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Nobody Oct 7
You stare me up and down,
send sweet smiles my way;
whisper in my ear,
how you think about me all day.

Grab me from behind,
tug on my hair too;
give me kisses on my neck,
take me home with you.

I need you to touch me,
now undress me nice and slow;
slide my ******* down,
get me ready to go.

Lie me down on your bed,
spread my legs open wide;
slide your fingers in first,
then bury your head between my thighs.
"I read your poem and you struck me as a *****, thirsty gal" - T R S
Merry Jun 21
I’m not lonely
But these roads are
Teeming with ants and birds soaring above
I drive on by, past them all and the clouds too

I’m not lonely
But this car is, this heart is
I miss the days when it was the other way around
When I had someone to chauffeur me

I dream of you
Standing in the tall yellow grass
Thumbs up and a cheeky grin
I don’t drive on by

I dream of letting you in
You laugh at the CDs I keep
All by your feet
But you like the music anyway

I ask of you, “Where you headed?”
You just laugh
And my cheeks turn red
But it’s not because of the summer sun

I sing with you
And you love the lyrics
To these old rock and roll songs
But we don’t part ways

I kiss you
Maybe not then
Behind a grimy windshield
But eventually

We don’t part ways
Instead, we keep each other company
In this dinged up white car
On grey-blue lonely roads

But you don’t exist
Not outside my mind
Not outside my heart
Not outside my words

So, I implore you,
That when we meet
I want our story to be
Of a happily ever after
And not a Twilight Zone episode

Mister Hitch Hiker,
Do you reckon I can give you a lift?
adira May 8
daydreams take us away
into far of worlds and other days
an immersive play within ones mind
full of many things they wish to find
journeys bring us far and wide
to see sights that are incredible
from sentient robots
to fire breathing dragons
there are no limits to what one can imagine
Where are you?
You’re not coming are you?

It’s okay,
I always knew you wouldn’t.
It’s just, there’s this stupid,
Part of me that likes to fantasise.
She knows you’re no good for her really,
But she imagines it’s all make-believe,
She captures her wildest, strangest dreams
And forges them into some kind of reality.

It’s sick though,
Because that little girl;
You can do anything to her
(Anything at all),
And guess what?
She’ll always forgive you.
She has it stuck in her head,
That she always needs to try again:
It’s as if she owes them all,
Even though she’s the one who took the fall.

I don’t know why she’s still here though,
She doesn’t want you anyway.
She could find herself someone much better to love,
Someone who’s worthy and won’t leave her
Before they had the chance to stay.
Then again,
That’s also just another twisted hopeful dream.
J Michael Apr 15
Silver-stained clouds
Edges over a waning afternoon
Lost in thoughts, a secure shroud
To sift emotion's swoon

Sighs dripping in confusion
It was a flash of a dream
A mystic, unseen illusion
Yet, more real than everything I see

Clinging to my faith
In the evidence
I am unable to explain
Sanity sparing no expense

I still hear its ring
The soft hum within
Resonating harmonies
From souls of melodic beauty
James Diamond Mar 20
Sleep is as black as night
for dreams haunt my waking hours.
Vistas of unspeakable horrors
and of fancies sun bright
dance in my eyes, my sanity it comes to suppress.
As do stars shine with long-dead light,
and men hide their shameful regrets,
these scenes of strange terrors
and picturesque heavens,
will be perceived not by another soul
while newborn universes beckon.
Jolan Lade Mar 14
Daily daydreams are where I find her
I see her in every corner of my mind
Targeting dreams where we are together
Talking in my sleep
Each and every moment, exiting and unique
I can't really do much else.
violetbaby Feb 11
when i hear that one pretty song play
when i pass by my favorite kind of flowers
when i read books and come across your name
i’m suddenly reminded of your laughter
and that sweet bubblegum smile
you often waltz into my daydreams
and before you leave i wish for more time
just thoughts of you bring me peace
when i look up at the warm golden sky
when i find myself slowly falling asleep
when i can’t help you being on my mind
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