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I swallow your words
And begin to mellow out.
Turbulence in my bloodstream,
Yet static numbness all throughout.

An accent laced with malice,
By a tongue that knew no sympathy.
You graced me with the fortunes
Of love's complex simplicities.

Love baffles.
Love hurts.
Trivial hearts.
TIZZOP Jan 2021
your camouflage is spotless, babe
i want to reveal your inner
it's difficult to find you, babe
you revealed my inner last night

we are apart from each other
although we're sharing the same dreams
green ideas, arrival's smile
real laughter and toxic strangers

how can i find you between 'em?
how will i know that it's you then?
in the middle of my middle
eight syllables, i count on you

you're my lady but you're hidden
among buildings, streets and people
between the glimpses of despair
somewhen, never, always somewhere

the rouge of your bloodstream enchants
my wishes, longing, desire
in the moment of the key-night
we'll stand before our door, baby

maybe i've found you already
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe you are my wife, baby
maybe i've found you already
Allesha Eman Oct 2019
I’ve been running away
Painting burning wood
With colours I’ve never seen
Hoping that when you’ll find them
It’ll be in a dream

I’ve been looking around
Trying to find a couple stars
To take home to the skies
But the ones on the ground
They never glow, they just wear a smile
And give you hope

I’ve been dreaming of hope
Somewhere in the walls of history
Where bricks never crumble
Because they’re made to be
Holding on for someone that’s lost at sea

I’ve been searching everyday
For the map inside your bones
To guide me through your bloodstream
And bring me to your home
The place you like to wander to
When you’re out of the zone

Wherever that is, take me there
I bet the colours are a wonder
Because inside your mind
I’ve found a life, a place to run to
A place to hide,
And inside your heart
I’ll leave my dreams hoping that when the
Walls come down
You’ll keep holding on
And I’ll be found
eccedentesiast Mar 2019
Things are never as they seem
Flowing, rushing like a bloodstream
There are many different groups
Just going around through many loops

Feeling left out of the flows
But that is just how life goes
They pretend to like you, care about you
At least until they find someone better, someone new

That is when you realize you were never important
But what you don't realize is that you are all-important to me
Jolan Lade Feb 2019
I've found you, runnning everywhere
in my bloodstream
I've found you, to be the power source
for my heartbeat
I've found you, to be the essential part
in a perfect dream
Yes I do feel very attracted to her
I must admit
Louise Joyce Jul 2018
What is blood's belonging,
When we just cut its supply,
Ending our stream,
Ending our lives,
Lives filled with misery,
Disturbed in despair,
Life is filled with obstacles,
Though everything is fair,
As fair as her skin,
In the sunny skies
Though if you look closer,
If you look at her thighs,
Under the trousers,
As dark as her mind,
Scars dancing,
Upon the streaks of a line,
So what is blood's belonging,
If we just cut its supply,
Ask the girl,
Who drew on her thighs.
Thighs Self-harm Scarring Drawing Razorblade Blood Bloodstream
Kelli Sep 2017
All my life,
I have been good.
Ive always stayed out of trouble,
always done my homework,
never cheated,
never lied,
and always stayed away from drugs.

But what if you are the drug that I cannot resist?
What if I crave you too much
and I just can't stop?
What if its too late now
and theres no turning back?

I know its too late.
You're in my bloodstream.
You have those eyes--
those eyes that make the wisest souls foolish
and the strongest ones weak.

I'm addicted now
I cannot quit you.
I am utterly addicted to your soul
and there is no rehab for that.
Myriah Nov 2015
When we kiss
It's like the whole world
Stands still,
And time it's like it doesn't exist
When I'm with you
I could ever get enough of you
You've got me hooked on you
Your in my veins running through my bloodstream.
wraiths Oct 2015
i. i don't want to kiss you or even ******* i just want to hold you so tightly because i'm afraid if i ever let go the slightest bit you might slip right through my ******* fingertips. when i cant sleep i pretend these with these hollow thoughts of mine that these bedsheets could be you because oh god how i miss smelling you on my clothes and feeling the tips of your fingers caressing my hair and the pads of your fingers brushing delicately against my skin and sending waves of uncontrollable heat throughout my entire being.

ii. when my fingers touch yours, electric shocks explode throughout my entire arm. it's as if my bones shatter and disintegrate from the tension and the heated blood in my unstable veins will burst or melt - i'm not sure which.

iii. i'm sorry for being a coward. it's in my god-forsaken veins; i think you're the one who injected it into my bloodstream when i wasn't looking.

iv. i remember every little detail of you. i'm just forgetting me.
wraiths Aug 2015
how could i
be so foolish
as to think that
i could inject you
into my bloodstream
and expect to live
a straightedge lifestyle
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