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Emir 2d
body in a rage
blood bubbles rummaging
horns begin to make an entertrance
howls of shrieking agony
veins shattering
with pupils dilated and saliva trailing down my crimson stained lips
your best bet is to run.
get the **** away from me.
Previously unreleased from April of 2021.
Emir 2d
my body is a topic that trails the mouths of a family at dinner
it is the trail of saliva that leaves shortly after breaking a heated kiss
always leaving a bitter taste

but when did you taste me?
when did I crawl into your mouth full of cavities?

existing as I am cements chains in people's root canals
a topic for discussion
my life to debate
trans people being the forefront
it is so inconvenient and sinful
and yet its the flavor on their seething lips

kissing one another trailing more saliva
knowingly trading hate with ones mind and lips
integrating more citizens and normalizing their behavior

transphobia is the topic for discussion
Previously unreleased from February of 2021.
Emir 2d
pieces of my puzzle are aligning
trauma and enlightenment go well together
it seems as though once you've hit rock bottom
the very top feels like heaven

a walking contradiction
how do you go from wanting to die
to living your life with authenticity

pieces fitting in shapes never seen before
pieces shifting sizes finishing the next assignment

a life on hold
holds very little to me

finishing my next task is today
but what is for tomorrow?
craving more isn't selfish
it's fulfilling
questions make me contemplative
unable to sleep at night
thoughts running for more
the adrenaline keeping me alive

pieces of my puzzle can break apart
pieces deceive me and don't actually fit
it is a lesson to look more closely

a piece has appeared
it's unclear where it goes
where it starts
where it ends
it will belong in due time
hello, it has been a long while since I published anything publicly. I've made one or two works this whole year in private but not a whole lot. poetry is relieving for me when I fall into depressive states not so much when I'm stable. But I am starting a new chapter in my life.
Witches, *******
Glitches in the matrix
Wretches on mattress
******’ till their mind is gone
Listening to satanic songs

24/7 dates
Deserving all the hate
Earthquakes and disasters
Perverted *******

It’s all their fault
Breathing in our world
Un-boys and un-girls
Choices! Choices!
Impure and unclean
Choices! Choices!
Heads in the guillotine
Never born, never seen
Never born, never seen
It’s always their choices
They don’t know what right is
Heads in the guillotine
Heads in the guillotine
p.s: the fact that I wrote this just before the Lil nas x and satanism fiasco is killing me haha ''listening to satanic songs''
Ahmad Attr Jun 4
There is some kind of hidden energy
In my hands when I lift them up as I speak
move with the vibrations out of my mouth; in synergy
when my eyes squint and widen, and I lift my cheek
and my body moves with my voice rhythmically
you think I am a freak, weak and all you do is critique
followed by the desire to wickedly do my mimicry
But there is power in my mystique
You are so fragile, shallow and lowly
If you are bothered by how I speak and my physique
So keep trying to hurt me
I’ll change my pain into my art as I please
This was written out of anger when one day My University Professor bullied me in front of whole class by the way I speak.
Ahmad Attr Jun 3
My right to life isn’t an agenda
My right to life isn’t as described by your *******
It isn’t a propaganda
It isn’t a part of politics
The fact that we have to justify our existence is saddening.
Beckie Davies May 26
I haven't even met you but I feel as though I have
Romance is kind of funny like that
I'm 31 years old but I'm an inexperienced school girl inside
I'm a nervous child dreaming of her first time
I haven't even met you but you're eyes have captivated me
I'm entranced in a frozen moment
Of innocence and patience
Your pale blue iris takes me to a secret oasis
Where I am safe to explore my inner self
Where your heaven eclipses my past hell
I haven't even met you but your beauty speaks otherwise
I want you to take my hand
Show me the other side
show me the other side
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