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Deep down I knew, that you would never fail, and never or stray off your trail.
From telling me what I think was the truth yet also a lie, you’re so good at hiding, you.

Deep down I knew, that I was just for you to *****.

It’s out of the sheets now.
Ever been told something over and over yet a completely different story from another person.
He brings poetry to the darkness
Growing inside and ignites the light
It's a beautiful sight,
Watching the dark deep night
Sleeping, embracing the moonlight
So close, so tight,

He brings winds inside my soul,
He was pure magic in black art,
He was sitting on a swinging chair
Gazing me
In drowning all the darkness
Deep inside my heart,
He brings a full moon to make love
From soul to soul
and heart to heart.
-Nida Mahmoed
all the promises of our love
we watch them birthed, given life
in the sweet garden of our dreams
they rise upon their swarthy stems
blossoming into brilliant colors
culled from the spectrum of love
commingling their exotic fragrances
with the petrichor of her fertile loam
by the gentle breeze of our affection
carried thru the billowing curtains
of heart-shaped windows that open
into our serene abode by the sea
the sanctuary of our loving home
we walk beaches of sugar sand
breathing in the crisp salt-sea air
mimicking those raucous birds
who flock for our attention
we face the oceanic breezes
warm with exotic fragrance
and realize the freedom
only the sea can bequeath

leading each other
into our secluded bed
deep in fluffy blankets
there upon silky sheets
warming nakedness of
sun-amber skin on skin
tender tingling caresses
there, there and there
with wine-flavored kisses
exploring those places
never before tasted

you experience the rise
of an intense ****** tide
its rhythmic lapping
leading you upward, upward
to plummet into
a deeply ****** oblivion
upon wave after perfect wave
of pure ecstatic sensation
and after a blissful eternity
landing softly in the arms
gentle, strong and caring
of the one who led you
into your blessed exhaustion
she created the vision within her youthful dreams
a crystalline image of someone whom she desired

she sang the keening song of her wildest desires
a song that called to me thru the walls of my tomb

she wished away the stone that once imprisoned me
giving me release to begin my life's quest to find her

she broke the moorings that shackled my emotions
and wove them into a beautiful chain for her neck

she carved herself a cross from the bone of my heart
and above her heart, hung it there on my moorings

she appeared to me always as my guiding star
leading me slowly, surely, to the fullness of our time

she enchanted me from afar, captivating my mind
hearts then claimed by our undeniable connection

she proves herself that she has become my muse
i feel her infused in everything that i may endeavor

she is found woven through every fiber of my being
imbued in every good and creative aspect of my living

she possesses me across space and time in her heart
and, together, we are helpless in resisting this bond

we were meant to be, we were meant to love
My deepest gratitude that she saw me worthy to claim me as her own and that she finds happiness, security and fulfillment in the love that I offer to only her.
JK Cabresos May 20
i am
a pen

of loving

like how
the ink

the blank

but dies
leave me

my words
to live

in poetry
Copyright ©️ 2020
Rachael Judd May 16
I am not your first love.
You are not the first person I have looked at with a mouthful of possible forevers.
We have known more heartache than most, loosing hope in love stories
Because we have both known loss like the jagged edges of a dull knife.
We had given up on love.

Our love came unannounced in the middle of the night.
Our love came without forage or fight.
It came when we had given up on asking love to come.
But here we are your hand in mine laughing, under the setting sun.

I will write poems to the pieces of you that you can’t seem to find, like they got stolen or lost along the way to find a home. I will write novels to the scars above your waist. I will write a dictionary of all the words I have used trying to describe the way that it feels to have finally found you.  I will kiss you with forgiveness because you will never be forgot.
I will not be afraid of your scars and worn out pages, because even if it’s hard to let me see you in all your cracked perfection I want you to know

That wether it is the days you burn
More brilliant than the sun,
Or the nights spent cradling a bottle of ***
To wash away thoughts of yesterday
You are the one who stole my heart, and that’s something I find so hard to give.
I will love you when you are a still day,
And I will love you when you are a hurricane.
Because no mater how bad the rain
There’s always sunshine after a storm.
And so, she chose to reveal her heart.
Tore her ribcage door open,
and flinched as she waited for
the rays to spill and burn her up.

Instead, she was stunned to find
that the sun warmed even the darkest corners.
That the dappled glow kissed every sinew,
and she was filled instead with the light.
To you dear Oblivion,
How you teach us to move on
From warmth and attachments —
All dearest sentiments
Where our world once revolved around,
Sweet mem'ries in which we were bound !
To wane such longings we had fears,
But now you leave them dry of tears !

— Tanushree Chakraborty
This one is to all those relationships which once used to be so important to us. But they had to end one day and we moved on in course of time and hence they lost the importance all along.
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