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Aylin Chavez Jun 28
Your eyes revealed the truth
The sole that hid beneath the water
Covered by gravel
Unknown like a treasure

You preserve the truth
Trusting it’ll never be established
For it occupied a jewel
One that expresses so much

When we glanced at one  
Your eyes looked past mine
But you glared at your jewel
For your eyes loved her more
Don’t be the second choice when their eyes don’t view you as their jewel.
I just believe there is a truth,
I have my lips both sweet and cruel,
I see my shy jewels craved by fire,
it's a myth upon desire,
I play the games of innocence,
come forth in roses, purple disease,
I open up the flight, it's sea breeze,
I'm in shades for I'm just quiet,
waiting no longer silent.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time, now available on amazon.
Go and get your own copy.
Cat Lynn Jan 25
In the Mirror I see I'm stained
Draped in an ink cell, shelled in pain

Bent over with soaking black tears
Why must I live in this cloak of fear

Hunched over frozen in a case of black ice
Slipping and sliding over the constant fights

Trapped in a fishnet of lies
Choked by the chokers of cries

Hidden behind a curtain of bangs
Constantly licking my bloodthirsty fangs

Watching from afar cloaked in shadows
My ears cuffed and pierced, arrested, abused, and exposed

Eyes painted in Abyss' rain
Wrist spiked with black frames

I am a walking talking, cold night
Physically Freezing, and drenched in blackness' fright

Now hand me your blade, and let me begin
To slice the tar that is sticking to this light within

The thick, inky muck that shells and suffocates
Is a monster that feels controlled and constrained

You don't want me to shine, you don't want to see me bright
You enjoy seeing this jewel locked up tight

Won't I be broken free from the rock?
Afraid my colors will attract too many thoughts?

Let this angel rip her wings out from underneath your rule
Let my eyes finally look up, I won't be fooled

I am disgusted with this gothic disguise
I'm breaking through, going into the light
And There is NO WAY you're going to stop making it shine...
Just let me out...
MissingKid Jan 24
You ask how much I love you
And then you ask once more
And so my love I'll tell you now
As I did once before.

I love you more than flowers love
The rising of the sun
I love you more than horses love
The plains on which they run.

I love you more than eagles love
The currents way up high
I love you more than rainbows love
The droplets in the sky.

I love you more than fishes love
The sea in which they swim
I love you more than sea birds love
The waves on which they skim.

I love you more than moonbeams love
The planets as they turn
I love you more than starships love
The void through which they burn.

I love you more than Paris loved
Fair Helen's days in Troy
I love you more than any girl
Has every loved a boy.

I love you more than Shakespeare loved
The muses in his verse
I love you more than rich old men
Love money in their purse.

I love you more than yesterday,
And every day before,
I think that when tomorrow comes
I'll love you even more.

Although you see I love you much
One thing I must confess
I love you so much more than words
Could ever help express.
                                                  Forever Yours,
i hacked her hello poetry, i really hope she loves it. Comments please?
Pyrrha Oct 2018
You are my sanctuary
I find shelter in your words
I feel safe in your embrace

You are my circus
I find mischief in your eyes
I feel out of control in your presence

You are my palace
I find elegance to your stride
I feel blown back by every room

You are my jewel
I find myself jealous of your beauty
I feel you sparkle with life

You are my everything and more
I find more reasons to love you ignite
I feel them spark with everyday
I thought my life was complete,
and there would be no more surprises to come,
but then I was shown a new delight,
when you entered my life,
and shown through with your luminescence,
a gem that washed upon my shores,
to sparkle into my very essence.
I couldn't fathom that there'd be someone so similar to me,
and have the pieces I didn't even realize I was missing.
The thing I'm looking forward to,
is to just see you once again,
to hear your voice,
touch your skin,
and just be close to you,
to get another look at the glint that you've given my life.
The worst part of my day is when you aren't there,
because the anticipation starts to build,
for when we'll be together again,
but it makes me want you more,
all just to get another chance to polish the jewel that you are.
Although you are beautiful,
the best thing about you,
is the conversations we have,
that can last all night,
with your ability to shine into me.
You're so kind and caring,
that anyone would be lucky to know you,
but to know I'm the one that you want,
and having the attention with a perfectly cut jewel,
makes me feel like the most blessed being in all of creation.
Sometimes it feels like the distance between us is great,
but you consistently know how to make me feel close to you,
and get me ready for the next time I'll have the chance for your sweet embrace.
My favorite thing is to make you blush,
and I'm waiting patiently to the next time I get the chance,
because I know I'll have you there to do it again,
with the most precious of stones.
Németi Csenge Sep 2018
A dozen whitened lilies,
Choked in renaissance jewels,

Each cut gripping the stalks
and tugging the leather lips.

They stain like daffodils.

And though grand,
Their speckled folds ooze death itself,
Like a beggar with heightened pride.

The string of scarlet tenses
and the stalks smothered,
each head refused nourishment,

They wither.
astraea Aug 2018
hey moon,
you look like my girl.

but you fell, even when a soft not-so-country singer begged,
begged you to stay in the sky.

the only falling i’ll ever do,
it’s for you.

i fell for you,
as fast as a stone,
a jewel thrown into the sea.

glittering along those most beautiful things in the world.

i fell for you,
like rain from the north.

relaxed, slow,
then all at once.

northern downpour sends love,
i’d sing sardonically.

but with love?
based on northern downpour (panic! at the disco)
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