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In the countryside
There comes a darkness. A space-
Craft blocks out the sun.
Blue light from below. Blue light.
The trees electric
Wine dark disc over white sheep
What omen is this
That I, first of mankind sees?
What heart of time past
Has coalesced in this space?
I stare at the ship
Turn violet. My tired eyes
Seeing new life above all
I wait for this weird blue box to land on my yard,
piloted by an alien who invites me to travel far

because I feel so lonely and depressed on Earth
that I make dreams out of my scars
doctor who is my favorite tv show and it just gives me so much happiness, oh I really wish I could travel far with the doctor to see beautiful things and live great adventures
Lily Bajo Mar 2020
Magical mystery rides
Falling through the skies
Of the rumbling lullaby
You sing to me
Moon walking and
Stare gazing
When I look into your eyes
That leave me mesmerised.

The love that’s like a dream
Come to me
As I wished upon a star
And watched my dreams come true
Stay alive, stay passionate
Spaceship fly me to the moon
Spaceship do not run out of fuel

When we started off
We were purring but now after so long
you’re still going
But do not run out of fuel
Make this love magical
A twinkle of faith
Goes a long way.
Erian Rose Nov 2019
Somehow, the song always reminds me of us.
As teenagers lost in a sea of stars,
We plummeted so far.  
Crashing through the air.

Our hearts burning in kindle fire.
Waves couldn't ruin the flare.
Abandoned in the frozen twilight,
I would think of you as I gazed above.

When the memories come back,
It's all us and what we make it.
Our dreams of being astronauts,
While sailing a spaceship away from here.
Let's run away, let's go and waste another year
Let's spin apart while racing through the atmosphere
We tumble through the night, we burn so bright
We're teenage satellites

- Teenage Satellites by Blink-182
Jolan Lade Mar 2019
Going seventy thousand miles an hour.
Our comet is increasing in speed, building up power.
We are exiting the solar system.
We will never look back, never miss them.
I will never get bored on a celestial object, in a lonely space if you are with me, and our love is the subject in a star full place.

You and me
Sean Achilleos Nov 2018
They're here
They're upon us
Arrived while the world was sleeping
While in a coma
Scheming eyes behind rubbery masks
Painted smiles with veneered teeth
Keeping us still
Keeping us on mute
Dosed up on pills
Chemically induced
Stolen our minds
Stolen our thoughts
While looking in our eyes
The scent of our fear energises them
Who are they you ask
Opposition to man
In every profession
Positions of power
To practice control
To take control
Sending terror through the airwaves
Mankind their guinea pig
Experiments performed without your knowledge
While watching your favourite movie
Portholes everywhere
Who can you trust
Who can you tell
For the person next to you
Might be more than just ... Someone
Written by Sean Achilleos 01 November 2018©
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Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Two knocks

When the sun has long since stopped burning
And we should be hearing those two knocks,
We will already be gone and the Earth will be but a rock.

Voyage into the future, heading for a new galaxy;
We are evolving, new planets are beckoning,
So we must build a space ship to secure our destiny.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
SangAndTranen Mar 2018
We see you commander,
Floating away.
Don’t lower your flag,
We need you to stay.

Don’t lift off this Earth.
That won’t do you good.
You’ll only be lonely,
We did what we could.

Will the little men save you?
I think not.
Don’t float away,
Or you will be gone.

Commander, you command this rocket,
Starboard, port, into the abyss.
We serve under you without failure,
But we cannot function like this.

I know you think that no one will care,
But we do, we love you, and life is not fair.

You have a purpose; Commander come back,
Don’t give up on us,
or we will all crack.
Got inspired in the middle of doing chemistry work :/ Bit Bowie inspired.
Gabriel Marfim Aug 2017
Goodbye earth
with her I will fly away
now there are stars and haze
but she is my pace
don't leave otherwise I might suffocate
the space has turned into and ocean
and I've never learned how to swim.
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