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Heather Ann Oct 30
carry me home tonight,
against the burning sky.
at least i'll see it

raining fire on the mountain,
pulsing apocalyptic red;
my mind
spinning like a pinwheel
with all the things
i should have said.

i am breathing with my lungs,
but my throat is still dry.
i am coughing up blood,
but my teeth are still white.

i am nearing the apocalypse,
with eyes rimmed red
like the last setting sun;
i am warm, but i am dead.
J Oct 23
My head. My thoughts.
It's a bunch of you's and a bunch of me's, doing everyday things.
Sometimes you ride in the car with me to work when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
Sometimes you're buying ice cream with me at Raleys, and choosing the red box movie.
Sometimes you're lying next to me, telling me about your day as your fingers twiddle with mine.
I like the times when you're with me, but I want the times where I'm with you.
love is in the air this october
Izzy Aghahowa Oct 22
i went on a hunt
as i dreamt of a song
and of words that took me away
into a body
that felt airwaves unknown

that made dreams my mind
could only create through daydreams
that played like heartbreak
on lonely Friday nights and on fragile Sunday

where it felt like the world stood still
and i existed on another plane
where i could create
unparalleled beauty
Darling don't you know that dreams are for bed time,
Be careful you don't get them confused,
For no good things can come from
Your thoughts being abused.
PrttyBrd Oct 16
I dipped my toe in the Atlantic
and wondered how long it would take to get to England on a rowboat
or to swim there outright
as if I would be so inclined in either fashion

I've seen **** and Jane through many trials
all the running, jumping, and frolicking
never really seemed book worthy
but I read on dutifully hoping they would surprise me

Eventually, I stopped reading the adventureless series
and grew into darker theories of life
that have lead me to ponder the distance
across the ocean to Neverland in ways that I couldn't actually attempt

Safe in my unathletic prestenses, yet vulnerable in my dreams
I remember the snowbirds that chased me
through childhood summers
I remember the accents and crystal blue eyes

I will remember your face... always
but I no longer remember your name
Nobody Oct 15
I light some candles to set the tone.
I’m so giddy I finally have you alone.
I’ve been daydreaming so long,
about the sound of your moans.
You let me rip off your clothes,
in a **** filled craze.
So I climb on top of you,
I need you between my legs.
My hands rub your chest,
I crave the taste of your skin,
as I take in your scent.
I don’t want to miss a thing.  
I nibble on your ear,
slowly move down your throat.
I **** till I leave a mark,
then playfully bite your lip.
I tug on your blonde hair,
just a little bit.
I get lost exploring you,
taking my sweet time.
Gently gliding my tongue,
along your ab lines.
Now you’re so hot and bothered,
You pull me close for a kiss.
And yank on my hair.
Next you grab my hips,
then turn me over on my back;
to start pounding me rough,
and as fast as you can.
No matter how hard you try to keep it there, the footprints of what you perceive as reality will never remain in the sand dunes of your mind. They will always be washed away by the waves of your dreams.
Lil lotus Sep 26
Daydreams are the only thing
that keep me happy
When i cant be with him.
One of the only lights in my dark alley
The safest area
Where i can imagine dancing with the stars
Where i can feel okay
Only other thing
that can keep me happy
When my love is not near
When he cant hold me safe
                   Daydreams are my only other light
Tara Sep 25
Physically I live here
My veins weave through the house
My limbs dig into the sheets
My voice lingers through each room,
yet I barely feel my own presence

Spiritually I’m on another planet
My heart races with the stars
My soul showers in rainstorms
My eyes dance with galaxies,
but my mind wimpers for a better tomorrow

It’s a choice,
to stay in my own head,
I’ve found solace in my daydreams
Discovered a world beyond mine,
but I can never stay there for too long

I get lost in the thought of another life,
because I can’t seem to come to peace with mine
I climb the tallest trees
Just to get close to the sky,
so maybe I could spread my wings and fly
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