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kayzamo 5d
I don't write love poems,
It's just not something I do.
Maybe that's because
I've never been in love.
That is, until I met you.

You monopolize my limbic system,
Leaving me to limbo under my emotions.
Look, you know I had to include some **** like that.
Don't laugh at me, you loveable *******.

I'm staring at the notepad app
On my phone,
Trying to think of how to say what's on my heart.
I type a few words, then I stop,
And realize that I don't know where to start.

Lips sealed shut,
Unable to speak -
I'm a frazzled mess;
An energizer bunny of stress,
With electrifying panic.
For a moment I forgot how to breathe:
Giving my brain some oxygen
May help a little.

"I don't know if you feel the same,
But I wanted to check and see."
I wanted to say so, so much more.
Like how your voice is the most enrapturing melody I've ever heard,
Or how rewarding your laugh is,
Or how intricate the stories you tell are,
Or how you say the most amazing things,
Or how you can make me laugh harder than anyone else can,
Or how you're the most loving person I know,
Or how vivid and lively your writing is,
Or how-

... That's gushy, I know.
I'm not very good at this.
I've never felt like this before.
Sure, I've stood longingly in others' shadows,
Feeling some kind of connection -
A string of fate.
I couldn't ever quite figure out though
If that string was tied to my heart or my prefrontal cortex.

But this is different:
It's not the same,
Not the same.
While it's hard to admit sometimes,
I think I kind of like it.
rae or grey Apr 27
"i miss you."

your beautiful, soft fairy-like features.
the soft, pale skin kissed with blemishes.
your small hands holding mine- holding together the broken pieces of my heart.

"i miss you."

the innocent, puppy like eyes staring back at me.
the feelings running through my mind gazing into your honey-dipped eyes.
the gorgeous flowing brown locks- dancing in the wind- the ones i love to run my fingers through.
your soft smile- melting all of my coldness surrounding my soul.

"it's all winter here, even in August."

my heart breaks when you're not with me. the snow buries my thoughts in cold misery.
the darkness surrounds my senses.

"how long do i have to wait, and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend to see you-to meet you."

i can't wait to see your eyes crinkle as you laugh at my jokes.
the warmth in your smile that brings out so much joy in me.
the soft feeling of your hands on my body.
the sweet vanilla scent of you-residing within my clothes.
the sweet taste of your strawberry-tinted lips.

"i try to exhale you in pain, like smoke- like white smoke. i say that i'll erase you, but i can't really let you go yet."

you're on my mind all day and night.
you're the voice that keeps me up at night.
the parasite infecting my brain.
it hurts. but i can't let it go. im addicted.

"the morning will come again. no darkness, no season is eternal."

"wait a little bit, just a few more nights. i'll be there to see you. i'll come for you."

"please stay, please stay there a little longer."

we'll meet again my love.
just like we did before.
please. wait for me a bit longer.
until i see you one

spring day.

inspired by BTS' song "Spring Day"
Miriam Apr 26
From morning till night
I’ll be by your side
From dusk till dawn
I’ll love you more and more
A short poem about love - I’ll be there for you no matter what
© MH 2021
Gelz Apr 19
I keep thinking about you.
I keep on missing you.
Sometimes I get so **** scared that I thought I'll lose my mind.
I keep on reminding myself to forget you, though. Ironic isn't it? Remembering to forget.
But the hardest I try, the deeper I fall.

I keep on loving you.
I don't know why but my God, I do.

And I.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I keep pretending that I don't.
I love you so much, it hurts.
Crushed by the World, yet you are still standing
The universe always sending punches that keep on landing
But when you get down, you get up again
So strong you've been through the horrid days
And though tears are rolling down your face every night
You keep on fighting this exahusing fight

I admire your strength, your zeal, your might
How you keep on shining with that magical light that heals pain in others
Oh, gods, how I wish I could give you all the cuddles you deserve
I want to hold you tight, to kiss you, to soothe your nerves
To whisper "I love you, mel!" into your lovely ears
To support you and help to silence down your fears
And I want, in my arms, to let you fall asleep
Protect you from evil nightmares and let your dreams be sweet
I close my eyes and all I see
is a beautiful girl who smiles at me
she's warm and cute and full of love
one look at Her is not enough
and so I keep my eyelids low
and grin as I enjoy the show
I feel Her warmth, I hear Her voice
I taste Her lips and I rejoice
I see few glimpses of our future
the end of our loneliness, the end of our torture
the Spring of love, the Summer of happiness
the Autumn of cuddles, the Winter of coziness
and I can't wait for that epic moment
when I'll see this with my eyelids open
Galdev Mar 27
Magnificent envelope is coming
A freshness of ink spread present lovely greeting
It sent just for you, Darling
Lovely words present in the evening
It's about mail to lover.
Tiana Mar 27
Doesn’t she want to be the star
that reigns the dark sky?
Doesn’t she want a dream fairytale
That’s far from any deny?

Why is she so adamant?
To be that falling star,
Only with the purpose to never return;

What it is that outshined all the glitters
of the most desirable fantasy?
Is it the purity of wishes that
showers like some lovely confetti?

Is it momentary magic
Or a forever promised charm?
Is it more alluring than a perfect prince
with a vast kingdom?

Or is it the embody she calls ‘love’, that
made the loudest of echo unheard,
with its delicate hush?
  Is that what is making the imperfect celebration
full of happiness and laughter?
Parker Vance Mar 3
I take off my summer skin,
peel back bronzed afternoons
and cleave through
those muggy mornings
you were still here

but not for long.
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