I have this feeling of pride
But this feeling I have to hide
Away from everyone
Hide the fact.. That I'm not
The person I used to be
..I'm part of the lgbt+ community
But although I'm proud of who I am
Some people just can stand
The fact that I've made this decision
To be....who I truly am inside
So that's why i have to hide
....Just so I can be accepted
By this disgusting,judgemental, society
I have to stay in this dark, scary place
We call the "closet"
The closet that's suffocating me
And making me feel claustrophobic
I feel like I can't breathe anymore
And I'm going crazy inside
Because I just can't hide
"Come out ,come out, wherever you are"
I have a lot of scars
Scarred by the hurtful things people said
You know the saying "Sticks and stones may break your bones,
But words would never hurt you" right?
Well,thats not true...words can make a person take their own life
I just wish that they would physically hurt me
Because at least those bruises can heal and fade away
But the things that they said to me
Will,in my memory,forever stay
And no amount of painkillers or morphine
Can make the pain go away
And they wonder why I self harm...wow
...And here's the best part...thats just when I was 8 years old
When I was just...'normal'
So imagine what'll happen if I come out
They say be who you are
But when you do,they try to change you.
They say to love everyone
But when you do,they tell you that its wrong
They say don't hurt yourself
...cuz apparently they wanna do it to you themselves
They say to always be happy
.....Well I am
..It's not my fault I can't think straight
I Like Sweets.
I Like Love
I Love Hate
Am I Not Enough?

My Hate Is Balanced By Love,
I Need A Message From Above,
I Need A Push A Friendly Shove,
All I Know Is I'm Not Enough.

Always Told I'm Not Enough,
So Don't Fucking Love Me Fuck
Me Rough,
Salted Skin Know I'm Iron Tough,
Made So Daring I'll Call Your Bluff.

A Product Of Empathy,
Dulled Into Apathy,
If I Could Choose,
I'd Choose To Be Happy.
Harry Roberts - I Like Sweets © 21/07/18
I Hate That I Love You, I'm Better Off Without You, But I Can't Live Without You.

I Know All The Words & How They Form Lies,
Heart Is Cut Into Thirds Divided Between Your Eyes & I.

I Know How We Break Up, I Know How We Make Up, I Know We Just Fuck. Then it's All Fucked Up.

You Say That You Love Me, I Don't Feel The Same, You Just Want My Body While I Juggle With Shame.

Not An Ounce Of Care For How I Feel, Just How Much More I Can Take, He Only Cares About How I Feel, This Whole Affair Was A Mistake.
Harry Roberts - Affair  © 21/07/18
alex 1d
a man described it once
as a wound
festering and bloody
only to hurt
a curse God gives,
His mistake
a denied birthright
to a real, human body
not this shell
not this hell
Selena 1d
you say submit to me
as you tie my hands around my back
But when were in public
you tell me to keep my hands to myself
Your lips touch mine and for a second
I think you feel what I feel
But you never do
Because you're blinded by a society
Who you think cares but really doesn't
I love you I say the pain in my throat trying to go away
you smile and say
only in the bedroom
But it was more for me because my body
does not define my love for you and your hands
that that trace my skin and your lips that tell me to submit
know they want more than just my body.
Yet you'll hide behind the screen of a laptop and pretend
like everything is okay. you'll pretend your feelings for me are fake
but I know they're real almost as real as the noises you make
while my hands are possessing your body
REALER than the first time you said you loved me while having sex. But instead of accepting it. Instead of letting me have you. you'll pretend. its not even a big deal that you're gay.
but yet you'll pretend. its okay because when I look at you and you're already looking at me and they way you always try and find a way to touch me ill smile and hope that this act is up but the next day comes and I wake up.
Selena 1d
liking who I like does not define me. Being
in love does not mean I'm a child.
I love a girl I tell my mom a wide smile
spread across my face. She looks at me questioning getting ready for the lecturing
"you're confused you like boys" I smile
and play along like okay I like boys but at night when her mouth
Trails down my neck
and I scream out her name I wont want to play anymore
because the way her lips felt
on my skin made me jump and I wanted to feel that every single day.
I wore our relationship like an old noose
because I loved the heaviness of trying to pretend that I didn't like her. Trying to hide our relationship and the fact that I was in love with her.
The closet.
it was grimy and claustrophobic as it
slowly started to suffocate me
running out of oxygen I needed to get out
but you wouldn't let me pass the barrier.
mom I say I've never felt this way with anyone before.
you push me back and close the door.
When I see her my world slowly slips away
and I cant find a way to hide how I feel
anymore I grab her face brining her lips to mine
as we sit in our sin your eyes get wide
and I can pretend for once that I don't care.
coming out felt more empowering then trying to be someone I'm not.
oxygen oh how good it felt to breathe freely. The closet behind me.
Selena 2d
And there you are.
I'm sitting next to you.
And I can feel you everywhere.
Your hands that once rested on my body.
And your lips that sat in our sin.
I shouldn't be this nervous But, there you
are, next to me. Just sitting.
I wasn't this nervous when your hands
trailed down my body and your lips kissed
my thighs.
I wasn't this nervous.
It was supposed to be just a kiss.
We seem to be stuck in between different
Between hello and goodbye.
And shy glances from the side.
But, when I watch you kiss him.
ill remember the way your tongue felt
against mine and the heat rising in
between your thighs.
Yet you still kiss guys.
Because you're scared to come to terms
with being in love with a girl.
I wasn't this nervous when you screamed
my name in pleasure and your nails ran
down my back
but, now I'm nervous. Nervous that you
will never come to terms with liking girls.
I'm nervous when I see you kiss him
then look at me. I'm nervous for you. My anxiety has risen and gone away a thousand times today and its only
Tuesday, yet I'm still nervous for you.
because our universes only exist in hello and goodbye.
i don't think you realise
just how amazing you are.
i don't think you realise
just how much you mean to me.
i don't think you realise
just how kind you really are.
i don't think you realise
just how much i really love you.
y o u a r e m y e v e r y t h i n g
People say I will go to hell
For touching him and loving her
But If hell is filled with what society deems sinners
Baby call me the devil
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