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Steve Page Sep 19
He had a well stocked mind,
but with little stock taking
and with little order,
and so with little hope of finding
just a little rationale
for what sounded a little like tripe.
Sometimes I despair of our political leaders
F A Pacelli Aug 23
if you don’t play
by their rules
you can’t lose
at their game
There once was a plain old greedy degenerate
Who fancied himself some sort of profit
Most of the town's folk even bought it
Some say he lost it

We must laugh together at the irony we see
Someone degenerate as he
Redesigning our humanity
First conceptual sold as a divine product
******* ecstasy…

I won't support the scandal to fund the living Dead council
The Swine
Thought to unwind and rewind in the way they felt fine
Thus genetically designed a millennia of succession of clergy kings
And unleash them to father all mankind to be

Hear me when I say
I do not feel okay
When malice men metal with God's work

Got a hell of a good pitch though
I mean you really make that **** looked ****, no?

A well-designed slaughterhouse may have its livestock walking into spirals right to the mouth of the grinder
Scientifically each breed more perfect than the next
As I deflect
Do my very best
To warn just in case you could respect
Liberty and freedom
Or obey to choose to sleep comfortably
Happy sheep healthy cut of meat
Splash, shear and then repeat

I love you So much
Almost as much as I love myself
Hope you can learn how to be alone with just yourself all by yourself
and be present with yourself Love
Brent Kincaid May 19
A leader, strong of heart
Proud of soul and mind
Sure of purpose and hope
Nor is the Leader blind.
In horrifying circumstance
When nobility seems gone
The leader stands up proud
And the truth marches on.

When larceny and intolerance
Become the uniform of the day
The leader speaks of opportunity
To do things a better way.
The Leader risks scorn of people who
Care more of what is gained today
Than taking care of our future
And not as much of today’s pay.

The Leader does not scoff at us
If we want to make a living wage.
The Leader only objects to us
If we couple wealth with rage.
If we hate people who are not rich
And wish to take human rights away
The Leader objects and points to the law
And has many good things to say.

The Leader may not be the one who
Was elected to protect the common citizen.
But the Leader seeks to teach us all
To save all of our futures for our children
The Leader means to save our world for
The opportunity to be a healthy human.
The Leader so far has mostly been a man
But The Leader can just as likely be a woman.

Brent Kincaid
You are heading right
uoy dael em tel os

You don't understand
Cause the second part
     Is not your life
all eyes on your face,
turning ruddy, mad with rage;
hey leader, beat it!
J Feb 9

Crazy is as crazy does
But this as cray as ever was.
I hope there be a method
To this madness
Else the system
Ends in sadness.
Risk in trying;
Risk in not;
I hope this truly be
The quest you sought.

Taking the leap -
It be not cheap -
But - oh the spoils
If you can not yet fold to foils.

Keep the faith;
Make us believe...
Only through acolytes
Can you succeed.
Leadership only works if people follow you.   Even when what you say sounds like blasphemy at first but is really for the greater good.  I prefer simple logic as the rhetoric to get people on board but as I was writing this it seems that in some cases very persuasive people can succeed without even that - hence the title “cult”.  Cults aren’t always bad right?
James LR Dec 2018
The devil met me in the street
Beneath a lamp post glow
He taught me to only reap
whatever I could sow

He taught of wrong and right
He taught the way of life
He taught me not to trust the ones
Who follow in faith blind

I met the devil in the street,
Beneath a lamp post glow
He said to doubt all that I see
Choose my own way to go
Macgyver Oct 2018
Ambitious bastions always tout
progressive plans when they're about
while within they hide and pout
from novel things that may prove out.

And while inventing goals to follow
their ancients habits hold them hollow
as in vain wary workers wallow
force fed lies and hooks to swallow.

They hunt for those who work past five,
that trudge to work, endure the drive
who will sacrifice their personal live
until ambition can't survive.

Yet if you strive, you're constant told
do not do more, do not be bold
just fill your seat, forever hold
your tongue until you're dead and cold.

To subsist we're forced to hide,
only in others can we confide,
all success pushed to the side
as managers act bona fide.

Since those of meager measure make
hope of meeting metrics fake
interloping leaders take
their toll until hard workers break.
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