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Dali Feb 20
A brightness steps into the room
Bringing blessings and joy to everyone she knew
A bright floor, star decoration on my roof
You are
A precious jewel
As the meaning of your name and what I see
A pleasure to many
Even your silence is a healing to every wound
To the dead ones
Nor to people sinking in blue
Soul burning with sweetness
A laugh even in the hurt
A hope even in the fall
Is it just me?
Nor everyone is fascinating by everything you do
Why words are harder when I try to write about you
Or a meaning or two
Of how you mean to me even if I was  blue
Just remember this a single glimpse of what I feel/received
From you
I am sorry I didn't mentioned how my heart flutter when someone mentioned your name
I love you but you already knew this is nothing new.
Guntang Jun 2020
to grasp of me
would be no use
my form flows
a river loose
whenever bound
however tight
i am forever
the jewel
of night
Kenshō Feb 2020
the emerald albatross
totem of time
grows from the ground
it falls from the sky
over our heads it flies
but they tryna keep us down
all now seen as lies
im not a human
im going underground
running to a place
where i know ive found
where i can find my pace
and muffle out the sound
of sirens and cries and tv songs
im not like any of you
ill admit it
ive known this all along
Anya Jan 2020
More valuable life
With more ways to measure
The merit of strife
And option of pleasure
Aylin Chavez Jun 2019
Your eyes revealed the truth
The sole that hid beneath the water
Covered by gravel
Unknown like a treasure

You preserve the truth
Trusting it’ll never be established
For it occupied a jewel
One that expresses so much

When we glanced at one  
Your eyes looked past mine
But you glared at your jewel
For your eyes loved her more
lunademiere Apr 2019
I just believe there is a truth,
I have my lips both sweet and cruel,
I see my shy jewels craved by fire,
it's a myth upon desire,
I play the games of innocence,
come forth in roses, purple disease,
I open up the flight, it's sea breeze,
I'm in shades for I'm just quiet,
waiting no longer silent.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time, now available on amazon.
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