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I want to come home fast and “Sit With You!”
It doesn’t matter if we don’t have “Sh_t To Do!”
Who I love to end my day with? “It is You!”
Dine and spend time forever “With My Boo!”
I can’t think of no one better..”Just Us Two!”
CIN Apr 21
night falls in waves of dark cerulean
again, I am taken by the thought of you
time must move slow
at the way my mind thinks you through

a love song plays its sweet tune
distant compared to my desire
slowly we move
dancing to the beat of our burning fire

feelings grow strong
grounded and stable
you plant the seed of romance in my heart
bounds of emotion becoming fatal

Yearn for your affection
Sweet- the taste on my tongue
your sybaritic words filling me up
and to you, I clung

My words mean not of only ****** desire
be clear in knowing I want it all
we can be spoiled in platonic pleasure
and in you, I will fall
Written a while ago for someone who never loved me. I've been used many times but at least good poetry comes from it.
Mica Light Feb 16
Fire burning red hot.
Who will be the next to burn?
Ignite a soul and light the way.
Okay.    Now it's your turn.

In my mind like spring time.
Dew drops steam off the soft
Flowers they became upon.
I evaporate to high skies from
The ground I'm standing on.

Something of a bad bliss.
I stumble into your forbidden kiss.
And I feel like myself again.

For I am no Saint.
These words may be faint.
But to you, I'd lend my hand again.
It's you who I will lay again,
In the dangerous alley ways
Of my hidden places.

And when you come looking,
Just search in the shadows.

This is where I'll meet you.
Kiyyascribbles Dec 2021
I'm here for the growth, the brightening, the weathering, And the hurdling for all of you.

I'll love you more in the spring, when you're growing and flowering,
when you're attempting to replace cold with warmth,
And when you're regenerating pieces of yourself.

I'll love you when you are summer,
When you're beaming bright and don't feel the need to cover your heart with a blanket,
When you're expressing all the warmth you have within.

I'll adore you when you're autumn,
When you're losing your skin,
When you're naked and vulnerable,
When you're changing and weathering.

I'll love you when you are winter,
When you're cold and bitter with the outside world,
When you're terrified of the fractures in your soul,
And it feels like the darkness will never cease.

Come as you are, and I will adore you in any season.
Sombro Oct 2021
I felt her on my belly
A well fed boa
Squatting for the day

She writhed as my heart beat
Drawing tighter to my
Pinched breaths

I saw wild eyes, glancing, prancing
Sprites, friends of the serpent,
Laughed, for I had fallen mute

To the forest floor, and lay poisoned
Shrinking before a gleeful crowd
In love with an animal.
Anna Oct 2021
Her love for me was mellow
Instead of feeling blues
I always felt yellow

She was a weird fellow
The portrait of me she drew
Her love for me was mellow

Every time she says hello
She doesn’t have a clue
I always felt yellow

She called me a marsh mellow
She said I’m her muse
Her love for me was mellow

I sniffed into her pillow
She smells like morning dew
I always felt yellow

Once again she said hello
Watched my heart flew
Her love for me was mellow
I always felt yellow
Cathy Devan Oct 2021
I wrote a loveletter to my ghost
I hope this finds you fine
Don't brush me off yet
I hope you kept that smile
The scars that grazed past my skin
They were my momentos
Hover over my loved ones
Be a guardian Angel
And when they ask about me
Or their hearts shatter
Because of our memories
Remind them to hang on
The good times
Make the lights flicker
Or shake the granny clock
On our chipped wall in the living room
That's the language of the ghosts
Ain't it?
©Cathy Devan
Ig rogue lover
Destiny C Sep 2021
It's been awhile since I thought about love.
I closed myself off to it,
And have yet to open up that door.

But I think about it now.
That must count for something,
Or maybe nothing.
But it's on my mind.

Love is a vulnerable place,
so intimate,
it's hard to find.
Made impossible to search for,
behind the door.

The one I closed.
Because I was too scared of the unknown.

But I have hope that i'll open it again one day.

I'll take it one day at a time.
Destiny C Sep 2021
I never write love poems.
I think it's because I'm afraid to

open up & feel so vulnerable.
I'd have to look inside my heart,
to write something beautiful,
and heartfelt.
I'd have to embrace the warmth,
and reflect on the lingering traces,
of the hand once in mine.
The love that once had it's time.

I'm afraid to confront those feelings.
I'm afraid to commit to love,
even if it's the everlasting type,
where two stars collide,
in the afterlife,
like they did milleniums before.

I've been hurt so deeply.
In ways I haven't felt before.
I'm not sure I can take it anymore.

But I dream of not being afraid of love.
One day,
I'll write love poems.
I'll find the person worth writing lines,
and stanzas about.
One that makes me forget we're in a drought.
imber Sep 2021
it just hit me: I want to string beautiful words along just for you, only to imagine you smiling as you read them
as i think them, I ponder about you and it sinks in
I’d fill myself up with honey and let you drink me if that only made you feel me
how would i be in your throat? golden, shiny and liquid? gently dripping
from your chin, shimmering and exquisite
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