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Nearer to the edge
                             I see.
Crawling through
Searching for the master key.
This is our reality.

Communication has de-
None of our real problems solved.
  We have become      uninvolved
while the whole world revolves.

Spinning further from cont
Turn 'round and view it as a whole.
  Mother Nature's gifts we        stole.
This is how our story goes.

Once black and white.
Once dark and light.
To complicate.
Bring on our fate.

Our halos tilt.
Intentions wilt.
Ambitions great.
Never too late.

Turn 'round to see the sum of things.
Counting on the dead tree's rings.
Refering to ourselves as kings.
Soaring on the deathbird's wing.
Nigdaw Sep 23
I'll bite and snarl at your wheels
rumbling past me up that hill
I know you'll never stop
leaving me stranded
a mad dog.
What some people will do for ambition.
Sometimes you are called too big for people.
Because the heart is too big
The dreams are too big
The expectations are too big

But I’ve learned what that means
Is that other people are too small for you
Maybe you burn too bright.

Maybe you DO feel too much

But in a dark world what people need is light
Shining hopes and glowing dreams
The glory of a valiant character

Maybe they will be brittle and broken and old
But at least you will have had them
Those pulsating memories of adrenaline and beauty
Effort is no foolish thing

You may put it into only certain things,
But the reason people like me burn out so quickly is because
We put so much into everything
That eventually we can’t put anything into everything but the thought of death

See, we glowing, shining, beautiful, people
We are the ones who see the glory in effort
The intelligence, the courage

We know that failing is only a small possibility
If you are already in motion

We shiny people are also the darkest people
But effort is beautiful and strong
And effort isn’t you
You don't get to be effort
Effort is me.
Marina Aug 19
It takes alot to say you are my everything
But learning to read your eyes
Says it all back
Through it all you can still make my heart skip
Her $50 hair carouseled about her head
As she turned to mouth me the answer before walking through the screen door.
Her collarbone showed, shouldering through the 5-year linen blouse
She’d bought from an upscale consignment store the same morning she bought
Her second car for less than her parents spent on shoes.

Before I’d seen the sea, I pictured space;
Stars and Galaxies and Ice and Infinite, bigger than I would be and gold,
Hot orange. And quicksilver and crimson. Too white to know, too bright to see.
I dreamt of eyes, thousands. And voices and outstretched, glittered, sweaty fingers
And swirling, sweeping spirits and sad songs about love.

“Please, I need this.” “I need you, please.”
I pictured golden, heavy hands with wine and French cheeses. And clawed, chalky bathtubs
Of marble veined grey, windows bigger than their walls and shiny cherry wood and leather.
I pictured her lips parting and eyes dewy as I drifted to the door because they needed me
And I couldn’t stay any longer, I’d already stayed too long, and they needed me.

Everyone else had tried so there were none left.
I was the last, so I was the first. The moon and its stars were blinking open their eyes as my fingertips
Left her waist and I backstepped into their world that couldn’t do without me.
I could have been a martyr, clipped my locks after God gave me all he could and all the rest.
I would have been a martyr, but my blood started to burn and the flames licked my legs.

Her gentle push tugged at the nails holding the mesh to the screen door as it creaked
Open to faded wood and gravel and patches of green grass and golden sunset-light.
I hadn’t heard but I’d known the answer as she walked outside. My hands were lighter
Than the grains I’d used to make her dinner, and I found strands of her hair on a 3-year t-shirt
I’d never wanted to throw out after I wore it in my first car, a rental I bought wholesale.

Sad songs about love babbled and murmured on the Crosley she found for us during
The Christmas my cousins slept on our couch and floor. The sink poured, dribbled,
Stopped, and the sliding bottle of oil ground across the countertop.  Through the door I could
See Tall Metal Skyscrapers and Helicopters. But before the moon and all its stars
Could take my eyes for their own, she found her voice and used it:

“Did you find a path to the stars?” She asked.
“I never did,” I said. “If I think to, maybe I’ll look again tomorrow.”
As a kid and teenager, my ambition was outrageous. When I couldn't, I dreamed, and I loved it. A pastime was envisioning grandiosity. I got older and saw that concrete, granular joys were worth more than anything I'd been picturing; I saw that I hadn't really been picturing anything.

This poem is mostly about that. It's about my growing older and nailing down my life and its pleasures. It's about sound financial decisions and satisfaction. It's about peace, not inspiration--the peace that comes in heydays like these.
There is a battle
that is working hard to
conquer you.
While the
knights crawl
Kings ****
Strong souls die,
but you arise.
Think of all that you’ve done to survive the
battle scars  
Never defined where you’ll ascend.
You are crafting all you’ve
ever wanted
It is now your reality.
Live in your purpose
For that is all
that consistently belongs to you.
Ylzm Aug 5
i live an aimless life
no goals no ambitions
just wandering here and there
always on a journey

from somewhere to anywhere
going everywhere getting nowhere
with lots of money and time
life then only truly lived

always on a journey
to the moon from the deep
to the east from the west
to the poles from dancing poles

from hedonistic feasts to orgiastic flesh
from serene silence in the highest coldest peaks
to traitorous tyrant in murderous boardroom bloodbathing takeover
life's a journey and I'm loving it

only fools believe and excuse failures as a journey
lake Aug 4
i gotta wake up soon
light shining in my room
but i don't see any rays
i just hear the pattering rain

when should we stop dreaming
the alarms have been ringing
everybody's in a hurry
everybody seems so worried

i know i made a promise
but if i'm being honest
everything's so fragile these days
everyone's got debts they can't repay

but i'll see you in america
one day when it's all better
when i make it i'll make up to you
as long as we believe the sky is blue
Pluto Aug 4
Aspire to walk among those you see as
...but humble yourself
And remember they walked in the
Tapan Aug 1
Then, she was a girl with aspirations
Now, she is a women with a vision
don't judge her
by just how much she has achieved
be inspired by
how she struggled & persisted to succeed

There may appear chaos in her brain
but don't be mistaken
that's the burning fire in her soul
while I try to catch up with her
she excels in her every possible role
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