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Poetry 3d
Preparing dinner
Tying a knot
Swallowing medicine
Running a bath
Driving a car

Tools to live with
Tools to take life with
I want to block out the difference
Luna Maria Sep 7
I want to pour
the overwhelming amount of
out of my heart
as a
sticky, pure red liquid
and use it as an ink
to write a love poem
as an attempt to
describe what I feel
for you.
you are making me feel things I've never felt before.
Anastasia Aug 16
Should I open my eyes?
Should I face reality?
The reality that I'll always have this feeling?
This unstoppable, overwhelming, consuming, sickening feeling of being alone?

Maybe I should just
Accept it.
I know
I know I'm gonna be alone.
That no one's gonna love me.
That I'm never gonna be good enough for anyone.
Kody dibble Jul 15
Daring to say words,
Laughing thoughts cause tension,
Like jester's,
knighted into dreary stanzas and contortions

Where are all the mild men?
The one's who count for days
Who swindle the swindler,
The very breath of a man,

Is but...

Don't you?

See the target out there Charles?
Hit that and life will build you a shelter
Charles God has no shelter
No target to hit
Pretty little things
It starts like a spinning top
Hypnotically spirals
Then it swirls
Round like a hurricane

I look into the eye of the storm
It seems to smoulder
Delicate and warm
Yet distant

Unstoppable and yet serene
The vortex drowning my thoughts
Swirling me round
A turbulent sea

But I feel also peaceful
Overcome with serenity
Harmonious music
Drunk on its melody

Does it draw me
Towards rocks or bliss?
This shimmering cocktail
Sweet and heady

Why is everything so hazy?
Is it steam?
Is that a swirling bath?
An aromatic lagoon

Stirred by a gentle hand
Soft skin and porcelain
Inviting me in
Beckoning me in

Does it invite me
Or does the door close?
Leaving me indignant
And alone in the dark

Like a ballerina
Ever faster, ever lighter
Seeming as if to rise
With each revolution

Up and up it goes
Swirling and swirling
Now slower and slower
As it quietly dissipates

It circles now above me
Finned silhouettes overhead
Swimming around and around
I hope they’re not sharks.
4 line 4 line 4 line
cndc Jun 30
my eyes are seemingly dry
yet I can hear my heart cry
the corners of my lips rose
yet pain is all it that it shows
I must be really good at this
keeping all emotions I can’t release
carrying all this weight on my own
waiting for the day when I’ll just explode
I yearn to have your warm arms around my aching

cold body

I yearn for the taste of your sweet lips.

Holding, gently, on to your hips.

Listening to your pounding heart

I feel it’s beat

A sweet rythym

Looking into your deep crystal eyes

Running my fingers through your silky,long hair

I wish for our souls to be connected

Deeper, still, forever is not long.

Feeling your body against mine

Making steamy and meaningfully deep love

I can feel our souls start to intertwine

Even though we are of two different ages


We read the legend’s books

who knew how to love, unconditionally

and book marked their pages.

Feeling your hands rub the pain from my soul

I cuddle with you as you melt like ice

For our love is a power

That can be a very powerful and overwhelming device.
change the channel please
the static is choking me
the digital fuzz
the buzz of the drugs
is all too much to handle
so please oh please
change the channel.
01000110 01110010 01100101 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100101
Joe Macintosh May 31
Choked up by the memories.
Rivers flow
From your eyes.
Emotion keeps avoiding me
until it makes me cry.
A tiny little detail,
Just some forgotten fact,
But I can't help but dive in deeper
and it all comes rushing back.
Breanna W May 2
To feel or exist
is to know without a doubt
that you're in the depths.
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