Anne Jul 3
Woolen clouds and creamsicle skies
Appeared as I bore into his mythical eyes
His lovesick heart and clouded mind,
His blinded orbs, our hounded rides
He can't see me, a broken guide

Riding down, riding down,
Those pastel obliques, wheels on the ground
I fell apart, our hands collide
Forbidden minds, it's worth the ride
Love found, heart pounds, heaved sound

Clear blue streams, my sweet daydreams
His honey hair, his tranquil eyes
I went to him to say it all
He and a girl had brighter beams
And all he said, ''Goodbye''
Poem from the past
Haydee Jun 2017
Looking at the stars.
Searching for the brightest one
But my eyes were closed.
Aa Harvey Jun 21
The id, the ego and the super-ego.

You and I, we have a connection.
Let us be joined at the hip; my hearts resurrection.
I rise once more to beg, to implore!
For a chance to be loved by a woman I adore.

I am infatuated and this desire cannot be sated.
No going away, until I know how you feel.
Are you currently dating?  
Are you loved and is it real?
Have I already waited too long,
Longing for your love, for me to become;
To ever be considered as ‘He could be the one’?

Is your heart repairing?
Am I being awfully daring,
By confessing my desire to be forever yours?
Do you think you could become my true lover and so much more?
I can be truly caring, or I can leave without sparing,
A second thought,
For what might have been…

If this is the case, then just place a full stop.

Leave my heart to just drop.
I will fall down on this spot;
But then I will move on…

…for I have no time for silly daydreams to be wasted.
No wishes thrown away on a love that is ill-fated.
I am searching for love in all the wrong places,
But if you want me, then you have got me
And I will be ‘last seen back-flipping’; so elated!

I will never stop smiling,
As long as I know we are both trying,
To make this love last,
Like it could be our last.
If it never existed, then why do I feel like this?
Devotion to you, words unspoken leave me mute,
So turn up the volume by embracing me soon,
Before this romance is gone and I am left licking my wounds.

You are out of my league, but if you really want me,
Then guess what, I am all yours, three sheets to the wind.
In love I would be your faithful steed
And I would lead you to safety, beneath giant redwood trees.
Even if that meant taking you over-sea’s,
Then off we would go; choose your good ship, please.

Which heart do you want and am I placed at number one,
On your list of contenders?
You are seeing my true being, no pretender,
With suave one-liners non-existent
And no lies for promises, that are gone in an instant.
I am genuinely attracted to you my gorgeous beauty;
My jaw drops, my heart stops
And then it beats at double the speed that it should be.

And all of this I do,
Because I want you,
To love me the way that I could love you
And if you know that will never be,
Then please, kindly, tell me;
Because you are a sunbeam
And I am in need of photosynthesis energy.

I need your love, so pick me up,
Or whisper goodbye and I will retort the thought,
What might have been, if I could only have been,
Allowed to fall for you…

What a life!

And imagine what could have happened,
If you had fallen for the ‘id’, the ‘ego’ and the ‘super-ego’ of ‘I’.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
The wind did come.
The clouds like sails, soft on a mild day.
There was no rain.
Onward the clouds sailed.
Thick, to and fro.
The sun upright peeked through.
Slant beams.
The clouds like sails drooped.
Sagging in the distance.
Parting ways they swam.
Creating shapes, more soft ridges.
The clouds men.
Ever more to rejoice.
The birds like currents.
The bluest of oceans.
Below I gaze, light in heart
Watching them sail on
Kathleen M Jun 14
i only miss you when i'm almost sleeping
and i have thought of you often tonight

how it used to feel sliding into the sheets at night
red tartan fleece won at your office Christmas party
the first thing that was ever ours
cold at first until you were beside me
barriers made between us by pillows
but our noses still touch in the darkness
my fingers hold the soft hair behind your ears
and i stare at you under northern lights
your eyes close and i wonder what you'll dream of tonight
and if i can save you from it if i have to
your warm breath in my face
i breathe it in like oxygen
filling my lungs with you
safe from beneath our comfort blanket

memories vivid like they were moments ago
visions fade and my eyes burn
i'm here alone in my own sheets
plain white and cotton
wondering how i survived this many nights without you
holding my breath
Maybe I've been lost in feelings,
With these tears I might;
Lost in daydreams dreaming,
But no doldrums can't save me, yet I lie in them everything.
I can't imagine what I'd be at all,
If I'd kept holding on;
I'll never experience what life calls bliss in something so small,
To be with a parasitic person, I just can't keep holding on.
Category: love
I wake in the night
to discover you're gone,
But the truth is you live
in my dreams before dawn,
You were never there really,
You're just so far away,
But we plan to bring life
to this dreaming one day,
When i hear you and see you
my heart truly leaps,
And i'm counting the days love,
Only 9 more sleeps........
(c) 2018
yearning for a loved one.... lovely and horrid all at the same time..a work of fact
English Jam May 30
Boredom on a Sunday is inescapable
I try to hide it behind playing my musical instrument
Trumpeting with my trumpet - blowing my own horn -
I'm praying no one interprets that last sentence as an innuendo
Anyway, I'm nodding off, signing out of reality
The world goes hazy in a second
And I'm sucked into the vortex of a dream

Weird how when a dream begins, we immediately understand the situation
For this scene, I'm spewing blood from my spleen like a bottle of sauce squeezed too hard
It stains the leather of my vehicle
My foot is compressing the pedal practically to the floor, and the speedometer is twinged in half from all the pressure
The monolith of a highway I'm speeding on shakes as though giants stomp upon it
And the wail of a siren drives me into a frenzy as I try to escape the inevitable
Their polychromatic lights dance at the edges of my eyes, spurring rhythm into action
Even though they must be aeons behind, my heart melodramatically pumps in my chest as though the police are in the backseat
Blood bursting through my temple, thoughts wheezing by like someone's let go of hundreds of balloons  
Up ahead, the road twists itself into a knot of nothingness
My hands are wrapped around the steering wheel so tightly, I fear I might never be able to release them
It's a slight movement: right hand goes down, left goes up, but it kicks the vehicle sideways
My body slams into the car with a satisfying crunch and my mind spirals to spaghetti strands
Oddly enough, the world becomes rinsed with blue wash and I'm underwater

My train of thought becomes peaceful, melodic
I float about, running on the inverse of the waves
Here, even a scream is joyous as it sounds all bubbly and childish
Suddenly, a red streak runs across the ocean, chilling me to the bone and erasing all my bubbles
The sea becomes glittered with red and blue streaks, a warning
Bullets stab at my spleen, reminding me of the pain that was, and still is
And my body gears into a full 360, concluding my return to the real world
Or is it the dream world?
Oh well
Either way, I'm back in my car
Carelessly freefalling from nowhere
Weapons, glass, blood droplets, pocket change, pedestrians...all breeze around slowly
Pleading with me to wake up

Everything crumbles, and I smack my ugly head against the window, splattering my brains everywhere
My car flew from the sudden turn and I crashed, I think
Now I lay, grasping onto consciousness while pedagogues staple me to the ground
The Lawman towers over me, grinning madly at my defeat
The most barbaric insult, however, comes from the radio, still magically working
"I fought the law and the law won," The Clash idly sing
One of my favourite songs turned into dark irony
The last I remember before blacking out is the scarlet and marine lights clashing forevermore

When I wake up, I'm face-down on the stony and icy floor
The cold burns me enough to wake me from la la land
The iron grip of the handcuffs feels very real
Words are forced into my head, not by my own design, but sort of like they've been placed there
An argument as to whether existence has a meaning is taking place in my head, and I can't stop it
Sort of like how in a dream, you can't control your thoughts or actions
This is still a dream, right?
I felt it before he uttered it
The breath of undiluted love
Blowing away my fears and doubt
But leaving behind the scene of impossibilities

I knew it before it was denied
That some dreams are to be locked away
Despite the strong feelings
They are never coming to reality

Now that they are beyond reach
I nurse in my heart my blur daydreams
Hoping to go back in time
And make sure I lock away every possibility
some wishes, dreams and hopes would never come to pass, especially when you love the wrong one
English Jam May 2
Envisioning the dripping clock waving each second goodbye
Well, I could've travelled all round the globe, could've lived to die
Perhaps I've saved the lives of many a suffering man
Seen grandiose elephants knighted to rule their land

Found a new word in a new language per day
If only I could afford to behave
But when I get told what I'm not supposed to say
Do you expect me to make a change?

How can I give an answer if it's something I can't explain?

Babies were born in my life, I waved as they moved away from me
The flat expanse of sand drowned out by the wailing sea
Wars blew up and cities fell down to the flick of a careless wrist
The world's on outside, and what will I have missed?

Passing time, watching myself drown in sure-blue ink
Reading isn't believing, speaking is unheard
I wanna find true love but I'm being taught how to think
From an overwritten, overheard, overrated textbook word

Will I still be wondering if I'm wondering if I'm sane?

Can I escape this single room that surely brings on doom

Can I find an answer, or will I be met with laughter

If I'm all alone, then why do I hear screeching

Would my own hand be the one felt on my back, creeping

When I've paid my sentence, then can I go out and play?

Well I'm gonna go save the world...
Written about boredom in detention. Of course, I've never been in detention but I can imagine this is what it's like. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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