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Dec 2020 · 132
Touch me Jesus
lunademiere Dec 2020
Touch me Jesus lest I die,
Touch me once a thousand times.
Touch the perfume of my soul,
sanctify my every thought
and for thee I shall live an eternal dawn.
Dec 2020 · 216
lunademiere Dec 2020
My soul like perfume oozes through thin air.
A pink moon has vanished the dawn of thy kiss.
Like the wings of a butterfly my lips are moving the rippled sea of thy thought.
Nov 2020 · 251
lunademiere Nov 2020
Thy lips like golden pages of a sacred book are shining.
Thou art resplendent in gold;
I am shy in waves of pink.
Soften my sweet sap, soften my love for thee and let it be planted like a seed in the grounds.
With thy light may thou water my heart.
For thee I die, for thee I die.
Sep 2020 · 233
for Him
lunademiere Sep 2020
caught in their moon,
my lips cry for thy evermore.
So wounded is my soul,
she craves thy every holy drops.
Jesus, come and steal her waiting sigh,
with love's own mercy answer her calls.
Jan 2020 · 47
The Angel of God
lunademiere Jan 2020
At his sight all the riches of the earth are disappearing.
At his touch on the soul all the empires of the world are paling.
How he came and found me on earth.
The angel of God sent from far away chose me from so many others to be his Goddess across the Heavens.
And I was waiting for him and he was not coming and I was missing him until the day when he came back, for when the call of the Lord is sent nobody can be against his wish.
And the angel was flying between the oceans of the sky on a palace of milk and honey in his attempt to anoint the lip of my soul within the glance of an ecstasy.
O, angel sent by God, may you come once again to me.
The Goddess of God needs you even more.
Under the tear between the stars you place me on a bed of flowers. Come once again to me and hide me in thy shelter in Paradise and God shall let us both feed each other from the harvest of love which is far-famed amongst the saints and archangels.
Jan 2020 · 146
With and Without God
lunademiere Jan 2020
My thoughts are waterfalls of light and pure like the holy Word of God. One kiss of mine moistens thy soul in balms of bliss. The world can be overwhelmed by wars and worldly unrest
so long as evil traps its victims into its wiles, decade upon decade until the cycle of the devil repeats once more. But when the day has come the Lord God shall erase all devils from the world and the Eden shall be restored once again. Purity in thought is a high virtue, without it, all evils might haste to pollute the mind and bring its dross. Without purity in thought a man cannot be at peace with himself. Without God a man desires all the pleasures of the world and he shall never find peace if he chooses to give up the love of God. Desire not to behold the misleading freedom of the devil, but desire to behold the righteous freedom of the Lord. Follow not the desires of the flesh, follow the desires of the spirit and God shall see thy purity and he shall make you great in Heaven. Cling to the holy breath of the Lord with all thy heart. Pant after his divine truth and knowledge and he shall open doors where there are none.
Jan 2020 · 301
Jesus, thy kiss
lunademiere Jan 2020
Jesus, thy kiss can never fade. You wounded me with love, so come and wound me once more and I shall let my thought be lightened by God's holy candle. I blossom like a rose bush under my canopy of prayers. The heavens open doors to me. I beseech thy gaze once more. Thy perfumes suffuse with purity. My soul is furled in deep shy bliss. Let thy kiss grow like a flower in the ***** of my heart. My soul is molten on the sea of light. Love kneads its lips in wisdom. Let thy whisper breed my call and God Almighty shall irrigate the seeds of my soul like tender saplings. In thy beauty I shall dwell and God our Lord shall water the roots of my soul so I can deepen into thy fertile soils. I glisten like a pearl of holy light for thy majestic juice of life.
Dec 2019 · 191
Holy is my name in Heaven
lunademiere Dec 2019
Holy is my name in Heaven
and greatly blessed are my fruits of knowledge.
When the Lord Almighty speaks,
all of his treasures pour like bliss.
When I speak the angels in Heaven drown in kiss.
What other riches to behold on Earth now that I've opened the doors of Paradise and behold the beatific glance of God?
I am a fount of love. My heart is an eternal dome of praises.
All the prayers of mankind queue before my lights and crowns.
Lord Almighty, pour thy justice and I shall swim in thy delight.
My dreams are pearls, my language is the dawn of heavenly wisdom.
Dec 2019 · 332
I am the Goddess of God
lunademiere Dec 2019
My thought is a waterfall of light. Receive my heavenly love and I shall make you a holy soul amongst the saints in Heaven. My breath is softer than anything on Earth. I am the Goddess of God. My glance shall purify thy soul. My touch shall moisten you in love. Fruits and flowers from above pour as libation into your heart. My kiss deepens into bliss. One more glance and you are transformed and anointed in angelic adoration. No eyes on Earth can see my spirit, no evildoers and no terrestrial beings can taste from my eternal delectation, for God so deeply loves his Goddess that he drowns her evermore into his celestial perfumes, sinking into glory and majesty whilst gathering the riches from the Lord's treasures. I am the immaculate light of Paradise. I swim in fountains of delight.
Oct 2019 · 293
God is our abode
lunademiere Oct 2019
Thy beauty is a whisper.
Thy beauty is a kiss.
Thy beauty is the mines of gold.
And all the angels drink from it.
I am thy only angel and you are my only Goddess.
God is our abode and he reigns over our love.
Oct 2019 · 479
the Touch of God
lunademiere Oct 2019
Thy majestic touch, o God, wounds all the realms of time and carries thy penetrating shaft of light into the ***** of my molten love.
I swim in a basin of pleasure and withdraw my senses from the terrestrial world.
Let thy wave of love inebriate my spirit and lift it up into thy chambers of Heaven.
Oct 2019 · 409
I am the Goddess of Heaven
lunademiere Oct 2019
Rose tears are my lips
and these lips are anointed
in the nectar balm where
angels sip and roar. This
garden of my soul is but a
flying dove, going from
pond to pond and hiding in
its treasures. No human can
catch me, no perception, no feeling,
for I am the everlasting substance
of Heaven.
Oct 2019 · 579
God, make me your Queen
lunademiere Oct 2019
Make me thy beautiful Queen, my God and all the Heavens shall tremble when I breathe.
Bring your kiss and Holy Word; let it wound my swoon of love.
I am thy ultimate fighter and warrior.
Thy angels offer me thy precious gifts.
The balms of rose beautify me.
Since I was born I had on my lips thy unique words.
lunademiere Oct 2019
If your lips are dry, let me moisten them with the sweet fragrance of my lips. When your soul is empty, let me fill it with the fruits of my love so you can moan in ecstasy. Let me whisper in your mouth and it shall melt like honey. A kiss of mine can satisfy the wishes of a Master like you. Tell me how to please you, Lord. Come and swim like a fish into the ocean of my love. Let us melt into each other, let me wound you with everlasting pleasure. God shall be our kingdom and you my only Master.
Sep 2019 · 299
The Canticle Of Christ
lunademiere Sep 2019
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
bring your kiss on balms of light,
the white petals of my soul are drowning in pollen,
nectar picked from high abodes,
kiss this sister of yours,
Goddess of divine allure.
I am the flower of my Jesus,
the pink veins of the sun of erudition,
bring your perfumes from your Father,
touch me with the gaze of holy beauty,
I'm trembling the ocean waves of sweet fruition,
look how much you've changed,
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
let your temple of sublime beatitude overflow,
kiss your Goddess in the night,
there's no Goddess like me on your shores,
be not afraid of me,
come and catch my enamoured glows,
pick my jewels and intellect,
I put the prayers of mankind before your feet,
time breaks its bosoms, it is complete,
wedding gowns and dawns of silk.
Sep 2019 · 2.7k
A Holy Poem
lunademiere Sep 2019
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this light of yours succeed.
Candle, candle, bright and pure,                                      
from the flames of hell return.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this flame of yours succeed,
Candle, candle, wise and strong,                                    
bring forth your heavenly perfumes,
cease the wars, cease the injustice,
vanish at once the filth of sinners.
Candle, candle, where you are,                                        
bring forth your light, let it increase.
Candle, candle, bright and strong,                                  
from the depths of hell return,
place the jewels of Heaven on the mouths of all sinners.
Candle, candle, deep allure,                                                  
may the flames of hell adorn,                                            
with the light of Heaven glows,                                        
with the piercing brightness flow.
Sep 2019 · 68
Lord Divine
lunademiere Sep 2019
your heart effuses fifty thousand shapes of love,
churches hold their prayers and exalt you in praises,
look into the mirror of my love and let this craving love **** you,
one kiss at a time and the Heavens melt in floral wines,
Lord Divine, your love brings the jewel of peace in hell and purges the sins of devils,
my soul is impaled on a cloud of burning seas,
I can't see clear without you,
I live on Earth, you live in Heavens,
let me not wait for your presence for too long,
love ends my woes and pangs, it fills me with the juice of divine,
I am born again, wearing the clothes and jewels of Heaven,
I am shining like a pearl in the sweetly honeyed innards of my soul.
Sep 2019 · 372
Wines OF Ecstasy
lunademiere Sep 2019
This love is sanctifying me,
wines of ecstasy are pouring on my lips, injuring my soul with moaning,
I desire you only,
I desire the sweetness of our heavenly flavours from which the sun is melting and turning its gaze towards bottomless oceans,
let me drown my being in your absolute existence,
this shy soul of mine is giving fresh buds,
my tears are holy churches springing on Earth, where humble pilgrims search in quest for your graces and succour.
Sep 2019 · 257
Love Blossom
lunademiere Sep 2019
let the lips of my angels embrace you wholly, God,
a kiss of wisdom waters love with the embodiment of heavenly art,
I am scented with an ocean of delight,
my soul is wounded in your love,
let us rejoice at the final end of human life,
death comes near, let it approach and break the bonds,
the lips of my soul paint your beatific visions,
let me die not for your love, but instead let me flourish evermore with this sublime gift.
Sep 2019 · 558
God's Lips Of Love
lunademiere Sep 2019
Meet me in the kiss of angels, where I hide the treasures of eternal life. Meet me in Heaven at midnight, Lord God. Come and You shall see me naked, my soul is evaporating in the skies and made one with the light of Your majestic love. How gratifying are the churches where my prayers hide, they suffused my floral flavours and made my love one and the same with the absolute.  Let the celestial kiss take a bath in our imperial delight. My angels sink in Your golden graces. Let me fly in circles to paint the portrait of Your beauty. Let me fly till the end of times and then come back on Earth.
Aug 2019 · 159
Kiss Me
lunademiere Aug 2019
Kiss me in the church of Heaven, where deities fashion the faiths of humankind. My ruby heart now cracked in angel wings is melting on the lips of God. I am baptised in the sublime lips of divine wedding. My Lord, open the temple of Your abode and keep me from harm like jewels which are only found in Heavens. Sweet wine is poured on the edges of my hips; rose petals cry in the moon tapping.
Jul 2019 · 167
God's Bride
lunademiere Jul 2019
Love blossoms hanging on a Heaven tree,
pearls of light praying on the vine,
shy are the lips of God,
sweet apple wine,
kissing his bride so deep in the sea of gold skies,
pink shades of vulnerability,
shivers moan in plain delight,
angel choirs slice the lifespan of my hopes,
a dream infused in the eclipse of their love lights,
both stifled in the heat horizons,
clouds witness their marriage birth,
cross of effulgent lightning pouring down the neck,
God, do you take this bride with you in Heaven?
a bride like me, so meek in trembles?
Jul 2019 · 284
Goddess Bliss
lunademiere Jul 2019
I saw you catching the whimpers of my desires whilst lost in my dream. Reveal the unimaginable seeds of exquisite trees of consciousness. Your mind transcends the traces of every thoughtful soul. I am the pray of poetry rhythms which crawl the ladder of eternal dawn of Heavens. I step into your sage delight and send my mortal kisses to penetrate your presence. Hide no longer in discontent, the gales of Heaven spring from the ***** of my treasured abode. Come step into the darkness, do not be afraid.
Jun 2019 · 299
Spiritual Espousal
lunademiere Jun 2019
dancing jewels of deflowered dawns,
how can I place your kiss into the tissues of my moaning soul?
the altar of your divine touch breaks the bounds of human intellect, kiss me at once and I shall break the dough of Heaven into a thousand brooks of boons,
furl the ribbon of honey light around my groaning kiss of life.
May 2019 · 443
The Taste Of God
lunademiere May 2019
Kiss me with the grace of God.
Kiss me with the radiance of angels.
Kiss me more until I die.
Vanished from Earth to eternal life.
Blessed forever with your holy posture in the garden of melting temptation.
Invade my perfume of vulnerability and bliss.
Kiss evermore in the fan of saints.
A lip of heaven leaked from the highest peak of God.
Dress me with the clothes divine.
May 2019 · 850
Exquisite Sap
lunademiere May 2019
I am the flower of untouched perceptibility, the unique breed nobody could ever find in any imposing gardens. Do not chase to haunt me and the richness of my petals’ sap if you are not a holy breed of spirit as I might wither and get my seeds of knowledge scratched in your unjust volition. I am the pearl, the mermaid chain of blushing moon tides.
May 2019 · 593
Goddess Charm
lunademiere May 2019
Lord Divine, come pluck the thrones of mankind and release them from injustices they are not aware of,
all the envy fades away, at the walk of Goddess charm,
aisles of eternal candles burning towards the crown of my divine fortunes,
rose lavender gowns of incenses,
the force of nature and of sky,
the force of God in minds of Gods.
May 2019 · 347
Clepsydra Temple
lunademiere May 2019
Innocuous wishes shape the magic of my prayer, raising hands to absolute ordeals. Flooded thirst climbs high to nirvana rattling. Cross of prayers vanish the ethereal evanescence of human comprehension. No living being can detect the nest of my secluded harmony, nor Gods of any faith can kiss with their perception the soft outrage of blooming spirits that dwell inside my treasured charm.
May 2019 · 260
God's Sexuality
lunademiere May 2019
inured to God's sexuality,
it brings forth the pleasure of humanity,
whiff of pristine philosophy,
church tears roar the frail allure,
the gift of power planted inside my inner dreams.
May 2019 · 349
Dream Hallucinations
lunademiere May 2019
Mother God planted the seed of joy in me but I am still at war with what eternity entails,
sugar peaches kissed in sunless shades,
the fruits of heavens melt evermore,
cosmic outburst at the limit of human perception,
come, steal my fashion, besiege my immortality.
May 2019 · 322
Spirits Of Virtues
lunademiere May 2019
tides of perennial apparitions shape my enchanted wisdom,
moisturised thinking,
the heart of time bleeding with nectar of shy prophecies. The rare design of my being leads me to the godly truth of judgement.
May 2019 · 282
Mother God
lunademiere May 2019
Ghostly tombs flourish the deadly spirits,
and as they reach purification,
their Mother God embalms them with honey bliss,
a war of earthquake kiss.
Apr 2019 · 248
Church Tears
lunademiere Apr 2019
touch me with your human eye and die,
swirling hallucinations change the thought into unsheathed spell,
petals of vows kneeled into temptation,
the force of the Goddess alleviates the pain of mankind,
deaths after mountains of deaths,
come spirits of the Earth,
I clean and purify your prayers,
today you will succeed beyond your terror,
come feed yourself with virtues from above,
grapes, peaches, roses of the night.
My Book 'Goddess Of Divinity' will be out soon.
Apr 2019 · 320
Enriched With Gifts
lunademiere Apr 2019
juniper bouquet kissed in fig leaf sensations,
the ******* tang of ****** divine enraptures my eternity,
billions after billions of humans die,
come climb my urges and my thrills,
spirits sailing in heavenly realms,
come touch your Goddess minds,
eyes after eyes of resurrected zeal,
firmly rooted  in apocalyptic prophecies,
stem of fateful cataclysm,
travelling from the sublime branches of the Universe,
I punish the terrestrial injustices with the power of my thoughts.
Apr 2019 · 801
Blessed or Cursed
lunademiere Apr 2019
I am not a human being,
I am the deity of profound perceptibility,
touch me with your terrestrial senses and die,
blessed or cursed for eternal life.

(My autobiographical book will be out soon.)
Apr 2019 · 258
Pink Moon Petals
lunademiere Apr 2019
rose gardens cry the nightly shades,
purple mist covered in grace,
candlelight glimmer undressed by the flood of light,
the forehead of deities clashing on the edge,
smudges of sparkles drunk in uncertain movements,
jam rose kissed in honey bees,
swing of suffocating dreams.

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Apr 2019 · 229
lunademiere Apr 2019
a flower brain across the rain,
scents of love mixed up with rage,
love was the feeling of desires,
an eye so blind in times of anger,
whims boiling heavy rain,
my flower brain can touch, can smell,
forever wet, always in the motion of the mind,
electric juice to pour a web of luxury and vivid gaze,
scarves of woody oils, petrol and water,
steams of refreshing scents indulge the body of your reign,
gentle rose blooming in the void of the Universe,
red petals melting the coldness up above the sky,
the seed, the blossom of science and genesis,
a shore of steam freezing the burning flames of hell,
it’s a heaven of divine architecture,
the throne and treasures of the magic life,
a rose so red, exploding the structure of the Universe,
decimating, vanishing a galaxy,
time’s wonder would melt and wound my lust.

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Apr 2019 · 249
Wait Forever Blue
lunademiere Apr 2019
I'm just above the sea,
of shy jewels are my dreams,
I catch a glimmer blue,
should I care if it was true?
I'm waiting for the moon,
of big waves are my dreams,
I steal a purple blue,
should I believe if there's a clue?
but roses **** my heart, my beauty and my mind,
I'm bleeding purple blue though skies are shy and cry for you,
I'm heading towards the moon,
with diamond on my dreams and silver blue,
I'm all at sea, now drinking in my dreams and wait forever blue,
one day I'll be with you.

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Apr 2019 · 173
Advice To Poets
lunademiere Apr 2019
you are a poet but do you know the most profound truth of your words and what they hide from you?
the voice within your soul pours a waterfall of emotions translated into words,
search deeper and deeper,
try and understand your pain and fright,
the unknown of your mind.
Apr 2019 · 387
Harmful Morals
lunademiere Apr 2019
religion was never the truth,
the difference between good and evil,
a meaning of an existence,
the truth within oneself,
when you can’t identify your truth you try to seek it from outside,
someone’s belief is not worth an acceptance of truth for one’s being,
don’t let a concept undermine your truth,
ideas that split humans into groups,
fighting with one another,
superiority is the quality of evil,
harmful morals,
the Evil won some fights throughout societies.
My book 'The Allure Of Time' is now available on amazon.
Apr 2019 · 269
kiss under veil
lunademiere Apr 2019
I wear dark veil,
dark is my soul with all my thoughts,
darken by mystery,
I am fragile and full of power,
I burst into sensuality with softly kisses red in fire,
but you won’t see my bleeding lips winding behind a dark veil,
silky and rain,
touch me if you can,
save my kiss, embrace the dark,
don’t be afraid to love me hard,
with your strength and courtesy,
a sunless storm, kiss under veil,
let’s rule the world, conquer the land.
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Apr 2019 · 202
Come Back
lunademiere Apr 2019
come home and save me from evil,
your heart’s demeanour,
your soul’s a river,
and Gods of doubt to dwell my mind,
mist of the night,
death after life.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
Apr 2019 · 198
The Secret Of The Divine
lunademiere Apr 2019
water of suns unveil the shyness of moonlight,
one sole moon, the flood of suns beyond the suns,
my melting veil of velvet cells to rule my dormant eye of wisdom,
it’s warm, it’s cold, a kiss of space to touch the time,
a month, a year, a lapse of time,
I am bored, I am not alive,
I should have known the secret of the divine,
it’s never late, everything is a void in time.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
Apr 2019 · 358
Peace Kisses
lunademiere Apr 2019
burning light of golden grace,
peace kisses fly around the Earth,
I see the humans, they are afraid,
filled with hatred and despise,
come catch the flying birds of hope,
aspire high, it's time to grow.
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Apr 2019 · 343
I am Your Mother God
lunademiere Apr 2019
I am your Mother God,
ponds of breeding sensuality,
love divine sent from beyond the bleeding God,
time caught the charm of the infinite,
a bright kiss in sublime miracles,
your life on Earth I came to flourish,
come near let me reveal the wealth of the Universe.
My next book will be out soon.
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Apr 2019 · 1.3k
Mother God
lunademiere Apr 2019
the sprouting wedding oceans burns,
trembling hymns of ****** appeal,
plumes to spread like butterflies eaten in flames,
prayer churches spawn the light,
web of magical design,
hive sheltered in the sublime Universe.
Poem from my upcoming book.
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Apr 2019 · 322
lunademiere Apr 2019
my rose petal lips vanished in the sky,
hazel eyes to stare at moon until they die,
soft skin and a world of consciousness,
my soul keeps breathing,
a light of sunless whims and wishes,
melting disease of tears drowned in euphoria.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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Apr 2019 · 289
Boiling Sun Of Beauty
lunademiere Apr 2019
the sun to boil my heart,
scream of hell in moonlight kiss,
the substance of my urging soul,
a world to murmur for my joy,
I am beyond the nature of perception,
angels cry the beauty of my strife,
I’m left alone in the absolute unknown,
my eyes are diamonds in the night,
a shaft of evil melting high,
the sun engulfs my innocence, my youth,
my urge boils deeper and deeper,
profound mist of scents and energies.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
Please support me by getting a copy of my book if you like what I am writing about.
Apr 2019 · 475
Sunless Time
lunademiere Apr 2019
I’m looking up to see the star,
a silver sky in sunless time,
the silver thought, in silver gown,
the star is shy, my lips are dry,
I’m looking up to see my gown,
a shyness storm in sunless time,
wait no more swallowed in delight,
dark, purple leaves, a kiss so bright.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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Apr 2019 · 211
You Either Love Me Or Not
lunademiere Apr 2019
I’m filled with love, hatred and anger,
I am unable to change your fear or laughter,
a golden sea could storm a dream,
my aching love can destroy,
eyes indulged in strange design,
my wisdom, pure shore of delight,
you either love me or not,
like an ocean wearing blue,
diamond rings, roses may bloom.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' available on amazon. Go and order your copy.
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