Don't ask me how I got here, kid.
unless every time your College head hears the 20th century definition of "Awesome" or "Adventure"
You can hear "sandstorm" instead
wrap the lust in caution tape.
don't want you finding out
Our feet
are the same size.
you're anxious

can't you sit still?

you afraid of bein' caught?

Let me tell you a secret.
nobody is watching you.

If you really wanna learn how to get here

live by that.

I assumed you wanted something?
Follow me.
don't be afraid of that cloud Over there
He just plays guitar
for cigarettes
So he can smoke 'em
Simple man, that Smokey
Not in the kiddy selling business,
Or a mercenary, or part of the
in and out
and in and out and in
and out
Of jail crew
he just plays guitar
and smokes cigarettes.
marlboro reds.
how many did you want?
Would you stop talkin' so fast?

remember not to take more than two.

And you're eating?

I take care of you...

how about a kiss?

Oh, ho
ho And you were scared of the clouds.

Light it.

put your clothes on kid.
good luck on your finals.

remember to eat.

remember who takes care of you.

Devin Ortiz Dec 2016

To my white allies

These messages

Are not for you

I see you struggling too

Crysta Gingras May 2016

For into the battle we ride
Screaming at the top of our lungs
Each matching the other’s stride
As the enemy fires their guns
For honor
For pride
We wage our crusade
For hope
For love
We are not afraid
The ice in your eyes
Stops our enemy cold
To stand against you, unwise
For no prisoners you hold
The fire burns in my soul
Leaping forth across the field
Blazing without control
Our enemy forced to yield
Together we outclass them
They cower and shake
We thrive in the mayhem
They struggle not to break
Do mercy we show our foes
Or fierce coldness to display
It may come again to blows
Until then our blades we stay
To each other we look
Our eyes soften for the gander
Like a story out of a book
Especially for a bystander
This battle was not easy
Nor will it be the last
So I reach to kiss you sweetly
Before the calm can pass

For my angel
Babe May 2016

No man is an island
But I am a colony
Of an empire who thrives
Off of its own jealousy.

I am always being governed
By what people think
Could I get out of it?
Alone I might sink.

Am I your ally?
We're not treated the same
I'm sorry for my history
But you're part of the blame.

I have to get away
I'm sick of hearing who 'won'
I don't know how I'll do it
It's not going to be fun.

I don't like this policy
I should be governed by me
I'm a superpower
Not somebody's colony.

No one is an island
And we all need someone
But maybe from a distance
Vive ma révolution!

When you've got friends who low-key control you.
Babe Feb 2016

When I was younger than I am now
I was part of a Cold War.
His heart was so cold
That it froze all of my Cuban heat.
He was only trying to help I guess
Only trying to show me his heart.
But I ran away scared into the arms
Of his enemy, my friend.
At least I thought that we were friends.
In the end it all came down to seconds,
He asked the question, I rang the hotline to the friend,
I pushed the button, in the end.
Everyone was contained, that's for sure.
So composed and dignified in the face
Of the cold shoulder.
Alas, the ally is no better than the enemy
We all have our secret snaky sides.
Even the man with the D.C dreams of foreign policy.
The man who only wanted me, the man who didn't mean to
Start this war.
And the worst part is, I don't know who was right.
War is never black and white.

Just a thought.
Anthony Caceres Nov 2014

Sometimes I wonder If we could've been
If your squinty smile and long black hair
Could've shunned the demons that always held me back
Maybe if your quirkiness could've made me less of a hack
I don't know I think to myself
You and Me, could've never been
Your perfection was on every level
From your inner
To your outer
From level 1-1
to level 8-4
it seemed like my thoughts were just a locked door
Preventing myself to take the first step
into your world

Something I came up with right off the bat, I feel that the more I practice the better i'll get. So hey If you see this leave some constructive criticism please it would much appreciated.

They say women can't fight
Can't write good poetry
Can't create good paintings
Can't play sports
Can't work good jobs
Or do what a man does
I think they're afraid
Afraid that women might be better than them or equal in skill
Silly sexists
The world is changing
Changing for the better

I think women can influence history and the world like men can.

It's okay
Guys should be able to marry guys
Girls should be able to marry girls
Guys and Girls can like/marry both
Girls should be able to become guys if they want
Guys should be able to become to girls if they want
I'm a straight white male
Ripping out the clichés in this crappy boring book society has written
The only concern i have is for beastialitists and necrophillacs
Now thats what we should be disgusted with
Those two aren't human
But loving the same gender or both is

Frank Ruland Oct 2014

I say unto you: Let. Them. Come.

The bastards, demons, menageries, and hoards--
all of your nightmares and hounding wraiths.
We'll reminisce of their downfall when we're bored;
thinking, "no longer are we haunted by their taint."

Who knows who and just what comes next?
Let them squabble as they're besieged by fire
We'll find glory; and come tomorrow we'll jest
My brothers will sing, "To Hell with the liars!"

Yes--who will toast with me of their timely defeat?
Very soon, they will recognize just what they've done
They will soon see past their own lies and deceit
So, I say to you, my brethren; "just let them come."

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