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andY Oct 5
a list of things
i need to do:
kiss myself
and find the truth.
Aug.29.19// letters that won’t be sent to you

I’d never thought that it would be the last day , that we’d let the words flow to each other and I didn’t think that I’d need to recover from you but might as well do it
Just a collection of the “letters That won’t be sent to you” I’m starting and along this journey of recovery, it’s just easy to put it as short poem along the way :)
The genie inside the bowl
told me of his lowest day eighteen fortnights ago.
The day he did not feel like a genie.
He awoke yet his eyes cried for the return of rest.
The one wish he could not concede
plagued his mind.
He did not know
how. He could not bend
the rules of time
to fulfill's the most human
desire which is to wish
to never have to wish
that the present day
was not a bad day.

Like the transaction
between a poker dealer
and the man with no fear
in his eyes,
we barter with life on a cyclical game of poker.
Sometimes the house wins,
and it hurts like a thumb tacker.
A pair 2s is so inconsequential against
as fate doing its thing.
No genie can stand in the way
of life happening.

The genie in the bowl
told me to make the most of this low day
happening, go on a stroll,
to take care of myself
and recognize that today is just a bad day.
Perhaps tomorrow will be better,
in the meantime get some sleep
and to try again tomorrow.
The genie in the bowl did give me a wish. Now I know how to recognize a bad day.
Not a literal genie.
Kai Sep 5
you are not a narcissist
if you love yourself                                      
so take care of you                                      
and breath deeply
Take care of yourselves out there, it's okay. Someone is always out there for you and life gets better.
Look at the stars
Watch them glisten,
Brighten the night sky
Not a care in a world

Take their lead
Watch what they do
Give it a chance
Forget your woes

Don't think
Lay down
Watch them glisten

Let your mind wander
Close your eyes
Feel the world around you

As you become a star
Litzytczt Sep 3
She sits there
With flaws on her body
She sits there
Hair on her legs making a little garden of roses
She sits there
Volcanoes on her face
Looking like they are about to erupt
Yet she manages to maintain balance and equality inside
Well sometimes
She sits there
Yet still with care for the world and everyone, everything, in it
She sits there
With a tornado spinning the thoughts in her head
Making her deal with it because clicking ruby red heals doesn't make the problems go away
She sits there
Clutching the cross around her neck
Mumbling prayers
A cloud releasing small raindrops
She sits there
Being an ally,
A friend,
The person that listens when no one else does,
She waits for you to tie your shoe while everyone else walks away.
But she is also the one left behind on the sidewalk
She still sits there
Knowing how others treat her
But not letting that reflect negatively on how she treats others
She sits there
And look at that,
With a smile on her face,
She continues to grow,
Nothing prohibits her from moving forward,
She is unstoppable,
She is beautiful,
She is grace,
She is laughter,
She is sunshine,
She is light,
The light that awakens the dark,
The light that makes the moon shine,
She is everything and more.
She sits there
Being radiant
Being herself
She sits there
Knowing who she wants to be and what it takes to get there
She sits there
She sits there
Being me
I am
Sitting there
all cuts need their time to heal properly
when they're ready

do not touch what's painful when it's still burning
let them cool down at their own pace

healing takes time.
Tend sweet to the
The sense of touch
Without these
Satin violets.

Tend softly to the
The sense of smell
Without taking a
Breath of the roses.

Tend lovingly to the
The sense of stability
Without this
Firm foundation.

Tend kindly to the
Beauty is
Sweet nectar.
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