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Tatiana May 9
I know i'm not in your
a t m o s p h e r e
and I fear
that our connection
won't be
v e r y  c l e a r

The words I speak will be
muffled with s t a t i c
I'll wait for you in the a t t i c
t e l e s c o p e

I know
I know
I  k n o w

I won't see you in f o r e v e r

I hope
I hope
I  h o p e

You'll be a star that does more than
g l i m m e r

But my vision is growing
d i m m e r

And the chances are growing
s l i m m e r

As the stars
f a l l
Here's more of the Saturn song that I posted which people seemed to like. Which beckons the question, do you want to hear the song? I have no issues posting it to youtube. I might do that even if no one responds.
Erian Apr 13
As the morning light seeped
Amongst the sky
The Moon fled
Until it faded below the horizon
Risking his life for the Sun.

When the Sun arose
She painted the atmosphere
Layering it with
reds, oranges, pinks, purples
To give her praise
For her love
That he would return another day.
When they both
could breathe.
H E L E N A Mar 7
I put on a paper crown
and let myself drown,
Floating around
in your Atmosphere.

Make no mistake,
I'm a sad sorry state
but it's a little too late
for you to rise up now.

Now all my cards are laid down,
Got my head out of the clouds
I'll see you around
in the Atmosphere.

Now you've let yourself down,
I've got nothing more left to fear
I'll see you around
in the Atmosphere.

'Cause it wasn't really fun
Orbiting round a porcelain Sun,
You can catch me about
in the Atmosphere.
A wee-little experimental
Johnny walker Feb 15
I remember when I was a kid when It raining bad weather my dad would say Its all these aeroplanes the
satellites and rockets Into space

that have caused the weather we were having I would think he was being silly but know I was wrong
he was correct

for he had  seen the changes from his day as a kid like I'm seeing now he said we were destroying the world but we didn't take things seriously
when kids

but If had realised my generation good have prevented so much of what
Is happening now "If
My dad was right he had seen us destroying the world will all the pollution pump Into the atmosphere
gracie Mar 2018
Shake me

Til the sad falls away
Til my heart breaks so cleanly
That you can staple it together
With love or
Some kind of metal
That won't melt in the scorching

Hold me

Til my hands stop
Til warm clouds of
Breath escape my lips
And drift up into the
Smoking atmosphere
Between our

Shatter me

Til glass scatters across the
Til no amount of superglue or
Soft words
Can fix the wonderful
Damage you leave
Leon Murphy Nov 2018
The rain trickles down the window
as I turn my head to look outside
dusk settles in
the night is on the rise

Just another sound
If I may?
leave the colours in their place
I want to stare a little longer
let me forget all the pain
as the chemicals rush into my brain
now I can forget
and the colours fade away.

I stumble in my bed
falling flat on my face
just a little disgrace
I am.

Now as the lids close over my eyes
darkness seeps through my mind
and I
can rest dreadfully as the nightmares come to life.
Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
metal flowers and metal wings
stuck on sandpaper landlines
the ego of the atmosphere is blending in with my inner traumas
and bleeding into my spaces
and into locked cabinets i hid
to protect my caged elephant heart

black and white chaos is the only purity we can understand
on this bohemian shore
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
October nine and she was fine
October ten came and went
October eleven she thinks of heaven

Can I be recognized in violet
All turned blood red
They are all like a rose

Pricking and picking my veins
Somebody uses extreme osmosis
To help their pain in doses

Now the flowers have gone
Because of the atmosphere and the sun
Will I be the one to change her

Like all dogs sitting in a manger
We were not perfect
October twelve was ****

October thirteen and I was seen
By her from a far
Just to distance ourselves from who we are

October fourteen and she became gorgeous
Because the love we had floored us
Can we start again every day, every week, and every month
Because I think you are the one
Amanda Oct 2018
My brain clouded with thoughts of you
Want to make them disappear
Beauty that used to color my world
No longer fills my drab atmosphere

Ears are haunted by words you said
Parts of conversations had
Curse my eardrums suddenly
Assaulting like pop-up ads

Pain we felt is written in
The heavy way limbs move
Lines in folds of my crossed arms
As I wait for you to change, improve

Sleeping in a steely freeze
Promise I won't stay here forever
Stars may light our fragile paths
This is the place we finally sever

Put my toughest armor on
Been crying out for help
Swirling thoughts shouting in an angry tone
Crush my existence, make this world ****

The universe we loved is gone
Our make-believe yet beloved perfection
Walls collapsing, illusions wrecked
Destroyed over and over by deception

The pattern of desperation must cease
Pitiful unexplainable misery repeated
I offer silence as a truce of sorts
Heart beaten, weak, and mistreated

Wish I could forget your name
Memories flood my mind
All the time we spent together was in vain
Crying for what is left behind

What is wrong with my emotions?
The odd ones don't make sense
The beautiful intricacies of my soul
At times are too deep and intense

Drowning in gaping irreperable despair
I think of our unfortunate fate
Cried an ocean of wasted tears
For the person I should hate

I do not know why I'm still in love
Miss days my heart felt free
The vibrant hues giving meaning to life
Your colors have faded from all I see
If you feel discouraged cause there's a lack of color here, please don't worry lover, it's really burtung at the seams
Jolan Lade Aug 2018
I have a convenient little helmet
When the world becomes overwhelming
It offers protection, an atmosphere that takes me to the stratosphere where I can be myself
In my helmet, my bubble I am me, in my bubble I don't need to see the horrors of others
In my bubble, I can be free, see the world in my own colours
When I exit my bubble I put on knee-high boots, a protective safety suit and a good pair of really thick gloves. At my waist, I carry a big revolver that will act as a solver. Because with humans you cannot argue and be nice, cannot talk and make peace.
In my bubble
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