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In the dance of fate, our paths did cross,
Two souls entwined, neither at a loss.
In every glance, a world did unfold,
A tale of love, forever to be told.

In your eyes, I see the stars so bright,
Guiding me through the darkest night.
In your smile, the sun's warm embrace,
Lighting up my world, a radiant space.

Hand in hand, we walk this earth,
Our love a testament to its worth.
Bound by destiny, a cosmic plan,
Two hearts united, as one we stand.

Through the storms, we find our way,
Love's compass leading, come what may.
In every challenge, we find a way through,
For together, there's nothing we can't do.

In this journey, together we'll remain,
Two souls forever, love's sweet refrain.
Destined to be, forever and a day,
In each other's arms, forever to stay.
Haley Lana Mar 30
You find me.
In the church bells of a Hozier song,
the sheets that without you feel wrong,
you bind me.
You remind me,
of our sunny morning walks,
of our silly grinning talks,
when you find me.
You touch every thought,
my eternal leitmotif;
no such battle fought
as with you, my heart-thief.
And I want to write words,
tell you how strongly I yearn,
but my mind sees absurds:
so each letter I burn.
And I'm terrified, paralyzed with fear;
I dread your heart will cool,
that you won't love me, my dear -
that I've been but a fool.
Chasing dreams, all in vain,
as I wonder who warms your bed;
So far away, across the pain,
racing terrors in my head.
An ocean between us, worlds apart,
I crave desperately for your embrace.
Yet still I'm silent, intrepid heart -
a grave of sorrow, sans your grace.
(for G.)
pradipsingh Mar 22
To much thought, she really makes me to think
To much dream, she really makes me to dream
And oh! this feeling is quite such a drink
Which makes to sail without a boat on stream

Beyond the clouds and beyond the deep vales
I really have been, really, I have seen
Yet I never knew such a girl did dwell
Upon this lofty height. Oh! such serene

My wondering eyes couldn’t behold her beauty
And my senses are numb, perplex and senseless
And I guess to love her was my duty
In this world where love and magic are less

She was more beautiful than a poet’s rhyme
More dangerous than a criminal’s crime
Haley Lana Dec 2023
Fight against time, I try to remember;
it slips away like fragments of a dream;
our every moment - a winter ember -
fades as I silently scream.
And sweet oblivion doesn't follow:
it leaves me feeling empty and cold;
Without those memories I am hollow,
need them to warm what's left of my soul.
I cling desperately to pieces and bits:
each shared laugh and each kiss,
and then even harder the truth hits:
you're gone and I'm alone in the abyss.
I stare at our photo for far too long,
wonder if I could have done more;
I hear you in every love song,
still need you in my very core.
I bought a perfume just like yours -
pathetic, I know, but it helps me sleep -
I hold your hoodie like a protective force,
to feel like somehow a piece of you I keep.
And I need you to know I want you to live,
to be as happy as you can be;
I wish you the best life can give,
even if it's without me.
(for G.)
Haley Lana Dec 2023
As the snowy days grow colder,
I'm in the trenches, like a soldier:
a war against my own heart.
Shrapnel, bullets, drying blood
surround me in the mud
since we've been apart.
My enemy knows no reason,
cares not for negotiation;
moving on for it is treason;
accepts no explanation.
And I keep fighting through the pain,
survival instincts wax and wane,
But in my chest I keep a hope.
Weak and battered, yet alight,
a single candle in the night -
the only thing that helps me cope.
I let the embers of it seethe,
grip it tight and grit my teeth,
like a drowning man to a rope.
It whispers softly: "he'll return",
that flame doesn't cease to burn,
its heat is my heliotrope.
(for G.)
Note: In the language of flowers, heliotropes symbolise eternal love and devotion.
Haley Lana Dec 2023
Even when the gray
Overtakes the day,
Even when the cold gives me chills,
The thought of your embrace
Puts a smile on my face,
Fond and soft - fog over hills.
You are my warmth in the night,
My antidote to frostbite
When life weighs me down.
With you I feel safe, finally at peace;
I pray for the feeling never to cease:
Royal bliss, no need for a crown.
And days will keep flowing,
Like waves that we're rowing,
But we'll pull through the storm.
Whatever life throws our way,
We have our quiet bay,
Just you and I, snuggled up, warm.
(for G)
Sombro Nov 2023
And thus she went
Leaving behind her the many kind words
And lingering hopes that make all good things seamless,
But which fade like her perfume in places she slept.

When I saw her face disappear
Behind mirroring train reflections
I saw those who stared when we waved
Caught in the crossfire of our connection.

They should know, as all should, how
Our iron-clad love is feather armour
Marking a true knight of the cloth
The world's spasms worn about our backs with many gold brooches.

Such it is to be anointed, to filter all out
With your inestimable standards
Held high for those to see
How much she loves me.
Saying goodbye to a loved one
Francis Oct 2023
The modern poem,
Is a minute, edgy,
Motivating, philosophical phrase,
About how you should change,
Your belief system,
On love,
In the format of a poem.
Modeled this after those Instagram “motivating” and “philosophical” quotes that are formatted like poetry, pretentiously edgy and dramatic— yet hardly resembles poetry. It seems like an ongoing trend that journaling about relationship drama in stanza format is the new art form of poetry. I’m not saying I’m Walt Whitman with my writing, but I at least try to have an original style.
Haley Lana Jul 2023
This love is a hurricane of fire,
a billion droplets of little things about you,
wrapped in sweetness and desire;
I never thought my dreams would come true.
Without warning, I didn't have a clue
How much I'd feel in such a short time,
Swept away in the blazing winds of you,
Yours to the bone as you are mine.
Against all odds, it seems like fate
That we should be a perfect match;
If it's a trap, I'll take the bait,
Lock my own cage, secure the latch.
Too good to be true, I heard you say -
My own thoughts whispered from your lips,
Embraced in bed as we lay,
Drinking kisses in greedy sips.
Don't wake me if it's a dream,
for I have never dreamt this well;
In your eyes, that warm gleam,
Could safely guide me through all hell.
It sounds cliché, and it feels so,
A bliss too perfect for real life;
All I know is I can't let you go,
The thought itself feels like a knife.
And my chest might burst from this,
a feeling larger than my soul,
My fiery hurricane, in your kiss
I burn up like a chunk of coal.
18.07.2023. (for G.)
yāsha Jul 2023
my skin was off
the first time i met you and
you saw how ugly it was to be me.
even if i looked frightening,
your face remained static—you wore the kind of skin
that reminded me of the most calm and quiet period
of the night where i can just be myself.
there, i could wear any skin i want
to hide,
to be happy,
to be at peace
or perhaps i wear them at random
just so i can feel something.

you stood there and perceived me
beyond this paper skin as if my ugliness
was something that can be erased.
but just like every skin
that is hanging inside my closet,
every single one of them is threaded
with some sort of deficiency
and each time i wear them,

     i light myself on fire
     because i like watching myself burn.
     slowly, you walked towards me to warm yourself.
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