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Gabs Jun 26
i think about you every day
it’s like your voice is on replay
but i’ll never get a chance to say
that which i wanted to relay

and it's okay
or at least i pray
my soul's at bay
it needs to stay

though to my dismay
i can’t look the other way
so in my heart, i will obey
and in my head, you’ll always stay
Betty Nov 2020
There is a place, It has no name
Easy to get to just the same
Everyone has one, a room of despair
You can knock on the door
If you no longer care
It's the end, I have had it
I’m glad that it’s done
Can’t be bothered to fight
And nobody won
Battled ourselves to the bitterest end
If anything’s left
You can keep it my friend
You keep on talking
But I am walking
Get out of my life
Get out of my face
Apologise to an empty space!
Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough!
Archer Feb 2020
When your insincerity
Held more meaning to me
Then anything else
That's how I knew it was over
Traveler Dec 2019
I want her too much
I'm just a good dude

I always support her
I'm one of her fool's

I've had enough
I'm up to my neck

As much as I try
I cannot connect

It's time to move on
My heart is a door

I'll love her forever
Just not any more.
Traveler Tim
If it’s all the same to you,
I’d like us to
Never speak again,
Everything’s already ruined.
When this came to me it didn’t seem to mean anything on a personal level and I don’t think it does now, but I’m sure I could come up with one. XD
kevin Aug 2019
I've been detached
Anxious but so
By everything around

And strangely
I'm not emotional
Numb and sometimes
So content
Just drifting in the wind

So plainly
I'm not quite depressed
Just obsessed with
The apathy
That's draining me

I've been on my own
Ending up alone in
Looking for my name
I don't actually completely hate this one.
Lilly F Aug 2019
one day I'll be able to watch the ocean
wipe your name away from the sand
without writing it ever again

© L.F.
Dhaneshwar Dutt Aug 2019
अब बात नही होती
अब मिलते भी नही है
अब ब्लॉक भी कर दिया है
अब सारी तस्वीरे भी जला दी है
अब फोन का नम्बर तक डिलीट कर दिया है
उसकी यादे भी अपने दिल में दबा दी है।
अब उसको याद करके रोया भी नही जाता।
लगभग कुछ भी नही बचा अब हम दोनों के बीच
मगर ये कैसा इश्क़ है खत्म होने का नाम ही नही लेता
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