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SomaSonata Aug 20
Take a seat and settle in
The masquerade will soon begin
Fallen heroes and angels in the snow
I listen in and clutch the ropes
Gridlocked traffic lines the roads
Satellites are good to go
All the people cheering
For the man who breaks the ceiling
Astronauts who time forgot
Pioneers and cosmonauts
The hairs upon the dogs stand still
I feel a shiver and then a chill
The flowers withered in the gardens
Jet engines roaring
All systems go, the show is starting
I ****** a feather floating in midair
Frozen cold and solid, caught her icy glare
We're living proof of bitter days to come
Chase the rabbits down the holes they run
Hold the light don't let it go now
Grab the love don't let it slow down
Love, joy, grief, belief, hope, and fear
Seize the moment
Hold it dear
Don't let it end like this
Don't hold out waiting for the final kiss
Safana Jul 14
If, I were Indian
I would be A. P. J.
descendant son
          And, to  be
          Gandhi's legatee

To marry a young
Nigerian senorita, to
give birth a pretty
And beautiful baby

To copy all I imitated
From my fore fathers
To lead Nigeria and, to
revolutionize the nation

To grow more than
Russia and to be
Like Saudi Arabia
Justine Jade Jul 12
Aking binibini
Nagaantay na ang probinsya sa iyong yakap at halili
Pukawin mo ang himbing lupang sabik
sa iyong pagkalinga at serbisyong mapitik

Ngunit kung ikaw man ay hirap na
Nandito lang ako
Ang iyong magiging kwarto
Pupunasan ang stress at anxiety mo

Matulog kana ng mahimbing
Pagkat bukas sa liwayway ay syang pagsibol ng hangin
Unahin mo muna ang iyong nasasakupan
Bukas makalawa ay ako naman.
this was a personal dedication for me and I decided to upload it here because it matters
Anais Vionet Jul 9
Wow, it turns out Trump was right.
I saw it on “the Onion” - posted overnight.

Scientists woke up today and the virus
was simply gone - the miracle - has happened.
And they said that Trump was wrong!

The once dying - started laughing
first responders broke into song
patients shrugged off ventilators
they can go back home where they belong.

That God has been so merciful
is a story ripped from scripture
and since Trump - the antichrist - is here
we can move on to the rapture!
A poem of leadership and childish lies
Cattatonicat Jun 27
Who’s our leader?
The one who has the most money!
Are they compassionate?
I don’t know but they are rich!
Oh virgins, daughters of the defiled
I feel your blood crying, your soul on a flight
Uncovered darkness made naked
Your soul now a cheap commodity in the world market.

Where lies your strength lies your weakness
Your soldiers are drunk with your enemies wine
Your tears have become your elite happiness
In unrighteousness your sanctuaries celebrate crimes.

Oh my land, a bride once envied
Now dancing in between hell and heaven
Your contemporaries impatiently await to clap at your fall
In a maze, your springs war themselves over unknown gods.

Oh dis-flowered sons of a barren gun
When will your defiled heart see the ditch well dug for yourselves?
My sympathy has deserted me for your unborn sons
You are convincing me that you will wake after burying yourselves.

Oh king of a defiled throne
You are not too blind nor deaf to know we have cast our stones
You are our Jona please leave our boat
Let see how well our hopes can sail us home.
Dedicated to the world and its problems
**** nation
Conversing with ammunitions.
Hearts that are barely loyal
Being served by humbled soldiers.

No wonder peace has been conquered
And war the man on the altar.
Her habitants live like their souls are on trial
And their god a liar.

**** nation
Her masses are speechless creatures
Ruled in cluelessness
Jubilating in bitterness.

**** Nation
Driven by greedy intentions
Stomach fed with promises
Sleeping and waking in calamities.

**** nation
The fat ones are the vultures
Termites and cankerworms haven
The thinning path between hell and heaven.

**** nation
Where the safest place is the grave
Saints nation rebirth to a **** nation
Where unity and faith are slaves.

Hmm! My **** nation of tears
Unfortunately, I'm fortunate to be born here
blessed with everything, cursed with leadership,
Born into miseries, dying in hardship.

A **** nation in a tunnel
Crowded with diverse starlets
Being forced to drain down the funnel
Crying blood for a spark soonest.
For all the countries in the world who seems not to be getting it right.
They tell us,
About a great future.
They tell us it is coming,
Not today but tomorrow.

Our dear Nigeria,
A safari for its rulers,
Stealing our freedom,
Yet showing a victorious future.

Our leaders,
They keep on telling us,
Of the people,
By the people,
For the people.

They come as bearers,
Bearing freedom,
Removing slavery's chains and rods,
Yet trampling on our humanity.

Our leader's democracy,
A temple built with words,
Yet plastering it with,
Power and constant deceit.

They bribe our conscience
They fail to discharge their duties,
Yet singing victorious praises of their democracy,
Telling the world of vague achievements.

They play their drama,
Displaying it in public,
Showing a ****-a-doodle-doo of theatre,
Narrating nothing significant.

They claim to hear our cries,
Yet they are blind spectators of beauty,
Having no eat for our mass cries.

Their ideology of power.
Their way of life
A culture so dear to them

A backwash from future's deep
A begraggle of corrupt leaders
A pointer to Me, My Belly and I

They claim we have rights,
Yet they keep us in chains.
Their democracy,
An emblem of an immoral compass.

I look out my balcony window,
Waiting for change.
I stand at my front door,
Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

My father waited
My mother hoped
I in turn prayed
Our children echoed

I dream of a great democracy
I dream of liberation
I put down my pen,
It is tired of being,
Mightier than the sword.

Oh democracy
I raise my hand up in your honour
Nigeria's democracy,
Our leaders' famous slogan.
Democracy: Our Leaders' Famous Slogan discusses and highlights the way leaders and the government in Nigeria, Africa practices democracy.
If you did, then you would
but you don’t, so you won’t,

to pretend otherwise
makes an *** out of you
and a corpse out of me
Let’s think
of the sunk cost fallacy
the sweat, tears and cash
you’ve ****** into your endeavours
means you never let go
of your burning ambition
so you beg borrow steal
to stave off the immutable truth
that you’re wrong

Then let’s think
that instead of a business
or crazy high jinks
you invested in the sense that
some humans outrank others
at birth
and hidden behind the privilege
of that thought you ignored
what was often in front of your face
or at your work place
or fatally jogging through your neighbourhood
til it shone straight in your eyes

and your beg steal borrowing
does nothing
because lies and filthy ideologies
can’t stand the light of day
so grasp as you will at
the pictures and voices of shills
who defend the grotesque
and try to mess up a people,
a nation,
with fat cat, fat handed,
fat tongued oppression
your fingers *****, but empty

The lesson:

it’s ok to be wrong

it’s ok to draw lines
under ugly pasts
so futures can be brighter,
you can apologise,
and make right
Feels like the same fallacy affecting all our woes
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