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Zack Ripley Aug 2019
If you want to take my hand, just cross the line you drew there in the sand
If you open up your heart I'm sure you'll find
Love doesn't have to be so blind.
If you're afraid, it's okay to let it show.
Fear is how we learn to grow.
So if it's me you want to stand beside, just close your eyes and free your mind.
Do you want to be my friend
Or do you want to be my lover
Do you want to see a movie or meet me under the covers
When you figure out what you want just let me know.
But whatever you decide, let your true colors show.
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
it doesn't matter how many times
you win or lose, my friend.
So take my hand and I'll help you rise again
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
‪I’m still looking for you‬
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?
You don’t have to tell me what happened back then
Come here, to my shoulder, you can cry, I’ll wait and lend
I’ll bring you out of here, I’ll get your heart mend
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?

But if you don’t, I’ll still be near you somewhere at the corner end.
Jolan Lade Sep 2019
I need us to be mine
Your heart is golden, bright shine
Take your time and if you need a hand, take mine
Samantha Sep 2018
Forbidden fruit
Let me dine from your tree
Nourish my soul
With the words you speak
Walk with me
Help me explore beyond the concealed gate
Where the path is magical!
The roads are paved with the dreams of everyday
The birds are chirping in the auroral celestial sphere
I can feel the genial breeze kiss my tendered skin.

Come, let's discover the nameless ocean
The depth of limitless possibilities
The waters are black and impenetrable
But my vision has never been so pellucid
Open your heart to this unknown
Release that burden into the great void
Breathe in this air but don't close your eyes
Just let go
Let your body flow with these lenient waters
Leave it all behind that gate we closed.

Gelz Dec 2017
Take my hand
Let's go somewhere else
Just you and me
Let's play music of our favorite band
Watch the stars or sit by the sea
Let's drink bottles of cheap spirits
And exchange crazy, stupid stories
I wanna love again
Cause baby you feel like home
Crysta Gingras Jan 2016
All I write is simply amphigory
Meaningless, nonsensical, is it?
I don’t write for fame or glory
My words go in circles just a bit
I try to tell our story
But perhaps as a girlfriend, I am unfit
I don’t have much to offer in my inventory
I wouldn’t be offended if you decided to split
But let me say this
Before you decide
With you my life is full of bliss
And this is not just a simple joyride
I intend to be forthright
And clear
Honesty is my policy
And I don’t want you to worry my dear
I only want you to be happy
To do what makes you so
And I do not wish you to be lonely
So if you must, then you can go
Here I will stand
Waiting for you
Come, take my hand
I will do my best to never let you down
To stand strong when you are weak
And never let you hit the ground
I have my moments of failure
I fall short and become unsettling
Through these moments we can survive
Come, take my hand
I know, you and me, we can surly thrive.
To my Angel
Tatiana Apr 2015
I will help you from falling off this cliff
you've been hanging there for
days, weeks, months, years,
i'm not sure.
But now that I know,
I swear to you that I won't let go.

There are sharp, black rocks
peaking out of the raging ocean
where white foam bubbles on the wave's crest
the water makes your hands slip.
But now that I know,
I swear to you that I won't let go.

Take my hand and hold on tight
i'm bracing myself to share the weight
of the problems that make you want to fall
into those dark waters.
But now that I know,
I swear to you that I won't let go.

And it is not a waste of time
because I don't care how long it will take
days, weeks, months, years,
until you are yourself again.
Because now that I know,
I won't ever, ever let you go,
or God have mercy on my soul.
I wrote this awhile back and I can't remember why but um here... I hope you all enjoy it.

— The End —