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...that's a cold blooded strategy
To tell me I have the luxury
Of not having to deal with family
But you know me
So you know that's the only thing I've ever wanted,
And you use it against me
Part of what make you so special to me,
Is you are essential to me
I say that knowing it's probably
Not a healthy way to be
You're all I have essentially
You could never possibly lose everything
But me?
I'm about to be

Francie Lynch Mar 2022
I should've written Thanks across a blue sky,
Where the winds would carry my message
Around the world.
But I didn't even try.

I should've banged my pots and pans,
Put a sign out on my lawn,
Or at least on a forward facing window.
But I didn't, and I'm wrong.

I could've, with minimal exertion,
Clicked Like or Love
On one of the millions of gratitude posts
Praising them... Them,
The essential and not so essential workers
On our northern, southern, eastern and western Fronts.
But I didn't, and it haunts.

I will now say,
Thank You
To all those who expressed Thank You
To all those who have kept us healthy, safe and secure:

October looms.
Autumn is here,
I feel an eagerness

to leave and change color.
Cycling these medieval streets,
The scent of **** and rain-clouds

float through the town, NewDad plays
in my headphones. Think I'll skip winter
this year, travel to the southern hemisphere.
I got a tattoo of home to bring with me.
Jameson Blackmay Dec 2020
I wish the world didn't move so fast
and stayed where it is
even though a progress
is essential for life
Kerli Tulva Oct 2020
You swing the cradle
of your self-assurance
you attempt to avoid
unavoidable rawness.

You fear always anew
the invisible something
alive only in yourself
in the vastness of mind.

An unspoken parallel
draws diluted senses
closer to life's dwell
of essential existence.
rarae aves May 2020
Some days I think I love myself..
Some days I think I’m trying to love myself..
Some days I think I’ll never love myself..
Under this Oscillation ,
burning at the pit of my stomach
is a constant awareness-
I’m yet to, truly love myself..
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2020
He who is poor, helpless and hungry
Is also half-naked or fully undressed
But still he doesn't choose to beg
Instead chooses to do hard labour
He's actually the real shameless

To refrain him from his shame
A law is essentially required
It's also very urgently required
The law should be named as
Shame Reform law
What Law is urgently required to be made an enacted??
{Based On my hindi poem 'कानून बनना चाहिए'
We are not heroes.
We are just people,
trying to survive.
You and I,
are not equals.
You work from home
while I...
I work to ensure
that I get to keep mine.
They call us essential,
because we provide
all the food and the things
that help keep you alive.
But I am resentful
that I don't get to decide,
What is more worthy,
my labor or life?
So don't call me a hero.
I am simply doing
what has to be done.
Don't call me a hero,
unless you plan to treat
and pay me like one.
Azariah Apr 2020
To: the nineteen year old version of myself who's falling in love right now.

Love him.
Love him with all your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys too.
In fact, just love him with your entire existence.

Love him even though he will not love you back.

And it's okay because I need you to do that for me so I can grow.

It had to happen to help me to self-reflect and start a journey of self discovery and loving myself.
Strying Apr 2020

I'm done with this small life
Indoor life
Closed-door life
I wanna shout about it
I wanna tell all my thoughts
and maybe you'll agree upon it!

Now this a hunch
Let me know, what'd you have for lunch
Canned beans?
Oh, that's right.

Stay home kids,
Stay home peeps,
Lessen the curve,
let's do this!

If you're done with this life,
then do somethin' 'bout it.
Stay home!
This will all be over much faster,
If you would,
Stay home!

Hi all! Social distancing helps so please please please try to quarantine as much as possible in your residence/home and only go out for essentials!
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