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Spriha Kant Apr 10
On the muted music of the zephyr, the viridescent folks' dance and the fluffs veiled in white, sallow, and orange tinges glide in the mid-air. In this pristine swathe shield by a mysterious guard against intruders, there's no gravity to land from jovial vibrations.

© Spriha Kant
Juno Jan 17
When we made eye contact earlier
it wasn’t the same.
Something hangs between us and I can’t feel you as clearly as I used to.
The veil thins;
I light a candle and wait
for you to come home.
Abby Dec 2020
sometimes its comforting, the dark
its like a veil
its like a fog
it surrounds you, and although its cold in a weird way its,
like its always there,
but sometimes you get too comfortable
fall in too deep
and feel safe where you shouldn't
its hard to get out when it feels right
like its where you belong
where you deserve to be,
in the dark
in the fog
in the cold
and after the light is always too bright,
the air too warm
its too perfect,
and you were right
because you know what comes next
it always comes next,
the darkness
so why not accept it?
why not stay?
since it always comes back,
the light always dims
the warmth always leaves,
it gets smothered by the wind and the rain
and now the matches are wet
you cannot relight it,
when all you need is a spark but
you cant get one,
but why not wait for them to dry
because the rain never seems to stop
it just keeping going
washing away everything
making you blank,
making you empty,
it blends the days together
when there is no light, no way to tell
how long its been
how much longer
and then one day
it stops
and the light is back,
the warmth fills you up until you overflow,
but your so scared to lose it again you don't even care,
it's almost scary how much you missed it,
but even in the most perfect moments
its always there
making you wonder
how long will it last
and its hard to enjoy it when you know
one day the
always comes back
so the rain starts, the cold comes and
what's the point of putting in the energy
when it will always fade, will always dim
because the cold days get more
and more
and more
until you cant remember the warmth
until you don't even want it
the cold becomes comfortable
and that's all we want,
to be comfortable
to feel safe
to feel something
to feel the cold is better than to feel nothing,
at least the cold reminds you you're alive,
that you still are here
until one day you aren't
because the darkness gets us all
and in a weird way its almost
to know one day we will all have the same fate,
no matter how hard we try
no matter what
the darkness always wins
why not find comfort in it?
the darkness.
sometimes its hard for me to express how i feel and i think this portrays it pretty well and i hope someone else understands what im saying.
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
Dont hate me cuz I am beautiful
Looking Hijabi-licious for Allah, devoutly dutiful

Shaking your head at me cuz I cover
Wouldn’t take you nor your wingman as a lover

Glaring at me crazily cuz I’m veiled
An ocean of chastity you’ve never sailed

And you’re all alarmed cuz I’m devout
I’m hijab-tastic! Not even a single toe is out!

You can quit cat-calling me too; Cuz I’m chaste
Aint’ no welcome sign wrapped ‘round this waist

Tryna peer pressure me cuz I’m concealed
And ain’t out here tryna cop a feel

Pontificating that I’m oppressed cuz I’m different
“miss Muhammed is much too modest, we like ‘em ignorant”

And you’re kinda curious cuz u cant cuddle this Jelly
Joker, Lord knows ur stupid tail ain’t ready

So don’t hate cuz you, your boy, and your girl cant touch this
I’m a female manifestation of feminine justice


And girl, now you’re just jealous cuz you think he likes it
Said “wonder what her hair’s like when she unties it?”

Yeah She’s hoping to high heaven that I’m hot in my Hijab
So she can get me to join her in flashing flabby flabs of abs

Don’t be mean to me cuz real men find me appealing
Kindly consider concealing all the cleavage you’ve been revealing

You’re surprised because our boss recognized my mind?
Could it be because he isn’t busy admiring my behind?
I heard there was insane party where the office nicknamed you Lil “Miss loose & cray cray”
Oh, Dang. Anyway, they nicknamed me Lil Miss gotta go pray pray

You out here hating cuz my beauty is discreet
But if I was half naked, girl you know you couldn’t compete

So later for you, your lewd dude, and your half **** crew!

It’s not your pleasure that I seek
Allah, the Beautiful Fashioner, formed this physique

Verily Allah made everything valuable a challenge to achieve
Pearls, diamonds, gold, heaven, and— yes!— even ME

He, Almighty, offered me a trade treaty,
His commands for my Destiny
So I traded in ****** for decency
I traded in popularity for modesty
And I’m trading in your knuckle-headed opinion
For His highest heavenly dominion

Hijab-ulous 4 life!
I'm a Muslim woman and I love my Hijab. Allah yibaarik. I'm tired of random members of the public rushin up to me talking bout: "you must be hot" "are you forced to wear that all the time?" etc.
annh Oct 2020
Did she mean...did I see...did her veil part its gossamer filaments just for me?

▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░ m e ░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒
‘I always find it more difficult to say the things I mean than the things I don't.’
- W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil
Leah Hilliges Sep 2020
I lay alone at night
and felt the curtain sway
It blocked out all the light
so long it was not day
I heard the beat of heart
it fought its way through veil
The fog that would not part
it whispered a sad tale
I shuddered 'gainst the wind
that danced in sly and fast
Before my black hair thinned
reminder of the past
And, I knew that come sunrise
My eyes'd betray my lies
Iambic tetrameter
Kashish Sep 2020
I live with my skull crammed with too many thoughts
My body half drenched in the sorrow of your absence.
I live with my heart stitched with enormous strings of hope
While my soul lingers in the shadows, awaiting your presence.  

Camouflaging all the woes, I tried to love you with all my heart
I knew my body and not my soul was your greed
Every time I looked for a reason to love you;
You gave me another one as to why not, I perceived

Yet, all this time, I kept lingering in the shadows
Waiting for you to come find me
I kept hiding behind the veil
Hoping one day you'd see the world, the way I see
Norman Crane Sep 2020
Remember black winds of November nights,
rattle your bones, chill your marrow,
quiver time's arrow and rip the world's white
veil from a skeletal face. Throw
it. Watch it fold, caught on the cathedral,
high church of the ossified faithful,
whose whispered prayers will calcify us all.
Unveiled, the world is bones without a soul,
rattling as it grinds, creaking as it turns.
A flag flies / Calcium collects in urns.
Sasha Paulona Sep 2020
There are thousands of stories
Under her skin


She took slowly one by one
sewing a long veil
For her daughter's wedding day
Just had a curious about what ******* teach to her daughter. There could be a lot of stories out there that no one can tell.
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