zero 16h

I'd like to feel this way forever,
surrounded by the music of chatter
in this secluded, chugging train.

The way your head feels on my shoulder,
the way my hand fits just right in yours,
but with the way the people look,
I can't help but shuffle away.

For fear of the train collapsing and pulling us under

The looks they give burn me a bit,
but the way your tears fall hurt me most of all.

Isabel 1d

"Is it straight?"
Don't say it don't joke
But what a way to come out!
(Guess what, I'm not!)
I wish I was brave
Could joke with ease
"Make sure it's straight"
I tried, but it only lasted a few years
Now I'm a raging bisexual
With 18 years of gay jokes
Waiting to come out
Ha. Come out.

The temptation to make a gay joke will someday overwhelm me
Parker 2d

i liked the way
words rolled off
her tongue
they flowed
like a water stream
round and round we went
i liked her confidence
how she wasn’t afraid
to be
she wasn’t afraid
to say
all the wrong things
she knew eventually
she’d get them right
she said the closet was a place
in my imagination
so i imagined
her and i
time passing by

Parker 2d

you’ll never recognize me
i’ve changed my hair
and stretched my skin
you’ll never find me
i want to evade you
escape you
confuse you
make you think about
and how i should be
i will not
crawl back into the box
that made me
and shaped me
defined me
confined me
fuck the box
fuck the logic
i am not who you want me to be
get over it

We claim we want acceptance,
But how can you fall under this umbrella
If you hold Hate towards
Your community.

Transphobia, your prejudice
Makes your insecurities transparent.

Biphobia, your intolerance makes
You what you can't tolerate. Hate.

Homophobia, like Biphobia
Love is love
Not preordained
From forces above.

Discrimination could never
Build a nation,
Just change the narrative
To fit the occasion.

Those in Power
You've heard that so why so

A small poem expressing how I perceive a division within my "community."
Love to all, Live and Let Live.
Maddy S 3d

Every minute that passes by, feels like seconds,
And every day that we aren't together, feels like years,
So tell me why,
That I have this strange feeling that I might lose you?
Everyday we are together at school just doesn't feel like enough time for us to be with each other,
It hurts to know that you are the reason I cry all of the time,
But you are also the reason why I laugh all of the time,
So for you I will stay as long as you want me to,
And in the end, I just hope that we will never be through;

Friends, flirting, fun times
It’s been so long since I felt this way.
She pulled me in close,
but she let me down gently.
So I suppress, contain, at times restrain
my love for her.
It’s painful to hang on,
we still have great times together.
I know our friendship is strong.
I want her in my life
I tell myself I will NEVER find another
I tell myself there will be another
I tell myself I will Never find another
I tell myself there Will be another
I tell myself I will never find another
Time will take what time needs
to lead me through this.
So I suppress, contain, at times restrain
my love for her.
I tell myself I WILL find another.

Love & Relationships are tough for all; Add being transgender (MtF), still very attracted to females it's close to imposable. Many of us have the feeling of "Forever being alone" Oh we have friends but a soul connecting partner. But like everyone I still hold on to HOPE.
Lauren 4d

It is everywhere
On the radio
In my friend’s eyes
Right in front of me

It is part of life
The happy ending to every book
Part of life’s plan
What makes us human

It is a milestone
The progression of dating
Then marriage
And children

It is society’s solution
The one for sadness
For mental illness
To keep going when the world falls apart

It is why I am different
Unable to relate to the subplots in movies
To my friend’s love lives
And will not ever have the option to

It is what the world will not understand
Why it calls me heartless
And vile

It is inescapable
In the name of who I am
The name of my community

It is the reason I feel alienated
Because love is love
But I cannot love
At least not in the way the world wants me too

Sometimes living as an aromantic person is hard. Just some thoughts on living in a world where romantic love is everywhere, but you can't feel it.

I put up walls to hide myself
My family won't understand
I have to hide who I am
Why can't I decide
I fall on the rainbow
I am purple, white, gray, and black
My family stays on the ground
They avoid the rainbow
I feel alone in my head
I can't tell them the truth
I have to hide myself
I wish I could fly away
I wish my colors could show
These walls keep me safe
My family won't understand
I am Ace

Isabel 6d

Maybe I don't know who I love
Maybe I won't know for sure
Maybe I'm not supposed to know
And maybe that's okay.
Because maybe I love a boy
Because maybe I love a girl
Because maybe I love both
And maybe that's okay.

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