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Kiss me with the grace of God.
Kiss me with the radiance of angels.
Kiss me more until I die.
Vanished from Earth to eternal life.
Blessed forever with your holy posture in the garden of melting temptation.
Invade my perfume of vulnerability and bliss.
Kiss evermore in the fan of saints.
A lip of heaven leaked from the highest peak of God.
Dress me with the clothes divine.
I am the flower of untouched perceptibility, the unique breed nobody could ever find in any imposing gardens. Do not chase to haunt me and the richness of my petals’ sap if you are not a holy breed of spirit as I might wither and get my seeds of knowledge scratched in your unjust volition. I am the pearl, the mermaid chain of blushing moon tides.
Lord Divine, come pluck the thrones of mankind and release them from injustices they are not aware of,
all the envy fades away, at the walk of Goddess charm,
aisles of eternal candles burning towards the crown of my divine fortunes,
rose lavender gowns of incenses,
the force of nature and of sky,
the force of God in minds of Gods.
Innocuous wishes shape the magic of my prayer, raising hands to absolute ordeals. Flooded thirst climbs high to nirvana rattling. Cross of prayers vanish the ethereal evanescence of human comprehension. No living being can detect the nest of my secluded harmony, nor Gods of any faith can kiss with their perception the soft outrage of blooming spirits that dwell inside my treasured charm.
inured to God's sexuality,
it brings forth the pleasure of humanity,
whiff of pristine philosophy,
church tears roar the frail allure,
the gift of power planted inside my inner dreams.
Mother God planted the seed of joy in me but I am still at war with what eternity entails,
sugar peaches kissed in sunless shades,
the fruits of heavens melt evermore,
cosmic outburst at the limit of human perception,
come, steal my fashion, besiege my immortality.
tides of perennial apparitions shape my enchanted wisdom,
moisturised thinking,
the heart of time bleeding with nectar of shy prophecies. The rare design of my being leads me to the godly truth of judgement.
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