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Myles H Jan 4
Is a terrible reason
Not To

In Something

In Someone

In a God

In Others

In Yourself

Fear is a grandeur adversary to many

But Courage

To Go On and Stand
In the face of Fear

Is the grandest Ally

So many fail to choose
A simple note to others and more so to myself.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
An ally today, snake tomorrow.
Had to take a small nap.
Wasn't feeling too hot!
Working on the Gala now! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Sometimes the worst of our enemies
is our own reflection
We can be our greatest ally and enemy.
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
The person who looks me in the eye, and can see past my lies
The person who is a true ally
A person in which presents all worries dies
The person who I owe a shoulder
A person I would fight with as a brother, and soldier
The person who is a real beholder
I can never let our friendship grow colder

I will miss my friend
But not before we are past the end.
True friends
Zero Nine Dec 2017
We dream
we want
the awards you take
We dream
we buy
the hypocrisy
We dream
we want
the new days you describe
in your speeches

The soap box betrays you

Twitter. Tweeting. Facebook. Facade.
Insta. Instant. Dopamine rush.

If you could separate your self from the stage,
that would be great.
-- but if you're going to make a political statement
while accepting an award for your humanity,
you might want to think about what your
individual actions tell the world about you.

Who will listen?
Who will ask?
Looks like money once more
takes the last laugh.
Opulence. "Must be nice."
Silverflame Nov 2017
Eventually pain became my friend.
An ally I could trust completely.
It would tell me when I was badly wounded.
But this friend became an addiction.
A toxic relationship with no escape.
And when my mind wandered off to other places,
trying to forget everything,
it would drag me back into reality with no mercy.
Scars can only heal if you leave them alone,
but this friend ripped them up every night.
I can’t lie and say it didn’t hurt,
but at least I knew I was still alive.
An old poem I found collecting dust on my computer.
I've been busy with studying, so I miss writing poems.
Oh well, I'll hopefully get some time to write again soon.
Please don’t say not all men, when me too
becomes me three, me four, then twenty,
two thousand, too many for boy to be boys
or locker room talk.

We can’t talk away when men power grab
for things they have no right to touch,
with 140 characters insincere apologizes.

It’s time to man up and speak out and say
that being a gentleman is more than chairs and doors.
It’s less bro fists, shrugs and awkward laughs.
Instead, it is not cool bro, and really man you know better.

Because we know better, we know what goes on behind
closed doors, and only dealing with it when the doors are open
is not a solution but a symptom of the problem.

Being a nice guy does not give you access to her thighs.
Compliments don’t allow you to pass judgements
and what she wears, where she goes and what she does
does not mean a free pass.

If this culture thinks silence is permission
than I will be loud until no one has to say me too.
I'm not a woman but I can do my part and speak out
Janie Elizabeth Oct 2017
You're there in the shadows
I hear your whispers
I hear your footsteps behind me
I'm never alone because you never leave
You're even there when I fall asleep
You see me cry
You see me laugh
You see me smile
You see me sleep
You watch and I feel it
I feel your eyes on me
My dear Mr. Stalker
Oh how you comfort me
I have never seen your face
You hide behind that ski mask
My dear Mr. Stalker
Why not show me at last
Brett Palmero Oct 2017
Your inner demons
They want to tempt you
Into being the only thing
That can hurt you

They want you to fall
A pit that has
No bottom
And no light

They want you to choose
A path that has
No right way
And no sky

They want you to destroy
A pillar that is
Made of motivation
And determination

They want you to become
The only thing that can hurt
You're own worst enemy
You without love

Without hope
Without morals
Without dreams

So become you
With dedication
And loyalty
Your own ally
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