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annh Oct 27
Did she mean...did I see...did her veil part its gossamer filaments just for me?

▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░ m e ░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒
‘I always find it more difficult to say the things I mean than the things I don't.’
- W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil
Leah Hilliges Sep 20
I lay alone at night
and felt the curtain sway
It blocked out all the light
so long it was not day
I heard the beat of heart
it fought its way through veil
The fog that would not part
it whispered a sad tale
I shuddered 'gainst the wind
that danced in sly and fast
Before my black hair thinned
reminder of the past
And, I knew that come sunrise
My eyes'd betray my lies
Iambic tetrameter
Kashish Sep 16
I live with my skull crammed with too many thoughts
My body half drenched in the sorrow of your absence.
I live with my heart stitched with enormous strings of hope
While my soul lingers in the shadows, awaiting your presence.  

Camouflaging all the woes, I tried to love you with all my heart
I knew my body and not my soul was your greed
Every time I looked for a reason to love you;
You gave me another one as to why not, I perceived

Yet, all this time, I kept lingering in the shadows
Waiting for you to come find me
I kept hiding behind the veil
Hoping one day you'd see the world, the way I see
Norman Crane Sep 14
Remember black winds of November nights,
rattle your bones, chill your marrow,
quiver time's arrow and rip the world's white
veil from a skeletal face. Throw
it. Watch it fold, caught on the cathedral,
high church of the ossified faithful,
whose whispered prayers will calcify us all.
Unveiled, the world is bones without a soul,
rattling as it grinds, creaking as it turns.
A flag flies / Calcium collects in urns.
There are thousands of stories
Under her skin


She took slowly one by one
sewing a long veil
For her daughter's wedding day
Just had a curious about what ******* teach to her daughter. There could be a lot of stories out there that no one can tell.
The ugliness of the world
Slips through the cracks,
And hides behind doors,
And the dark veil of the night
That provides protection
For the unkind and the lonely.
When the sun disappeared behind the darkest veil of clouds...

The light within her still shone to give her way!
Thanks for reading this! :)
Jenish Jun 29
Under the passing smile he nourished his monstrous collusion
Plunder the face, while my shattered mirror fallen in confusion
Hunter shammed in the veil of love, pursued the pleasure of delusion
Thunder struck into a litter pile, driven me to a life in seclusion
Wonder how the hostile acid, deformed my face into exclusion
Sunder my life into an isle, the immense vacuity of illusion.
Bhill Jun 25
to appreciate the delusion you must understand the nightmare
comprehending what veil needs to be penetrated
piercing that veil with dignity and awareness for certainty
be confident that the delusion is not real....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 173
old willow May 14
Tears of moon…
A single drop to poison the ocean,
Alluring charms that drown many men.
Why must you veil yourself
Behind clouds?
Laying here with opened window,
The clouds swayed.
A pity, your words are too far away.
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