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Nigdaw May 2023
someday I'd like to sit
in my armchair
by the window
bathed with sunlight
book open at a portal
to drift off into storyland
like Alice
down the rabbit hole
Leone Lamp May 2021
I'm busy busy busy
I'm late I'm late I'm late
I've got to meet a rabbit
I've got to meet my fate

For if you trip and stumble
And take a long long fall
You might take some comfort
In the writing on the wall

It says the cakes a lie!
The roses never were red!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
The last words that they said

There's no time for fantasy
The world's out of hand
Visit Alice another time
Curse that wonderland

We're living in the matrix
Dot dash, dot dot dot dash
We just have to accept it
As we wait for it to crash

One foot in and one foot out
Abstractify, you lazy lout
Yes, I'm sure reality's an illusion
But I can't afford to live in confusion
Just peeping through the keyholes of the doors of perception.

Also, if anyone is curious, dot dash, dot dot dot dash is "AV" in morse code, which felt particularly appropriate.

Dartanion2 Jan 2021
I, to mine eyes
Through to orchard's unafraid
Always my thoughts travel wide
And bless such fruit as may be made
Tumbling ever into, orchards bloom, and supple shade...

I, to mine eyes
Have yet to master my master's trade
My thoughts plotting, too far and wide
And mention not, so much left unmade
Unravelling my orchard's bloom, in a tearful fade...

I, to mine eyes
Am a pressed man, with so much yet to say
So, I claim these thoughts, too savvy tried
With humility, I forfeit this orchard, soft and stayed
And march a steady pace, into this soft parade...

I, to mine eyes
Have climbed my Everest, affected the deepest caves
Carved my thoughts a golden, enticing, compromise
Searched for Eldorado, and returned unscathed
Now, I march into my orchard's bloom, quite, unafraid...
Approaching death's door.....the questions blossom...and the reminiscing shines a light...
Chad Young Dec 2020
O silver and black knight of the forest,
what goal have you taken up for the castle?
"I seek to slay with my beauty only..."
"Slay those cries and moans from lonely damsels."

"What business does an evil eye have in the land
of purity and repose?"
"I have many good deeds fine guardian."
"Then enter secure, but let no evil in, or you will be cast
"You have no business here until your
wicked deeds are paid for, get out!"

"Hey, that's okay," a fair damsel
allows me to part from my solitude.
Put on the sandy veil of partnership, for the spirit has
reached into the divine female and divine male.
Let those chakras make a transpersonal point,
but sacral business is all I see.
Maidens forever young.

It seems an eunich has breached our display.
But are we allowed back into the land of purity and repose?
It seems the true goal of a babe's heart
at the lap of his mother has entered the lair.

Now is the fair damsel taken to the merciless judge.

Now is a beautiful friend, waiting all this
time, to exchange a breeze
of heartfelt love.
****** purity is sought after, yet
there is no place to hide a ****.

Light no longer is transferred from the 8th dimension.
The male/female chakras above the crown open up again
for sacral play.
The sattvic essence remains,
and I am held dearly at this party.

The children outlast me during the night.

I enter through a circular gate of pastel crystal petals
into a deck of superstrength beings
of all colors.
A female face is grafted to mine.
She puts on silver and black armor
and the walls are crimson.
Meditation in front of a mirror and inside my pyramid made of clothes hangers.
Riley Oct 2020
All the time I was moving, I carried a large wall mirror with me.
I was looking for the best place for him in every new room I had to live in. The frame was very nicely decorated and the reflection in the mirror was even more beautiful.

                                     Chapter One - Realization-
Last year, in December, I was upset about one specific person’s relationship. I analyzed a lot of our communication and the separation that had no end...suddenly my body began to tingle and release some waves coming to my mind that created for me a vision of someone behind that mirror. I felt amazing and very curious.
Little version of me was waiting behind the mirror to go through and go together into that space that is the only one right for me.
I consciously tried to take the best position to run in as soon as possible to see what all there was, but something was stopping me.
Zeitgeist touched my hand and it was a sign to me that it was not yet time for me to leave so abruptly.I came to terms with it and sketched up everything I saw and felt that night.

                                  Chapter Two - The Next Year-
I move again. The mirror and the decoration of the wings had no place in that apartment, and neither did I. Their power was slowly weakening and I didn’t know it was so. A strange virus has occupied the whole world and we all had to isolate ourselves and deal with it. September is coming and as it is known, people are transforming a lot. I was doing a lot of reckless things because I was waiting to see that change in myself, and I didn’t know I was going to run into a lot of life-threatening situations. I did all this to drive away the pain of all failed relationships with friends, people, memories ... moving again ; new friends, new location, new balcony, new space for my Portal.

                       Chapter Three - The Golden God -
In those days I invited many people as guests to celebrate my new living space. They helped me make a lot of drawings and decorations to help me feel like it was my art studio.
One day a strange guest and potential friend came...
Split personality,conceit, ****** and everything bad you can imagine disrupted my values. He connected too much with the mirror and drew a lot of bad energies through it without me knowing it...after a while, I had to break the glass in the frame of my  mighty Portal just for safety to protect my path which is now under repair. The Joker was sneaking around every time I had to deal with this **** of man, to help me in a strange, madly way to make a shield around myself.
(This story isn't really as short as I thought it would be)

                            Chapter Four - Broken  27 Layer -
I had to sacrifice the portal so that it could be reactivated at the right time. A painful moment when you hear the sound of something bursting that is part of you but you also saved it so you could continue to create stories and see behind it all. I removed The Golden God from my life now. Go f*ck yourself once for all !
The numbers that follow and protect me are now somewhere outside my space sorted and making codes that will be sent to me at the right time.

Chapter Five - Coming soon ...
I had an urge to write this even though it is not in my writing style as before.
It's important.
I can edit this anytime, but in the right time these words are gonna be very clear and from the other space.
Have a nice day :)
Spadille Aug 2020
My poems are a portal to my heart
A pathway to my universe

It is where my demons live
It is where my fears reside

My sentiments reside in this realm
And my deepest desire dwells in it

And I open my door for you
With welcoming arms

For I want you to get a glimpse of it
To get a glimpse of my heaven and hell
Cailey Weaver Jun 2020
Coming out the other end of something has you feeling around to make sure you brought all your body parts through the portal with you.
Stress is when you feel your heart skip a beat,
the blood pumping through our veins and then our lungs start to squeeze sharply onto our rib cage, gasping....gasping for a breath and then we feel worse and everything we see turns grey and into anger, because the chemicals in our brain are feeding us drought.
Anxiety begins to fall in and i'm in panic mode.
Can't breath,
Can't think,
Hands grasping my hair tightly,
Headache pours in and then sometimes
the rain drops down like a wrecked felony and heart palpitations slowly ease after the clouds start to seize.
Time for a nap, sleep and retract our thoughts as they slowly drift away into a two time dimension.
Feeling lots of stress and anxiety lately.
Kanishka May 2020
A single drop of water seems inconsequential,
But a bunch of them create alternate reality.
Should we continue to hustle where we are?
Or should we plunge into the one below where
time is loosened and us free of captivity?
Dive in with me.
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