Polaris 2h
What does it mean to love?

Quite frankly I am not sure.

What I am sure of, is that I am in love.

I'm in love with someone who is probably never going to feel the same.

And on top of that,

I'm in love with another girl.

A girl that's hurting beyond what she should be.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot bring her light in the darkness.

Yet....I can't help but keep trying.

I try until it hurts, I try until I'm burned.

I try.

I will keep trying until it kills me, because she is worth every minute, every tear, every sleepless lonely night.

She is worth that and so much more, so much more that I'm afraid I can't give it to her.

So I ask again.
What is love exactly?

Love is something that can't be defined. It will require all of your mind, body, and soul.

That is something I am learning the hard way.

But it's worth it.
zero 5h
Loving you was the best
It's a shame I'm not the
one for you,
but you're at one
with me.
The stars up above blind
us with smiles,
but your eyes are twisted,
with the hopes of yesterday.
This isn't about you,
it's about your sister.

Ash 15h
I am in love with a boy,
That doesn’t mind that I am also a boy.
I am in love with a boy,
That doesn’t mind when I wear dresses,
Or when I have a full face of makeup.
He kisses my tears away.
And when I’m dysphoric
He tells me a million reasons why he loves me.
I am in love with a boy
That is in love with a girl.
He doesn’t mind when I dress masculine,
And ditch my makeup.
He tells me how perfect I am,
And he kisses my worries away.
He uses the right pronouns,
And defends me from ignorant people.
I am in love with a boy
Who loves me for me.
Whether I am a boy or a girl,
Whether I am feminine or masculine,
He loves me for me.
Ash 2d
Her skin against mine is the closest to heaven I’ll ever get.
Her soft ocean blue eyes gazing into my boring brown ones
That is the only time I feel safe.
When her long fingers comb through my hair,
I am at peace.
When her breath mingles with mine,
I feel happy.
And when her lips meet mine,
When we mold against each other,
When my fingers lace through her hair while her arms hold me close,
I know…
This is the closest to heaven that I’ll ever get.
Jessica 3d
If you cared enough
You'd see through my scar's
If you cared enough
You'd see my tears beneath the smile
If you cared enough
You'd reach out and not say another word
If you cared enough
You would've stepped in
If you cared enough
You wouldn't have turned your back
If you cared enough
You would've heard my screams
Behind that curtined off wall
If you cared enough
You would have stopped the train in time
Written for a friend of mine who took his life at 13, just because he couldn't accept that he was gay. Rip Jaay
zero 3d
If you can't think of it one way;
think of another.
You wouldn't let your car run from place to place
consistently for a week
without checking it's oil,
the wheels
or under the bonnet.

Why should we do any different?
My therapist said this to me

unspoken words,
years of silence

it is time
to spread my wings

to embrace;

i am transgender
Max 5d
Dear Deadname,
Someday I will be able to look at old pictures of you without disgust
I will look at your long dark hair and remember how much you loved it
Loved running you hands through it as you untangled it from its curls
I will remember how it felt between my own fingers
Silky and smooth and how much I loved it myself
Your eyes that were so dark they looked black
And how at the mention of books, or cake they would light up like the Fourth of July
How your smile was so full, and real
With no underlying intent
Especially how your skin would become so dark in summer
Yet so pale in winter, and still look beautiful on you
Even your petite shape was something I fell in love with
How you fit so perfectly in anyone's arms
And maybe even one day I will be able to utter your name
I am not ready yet, though your name is a beautiful one
I want you to understand that some day I'll love you but until then
                                                                                          Sincerely, Max
This is just something I needed to do for myself.
Yagami 5d
What the fuck Papa?
What if I want to be known as Latino and not Latina?
Is it so bad that I’m a boy
And finally have joy?
I want to be- No sorry I AM Ken not Barbie-
And I’ll prove my point with a stroke of a pen! Come try me!-

Yes I cut my hair
But why should you care?-
“Omg you look like guy!”
‘Oh well maybe that’s what I am, heh Bye!’-
“Wow! Jessica I couldn’t recognize you!”
‘Nice, you seem like you didn’t have a clue.’

God damn it! I just want to wear these clothes
I didn’t come here to make foes
I want to dress this way
And be called ‘Jay’ even if it sounds like I’m gay-
Oh wait I am.
I cut my hair and l’m now a lot more comfortable in my own skin because I look like a guy but though many people liked it others didn’t understand why I was starting to dress the way I do and why I cut my hair and this is a little rant
~The problem with me
Is that I always try
To force my square self
Into your circular expectations~
To quiet my voice
To not speak my mind
To order a salad
Instead of a steak
Cause god forbid
I'd gain some weight
Because god FORBID
I be anything but straight
And all for what?
All for YOU
And what do you do?
You treat me like dirt
And spit in my face
You tell me that I am
A horrible disgrace
Well, maybe the problem
Isn't with me
Maybe you're the one
Who's got a problem.
Not me.
I want to live my life how it is MEANT to be
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