Danny Aug 5

You're so cool, so hot
you could be a model,
But you're far from a model girl
You spend your time hiding from our enemies, defy them
You don't compare to other girls
You don't let them change your mind but
Across the room you cry at their prys
Why do you listen to the lies?
They pry your eyes wide open and force you to see what's not there
What's not theirs to say
Why do people treat you this way?
They can't be jealous of the pain can't hide
When your looks don't reflect how you feel inside
So you open your soft wrists to the night.
They cry red tears that you're trying to wipe
But they keep on pouring, draining from your face
Clean sheet white in it's place
The fresh pink glow defaced
Because they can't embrace the you that's real, the you that means the world to him
He has his own pain but it was never his lover
In the constant rain, you were his cover
That was before you lost your colour
What can he do now? He'll never recover
When lying in the bath he discovers
He finds the thing that he's dreading the most, he's shearing tears like never before.
You'd told him your dream of their white wedding but he never expected that you meant white like this.
He holds your hand, cold to touch Screaming about how you've hurt him so much
Whispering that it was only ever you
He'd never love another.
He carried you from the bath to the bed and comforted you and kissed your head
"Goodnight my love" he closed his eyes and wished you could open yours instead
Take that pain upon his head
But you're gone and will never be replaced
So for one final time he held your waist and sang to you, that song he sang that very first date,
The one about dreams and fate
He remembered how he fell in love that night as he held you so close and tight and danced under the moonlight
Delight had consumed him
But now the hate had consumed you
A single tear rolls, alone like him
He looked at the moon like that first time
And took his place by your side like cruel art.
He even used the same blade as you, and drove it through his heart.

I always  wrote about true love which is far away from us.
you can’t have lie and love together can u?

I look at the bottle in my hands
Am I ready to regret?
The craving builds up in my chest
Not the taste, but to forget

I look over at the man I told myself I loved
How could I do this to him?
Everything that did go wrong
I'm replaying like a film in my head again

I light the tobacco as it hits me in my lungs
The burn is close to what I've been dreaming to feel
Something to help me realize
Something remotely close to real

He looks at me in disbelief
"You're drinking again?"
I look at the bottle that holds the contents of the future of my night
A liquid that can make this feeling end

I'm halfway through my eyes begin to blur
Everything is good, but the feeling of content is stirred
He's still looking at the mess I've made
Within myself, with no one else to blame

The bottle is gone and so am I
I don't feel content with who I am
All of the bitter truth I've yet to come to terms with
When he lies, one day I'll stand

Do not mind me
Im only trying to find the other side
the one who learned everything

two in the sane
one in their mind
one out again

Alone is not what we handle well
I can't find the hand I once held

but we do know how to pretend
fake a smile, fake a laugh
to get back on your feet again

you can find us in the street
with my nails in my head
and her face in her knees

trying to rip the skin we let grow
over the shell of the ones we used to know

The face in the mirror doesn't look the same
I can't figure out where I went wrong
I'm taking it in, taking the blame
Slowly letting go of the hand I knew all along
I'm drinking myself to sleep
I'm falling in love with people I meet
Just to destroy it all

Autumn Reighn Jul 26

I would like to write a love poem
Just for you
I would like to write a love song
To sing to you

But right now I'm longing
For someone to be here
And it's odd because, until now,
It was you I wanted to be near
You didn't feel the same
And, that, you made quite clear
You pushed me away
Now, in me, you evoke fear

But I would like to write a love poem
Just for you
I would like to write a love song
To sing to you

You exposed me to your art
And I'll admit it was handsome
Obviously, you stole my heart
But it felt like you held it for ransom
Admittedly, it was my fault in part
That hook just might be our anthem
I think I let it go too far
Now, I may only be part of your fandom

But I want to write a love poem
Maybe not for you
And I want to write a love song
Though I won't sing to you

You see, I've found somebody new
And they're almost as musical
They don't make me sing the blues
And, yes, I'm almost as comfortable
See, I found somebody new
And they're just as whimsical
But he doesn't remind me of you
And, to me, that's basically magical

So, if I decide to write a love poem
It won't be for you
And if I decide to write a love song
I won't sing to you

But every time I write a love poem
I'll think of you
And if I ever write a love song
It'll be for you

So i soseldombreak
i maybe snatched - bye - by the sight
of the tartanskunk i'll contribba beaut - oh it dealt
a scotch eggy. And a newt
estimate too, an overstate-
ment in hoverin' state uponviaduct viapond
- behold the hydro-
patetic hindmo of a jumping jesus-
chris' liz.,
shirking submersivesilversurface
in roundstrides o' looneytunezoom-
ingpins, holyclappers!
i've also rarefied a sweat  

- plays as it edges - of
monkeybutters. My monkeybutlers
were prepared, appeared, aped pores,
outing dirt as if dirt were on an outing
zombieporters attendead zombiefresh.
Forceejay, my specifelicity, i'll 'splay

specificity: a
sapajou hatstandsteward
- capuchin in his body's hoody; a chiropodist baboon chiropodicey;
an oddjobgorilla oddlygorilline. Flick with
their fleaflickerfingers thru 'whichchimp' for lice subhumhumman,
creatures seeper whose luggagelunk's an upward
gravedigger - o wiv bare hands? 'S'eywere yesstripped    
as dinner by middl'o' thenigh-
lightlark's squigs of mudorloamnighted softbreakfast.

These be humanconditions, infinaturally: new lessenings
of leprous repetition, retroventure, anticlock rides,
petering out of poopedpetuity, pootling int'ultimuck revultimacy,
till we're nothing's nearests, evenuntoers'  ow!riginal
shit and caboodle. Peop'll beep and bleep and bleed peeled
unrealer and unrealer till every person's removal
when sent too asleep by bedicine of dr.havelds kipman
- hospitalised liein last sting allthelivelongday dig in,
th'endup down mouthfeel for a moving noodle,

4 CJ

There are coffee stains on my notebook.
soft brown plots colonize the corners,
Smearing the ink into almost unreadable scratches.
I love my daily coffee so much that I let it ruin my note book.
And like my morning coffee you have become a staple in my life.
A part of my routine,
Coffee, class, and then you.

And I do not write love poems.
The words never fit into my mouth right,
talking about love always felt like tossing marbles in my mouth,
blurry and unbalanced.
They never came out how I wanted.
But for you I'm willing to try,
I will fight my own tongue until I can tell you what I mean.
Until I can say that I haven't gone a day without coffee since the sixth grade,
and that the idea of going a day without you makes me sick.
Until you know that I will hold your hand like the handle of my favorite mug,
that I'll love any chip or crack you have.
And if you ever feel bitter,
Please know that I will be right here,
because I take my coffee black
And I'm not scared of being burned
But like my morning coffee you’ve started to leave stains on my sleeves,
my hands are tinted from all the times I’ve held yours,
and when I look down and see the small blotches,
I smile,
Because I think of you.

Clive Blake Jul 13

If you could shrink infinity,
And then place it inside -
Just one grain of sand,
My love for you would fill the universe,
And would still be –
Desperate to expand.

Isabella Jul 13

When you spend the night in bed crying
Hot tears
You feel like you let him down
But he tells you he is sorry
And that its okay
And that he loves you
And you say you love him too
And he makes you come back from the corner of your bed to meet his warm body
And he wraps his arms around you
You say it feels like a backpack
And he kisses your back
And it makes you feel safe
And you go to sleep just like that
Tired eyes

And then its waking back up
Slightly sleep deprived
to more kisses on the back
And there’s laughter in the room
And warm light dancing through
Early morning
You roll over until you’re half on top of him
Eyes barely open
You kiss him
And rub your head up against his chest
Oh I don’t want to get up love
You whine
I don’t want to go to work
I want to stay just like this

Then it’s sitting down for breakfast
And he offers you the better toast
Because yours is too thick
And he wants you to have a good breakfast
So It’s sweet jam
And sweet smiles
And sips of coffee
That you hardly ever finish
But he sometimes finishes it for you if you ask

And then it will be a hug and a kiss goodbye
You with your bike
And Him walking with a flower pot in his hands

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