I have made mistakes in the past
I have been broken
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was forgiven

I was desperate for love
Been desperately giving myself away
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I told you too many lies
Even While looking at your eyes
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I told you I cannot trust
To them it was nothing but lust
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I didn't believe that you love me
Yet I was still forgiven
I'll be nothing but a misery
Yet I'll still be forgiven

This was based on the poem I wrote few weeks ago entitled "Love full of doubt"
Sky 4d

Is it odd that
I have yet to write a poem for you?
A poem full of rose petals, a heavy scent
that traps us in each other's arms

I have not put my heart into words for you,
perhaps because I tell you all the time,
Sprinkling the roses over your head
so you know how I feel

I show you how I feel in every
move I make around you,
in every word I say,
so perhaps that is why

I haven't written a love poem for you
because my feelings are already on display
We dance in a rainfall of rose petals,
drowning in the scent of our love.

Nabs 6d

you tipped my world into your axis-- gravity and such things that do not bind if we do not let them.
weaved--time and affection into a wreath that wound up around my neck.

(the wreath is pretty but breathing is getting harder and harder to do)

i didn't master patience until i fell head first into your orbit. I haven't still--but when you understand something it'll become easier.

i want to untold what i said--to swallow them back, hide them in between the crease of a smile; to cradle them--instead of giving them to you.
but i did and there's no regret to linger on.

(i have given everything--and myself still think it wouldn't be enough.)

take your time, i would rather bleed out than be a cage. and i'll wait until you leave--until you asked; cause the ball is in your court.

(know this,
i have made my choice when i dreamed being with you that night; warm lights--and smiling, in between your arms.)

"love isn't painful. what keeps you apart from it, is the one that's painful"

grace Oct 11

we grow old, it gets scary.
we fall in love and get buried.
the things we do to follow the heart, are often the things that tear us apart,
with fiddles for hands and sundial eyes, we melancholy sigh with the ripped velvet sky,
to fall in love is to fall apart,
with quiet words and a loud heart,
we often forget how love makes one feel like their falling apart,
although its scary and you can feel buried,
its beautiful and grand,
its worth more than beaches with white sand,
more than money and fame.
its a soft warm flame.
tend to it.

lotta rhyming in this one
LifeExplorer Oct 10

A minute till 5
I woke up from a dream
Clock strikes 5
Can't get enough of him

An hour till 6
The sun will shine
An hour till 6
he is forever mine

2 pass 5
Listening to shell suite
3 pass 5
Dancing to it's beat

2 hours till 7
You'll finally wake up
2 hours till 7
You'll ring me up

4 pass 5
You're running in my head
5 pass 5
While I'm lying in bed

3 hours till 8
You'll say "i love you"
3 hours till 8
Like a rainbow of hue

He's peacefully at sleep while I'm wide awake thinking about him.

Soon the world will end
Because humans always break
What you are given.
Soon everything will go dark,
And you still don’t believe me when I tell you
How much you mean to me.
As time slowly wastes away
I find myself melting into you
But I see now
You’re just trying to scoop me out.
How much time have I spent saying these words?
How much time do we have left?
I gave you my heart
And humans always break
What they are given.

“I love you,”
You whisper
As the conversation comes to a conclusion.
Remind me one more time
Before you leave again
Because the silence likes to whisper about you.
“She hates you.”

Lara Oct 8

Down by the river,

my love isn't pure.

It's foul and mean

aggressive and unclean

It hurts.

It burns.

As deep as the dark waters

of the black river.


A poem about loving someone while having depression
Sigyn Sep 30

Gone, but always in sight
Here, but unable to touch
Eyes are open, but you can not see
Silver tongue, but speaks nothing
Forever out of reach

Whispers and tears fall for you
But you can not see them
For you are not within reach
For you are not mine to have
You are forever out of reach

A cold heart, I wish I could warm
Stone eyes, I wish I could soften
Evil intentions, I wish I could make good
Lie filled mind, I wish I could unravel
Forever out of my reach

Blood pools, your eyes fade
Skin turns cold, your hand falls limp
Heart dies, my own shatters
Mind empties, my tears fall
In my arms too late

deery Sep 25

everything you do is like a dance,
a move so beautifully free flowing but calculated at the same time

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