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S Sep 4
The words flutter out of your mouth and burn themselves into my back, scarring me forever with the feeling of kindness.
Amanda Jul 19
I am sorry that I am a hopeless mess
Waste of space
Broken at best
Words my comfort when taken by fear
Times I can't face who's waiting in the mirror
I want pain to end so I can be free
The overwhelming misery
I try to pause
Breathe deep and slow
Anxiety will not let me go
And I want to change
Be happy once more
I'll never get back the life I had before
Just make the world disappear for awhile
Then maybe I'd remember how to smile
It's been so long I think I've forgotten how it feels to laugh
Liz Carlson Jun 24
in these times when the pain of my own heart
and the world around me feels overwhelming,
when the future feels unsure and daunting to step into,
when my plans keep changing and the world somehow
keeps spinning into madness,
Father I know you have a plan,
and that your plans are good.
That if I'm alive on this earth,
your plans for me are not complete yet,
but God sometimes I wish they were.
Sometimes I wish with my whole heart that I could
just be held in your arms already.
To be surrounded by complete peace and forego the striking pains of life.
Father, sometimes I wish You'd take me away from this place.
Either by cancer, an accident, or otherwise, sometimes I pray nothing else other than to not exist anymore.
S Apr 12
I feel this pang in my chest
and a flush in my cheeks-
the words come tumbling out,
and I thought you wouldn't believe
the prophecies that I was telling.

My mind is jostled, the connection obscure-
the distance between reality and fantasy
is only ever growing.

It might be insanity but wait-
is it reality?

There is no grounds for a rebuttal
you can't stop the flow of time,
the way my thoughts are flowing are
coming out in intrinsic designs-

But why can't I ever put myself together
when the moment counts,
display a truth and honesty
that would never be the death of me-
but would rather give respect to me-
asserting my own philosophies?

I don't even know how to tell this story,
my thoughts are overwhelming
and is there a cure-

I'm not sure.
Riya Mar 16
Feelings are on pause..
feeling kind of lost..
don't know where to go..
kind of on my own..
I know I should be strong..
but how am I
supposed to be
it's overwhelming to feel..
am I going alone
after all..
feelings are fleeting..
why can't I
keep them
under control..
[ignore tags <3]
Gray Dawson Mar 3
Meaningless noise finds my ears
swimming words
Images flying
Eyes crying
I hold tight to my wrists
Clutch my head
My ears too
Let my voice whisper
"Stop, please."
As the thoughts and memories
Travel into my mind
They double down
Scream them away in my head
People watch
As my eyes go wide, and my head spins
Cover my eyes
As the tears fall one by one
Such dutiful soldiers
People advert they're eyes, in respect
and I fall apart
Does anyone like it?
Everyone runs
Into some

From time to time
Overwhelming it typically is
If you were a lone passenger...
If you are lucky enough to have companions
They can help you feel calmer
As long as you do not scare them...
There is no shame in asking for help

If you ever find your highway,
Clouded with traffic
To face it alone
Would be tragic
Having friends or someone to talk to
Can be almost magic
Ask them to guide you
Through the traffic
Amanda Dec 2019
Tired enough to give up
I've learned there's no escape
Under the water drowning
Accepting that suffocation is fate

From this overwhelming fear I've run
Unrequited desire to be free
Is what meant to happen already past?
The thing chasing is inside of me

My destiny cannot be evaded
I realize now it is too late
The darkness made home within my bones
Now the demons decide my fate
Feeling some type of way
I have so much to do
yet so little time
not a penny to spend
but there's so much I need to buy
not a dollar in my pocket
and my gas light's on
I need more money
but I work, a minimum wage job
I'm behind in my online class
and can't seem to get it done
I told my mom I've submitted more assignments
when I've only half-completed some
I just failed government
a course I'm required to pass
I might not get to graduate
when all I want to do, is leave high school in the past
I just want to be happy
but lately, even breathing is hard
I need a drink and joint
and I'm still too young for the bar
the stress is like cancer
slowly taking my life away
these days, I don't even sleep
because the anxiety keeps me awake
this is a poem that uses what are called "near rhymes"
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