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My soul like perfume oozes through thin air.
A pink moon has vanished the dawn of thy kiss.
Like the wings of a butterfly my lips are moving the rippled sea of thy thought.
Thy lips like golden pages of a sacred book are shining.
Thou art resplendent in gold;
I am shy in waves of pink.
Soften my sweet sap, soften my love for thee and let it be planted like a seed in the grounds.
With thy light may thou water my heart.
For thee I die, for thee I die.
caught in their moon,
my lips cry for thy evermore.
So wounded is my soul,
she craves thy every holy drops.
Jesus, come and steal her waiting sigh,
with love's own mercy answer her calls.
Thy majestic touch, o God, wounds all the realms of time and carries thy penetrating shaft of light into the ***** of my molten love.
I swim in a basin of pleasure and withdraw my senses from the terrestrial world.
Let thy wave of love inebriate my spirit and lift it up into thy chambers of Heaven.
If your lips are dry, let me moisten them with the sweet fragrance of my lips. When your soul is empty, let me fill it with the fruits of my love so you can moan in ecstasy. Let me whisper in your mouth and it shall melt like honey. A kiss of mine can satisfy the wishes of a Master like you. Tell me how to please you, Lord. Come and swim like a fish into the ocean of my love. Let us melt into each other, let me wound you with everlasting pleasure. God shall be our kingdom and you my only Master.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this light of yours succeed.
Candle, candle, bright and pure,                                      
from the flames of hell return.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this flame of yours succeed,
Candle, candle, wise and strong,                                    
bring forth your heavenly perfumes,
cease the wars, cease the injustice,
vanish at once the filth of sinners.
Candle, candle, where you are,                                        
bring forth your light, let it increase.
Candle, candle, bright and strong,                                  
from the depths of hell return,
place the jewels of Heaven on the mouths of all sinners.
Candle, candle, deep allure,                                                  
may the flames of hell adorn,                                            
with the light of Heaven glows,                                        
with the piercing brightness flow.
your heart effuses fifty thousand shapes of love,
churches hold their prayers and exalt you in praises,
look into the mirror of my love and let this craving love **** you,
one kiss at a time and the Heavens melt in floral wines,
Lord Divine, your love brings the jewel of peace in hell and purges the sins of devils,
my soul is impaled on a cloud of burning seas,
I can't see clear without you,
I live on Earth, you live in Heavens,
let me not wait for your presence for too long,
love ends my woes and pangs, it fills me with the juice of divine,
I am born again, wearing the clothes and jewels of Heaven,
I am shining like a pearl in the sweetly honeyed innards of my soul.
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