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Life's so big and beautiful

and bold

For you to get stuck
in this cave that holds


Caged in
unable to move

Because the curtains were closed
and the windows barricaded
from light

But here's your
A message from
Your past lives

To open the door
The key's just there
Lying on the floor


Just like you did
When you were a child
Waiting to open
Christmas presents

Seeking the thrill,
the excitement of the new

Because yes, my dear,
Tomorrow's been waiting
for YOU.
fluorescent Jun 15
our protective measures
keep each other
at bay

years of abandonment,
tears shed without

has dragged us
to this

you're not
supposed to




while you're healing
Why would I settle for crumbs
When I deserve the whole bakery
So I’ll allow this to weight down my lungs
To free myself off this slavery

It’s a privilege to be with me
In all honesty I’m a luxury
fluorescent May 18
I have loved and been loved back.
I have rejected some and been rejected back.
But the most painful love of all,
was the unrequited love I show myself.
living and loving comfortably within your own mind
Zywa May 3
Whatever reasons

we suggest, we will do it --

mainly for ourselves.
Collection "Mastress"
How many almosts and goodbyes
are there in a lifetime?
Life is too short they always say, so live it to the fullest.
But each silent farewell kills me a little inside.
You don’t know how many times I’ve died in this lifetime.

How many laughs will escape my lips,
how many I love you’s shall I say
in my one lifetime?
Because every time I do, I remember to breathe
and from death of a thousand cuts, I begin to heal.
m lang Dec 2021
a feeling i once thought was lost,
is blooming in me
just as though i’m a flower in a spring.
reborn again,
loving myself again,
and again and again choosing me.
sprouting up from the seeds
and nurturing my needs.
as the grass starts growing
and there’s blooming in the trees.
m lang Mar 3
i'm at war.
but how do i fight
my own demons?
how can i pull myself down,
when they push me above.
above my conscious layer,
in the ego is where they thrive.
if i can submerge
into the subconscious,
if my will aids my side,
i will fight
and i will survive.
Erin Mar 20
If I were a rose
It hurts to lose a petal
Than to grew a thorn
Don't ever give up love
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