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when i hear that one pretty song play
when i pass by my favorite kind of flowers
when i read books and come across your name
i’m suddenly reminded of your laughter
and that sweet bubblegum smile
you often waltz into my daydreams
and before you leave i wish for more time
just thoughts of you bring me peace
when i look up at the warm golden sky
when i find myself slowly falling asleep
when i can’t help you being on my mind
Arianna Feb 4
Smile for a smile,
A moment frozen,
Endless —

I can't help it!

Lips touch
Over distance,
I feel your presence as surely as you were here
In the fields of violets,
The orchards of plums,
And clouds of feathers
Over my palate,

Mixing palettes
Of hazy daydreams
With wine and frosted watercolors,
Tracing portraits of you
In streams of color
Spilling through the windowpanes
After flocks of butterflies
Across my uncharted Heart.
I grin every time. ;-)
I was heavily reliant on music
To make those bad thoughts go away
It's useless, you're undeserving
What's the point of living anyway?
I would run to my daydreams
Wherever my soundtrack would take me
A place where my love was whole
It always felt safer than reality
A place I yearned for
Filled with security, stability
I'd go whenever my heart was torn
There, I would mend it with my creativity
Where heartfelt cuts and bruises
Were patched up with hopes and dreams
Only to appear as fully healed
As it didn't stop the bleeding underneath
Slowly I'm cleaning my insides
Releasing the old toxicity
So I can build on those hopes and dreams
And one day be healed wholeheartedly
Knit Personality Dec 2018
Sugar plum visions of fairies like snowflakes, with candy cane
              cabins and cookies in bed,
Ballet à la Balanchine (red ***** and blue *****) and tickle my fancy
               and gingerbread head.
Heather Ann Oct 2018
carry me home tonight,
against the burning sky.
at least i'll see it

raining fire on the mountain,
pulsing apocalyptic red;
my mind
spinning like a pinwheel
with all the things
i should have said.

i am breathing with my lungs,
but my throat is still dry.
i am coughing up blood,
but my teeth are still white.

i am nearing the apocalypse,
with eyes rimmed red
like the last setting sun;
i am warm, but i am dead.
J Oct 2018
My head. My thoughts.
It's a bunch of you's and a bunch of me's, doing everyday things.
Sometimes you ride in the car with me to work when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
Sometimes you're buying ice cream with me at Raleys, and choosing the red box movie.
Sometimes you're lying next to me, telling me about your day as your fingers twiddle with mine.
I like the times when you're with me, but I want the times where I'm with you.
love is in the air this october
Izzy Aghahowa Oct 2018
i went on a hunt
as i dreamt of a song
and of words that took me away
into a body
that felt airwaves unknown

that made dreams my mind
could only create through daydreams
that played like heartbreak
on lonely Friday nights and on fragile Sunday

where it felt like the world stood still
and i existed on another plane
where i could create
unparalleled beauty
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