I hate Science
I hate Technology

Neither Am I Orthodox
Nor I am Fool

I am not a *****
But still I choose to hate

Science and Technology
Both gave us many things

I remember, there was a time
I worshipped both of them

They produced machines for us
They produced robots for us

Machines started building
Homes, Bridges and Flyovers

Machines helped us in
Food and Cloth Production

Milk and Silk Production
And Blah Blah Blah Blah

They made our life easier
They made our life safer

They provided better security
They provided better tools

They made our life longer
They made our life smarter

They gave us rays of hope
They promised much more

They promised more Freedom
They Promised Leisure Time

They promised better Environment
They promised clean Air, Water, Soil

They Promised Harmony and Peace
They Promised Equality for All

Both Science and Technology
Progressed exponentially day by day

But something went wrong
Someone captured them

Hijacked them and misused
By applying their ***** minds

We still have Machines and Robots
We still have Logic and Skills

But where is Freedom and Peace?
Where is the clean Environment?

Where is clean Water, Air and Soil?
Where is the promised Leisure Time?

Now we also have Nuclear Bombs
We have weapons of mass ******

We have smart tools for our Extinction
We have weapons of mass Destructions

Robots are being transformed
From Robots to Human Beings

Humans are being transformed
From Human Beings to Machines

Yes Slavery is back in the Game
Machines have enslaved Humans

Robots have been granted
Citizenship and Civil Rights

Machines have been made ready
Ready to wage war against humans

The question is who is the culprit?
Is it Science and Technology?

No. Not at all. I know this very well
But I still hate Science and Technology

The real culprits are the hungry Capitalists
Who captured, hijacked and misused

Science and the Technology for their greed
Though they have all the things they need

Science and the Technology easily surrendered
and allowed themselves to be used for their greed

This is why I Hate Science and Technology
I also hate Capitalism and Capitalists too

But I have a big question for Myself. I still doubt -
"Can I really live without Science and Technology"
I Hate Science and Technology, What about You?? You also Hate Science and Technology or do you hate me???
5oulPoet May 2019
I saw hanging clouds on the top of the world
And my dreams following the fleeting sun
Flying above the world in the machines of man
But it's engine groaning under misery
A thousand parts suddenly falling apart
Under the weight of repeated failures
Not able to reach the infinitesimal summit
Ruheen May 2019
Have you ever wondered what it would be like without them?
They create a divide.
They control people.
They scare people.
They create monsters
People are so blinded by what they've been taught,
That they lose all sense of what's wrong or right.
They believe that what they're doing is right.
Religion is a way for people to justify their actions,
All in the name of God.
We say to people
"Don't take God's name in vain."
But that's what people are doing.
Using God to justify you taking someone's life
Is not showing respect.
In fact, I think God would be quite disappointed.
Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity.
We are human when it greets us,
But when it's finished with us,
We are no longer people.
We are machines.
Religion isn't an intelligent way for God
To 'communicate' with us.
Religion is just an intelligent lie.
I don't mean to offend anyone or anyone's religion. This is just what I think religion has done to the world.
I am so sorry if I have offended you in any way. I do not mean to. I have absolutely nothing against people who are religious....except maybe the ones who **** other people because of religion....but those are just technicalities.....
:) Don't come after me...

This is quite a sore subject for a lot of people, yet one that is quite popular.

robotic idiots.
that is what humans are.

I don't believe in religion, but I do believe in God.
But I also kind of don't believe in God because I believe in Science.

Life is hard.
javert Mar 2019
as the birds fly south for winter
the excavators come home to roost.
they bow their heads to the ground,
wishing for wings to tuck their necks under.
everyone guards piles of salt and twisted metal
brushed cold and golden by the sun.
a boat lifts its arms to the sky,
all rattling chains and gentle, grasping claws.
gentlemen, best prices for scrap here:
all metals, all amounts.
the highway crawls home.
Ellison Dec 2018
And what can the other world offer
That can compromise what your eyes already see?
Will love be sure to carry on and survive
If you simply choose to look right past me?

I get it. I understand the feel of the wires
On the human skin. I can genuinely feel
How it is to be embraced by the machine
That devours anything that is real.
The silver dream takes me on a journey
Unlike any other. The party doesn’t stop
As naked bodies dance and sway from the comfort
Of my room; just until my eyes start to drop.

And friends go by and wonder why
I go to sleep at three o’clock in the morning
But who needs rest when the dream is there
And rusted judgment is the first warning.
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