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At his sight all the riches of the earth are disappearing.
At his touch on the soul all the empires of the world are paling.
How he came and found me on earth.
The angel of God sent from far away chose me from so many others to be his Goddess across the Heavens.
And I was waiting for him and he was not coming and I was missing him until the day when he came back, for when the call of the Lord is sent nobody can be against his wish.
And the angel was flying between the oceans of the sky on a palace of milk and honey in his attempt to anoint the lip of my soul within the glance of an ecstasy.
O, angel sent by God, may you come once again to me.
The Goddess of God needs you even more.
Under the tear between the stars you place me on a bed of flowers. Come once again to me and hide me in thy shelter in Paradise and God shall let us both feed each other from the harvest of love which is far-famed amongst the saints and archangels.
My thoughts are waterfalls of light and pure like the holy Word of God. One kiss of mine moistens thy soul in balms of bliss. The world can be overwhelmed by wars and worldly unrest
so long as evil traps its victims into its wiles, decade upon decade until the cycle of the devil repeats once more. But when the day has come the Lord God shall erase all devils from the world and the Eden shall be restored once again. Purity in thought is a high virtue, without it, all evils might haste to pollute the mind and bring its dross. Without purity in thought a man cannot be at peace with himself. Without God a man desires all the pleasures of the world and he shall never find peace if he chooses to give up the love of God. Desire not to behold the misleading freedom of the devil, but desire to behold the righteous freedom of the Lord. Follow not the desires of the flesh, follow the desires of the spirit and God shall see thy purity and he shall make you great in Heaven. Cling to the holy breath of the Lord with all thy heart. Pant after his divine truth and knowledge and he shall open doors where there are none.
Jesus, thy kiss can never fade. You wounded me with love, so come and wound me once more and I shall let my thought be lightened by God's holy candle. I blossom like a rose bush under my canopy of prayers. The heavens open doors to me. I beseech thy gaze once more. Thy perfumes suffuse with purity. My soul is furled in deep shy bliss. Let thy kiss grow like a flower in the ***** of my heart. My soul is molten on the sea of light. Love kneads its lips in wisdom. Let thy whisper breed my call and God Almighty shall irrigate the seeds of my soul like tender saplings. In thy beauty I shall dwell and God our Lord shall water the roots of my soul so I can deepen into thy fertile soils. I glisten like a pearl of holy light for thy majestic juice of life.
Holy is my name in Heaven
and greatly blessed are my fruits of knowledge.
When the Lord Almighty speaks,
all of his treasures pour like bliss.
When I speak the angels in Heaven drown in kiss.
What other riches to behold on Earth now that I've opened the doors of Paradise and behold the beatific glance of God?
I am a fount of love. My heart is an eternal dome of praises.
All the prayers of mankind queue before my lights and crowns.
Lord Almighty, pour thy justice and I shall swim in thy delight.
My dreams are pearls, my language is the dawn of heavenly wisdom.
My thought is a waterfall of light. Receive my heavenly love and I shall make you a holy soul amongst the saints in Heaven. My breath is softer than anything on Earth. I am the Goddess of God. My glance shall purify thy soul. My touch shall moisten you in love. Fruits and flowers from above pour as libation into your heart. My kiss deepens into bliss. One more glance and you are transformed and anointed in angelic adoration. No eyes on Earth can see my spirit, no evildoers and no terrestrial beings can taste from my eternal delectation, for God so deeply loves his Goddess that he drowns her evermore into his celestial perfumes, sinking into glory and majesty whilst gathering the riches from the Lord's treasures. I am the immaculate light of Paradise. I swim in fountains of delight.
Thy beauty is a whisper.
Thy beauty is a kiss.
Thy beauty is the mines of gold.
And all the angels drink from it.
I am thy only angel and you are my only Goddess.
God is our abode and he reigns over our love.
Thy majestic touch, o God, wounds all the realms of time and carries thy penetrating shaft of light into the ***** of my molten love.
I swim in a basin of pleasure and withdraw my senses from the terrestrial world.
Let thy wave of love inebriate my spirit and lift it up into thy chambers of Heaven.
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