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If there’s one thing for sure abt myself. ,
I’m going to survive  ,
I will figure it out
Blue mondays linger a few days or years

I've got too many mistakes I can't begin to undo.

I held your hand of different shades
And watched the life fade from your bones
Without a spare movement to show for it

Not even a spasm, not even sunken skin

Macaw loverboyyy, mamasboyyy
Addiction puppet-strung on a whim
  not caring which direction I was headed,

I was born to use and get used and fate is the hardest habit to break.

I wrote the lighthouse man in 20 minutes
thinking I'd be in a wheelchair by the following year
I still walk and it's still the best thing I've ever wrote, though
I stayed up for nights trying to define
  Your holy ways in words--
What weight on the shoulders is that of an overnight eyebag compared to all those days lost?
And while you and all they other muses are dead here I breathe still;

Worthy or not
It doesn't matter.

The only unconditional love I have left is from someone I refused to speak to this time last year

and it's clear that I love 'em too cause I never say that I do

But these days I prefer my own company
As you know

And if you've the right reason's there's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure you agree

Suicide isn't a rite of passage but self-harm in some form or another just may be

And I've tried just about every method,

I used to haunt my home, encircling my messy floor skeletal
Not wanting to make a sound as I stepped.

Anorexia nervosa-- I never dealt with it and that's how I deal with it--

Even if every bite makes me sick now

I'll think different when I starve and my head isn't full of too many thoughts to get by on autopilot,
I stay inside when I can and I stay alone and I plan on dying this way

(Blondie) (i is another)

Sunshine washes over my shoulder like rainfall
And ruins my jejune overcoat.
I've got gold on my mind and spite on my tongue for all the wrong done to me

And I believe I'll stay silent again today because I'm proud of who I was yesterday.

I wear my ancestors faces although I'll never know their names

Put cigarette emojis on my grave and those clapping hands that has been misconstrued as praying hands for so long that that is now what they are.

Give me a house as a honeybee in memphis or somewhere else I've never been
And see to it that I don't recall a thing of this lifetime of mine and all it's lazy miracles.

Weakness is a force to be reckoned with if one is strong enough to face it naked.
Anger is a constant that's too recognisable to even be worth getting into with words.

Closing thoughts with the door locked:
(You must just get to a certain age where u just start to wait to die
I've been that way since I was 14. I'm 24 now.
This is the most optimistic thing I've ever done.)
Special thnx to everyone I've ever met,elliott smith,rimbaud,germain nouvea and Bobby D. I am indeed tired of myself and all of my creations.
Maybe, instead of walls,
I should build a museum around my heart.
Maybe they’d rather respect the velvet rope
that separates them and the artwork.
Maybe if it was inside a museum,
it would be left alone
by those who don’t see its worth.
If people actually saw how precious it was,
they’d choose to stare at it in awe,
than dare to reach for it,
knowing that careless moves
lead to expensive consequences.
Maybe if it was inside a museum,
only those who truly wanted to,
only those with the soul to seek for something more
would line up to see it up close.

Because it’s true.
My heart is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Like a sculpture fashioned to look like silk
when it is built in stone.
Like a mosaic made with pieces of itself,
rearranged to create an image of hope
each time it gets broken.
My heart keeps record of histories
of pain and despair
of love and strength.
I cannot let it hang on the walls of some ignorant billionaire,
can’t let it be taken for granted again.
So, I will build a museum around my heart.
And unless you do not realize what it is worth,
please don’t touch the artwork.
What's the biggest lie ever told she asked:
Awaiting some general answers she waited..
With gleaming eyes he mutter say something why the halt she inquired impatient.
After a long halt the words finally metamorphosis into a single statement.
Everything is going to be alright.
Hoping for the best but keep getting worst.
Sam Faisal Aug 2023
my healing is
my gym
my book
and you

i’m healing from
the gym
the book
and you
in my deepest
i found the
weight i carried
float away
from me
and now
i can finally
wilfred nyandiko Jun 2023
Tonight, I shall embark on a voyage of self-love,
Like a fragile butterfly emerging from its cocoon,
I shall embrace the scars, those delicate whispers,
They adorn my existence like ethereal moonlight.

In the tapestry of my being, flaws find solace,
They are the brushstrokes upon a masterpiece,
For in their imperfection lies a captivating truth,
A symphony of uniqueness, an enchanting reprise.

With tender hands, I mend my fractured fragments,
As a skilled artisan repairs a shattered porcelain,
I gather the scattered pieces with utmost care,
Crafting a kaleidoscope of resilience and grace.

Tonight, the stars align in harmonious reverence,
Witnessing the birth of an unwavering spirit,
I shall cast away doubts, like a tempest subsides,
And let my vibrant soul dance, unburdened and free.

For this night is mine, a celebration of existence,
A declaration of love, unyielding and true,
So let the universe bear witness to my rebirth,
As I embrace the symphony of life, with every breath anew.

Tonight, I will live, in the fullness of my being,
A flame ignited, burning bright and fierce,
Let me live, in the tapestry of my dreams,
Where love's melody reverberates, and magic appears.
Johnson Oyeniran Mar 2023
Hang in there my Buddy, please remove the rope from around your neck,
Your life is just like an unfinished story, so dont go just yet.

Life can be cruel for people who play by the rules, I'll confess,
I'd be lying if I said life is not filled with hate and stress.

But despite all the evil that happens in our world you abhor,
If you stick around, I promise youll find something worth living for.
Zywa Feb 2023
I like to be soft,

but hard enough to resist --

the worldly hardness.
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