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mark soltero Aug 2021
set in with uncertainty
we watch the sun go down
scarlet beams from the sky illuminate your pity

remember the night you looked stunning
the sky hit your skin
our bodies vibrated in the warm tides

it was wonderful right
Jasmin jazz Jan 2021
Never pretend all the girls as cat
There is a lion who roars when it is hurt
Don't think all girls are cute
We know how to react when you overact.
And not all girls love pink..
Because I love black.
Being silent doesn't means that she is shy
She is just waiting to tear you apart.
Girl is meant not to cook food and do laundry
She's same as you; a human
She's not a toy to PLAY  with..
There is feelings inside her
One day she'll burst out like a volcano
Then you can't control; she'll
Destroy everything around her
So beware ; be careful think twice before you act
Women have lots of wishes in their heart which they don't reveal if you are reading this just let their dreams come true...❤️ Plz like and follow🥰
Saïda Boūzazy Sep 2020
Love has no seasons
It comes suddenly  
At night, two hearts  are hanging
The sky, the winds and the breezes are still reminding me of you
The bird, when they fly - I remember you sir !
Far around the stars , a story of love
is going to rise.
Edi Apr 2019
A smile so tiny.
A glanse so quick.
My heart just skipped a beat.
You’ve been friends for what seems like forever, until one day you realize you don’t really want to hear about this amazing hookup he had last night. You’re not sure why. Usually, you’d be happy for him, but something has changed. When you fall in love with your gay BFF you have to tell him (once you’re sure it’s not a fleeting crush). Who knows? He may like you too. probably NOT.
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
I am in love, but does she see me
She quickly became my world, she swirled my feelings
She is in my mind, my late night dreams
She is where my thoughts seem to stream
I cant control my heartbeat, something like her, soft and sweet
Can make my heart go wild
Can make my lungs stop the oxygen flow and prevent me from breathing
She wakes my faith and sparks my believing
And my heart breaks when I see her leaving
I cannot understand her
Khadro Jama May 2017
On year has passed
it was a long never ending roller-coaster
there were days i wanted to just disappear days my heart let me down
barely any good times
without a helping hand
I came down this long path
still alive and well
Still smiling but with meaning
Papa I hate you & Thank you
because if things didn't go down the they did
i would never would have met the people i know now
i would not have cried , smiled , almost died , opened my heart
I don't really hate you no more ,( you could go to hell for all I care)
***** been hard , I am Not a kid But I wasn't ready to grow
things just happened like that
Only God knows what Allah has planned for me
I am moving on from your dark shadow !!!~
I am truly Blessed right now
even without you
I am stronger than i believed
I am not alone no more
I feel full, Alhamdhulilaah- Thanking God.
Even without A helping hand,
PAPA.... I am Good Without You
January 2014
The poems I post after this are all from poems I wrote way back then 2013-2014.
I grew up without my father for the last 14 years, he's alive just not in my life.
Olufunke Kolapo Sep 2016
Let it out
Let it flow
Let it glow
On your cheeks
Down your chest
Be mad
Be sad
Scream some
Wail loud and long
Like a banshee
Let the wind
Ferry your fear
Far, far away
Give your grief
Worries and sorrow
To the breeze of the night
Roll them all
Into the trash
Throw them out
And let them go
pitik Jun 2015
there's this feeling that I can't stop, the feeling of missing you. it will never stop, it started on the day that you left. you left a mark on me and it will forever stays there. I can't undo the love what's done is done. I've got this feeling that you will be back by my side but my instincts are always wrong just like how I believed that you will never leave
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