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White Shadow Sep 10
It's three in the morning,
I'm sitting at the balcony,
Looking at the sky,
The stars are twinkling,
The moon lightens the area.
Suddenly a feeling of loneliness hits me,
It makes me realize that I am similar to that moon,
That shines when we see from far,
But actually is dark as a black hole.
And suddenly I realized water drop falling from my eyes.
k e i Aug 8
the hamper’s starting to spill, week-old clothes pooling on the floor. the sink’s in need of getting drained, rotten food debris floating in mucky dishwater. dried leaves await to be picked out from the plants by the kitchen window. parcels are left unopened by the porch. notifications simultaneously ping as i turn on my phone, urgent messages left unreplied.

the room’s ever bathed in the dark, light unable to filter through as twilight starts, time i’d remain unaware of had my alarm not gone off. i’ve gotten by with chips for three days now, the 1L soda bottle nearly empty. a week ago i was supposed to start working on a project due two days from now i’ve gotten so far as mapping out a concept but i’m still looking for the will to tick off step one;
the will to get up, make the bed, put on clothes that aren’t rumpled or three-day-old like these jeans that i still have on.

i try to give myself another one of my “TEDtalks”, a rundown analyzation of things to go through how i’ve arrived to this colossally sinking feeling. but all that my mouth can coherently gather are year-long sighs. the teddybears propped by the corner of my bed, their black beaded eyes seem to hold more life, their stitched smiles actually formed with meaning. my blanket rests by the corner all wrinkled but here i am, sharing one with the dull melancholy dwelling in each heartbeat, babying it. i should brush it off but it clings, like the remnants of stickers you’ve placed on your first ever guitar that remains up to this day.

three days ago i was doing fine, not duly elated like a holiday’s thrill but i was able to joke around, go out, fulfill plans, cope with what the day throws, go home, satisfyingly crack my knuckles at the end of the night. now all the plans have stopped being sublime, “what’s even the point?” the only thing i can offer when they make themselves known.

this isn’t new, sliding in its way effortlessly into routine from time to time but each time it occurs i still get stupefied. like a sailor going down a shipwreck’s trail yet all i do is fling my lifevest off the faraway shore. like trying to find the lightswitch in my bedroom even when there are no lightbulbs installed. like some modus operandi where they hypnotise you and i find myself caught in a trance unable to break free even though i’m well aware of that sort of scheme firsthand.

i catch myself staring at the blackholes growing out from fissures in the walls. it turns into a staring contest dragging on for i don’t know, hours. i don’t know how long truly as clock work becomes fast-paced, mechanical, submerged in space.

alas, the aftermath dawns on in the early hours, ensuing the breakage of a curse years’-worth; i step out, unused to the halo of light. dewdrops form on orchid trees as the city fervently sleeps. the fog has miraculously lifted. relief follows through.
this was inspired by the song daylily by movements
Mark Toney Jul 1
I'm the Big Dog—VY Canis Majoris
in the Big Dog constellation
that's why you still adore us
Howling loudly—I'm a star!
Among the biggest known to man
Distinctly visible from afar
so don't look for me at Cannes!
I'm an interstella' fella red
hypergiant pulsating fireball
which drives the ladies mad!
Living large in the Milky Way G
I'm bright and sizzlin' hot as can be
Full of soul, a potential black hole
So move it on ova' while I supernova!

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/1/2020 - Poetry form: Personification - This flight of fancy packs star power! - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Cox Jun 11
They were a pair,
two stars on the verge of colliding in the galaxy,
their love pulled them together like a black hole.
Their disagreements threaded them through it.
Cox May 27
Eyes a devil blue.
Drowning those who swim in your hue.
A captivating, gorgeous blue.
Distracted by the iris, the pupil a black hole- a virus- ******* the stars out of people.
Pulling them to the edge of your eye, you watch them from afar, as they try and survive.
Kaitlin May 19
I know you to be
For me, for now,
Forever, for me, not for you,
Since my forever
Will end long before you
Ever even notice I was looking up.
But we were both born once
Of stars, maybe, of mothers.
And though you are endless
And I am so very ephemeral
I can't help but wonder if
Some of your endless
Lives in my one Moment
Of your great
A black hole in each pupil...
Ainsley May 3
Even if i group the galaxies into one
It would be none
Worthy enough to your black magic won
For your gaze
Pulls me into the black hole
In daze..
Just a random thought...
Hamies Apr 10
Just like a supernova we had to explode
our massive admiration had come to an end
of its beautiful life span
& our nova was brighter than any other cosmic event
enhanced with lilac and bluish hydrogen colors
so enormous, making it look like a whole new galaxy
but like all massive stars we turned into a black hole
swallowing every star coming in our way
and as much of a mystery we will remain
as much of a apocalypse we will stay
and maybe if the milky way would've been closer to our collision
we could've been a celestial ellipse
in a universe filled with endless stars

and as typical for a black hole, space and time collapse when we touch the event horizon
and we become one magical unexplainable element with each other
so powerful that when time slows down
there won't be any other thought than your silhouette dancing from one star to another
catching the last remaining particles of love rotating around our supermassive black hole
in another galaxy we would've been another infinite love story between thousand of star collisions
fray narte Mar 29
"These are but bruises not healing fast enough — bruises from all the black holes I swallowed. Then again, the ocean doesn't always spit back out what it has claimed for itself. Maybe it works that way as well, with all these black holes. Because, you see, if I'm not one at all, why does daylight breaking through my skin have to hurt this much?"
Meghana Mar 29
Everything was spinning,
Churning, Turning,
Glowing like the Milky way
As bright as the night sky
As light ran around

Everything being pulled in
Barely managing to stay out
Sprinting in circles
Forever and ever,
Not being able to break away

And in the center
Lay the giant ogre
Leached of all light
Forever hungry
Always devouring
Never stopping
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