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Sa ilalim nitong mga ngiti at tawa,
ay isang pusong nangungulila
na puno ng mga hikbi at dalita.

Kailan kaya kita muling makita?
Kailan muli masilayan matamis **** tawa?
Kailan ulit kita mayakap aking sinta?
Megan Parson May 28
Maybe in an alternate universe,
we worked out.

broken promises
unfinished relationships,
random stranger
lock eyes with
And wish you knew.

smiling baby
lady's arms,
You wish was yours.

entwined fingers
passing couple,
which would have been yours,
if only he stayed.

But maybe?
Just maybe?

But hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have.
Yes, nothing breaks like a heart.
© Megan Parson 2023
yāsha May 21
i like the way i make you go soft,
when i touch you like a friend
and your hands start to sweat
as if my fingers brushed your lips.
when your eyes hold my gaze
and you look at me lovingly,
even if our faces
never met each other's warmth.
            not even once.
tell me, how do i make you go hard?
because it seems that you only kiss people
who makes your body quiver.
     you only want to love
      when they give you a certain pulse
—but didn't i make your heart beat more faster
when i poured the gravity of my heart
to satisfy yours?
Megan Parson May 5
We are born,
To hurt the ones we love,
And love the ones we hurt.
Inspired by Lana Del Rey. © Megan Parson 2023
yāsha Apr 20
slather my lips more with your salivated
pry my mouth open
and speak to me in french—kiss and make me
remember that these illusions are safe. perhaps
alter my two realities,
tell me that i am real—you are real. this trip has no
end, i know. but i've never been loved like this.

      i would end it if it means i'd get to live again,
      but then i'll leave you here
      —all alone with no one to hold.
leolewin Apr 14
Looking into your eyes,
I see the stars shine.

Looking into your eyes,
Eases my tainted mind.

Looking into your eyes,
I see the love you have for mine.

Your eyes are looking into mine,
I’m loosing track of time.

These moments feel like forever,
I only wish they would be.

The notion that one day you won’t be gazing into my eyes, makes these moments all the more special.

Life moves fast. Enjoy the small moments. Nothing in this world, is made to last.

Ill be looking into your eyes, I hope that sight will be my very last.
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Caro Mar 28
I appreciate your mouth that is like a plush bow
Thoughtful words shooting from between like an arrow
I love your dove-like qualities
But you’re not like a regular dove
You’re dove who was perhaps a spy
In another time
In another life
You’re a dove who makes you think she’s shy
Until you look her in the eye
And she fluffs up her down
Pounding the air with coy wings
Sending shock waves through your things
All the while looking so inviting
A bit naive
With soft, shiny eyes
And just below those fluffy thighs
Are talons that might clutch
You if you’re lucky enough
And the harp song and lightening storm of your mind
I think it’s really really divine
You’re as much vintage Chanel as you are a steaming bowl of organic porridge with honey and fresh berries and a bright green mint leaf on top
You’re the long red hairs on an orangutan’s elbow
And you’re the sweet way
A primate
Holds her babe
To her ******
You’re a late dinner with friends in 10 years
Wooden bowl in hand
Comfort in your hips
Power in your feet
And an expression on your mouth
I feel lucky to imagine
You’re a face I wanna watch age
You’re a place where I can misbehave
You’re a space I sometimes crave
You’re ripples in a pond
And you’re a rave
You’re a song
I’d love to keep humming
For a long
You’re a natural
And you like to pretend you’re not
And I believe that sometimes you really believe that you’re not
But nevertheless you are a natural
And you make me feel like one too
I love few things the way I love being natural with you
Caro Feb 7
He was a meteorite
that night.
She was a lamb.
Not innocent, but soft.

He didn't know
he was such a meteorite though.
Hurtling through her pasture,
blazing out her sky,
raining down sweet fire,
upon her winter coat.

She ate it up.

Wanting nothing more than his meteor heat on her throat.
if i jot down the first syllable of your name,
think nothing of it.

if i convince myself with a startingly, dizzying
clarity and call it a victory
even if it means losing any semblance of my self-control around you,
think nothing of it.

if i conjure an image of you & i in my head
and pretend we are some depressed intellectuals,
self-hating provocateurs dressed up like some coltish,
out-of-place ivy leaguers waiting on death row,
think nothing of it.

if i'm not careful around you, and slip on the snow
that is the surface of your heart,
think nothing of it.

but if i tell you i love you,
know that it means more than everything that means nothing.
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