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sergiodib May 22
What if the exact number
of world population is

Inside him and her,
billions of neurons are connecting,
conducting electricity,
blending chemicals
joining stars into constellations;
and, who knows why,
distilling poetry from a night sky.
Thinking matter
A Poem-tribute to Star Wars.  

     "Those manipulating the takeover of Humanity will fail."
                                                             Catherine Austin Fitts            

You’re spreading your tentacles
into galactic territories
Like a stubborn octopus falsely
Believing owning the whole sea
You spur chaos and personify chaos
To shrink the celestial Chronos
To usurp the balance of the equilibrium
But arising from the ashes of chaos
To look at you straight in the eyes
Standing flat-footed on the Eternal Light
Dusting off the false paradigm
Of life and death
The real heroes of humankind
Here they come
The rebels
The revolutionaries
The true believers
The freedom fighters
The peacebuilders
The radical thinkers
The justice warriors
The non-conformists
The non-conventionals
The Most High God worshipers.

Here they come
You enrobe yourself
With the magnificence of your pride
Skillfully branding us as the enemy
But what we see
Between the heavenly opaque veil
It’s the fall of attraction.
Your arrogance
And your self-aggrandizement
Against the Truth
Are color-coded keys to your downfall.

Here they come
Watch what happens
You didn’t see it coming.
© 2021copyrighted material provided for educational purposes only.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Zeitgeist translucence

The spirits are unseen to those who have not felt their presence.
The non-believers will never see them, if they remain faithless.
Without a Heaven to look forward to,
We would have no reason to live right.
God sent us a message of peace; we use it to fight.
We are no longer made of starlight.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
theghostofpoetry Oct 2020
Broken not spoken. Injured not healing for what have we done? This garden of ours where we wind away the hours amongst the roses has all but gone - for the world is broken, damaged and beyond repair as we all sit in our lair, of consumerism and capital divide.

Why can we not live as one? Instead we resort to bombs, collateral damage without any thought, for this war is never won. Oh COVID what have you done? You came along at the worse time a clear year for many without fear - now that has all but gone, the instigation of fear you bought with you that runs deep. Creating dividends that divide and not untie.

For the world is broken. Damaged and makes no sense. Did we ever learn to heal or does the war that has been raging still go on?

Now what have we done? Damaged you beyond belief and yet as we go one, no turning back to previous life. Instead earth you are punishing us. For damaging you throughout humankinds existent. But don't worry,

we created a broken world.
An observation on life, and the destruction by humankind on planet earth during a pandemic.
Tony Tweedy Jul 2020
Why is it do you suppose that as a species we have been given the senses to perceive, be curious of and bear witness to fourteen billion years of the wonders of the Universe.... yet we have not the common-sense to know or be assured of our own tomorrow?

Somewhere out there it is quite possible that intelligent life exists... but it certainly isn't us.
We pave the way to our own extinction and go on oblivious to the road we take. Who will find our bones as fossils when the next dominant species evolves?
Will the Universe even allow us to be remembered thus?
Namita Bangera May 2020
History must be the worst teacher,
Or humankind her worst student.
Over and again betrayed by the
Wisest and the kind that be fools.
She ask again in exasperation,
Do you reckon what might be the answer!
As some you know from reading my brief bio below the pieces I have written and posted for HELLO POETRY, I have spent a good part of my life as a
human-rights advocate. I'd like to share with you a special recollection of mine with you now so you'll know that the way I share my humanity with those who need some kindness is different often from the ways others do.

It was the spring of 1992. I was in New York City to attend a meeting of Columbia College's Board of Directors of which I was a member. I was walking down Broadway toward Tom's Restaurant, one of my haunts when
I was an undergraduate. I was going to have breakfast, my all-time favorite meal. As I walked along, I saw ahead of me a tall black man holding a styrofoam cup hoping those who walked by him might drop a quarter or two into his cup. When I got to where this man was standing, I stopped in front of him. My stopping right in front of him surprised him, I'm sure. I stuck out my right arm hoping to shake his, and as I did, I said, "My name is Tod Hawks. What's your name?" This man was incredulous. Finally, after a long, awkward pause, he said "Hechamiah." I said "Hechamiah what." There was another long pause. Finally, Hechamiah said, "Hechamiah Moore." I then said, "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Moore. I'm on my way to have dinner at Tom's Restaurant. Would you like to join me and be my guest?" Mr. Moore was stunned. Another long pause. Finally, Mr. Moore said, "OK." So we began walking together down Broadway toward Tom's Restaurant, and as we walked, we started chatting. I found out Hechamiah was from North Carolina, had married his sweetheart when both were 16, then came to New Jersey
where Hechamiah got a job in some kind of factory. But ten years prior to our meeting, his wife died unexpectedly. Hechamiah told me he just couldn't stand it, so he started drinking and didn't stop. Eventually, he was fired, and for the last eight years had been homeless.

At this point, we reached 112th Street and needed to cross Broadway to enter Tom's Restaurant. We crossed half of Broadway, in the middle of which there was sort of an island where there were a couple of benches. There, Hechamiah just stopped. I asked him, "What's wrong, Mr. Moore?" Hechamiah, after another pause, said to me, "I don't think they want me in there." I paused this time, then I said, "Mr. Moore, there are two reasons why you are going into Tom's with me. First, you are my friend. The second is the United States Constitution." Another pause.  Hechamiah stepped off the island's curb and began to walk across the other half of Broadway. I joined him.

We entered Tom's, first Hechamiah and then I. I saw an empty booth in the rear of the restaurant. I walked ahead of Hechamiah to the booth, then we both took a seat. I could see and feel that Hechamiah was extremely nervous. A lovely middle-aged waitress came over and handed each of us a menu. When she returned a few minutes later, she asked what we would like to order. I told her Mr. Moore was my guest. She looked at Hechamiah and asked him what he wanted. "A cup of Manhattan clam chowder," said Hechamiah. "That's all you want, Mr. Moore?" I said with surprise. He nodded yes. I ordered breakfast.

Hechamiah and I continued chatting. I told him I had been spending the past year traveling around the country seeing and talking to people who were hungry and homeless and hopeless. Politicians, I told him, were interested only in polls and percentages. I was interested in people's pain, so much of which I had experienced, and hoped to help find ways to allay it. I told Hechamiah I had delivered a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, had traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the southwest corner of South Dakota--still the poorest place in America, to Houston where several hundred black men slept on folded cardboard boxes that lay on cold cement sidewalks along both sides Prescott Street, 24/7, to Atlanta where I met with Martin Luther King III and former President Carter at the Carter Center, as well as other places and other people.

The waitress had brought us our meals in the interim. We both had finished eating. At that juncture, I said to Hechamiah, "Are you sure you don't want something else to eat, Mr. Moore?" I could see and feel that Hechamiah was becoming increasingly at ease as we shared food and conversation. He said, in fact, he would. When our waitress came by again, Hechamiah was so relaxed that he started to joke with her as he ordered a full meal, and our waitress was so sweet, she just joined in the fun.

Hechamiah finished his meal in short order. It was time to leave Tom's. When we reached the entrance, Hechamiah began to push the door open, but as he had the door just half open, he turned around and said to me, "Mr. Hawks, you are a kind man." I said to Hechamiah, "Mr. Moore, you are a good man." We both stepped onto the sidewalk and shook hands and began to walk in different directions into the darkness, but with our stomachs, and our hearts, much fuller than they had previously been.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
Sophia Apr 2020
Even in the dark;
the sun hidden beneath clouds
smog thick and heavy dousing the streets with gloom

still there’s singing;
in balconies couples dance
the laughter of children playing in the yard despite the weather-

How wonderful humankind can be
when we stand together against the odds.
We’re always stronger together than apart, at least I’ve learnt this much.)
Big Virge Dec 2019
It Can't Be Good To Hold The View ...  
That I'm A CROOK Because My Top Has Got A Hood ... !?!  

The Weather Now Can Be Quite FOUL ... !!!
WITHOUT An Umbrella I Could Be DROWNED ... !!!!!  

That's Just A Joke But Listen Folks ...  
Judgements Made On How I Look ...  
In My Opinion ... CAN'T Be Good ... !!!
But This In TRUTH Is Where THIS Poem Really Starts ...  
What About The SIX In ... " Northwick Park " ... !?!  
A Hospital Where We're Now Aware ...  
Peoples' Lives Are Played With Like MICE .... !!!!!  
Now THAT ... CAN'T Be Good ... !!!!!  
And SURE AIN'T ... Nice ... !!!  
Some It Seems Have Paid The Price ...
For Taking RISKS With Their Own Life ... !?!  
Do You Think That Cash Is Worth ALL THAT ... ?!?  
No-One Surely Would Do This For FREE ... ?!?  
NEW Drugs Tried Out ... ON YOUR BODY ... !!!  
Some People Are A ... " CONFUSED Breed " ... ???  
I Can Hear It Now ...  
"No sympathy, come on Big V !
They're victims of A TRAGEDY !"
Well The Price They Pay For Where They Lay ...  
Is Due To Drugs They WILLINGLY Put In Their System ... ?!?
Or Is That Simply ... NOT The Case ... !?!
Was Anyone FORCED ... ?  
By Someone Holding Up A Gun ... !?!  
I'd Like Answers To These Questions ... !!!  
Come On DON'T YOU ... ?!?
My Words May Fuel Controversy ...  
But REALLY Should Our Sympathy ...  
Go Out To Those With Families ...  
Who Fall FOUL of ... Drug-Testing Schemes ... ?!?  
It's Just Something Worth Pondering ......................................  
I'd Rather Have STRONG Relatives ...  
Than Have Someone With Cash That's Sick ... !!!!!  
That CAN'T Be Good And That's My View ... !!!  
It May Sound CRUEL ...
But Are These Things People Should Do ... ???!???  
Nuclear Testing Chemical testing ... ?  
NEITHER I'm Sure Really Have ...  " Gods' Blessing " ... !?!  
Some May Try To Say That I ...  
DON'T Have The Right ...
To Say These Things When Tests SAVE LIVES ... !!!
That's TRUE But Where's The Common Sense ... ?  
In Tests That Leave Some CLOSE To DEATH ... !?!  
I Know These Words May Well UPSET ...  
But THINK About The Things ... I've Said ...  
If You Were Left WITHOUT Someone ...  
Who In Your Heart You ... TRULY LOVED ... !!!!!  
Could Cash REPLACE SEEING Their Face ... ???  
But ... "What if it helps the human race ?" ...
Is What You'll Hear Some People Say ...  
If You Call That HELP Then HELP Yourself To Cards Misdealt ...  
By Those Who HOLD ... " Pharmaceutical Wealth " ... !!!!!!!
Let Me Ask You THIS Do They Test THEMSELVES ... ?!?  
Why Use Humans If It's For Our Health ... ?!?  
CERTAIN Things ... " We Know " ... !!!  
CERTAIN Things ... " We DON'T ... !!!!!
Will Humans In The End Be A Breed of CLONES  ... ???  
Star Wars SHOWS How That Story Goes ... !!!  
Will OB1 Kenobi Be Our ... ONLY Hope ... !!!?!!!  
I Hate To Say This But Maybe So ... ?!?  
Scientists And Their Tests Are AGENDA Lead ... !!!  
HYPOCRISY SURROUNDS Scientific Schemes ...  
They CLAIM Their Aim's To RELIEVE PAINS ... !!!!!  
And Viruses ... of DIFFERENT Strains ... !!!  
Okay That's Great ...  
But The Elderly When OLD And GREY ...  
Are Left To DECAY And Now May Face ...  
A Reduction In Those Who'll ... " RESUSCITATE " ... !!!!!  
When ILLNESS HITS Their ... Final Days ...  
AREN'T They Part of The Human Race ... !?!?!  
People Now REALLY NEED TO BE WISE ... !!!!!  
Movies Like ... " The Hills Have Eyes "  
Prove We NEED To ... RECOGNISE ...  
Medical Tests ... or ... Otherwise  
Are RARELY For The Purpose of Saving Lives ... !!!!!!  
For Those That HAVE I'm TRULY Glad ... !!!!!!!  
But Some AREN'T Good And That's A FACT ... !!!!!!!  
You May Find That You CRASH And BURN ...  
Or ... Like The Film Make A WRONG TURN ... !!!  
Try Watching THAT FLICK And You Might Learn ...  
GENETIC Tests Have Probably FILLED A Number of Urns ... !!!!!  
NATURAL Selection's What I'm STRESSING ...  
Leave The Medics ... To Their TESTING ... !!!  
Let Them PLAY With Their ... " Test Tubes " ...  
Rather Than Play Around With Blood YOU USE ... !!!!!!  
THAT May Result In YOUR LOVED Ones ...  
Being On The News With A Box of Tissues ...  
Why Would You Choose To Make THAT MOVE ... !?!  
..... " REALISTICALLY " .....  
" That CAN'T Be Good ! "
Based on this story ....
Nilia Loh Dec 2019
Butterflies and clockwork hearts,
You put me together with those parts.
Gently you pieced like I'm art,
Making sure I don't fall apart.
A feeling I can't deny,
When I first opened my eyes.
Butterflies that feel so nice,
A heart that beats more than twice.
With our irises locked at each other,
I realise what is there to bother?
When you're with me,
It's all that matters.
This is written when I was thinking about how I was created by the amazing creator above! "For I am fearfully and wonderfully made." -psalms 139:14
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