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Luvanna 5h
"And I hate it when you overeact, you'll go with your ****** poetry ****"

There, you pushed the red button which send me right off the cliff
Freefalling from my only sanity

How do you expect me to react to your most destroying words, should I shut all my nerves and be your punching bag?

And why do you mind my ****** poetry **** if they speak nothing about you?
Well I guess the shoe fits you perfectly
And you feel attacked
And you don't like being cornered
So you lift up your gun
So that my head will end up below your knees
And if saying sorry means decreasing the air in my lungs
I'd be dead long time ago

Being sorry for not doing things in your prefered way
Being sorry for not saying yes to whatever you request
Being sorry to make you feel bad
Being sorry to ******* FEEL

You won the war,
And I'm the one living with fresh open wounds for years
you seem to think that mountains were put on this earth,
to stop my bones from reaching the peak,
because you'd know i'd never climb them,
you knew my soul was a universe and everything around it suffered the wrath of gravity,
that no matter what i'd always be pulled back down,
like the tears of the sky,
like an apple dangling from a tree branch engulfed in the autumn air,
eventually they're bound to fall.
the thing about the rain is that it has to sacrifice falling,
so light can seep through the sky's flesh,
and it does not accept it's defeat after it has trickled into the veins of this earth,
it rushes through it like blood vigorously pumping
in the hearts of passionate lovers making churches out of each other's bodies for the first time.
and the fruit of the earth becomes embedded in the grass,
and makes love with the sky's tears,
so someday the stars can look back and realize their sadness was worth it because the trees stand with the spines of soldiers,
and bear fruit that cause our tongues to make numbness an urban legend.
there is nothing weak about falling,
it is the test of life's resilience,
may the puddles in the sidewalks of this earth always remind you that even the sky cries too,
and may your tongue's ****** from the flesh of this earth's fruit always remind you of the beauty in falling,
Jenn 2d
i get tattoos
to love my skin
instead of scar it

i get tattoos
to love the art
that goes into it

i get tattoos
to love myself

i get tattoos
to reclaim
what you stole

this is my body

this is my art

this is not yours

this is me
Even when my skull vibrates from the screaming in my head.

I will wrap my sturdy arms around me, fear and all, fear especially.

I will whisper, quiet but sure "I will not hurt myself the way they did."

                    ­                 Hurt.
I hope this is the last set of letters
Because I am so tired
Of hanging onto these things that
Happened so long ago now
And allowing other people
To have this type of control over me
I love myself now and
That really is an amazing thing
I didn't even like myself back then
I couldn't even comprehend the idea
That I could care about myself this way
And that's exactly the reason
Why all of these past occurrences
Suffocate my thoughts so much
Because I cannot fathom how
People who claimed they loved me
Could treat me the way they did
How I could let them
Use me and
Abuse me and
Manipulate me to such a degree
Where I stayed in those conditions
For much longer than I should have
The reason I haven't let go yet
Has nothing to do with my exes
It has to do with the ways in which
I allowed important people
Those who I shared love and a life with
To hurt me so deeply
It is not about the people
It is not about their names
It is not even about the individual love
It is solely about me and
The love I carry for myself now
And my own inability to comprehend
How I could hurt myself so much
By letting other people
Actively hurt me so much

Then pick myself up as spring daisies.
A little bit of therapy for myself... I don’t like writing about dark things.
Britni Ann Nov 29
I’m glad we met.
And honestly, I don’t regret the memories we made.
I don’t regret falling in love with you,
And loving you more than I could love myself.

I don’t regret falling out of love either.
I don’t regret learning to love myself more than I wanted to love you.

That’s a part of love is growing into and out of the things that make you into the person you are yesterday, the person you are today, and the person you are tomorrow.

I don’t regret anything.
Daddy, you are something I longed for, for so long. But I don’t long for you anymore.
I’ve accepted the fact that you just don’t care. And it’s okay.
I wish to be good
I expect to be good
I rise to be good
I thrive to be good
I want to be good
I need to be good
I have to be good,

To myself.
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