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i remember a time when you were
right here by my side
attached by the hip
not a thing that we would hide
from each other because we were close
and now it feels
as if time has froze
because of the decision
that we chose to make
i know it was me who initiated this break
but each day my poor heart aches
and longs for the familiar feel
of your head on my shoulder
you hands in mine
but here i am serving my time
away from you and the love that you gave
how safe you made me feel
the smile i can't replace
but in my heart i know this is right
i've got to let you go
gotta turn off that light
how is it
condemnable when we
only choose to
Post-Pride Week blues.
“Do you want to tell him?”
“Can you?”
“She thinks she’s bisexual.”

No, mother
I know I’m bisexual
And your words trying to persuade me into being normal won’t work

“I would prefer you had a male partner.”
“Well, you believe in God right?”

Let me love who I want to love
If I want to kiss a girl and hold her hand so be it

I knew you would cram religion down my throat
I told you I don’t know what I believe
So don’t force it on me

Just let me love
I’m upset but at least I didn’t get kicked out. Even though they claim they still love me it feels different.
You called me your girlfriend and smiled at me
My heart stopped
You are so beautiful, it's hard to breathe
It's hard to focus on anything else
My friend saw you for the first time
and told me, "Damn, you scored."
I agree
You ask me all these questions about me
And I don't like it
Only because I'm afraid I'm not interesting enough
But you said you find me intriguing
And that I'm interesting in a different way
I don't know if I can believe that yet
But I will
Because you called me your girlfriend
and we laughed about some guy we both know
and he was in love with both of us
I realize how different this is
First, I've never had a girlfriend
And two, getting asked out and asking someone out is two completely different things
I was asked out and I wasn't as afraid as I am now
I asked you out
And I'm afraid you won't really want me
But you walk me to my classes
and you held my hand
and called me "love"
And honey, you're so beautiful
I can't breathe
And I say that line so much
But only because it's the truth
Every time I see you, my heart races
and I fall and fall and fall
Darling, please don't ever hurt me
Because I don't think I could bear it
I love the way your hands fits in mine
I love the way you look
and the way you talk
and how you're taller than me
And sweetheart, I could feel you getting closer to me
I knew I would find someone like you soon
I could feel it
And you found me
Well, I found you
And what if I just kept on walking?
What if I didn't ask you if you liked girls?
We would have never found each other
And I know it's still very early
But I'm waiting, honey, I'm waiting for that first kiss
I kissed a girl only once, a dare
But never genuinely
I'm waiting
Should I make that move or will you?
I'll just wait for now
I'm so happy and full of emotions,
I need to cry or jump around or scream
Something to take care of these overwhelming feelings
And H, I'm going to write a song about you
And I don't write songs just about anybody
I don't feel like I'm good enough standing next to you
I'm afraid you'll get tired of me
I'm so afraid
But I'll be okay
Because you called me your girlfriend
I Was Just Looking For D,
Now I'm Adrift In The Sea,
So Sweetie Who Will I Be?
When You're Through With Me.

He's Looking Hungry I Think That He'll Tear Me,
Put On My Skin He's So Nasty He'll Wear Me,
I Know The Drill So Sex Doesn't Scare Me,
I Feel The Thrill & Know Him Only Barely.

Shameful, I Know How I Change With The Flow,
Blameful, I'm Not How I Seem Let It Show,
Unattainable, I'm A Flame At The Wick,
Irrefutably, To My Light You Will Stick.

He's Charming Me,
Then Disarming Me,
Never Even Alarming Me,
All Of His Essence Calming Is Me.

Shameful, I Know What It Takes To Just Grow,
Blameful, Are People Who Darken Your Glow,
Unattainable, His Lips On My Brow While His Hands On My Hips & His Hands Take Me Now,
Irrefutably Yours, His Hands Cover Jaws, His Mouth Against Mine & It Crossed A Thin Line.
Harry Roberts - Wear Me © 23/00/18
Carla 2d
The same gender,
Holding hands,
Is not a painting,
Don't stare at it.

A person who wants to be,
The opposite of what they are,
Is not a vegetable,
Don't spit at it.

A person who loves,
And accepts all,
Is not a helpless kid,
Don't bully it.

These are people,
And their feelings,
Are like plates made of China.
Don't break it.
This is to all the people being bullied for what they love, and who they love.
Make Like A Ghost & Go Quiet,
I'll Lead The Pack To A Riot,
My Wolves Are Done Looking Like Sheep,
I'll Lead Cheaters To Heaps Where They Weep.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Die,
Hope That You Know I Won't Cry,
Shouldn't Have Broken Our Ties,
Shouldn't Have Spoken Those Lies.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Wail,
The Games How You Play & Then Fail,
The Coffin You Knocked In This Nail,
Now You're Stuck Chasing Your Tail.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Haunt,
I Will Ignore While You Taunt,
I Will Just Fly Through & Flaunt,
Guess I Am Just What You Want.
Harry Roberts - Make Like A Ghost © 23/09/18
I'm Making His Meals,
I Help While He Deals,
I Thought I Would Be There,
Your Hands In Hair.

I'm Loving His Affection,
Attention & Sense Of Direction,
Impaled On His Erection,
Inside Me Like An Infection.

But It Took Three Weeks To Find Out He's Week,
This Dog Has A Bone & His Bone Likes To Cheat,
This Bitch Is No Alpha Cause Alphas Can Eat,
A Bitch Leaking Blood But He Isn't On Heat.

Together You Said,
While Cuddled In Bed,
I Thought I Was Yours,
You Were Fucking These Whores.

I'm Done Holding My Tongue
While You Sing Like Canaries,
The Truth I Have Sung
Find Me With The Fairies.

So No I Won't Save You,
After The Times I Forgave You,
All Of The Fire I Gave You,
All Of My Soul Didn't Phase You.
Harry Roberts - Three Weeks © 23/09/18
A story about a whirlwind affair spanning Three Weeks.
Teasing Me, Pleasing Me,
Biting & Binding Me,
The Pain Isn't Blinding Me,
The Thrill It's Reminding Me.

The Love Of All This,
The Climax & Bliss,
The Rough Hands & Warm Nights,
The Soft Skin & Ripped Tights.

My Chest Is Vibrating,
The Pulse Of Us Mating,
The Moans Reverberating,
Our Love's Rehydrating.

All Of Our Pitfalls & All Of Our Highs,
Love Told The Truth Against A Tongue Full Of Lies,
I See The Love Like A Flame In Your Eyes,
I Know Our Feelings Have Doubled In Size.
Harry Roberts - Teasing Me © 22/09/18
Emerson 3d
What is the cost of loving you, sir?
A slap, or two, or three or four?
Even more than that
If I tip my hat
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, dearie?
I can see you're asking for quite a lot of money from me.
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, Ma Chérie?
Another lover, but one who I think
Is not your lover?
Can we make that none?

What is the cost loving you, sweetheart?
You're not so sweet I see
If you want to beat me
Like eggs in a cup
Shattered, bleeding
Can we make that none?

What is the cost of loving you, handsome?
Some hate, not from you.
But from bystanders.
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