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Dustin Dean Jan 19
To run into another temple
In hopes of a swift escape
Is desperation at best

Circular atrophy it is
Deforming and decaying
Albeit forever persistent

Mankind may always ask
Forgetting to listen
It is then, when
The circle will reform
He approaches, from a completely different background.
He sees an odd, irregular image
Minding its own business.

He approaches and the image moves.
The irregular image faces him as he admires it.
It is smothered in beauty,
So much, but he doesn't understand it.

She, the image, sees him too.
She falls in love with his body's outline,
But when he steps into the light,
She doesn't understand her love anymore.

Mutual love was clouded by race.

Eventually, they learned to love their differences.
They created art through their differences;
Contrasting colours thrived in their newly ordained similarities - obtained through love.

Multi-racial relationships are the artwork of humankind.
Multi-racial relationships excite me. They remind me that even the most different people can still thrive together despite their differences. But, I'm not one to partake because I feel that it's too much for me. There's a huge amount of responsibility needed in respect and consideration.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Divorced from my mind,
it left me behind.

Divorced from my mind,
my thoughts can’t even be defined.

Divorced from my mind,
my love is declined.

Divorced from my mind,
I am so blind.

Divorced from my mind,
my body is fined.

Divorced from my mind,
all I can do is unwind.

Divorced from my mind,
poorly designed.

Divorced from my mind,
a disgrace to humankind.

Divorced from my mind,
so divorced that I just sit here and rhyme?
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
The River.

In waves it flows and rages full;
In moonlight it slows and trickles still.
In sunshine it roars a tumultuous call.
The river flows throughout the seasons and throughout the hills.

Down in the valley, the water still runs;
At first just a drip, then a tidal wave.  Its source is unknown.
It echoes throughout the mountains as if fired from a gun;
Its voice tells the same story as it did long ago.

Its people swim freely, never knowing they are entrapped;
Beneath its surface, a civilization is formed.
It gives birth to life and also takes it back;
The river is still flowing…the sunshine is still warm.

The river was eternal, long before the age of man;
Who are we to change nature and build a dam?
Let the ******’s ****** away and do as they must to be nourished.
Allow nature to do what is necessary and this world will flourish.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
E McNamara Mar 2018
Stop with those eyes.
Why can’t I memorize?
More green now than blue
Funny how you
Don’t look like you

Meeting eyes was easy
Like pouring sugar from a jar
Fidgeting with my ring
My heart never beat that hard
I was deep breaths and trembling hands

You remembered what I told you
Such a time ago
Stop making me laugh
You make it hard to let you go
But you’re human too

You have acne too
You fidget like me too
I built you to be a god
My hands loyal to your shrine
But you’re only humankind

But aren’t you beautiful
In your flawed ways
My heart all but sprung
From its cage
And lept into your hands.
over two billion people
these days are waiting to commemorate
the birth of one whom they consider
humankind‘s savior

it happened more than 2000 years ago

since then it has not really been established
from what he has saved us

looking at our history
does not help much either

maybe this is a good thing
such indeterminacy can be quite uplifting

after all
who does not like to be saved?
Fidget Spinner Sep 2017
22.5 million.
The growing number of recorded refugees in this world.

Refugees are like you and me,
All they want is to be free,
Freedom that can only be found through at the assistance of helping hand,
And not a shooting gun taking away land.

Dreams invaded,
Memories faded,
Children crying in their sleep,
Parents dying as they weep,

Running across a land,
Trying to find a place
That's safe and secure,
Where the air and the water and the people
Are pure,

A nation fallen to its knees,
As the elderly wheeze,
The unwell and sickened sneeze,
Parents utter the word please,
As they salvage all the food that they can seize.

A boat soars through the crashing grey waves,
As everyone prays.
This boat is the last spark of hope,
A single spark of hope left in the piles of fallen dark ashes.
The single star sparkling in the dark pit known as the sky.
My throat tangles in a knot,
The last bullet is fired,
I think of everyone that’s been shot,
this is the opposite of what I desired.

Don’t be so blind,
To not even care upon mankind.
When you eat others starve,
So empathise,
Open your eyes,
And realise
We are all allies,
When someones dies,
Don’t criticise
When someone cries,
Don’t Despise

Instead reach out and extend a helping hand,
Prove that humankind is still kind,
And not a myth made up in our mind.
Reach out and extend a helping hand.
this poem *****
Get going while the going is good
'cause the good get goings are getting hard to come by.
Breath that collective sigh
The grass is greener
that ain't no lie.
Things may look a lot meaner
but they're not
Media play ups with the big lay ups
difference ain't that different
Same most people are
helpful and kind too
we can't be divied
I know that's true.
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