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wmv Sep 5
From a Galeano-style piece titled "DISCOVERY":

He can see himself standing there, happier than he is right now. He can see himself with everyone else together, laughing and enjoying life.  But he knows, “That isn’t me”. At least, not yet. But he knows he can choose to be that person who knows who they are. He knows he will discover who he is.

He can see himself, just beyond the veil.

But he won’t cross it. Not until he’s sure it’s himself he’s looking at.
a piece written for an activity in my freshman year english class. meant to emulate the style galeano used in book of embraces.

dated october 20, 2015

roast me fam
Cassia Aug 18
She dances with the light
Spun bright on the trails of her dress
And each step that he took
To give her space to shine
Pulled another thread, and dimmed
The light within her eyes
M Solav Jul 14
There is sunshine all over my face,
Oh but when will I see the light?
A bright blue veil covers all of space
Yet only clouds are seen in sight.

And figuring out a way out of it
Feels like swimming in the dark
Being dragged by the undercurrent
Holding breathe to find a spark

Yet I’m bathing in the sunlight
But the wind is growing cold
Merriment remains a surprise
Like all the things that I can’t hold

So I grasp onto this feeling
A promise in which I can hide
I call vain hopes my fortress
Holding solitude by my side

I see the light is still abounding
Outside the confines of where I’m bound
All the plants are thirst aquenching
While necessity cannot be found.
Written in March 2019.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 21
Given that a body
veils its better soul.
I pondered upon
looking at the beautiful rose
whats more does it withhold?
Its heady fragrance
made me wonder even more!
Relahxe Jun 9
Two lovely eyes. The spirit of a child
        in two lovely eyes; — music — rays
        They don't want anything and they don't vow…
        My soul is praying,
        my soul is praying!
The passions and the woes
        will cast tomorrow over them
the veil of sin and shame.
The veil of sin and shame —
        won't cast tomorrow over them
the passions and the woes..
        My soul is praying,
        my soul is praying…
        They don't want anything and they don't vow! —
        Two lovely eyes. Music, rays
        in two lovely eyes. The spirit of a child…
A translated poem by the Bulgarian symbolist poet and revolutionary Peyo Yavorov, the so called "singer of the soulful abysses".

This is actually a love poem and the child is his beloved one Mina, a 16-year-old girl. Peyo Yavorov wrote it when he was 28.
Shofi Ahmed Apr 24
Oh, you already had a look?
Not me I am not hooked
but tell me if you could
how did it look?
Please tell us the truth.

Like the sun at noon
shining upon the rose?
Or a veiled beauty
in the dark hewn
like the Moon?
It is unknown that gets me of this
A veil, a world beyond exists
Life and reel both
Shows the stills of the worst
But no more
Could mean way more
In ways no one will understand
About what this i

A relief to all unending pain
A permanent erase to all thoughts in brain
harsh reality to those still living
The real problem is in breathing
Liberation and freedom
Aren't for the living
Part of brave around
The chances are faint

A forever is a promise
Not to believe in
Wonder to eyes
All good lies
Simple truth
Is too good for us
Not edible enough
God don't need us

Not here not there
Only best get vacancy
Heaven is housefull
Seven hells down
The burns and fiery thirst
don't stop
Ignition on
You were bad
When you had the chance
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