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broken stitches, missing pieces
we are bleeding through these nights and shining spotlights
We are melting beneath the blue moon
but we are so naive

skinny love and blinded eyes
so fragile, yet so divine
let this be our symphony
our secret serendipity

flooded tongues with buried lungs
but our only paper hearts can save us

speak now or forever hold your peace
take me to the wilderness and let me be
Fall into your arms, craving for your warmth
Hey constellations, don't fail me now

Fragile hearts with violent parts
these jigsaw pieces still fit perfectly
As our mind and soul collide
Neglecting your voice
Neglecting your choice
The idea of you and I
became a beautiful misery;
A reckless memory

Blurry eyes with blinded mind
Never knowing this will be a
Monstrous explosion of
tears and emotions.

Hey, Constellations
What have you done?
Tying up fate and destiny
All combined
Connecting the stars
forming another part
This is tearing me apart
Let me be at peace

Hey, Constellations
Don't fail me now.
Consistently, I'll crave your inconsistency,
Consistently, inconsistent


Heaven, is what I feel when you touch my
And when you sin with me in the dark,
Dark night I wonder if I
Get the chance for this song and dance to last

The past is holding you back
From me.
Be still, stop running
Stop ruining everything in your path


Funnily enough, I know you're slipping through
My fingers, so
Linger no longer in my bleeding heart

Just part ways with me already, I am not
On my own two feet with/out you

See? I am defeated, I am so defeated
As I crave our moments, so

Hot like fire; soulful desire
Is my craving for you to admire


But you won't see--


Be---ating hearts, stutter,
Muttering soft murmurs of want,
Of need, of peace, of release

Haunt me
With your absence,
Have sense
To never come back
I won't take you back,
I won't take you back
(Lie, lie all I do is lie)

My, by and by I slowly die
And without care
You stare at my pain
And scoff
A brush, a kick in the dirt,
Don't you see my hurt?

Ghosted by you,
You don't see anything through
To the end

Scared little boy,
Ruined little boy.
Hurt little boy,
I would've loved you,
Little boy.
You foolish tool

I bid you adieu,

My Ghost.
Let’s meet with my forlornness,
I have named mine forlornness as “Sunflower”,
We overlooked it at a coffee shop the previous evening,
When our eyes meet, it grew two wings and kept flew away,
And a seed of depression “Asparagus” budding deeper in my heart,
Sunflower and I, none had an idea to spell it right,
Yet you don't abandon it,
I keep a pocket word reference’
to name everybody's forlornness right,
But I am not able to smell the fragrance of their forlornness
and how could I? Because you can’t name the other’s forlornness,
I sometimes prefer to take a purple knife,
And cut the roots of “a Sunflower” forever and ever
but I wonder if I really killed the sunflower with a purple knife,
so there have any feelings left in me?
I wonder, there has anybody whose forlornness’
match with mine and our forlornness does not need of the purple knife’
to ****, but a need of the hug of affection to bud the roses of happiness’
within us!

By; Nida Mahmoed
What is this that I'm feeling
This is too good i might be dreaming
We went rogue on a secret mission to be together,
Forever, crossed fingers,
Call me up whenever and I'll answer
Invite me over I'll be there even faster
Need to vent talk to me and we'll chatter
About whatever
Unload unto me no questions asked
I'll be here to listen and understand
Let it be known that I'm your biggest fan
And I hope that you're mine too
There ain't a thing I wouldn't do
For you its true because I love you
This was originally part of my first punching bag poem but for some reason I had decided to take it out but since the first one did fairly well I'm just gonna add the other half. I also did change and add a few things to this half.
Sweet, my sweet, you taste like enlightenment.
Heightened to full-throttle maximum,
Your everything hums in my bones, *****.

Liquid ****, a dangerous smile, so tempting...
Fading into nothingness
Because you deny your feelings for me.

Head my warning, my sweet and low,
Forward motion will cause us to separate eternally.
Might I get one more taste of you, my sweet?

My heart cannot take another whack.
Back to singularity, back to just me being me.
Back to always relying on only my "me".

Feed me with your reconciliation,
Hail the absolution you seek,
It's empty in my open fist.

This wasn't my intention, to send you running
Furiously, away from an idea of me and you and us
Thus... us will never be.

Thus, you and me will never see the light of day
I see that now: wide-eyed, tear inducing,
Bright, light, truth shoved forcefully down my throat,
I see that now.

Won't you come to terms with your own mortality?
Contrary to what you think, time is ticking
Whisking away your internal, ticking time bomb of a heart.

Art is what we'd create if you'd surrender and just start
To see the potential we could make, my sweet,
You really do taste like heightened glory.

My sweet, for me, you are purity
You stir me to my core, my sweet,
I wish you could be my sweetness, my reprieve.

Hear me when I say, I will always crave
Every last bit of affection you gave
To my eager, bleeding heart.

Sweet, my sweet, you taste like fire,
Igniting my purpose, I worship at your altar.
Faltered steps, echo from your side of the bed.

As you leave me, my sweet.
You always leave me, my sweet.
You are so sweet, please stay with me, my sweet.
he's falling in love with my smile
while i'm memorizing his eyes

he's falling in love with my quips
while i'm memorizing his voice

he expects me to stay
I want him to last
we tried.
            i did.
                  you did.

dearest, our love was like the honeymoon
            and honeymoon is a cruel sea.
This bird gave me his music
and every song I listened to
dropped a piece of his heart in my lap
Lay there with the music surrounding my head,
in the middle of a cloud,
tears trembling, every hope
pinned on these lyrics
His songs
His heart
My hands cover my ears,
forcing the sounds deep into my brain
Bouncing and sparking,
beautiful words in the night
And I only wanted him
Jade Welch Mar 12
We have walked on beaches, and kissed in the rain, held hands in front of friends, have our picture in white frames... and you wonder why none of it has worked.

But baby, the truth is you just can't force love!
© Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein
Come secretly, come silently as my dark night's rainfall,
Like bewildered shower, in my land of dreams.
Oh! my Divine in radiance in the duskiness, touch my soul and breath,
The sun and stars will be meaningless to me.
When all are lost in slumber, engulf me, embrace me, rob me of my sleep
Enter my lonesome room, in the garb of music
Answer, answer to my endless tears and shimmering smiles.
Published in Our Poetry Archive Anthology "Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders"  on 8th July, 2018.
We seek love of the Divine. Is it just love for Ecstasy? Or we need more than that. In our human nature, we tend to love the divine in our happiness and pleasure. Even more we forget the Divine in our happiness. Or ends in gratitude. In our problems we seek him more deeply. But is this only related to our problems or pleasures. Are we missing something?  In solitude, in silence our hearts yearn  for who knows for what. Something unknown. Who is it then? What kind of relationship do we seek? Is it more than love?
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