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K Oct 6
Oh, Wild Wood
The smell of oil consumes me -
The acoustics surround me like a nest of warmth and buzzing bees.
Oh, Wild Wood-
The rain across the street is slapping against the cement like it's been owed.
Oh, Wild Wood -
Your coffee's burning-
Your touch is lingering - your words are softening like butter and I'm searching for meaning in the cool air.
Take me back there.
Oh, Wild Wood -
have I lied?
Have my memories betrayed me-
am I hollow as a guitar inside?
Erian Sep 21
Crow’s sung in the wakening night
Causing ghosts and ghouls to stir up a fright
Kingdoms broken down in ominous sight

A moon drowned in red
Hanging on by a thread
Scarecrows wandering from field to field
A night escaping by echoing cries

Where the black cats pounce through dusk
Where witches laughter is cold to the touch
A whisper heard in the atmosphere
Halloween is near
Nadia Sep 15
The morning is dark, as
if the sun never truly rose;

the street is lit in sepia
tones, heavy clouds
repose on the canopies
of fall-grizzled oaks;

unseen birds warble
in hushed, muffled tones,
while ghostly cars travel
on cloud-dampened roads;

the children, buttoned in
to their back-to-school
clothes, weave or meander
the sidewalk, half-asleep;

- gather the little ones close
in this quiet calm before
the madness strikes -

- know your exits, know
your foes - who knows
what might... happen -

then sun parts languorous
clouds, sending rainbows to
vanquish the mists; sunlight
sparks warmth inside;

gloom and doom forgotten,
a golden day to seize and fly

NCL September 2019
Ever ask for feedback before a piece is done and regret it?
Mitch Prax Aug 17
I want the atmosphere
to be filled
by your grace
but not always
am I able
to see you.
Michael H Jun 14
Pursuit and glory
Hypnotic worry
Encumbered with fears
And latent tears
Change the gears
Of this atmosphere
I can’t hear
If she wants me near
Guilt and disaster
Take this faster
Keep it slow
Watch it glow
Nobody tells me
Anything I see
All I perceive
Is this apathy
Receiving back
That thievery
Laughing at that thirst
Absence is the worst
It has occurs to me that I am not posting my favorites here, I am being 'reasonable' How I write goes through a flux but these are the elders :)
Allesha Eman Jun 6
I'll stand here, on the edge of time waiting for the world to pass me by
soak in the sun, with every last breath
then disappear when the smell of rain starts to water the earth

When the soil rises into my soul, blanketing my heart with it's earthy embrace
I'll soak in the water drops, the ones that dance on my finger tips
and watch the clouds start to grey

I'll let you colour me, with your rain
I'll let you cover me with your pain
I'll let you envelope me in your everlasting sent
oh petrichor, I'll even let you take my breath
Alicia Moore May 29
Space is peaceful.
In space you can float amongst unknown stars.
But, in space, you stand as the open-minded Mars as I, however, caress the dust that are the no longer shining stars.
As another star bursts, so does a small fragment of me.
Though, little by little I wonder closer to your atmosphere.
Eventually, your atmosphere envelopes me.
An attraction develops and now I stand proudly beside the open-minded Mars.
I stand with a purpose and with every fragment lost, now found.
I now shadow you, as the open-minded Deimos; trapped in the warm embrace of your atmosphere.
Tatiana May 9
I know i'm not in your
a t m o s p h e r e
and I fear
that our connection
won't be
v e r y  c l e a r

The words I speak will be
muffled with s t a t i c
I'll wait for you in the a t t i c
t e l e s c o p e

I know
I know
I  k n o w

I won't see you in f o r e v e r

I hope
I hope
I  h o p e

You'll be a star that does more than
g l i m m e r

But my vision is growing
d i m m e r

And the chances are growing
s l i m m e r

As the stars
f a l l
Here's more of the Saturn song that I posted which people seemed to like. Which beckons the question, do you want to hear the song? I have no issues posting it to youtube. I might do that even if no one responds.
Erian Apr 13
As the morning light seeped
Amongst the sky
The Moon fled
Until it faded below the horizon
Risking his life for the Sun.

When the Sun arose
She painted the atmosphere
Layering it with
reds, oranges, pinks, purples
To give her praise
For her love
That he would return another day.
When they both
could breathe.
H E L E N A Mar 7
I put on a paper crown
and let myself drown,
Floating around
in your Atmosphere.

Make no mistake,
I'm a sad sorry state
but it's a little too late
for you to rise up now.

Now all my cards are laid down,
Got my head out of the clouds
I'll see you around
in the Atmosphere.

Now you've let yourself down,
I've got nothing more left to fear
I'll see you around
in the Atmosphere.

'Cause it wasn't really fun
Orbiting round a porcelain Sun,
You can catch me about
in the Atmosphere.
A wee-little experimental
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