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Deleting conversations from my phone
Ashamed of how I acted 15 hours ago
Putting down the bottle and not because
I finished the drink and got a buzz
Don’t translate what I write to how I’ll act
Forget guilt, I’m the one who’s been bad
I want my conscience to feel more exact
More to myself, more to a matter of fact
I was gone, girl, but I’m not feeling high
I was at my mirror, rehearsing goodbyes
If time heals all wounds right into place
Then all this time is all I need to stay
But sometimes
the colors were
sounds were clear
her mind wandering
wherever it landed
light and colorful
beautiful thoughts
these were the
that consumed her
Diána Bósa Sep 18
Your heart is my only window to the world.
So please, keep it clear for the view.
Flame Sep 10
They always say
“Never cry over a boy”
And we’ve all heard that and said “Yes!”
Or “never again”

But then there’s that boy
That comes out of nowhere
That we let ourselves like
That we let our guard down for
That we decide is worth everything
Because he said he was

But I promise you
He showed us different
And we ignored it
And we let him
Further and further
Into our heart
Until one day
Out of nowhere
He decided
He didn’t like it in there
So he shamelessly ripped his way out

Now with my heart torn
And my eyes covered with red flags
I admit
I am hurt and blind
And the person I see in the mirror
Isn’t the person I am

I need to cleanse
To see clearly
Once again

So I will cry,
I’ll cry as much as I want
Because although that advice
Sounds great
Sometimes you just have to cry,
Cry to get over the boy
rose hopkins Sep 5
when you blot out the problem
you can also
blot out the solution.
Take me to New York
Take me to the tallest tower
Even just to show me how far I’d fall

But swimming in the ocean
Seeing how your eyes reflect the sun
Forever didn’t seem all that far off

Back then when I knew you
When it was clear what your intention was
Back when everything made sense because

We were in love
Bhill Aug 21

welcome change, it's been such a long time
embrace change, it will not harm (us)
it's only (us) pursuing new things we aren't used to
change that works and change that protects us
welcome change with fresh and clear direction

Brian Hill - 2020 # 230
don’t work no more.

need some kind of distraction.

**** it, might as well try writing

bad poetry.
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