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How do you hold eye contact so confidently?
Like a storm that's encapsulating a flat valley.
You the storm, of course
and I the valley.
Sometimes you’re controlling
but that’s okay
because I know that you love me
and you will always be there
You’re the only one
that has always been there
It’s like I’m a ship
and you’re my captain
You always grab a hold of me
when the wind blows
and the seas get tremulous
you steer me away from the chaos
When life gets too hard
I know that if I sink
you’ll go down with me
Oh captain, my captain
Sail me away

- Submission
It must be a crush
yet I feel crushed by you
by this tidal wave of infatuation
crippled by the thought of your lips
You crush me
when you don’t look my way
metaphysically I suppose
I barely know you
I’ve mostly invented you
in my head
like a character in a fable
creating expectations
that you could never live up to
because everything is better
inside my mind

I stay up at night
wondering if you’re as lonely as me
You must be
We’re alone in our acumen
No one gets me like you
the way I see art
the way you drink to escape the hell in your head
I wonder what you’re trying to forget
With every sip
every intellectual prose
Our minds slow dance
to Sam Cooke in the moonlight

The truth is
you could be anyone
I just need someone
to think about
to obsess over
to distract me from myself
so that I don’t realize who I am
and fall back into the abyss

In my head you like
Dorothy Parker
and ***** martinis
like me
We talk and talk
about decades we never lived through
romanticizing the music and fashion
neglecting the oppression
You help people all day
and slay dragons at night

Something about that cocky smirk
reminds me of him
It makes me nostalgic
of all the words left unsaid
that I can whisper to you instead

You lull me to sleep every night
with mellifluous nothings
and I sink into a slumber
and dream of your ocean blue eyes
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead

Then I wake up
and you’re not there
you never were
you’re not real
just my own imagination
playing cruel tricks on me

We would never work
I’m too grounded in my hopes for the future
to fly to the moon with you
Your glasses are too tinted with rose
to see me in the light
And I’m too cold of a person
to start a fire with you

Your face changes
from time to time
but you’re always here
radiating in perfection and fabrication
I wonder what you will look like
next time
I don’t know who you will be
but I know that you will
crush me
all over again
I think I made you up inside my head

- A Mad Girl’s Love Song
Abi Oct 3
I tried to write about you
About everything
To do with you
But it burnt and twisted until I had to force
My heart out of my body.
Sad songs, too much guitar
Honey is it what you deserve?
For me to rip myself up
For you; you won’t watch
You won’t even pass me with a smile.
I wonder if you notice
How much I dare to stare at you?
Maybe I’m waiting for a day
You wear a colour that’s not blue
Or maybe I’m waiting for you to
Stop, see me and your face lights up.
But whatever
Maybe I’m waiting for nothing
You’ve already bled blue into my heart
And stained it forever
In the brightest way.
nd Sep 28
it was a pretty long journey
i was happy
i was sad
i was desperated
i was scared
i was struggling

but it came to an end
we broke up that night

but i am happier now
breaking up never feels this good
The moments we crossed were long forgotten;
Slid 'tween my fingers like some fine cotton;
Love you had within, yes I did missed so far;
To be Lucky alas to have had you in my car!
A last ride with a better half.
Lynn Briar Sep 25
Magnificent L,
Hope you are doing well
These luminous days
Under late spring’s spell

I remember that right
Our prune parting night
How excited you spoke
And I wisted despite

Now I’ve got something more
And in fact it’s galore
All my wishes and thoughts
I can spell till I’m sore

When this letter’d be sent
To acacias’ land
Here would be rains
Never reaching the end

Take no worry of me
Though I can’t but agree
That it’s not much of good
To be up till three

I would like just to say
While I’m fudded by May
Keep my heart safe and sound
Till the end of the day

Every now and then
Come to visit my den
Take care, love you loads
Your faithful N
Lynn Briar Sep 24
By your hands, goddess, worlds unfold
Titanic scale whilst I’m a grain
You built up castles made of gold
For those who taught you how to tame

I would have never thought the same
Why say this world is small for us?
It is no one but you to blame
It is a lie to live by thus

Who will now hold this awry mass?
There is no time for this no more
Just promise when you’ll stop to pass -
Leave me a letter neath the door

And hide between the lines an aught
That won’t let blinded psyche rot
neon red humming
in the shape of a Heart
on the crumbling facade
of a house
telling stories of
sad love songs
lost souls hoping
to be found
and sins
that were born
in a dance
Lara P Sep 15
You left your scent on my pillow
It makes me miss you
And imagine you next to me
All the same

I guess you could say
My imagination is quite wild
But so is my heart

I'll imagine holding you in
My arms tonight, while
You sleep in your own bed
And I hope you'll do the same
It's nights like these that I miss having you in my bed in the night the most, even though we share almost every day together.
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