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M Solav Jul 13
Shades of yellow cast on our dreams
Skin burning through layers of sunscreen
When gifts of foresight weigh on our beings
Let great powers grow evermore carefree

To satisfy eternity.

Empirical evidence against the empire’s truth
Makes humankind akin to a neurotic fool
Who comes to think that it’ll always nullify
Oh for we all must die!

Young and old both playing their games
Seduced by the baits of short-term gains
Unable to afford the bail out of prison
Wait for great powers to relieve this addiction

To satisfy eternity.

Spawns of decadence in the wake of our new tools
Let us deter suicide with the poisons that soothe
They all say everything will fall, to act seems futile
Oh for we all shall die!

Whether in shame or in desire
Must we forget all we’ve acquired
For yesterday’s pride, tomorrow’s glory
Shake hands with friends and slain the enemy

To satisfy eternity.
Written in November 2017 as commissioned lyrics for a song.
humankind is loyal to mankind
humankind is humankind loyalty
loyal is loyalty to mankind
loyalty is a honor of loyalty
loyalty is a honor of mankind
to honor loyalty is to honor mankind
respect is in honor of mankind

respect is in honor of respect
mankind respect is humankind respect
mankind respect is humankind honor
mankind respect is humankind loyalty
glory is glory of honor
glory is glory of humankind
humankind is glory of humankind

mankind glory is humankind glory
mankind is mankind glory
defeat is defeat of humankind
defeat is defeat of glory
glory defeat glory
glory honor the defeat of glory
honor, honor the defeat of honor
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words from the renaissance for instance words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about the satisfaction of glory and respect. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
sergiodib May 2021
What if the exact number
of world population is

Inside him and her,
billions of neurons are connecting,
conducting electricity,
blending chemicals
joining stars into constellations;
and, who knows why,
distilling poetry from a night sky.
Thinking matter
Moss M Jacques Jan 2021
A Poem-tribute to Star Wars.  

     "Those manipulating the takeover of Humanity will fail."
                                                             Catherine Austin Fitts            

You’re spreading your tentacles
into galactic territories
Like a stubborn octopus falsely
Believing owning the whole sea
You spur chaos and personify chaos
To shrink the celestial Chronos
To usurp the balance of the equilibrium
But arising from the ashes of chaos
To look at you straight in the eyes
Standing flat-footed on the Eternal Light
Dusting off the false paradigm
Of life and death
The real heroes of humankind
Here they come
The rebels
The revolutionaries
The true believers
The freedom fighters
The peacebuilders
The radical thinkers
The justice warriors
The non-conformists
The non-conventionals
The Most High God worshipers.

Here they come
You enrobe yourself
With the magnificence of your pride
Skillfully branding us as the enemy
But what we see
Between the heavenly opaque veil
It’s the fall of attraction.
Your arrogance
And your self-aggrandizement
Against the Truth
Are color-coded keys to your downfall.

Here they come
Watch what happens
You didn’t see it coming.
© 2021copyrighted material provided for educational purposes only.
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Zeitgeist translucence

The spirits are unseen to those who have not felt their presence.
The non-believers will never see them, if they remain faithless.
Without a Heaven to look forward to,
We would have no reason to live right.
God sent us a message of peace; we use it to fight.
We are no longer made of starlight.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
theghostofpoetry Oct 2020
Broken not spoken. Injured not healing for what have we done? This garden of ours where we wind away the hours amongst the roses has all but gone - for the world is broken, damaged and beyond repair as we all sit in our lair, of consumerism and capital divide.

Why can we not live as one? Instead we resort to bombs, collateral damage without any thought, for this war is never won. Oh COVID what have you done? You came along at the worse time a clear year for many without fear - now that has all but gone, the instigation of fear you bought with you that runs deep. Creating dividends that divide and not untie.

For the world is broken. Damaged and makes no sense. Did we ever learn to heal or does the war that has been raging still go on?

Now what have we done? Damaged you beyond belief and yet as we go one, no turning back to previous life. Instead earth you are punishing us. For damaging you throughout humankinds existent. But don't worry,

we created a broken world.
An observation on life, and the destruction by humankind on planet earth during a pandemic.
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