She's letting the wind blow her crowning glory
Dispersing in mid air
Touching her rosy cheeks
Covering her tantalizing eyes
She is the portrait of aesthetic art

He just watches her enjoy the panaroma
His lips stretching into a wide smile
His eyes glow with a hint of adoration
His heart pulsates under pink skies

Silence is deafeningly astounding
When two hearts synchronize in beating
And that drum beat is all they can hear
When love begins here
dreamt of love
my whole life.

boys, barbies, and all of me :
tiny cuts in the system,
tiny wishes

i thought love was

pink cutout cardboard and
subtraction of all
flaws .

but love is just kinetics ,
warmth and
confusion .

love is when it’s
and your cheeks sting and
you look up at the sky
you smile ,

you can dream of love
and still
I’m figuring some stuff out about myself that’s really hard to accept.
Peppered walls, pocked and pink
Stand proud.
Little thing, shutters agape and haggard
Stand proud.
Someone calls you a home, a house, mine
Stand proud.
You’re a shelter, a solace, a sanctuary
Stand proud.
Though beside you rise glass and steel
Stand proud.
You dominate, unique, one
Stand proud.
You’re loved, you leak, you’re you
Stand proud.
A quaint little house on a busy metropolitan street
i self medicate
with the color pink

it’s the color of hope
and the color of comfort
both things i’m always lacking

it’s the color that calms
that says “everything will be okay”
even if it won’t

it’s supposed to mean self love
and compassion and empathy
all things i wish i felt towards myself

it’s supposed to mean unconditional
love and understanding
and they say

you should be aware of the friend
who always wears pink
because she probably is desperate

for acceptance, love, support
and things like hope
i can’t say they’re wrong

so it’s true i may need those things
much more than i say
in my wardrobe of “hope”

but at least it looks happy to everyone else
my self medication of
I really like the color pink
I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny.
People laugh at me but I don't think it's funny.
I put on this rabbit costume and the zipper broke.
I'm stuck in this rabbit costume and that is no joke.
I'm trapped in this costume that is pink.
I've been trapped for three years and I sure do stink.
When I ask people for food, they give me carrots.
I hate being a vegetarian, I can no longer bear it.
I must get out of this costume and I have a damn good reason.
Hunters have rifles and tomorrow is the start of rabbit season.
I'm sick and tired of being a laughing stock to humanity.
Please get me out of this costume before I lose my sanity.
Khushi Batra Mar 13
Your perfect curves

ensnaring over my frame.

Your irresistible soft pink lips

Inviting mine,

Massaging our tongues.

Your jaunty demeanour

making my heart palpitate.

Your seductive smirk

Dovetailing our bodies

Letting me see your gorgeous décolletage

Your bold persona

Purging the tension from my soul.

After your reckless claim

My smock hung loose on your torso

With desire fawning in your oculars.

Making me the purple of your pink.

Dani Feb 23
If I was a witch
I’d make
lavender soup,
with milky eyes,
basil leaves,
wide pink rose petals,
crystal shards,
and a touch of lapis lazuli.

Forget toad warts
or salamander tails,
burned sage,
obsidian talismans,
stolen hairs,
rusted earth
or the eyes of newts
and tongues of dogs.

If I was a witch
I’d make
love potions,
luck potions,
and everything in between.
Take fools gold
and make it gleam
brighter than a diamond.

Forget curses.
If I was a witch
I’d take the blackened grimoires,
drown them in their
bloodied words
and keep the poor
old frogs
as friends.
DeAnn Feb 18
Dear Me from 2013,

It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to stop smiling and being “the good child” or “the perfect student”. Your parents’ problems are not your responsibility, are not your fault, are not your priority, and you cannot fix it. Mostly because it won’t matter, and it won’t change. Take it from me. Your friends are by your side. They do care about how your feeling and will take time to listen to you. You are not a burden. You are not an empty conch shell.

Do not blindly trust. Do not let HIM into your heart, not all the way. He is a serpent disguised as a beam of sunlight. He makes you feel good now, but he will become the only person in the world who understands you, or even sees you. But as soon as he is done with you, he will desert you. You will be alone, with a void in your heart that is still empty even now, a void that causes you to cry late into the night and feel empty in the day. He is NOT WORTH IT.

Please, please, PLEASE eat food. Ask for it, beg for it, but do not listen to your mom. You are 120 lbs but that is not criminal, you’re in high school. Do not go on those protein shake cleanses for weeks to months at a time. You are not fat.

And most importantly, you are beautiful. You are kind, intelligent, courageous, uplifting, way too selfless for your own good, and you love. Just because you are sad, it does not mean you are not these things. Your seemingly negative emotions do not define who you are. Reach out to others and stop pulling yourself inward and away from people, because people can take you out of your fear of yourself. People will make you laugh, will make you smile, will make you forget, even if for a little while.

Remember PINK. Always remember PINK. It is who you are, and through it you will always find your way back to your core.


P.S. Binging Black Butler and Markiplier is completely acceptable, too. Never be ashamed <3
P.P.S. don’t take all those AP classes. Your highest score will be a 3, and you’re going to go to art school anyways.
Telling True Stories... This class gets really deep XD but yeah, we made letters to ourselves. And PINK is an acronym I learned when I was young, but that's my secret to keep ;)
Joe Feb 18
I am the ocean;
concurring ripples
rooted in my scalp,
dark waves cascading down my back
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am the earth
underneath your feet.
Haven of not only the living
But also the dead
of which no one would see
the beauty within

I am the painting
to be magnified to see specks of color
but, afar,
merely looks like a straight line
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am the sculpture
of a volatile beast
or, at the least,
its ruins
of which no one would see
the beauty within.

I am art
no one would be willing to see
despite of my obvious presence.

I am disturbing, distressing art
who’s crafted and carved from
cold hard truths
than painted
in pretty pink and purple lies.

I am the art
no one would dare appreciate
because that would mean accepting
how imperfect humans are
and imperfection
could never be art.
i got too inspired in my humanities class

Colors…by Jessie 11/05

Whitened page of empty thoughts
Blue, from days depressed

Soft pink cheeks, and pink plump lips
Beauty, standing in an ivory dress

Knees are stained by grass of green
Day’s of darkened black

Golden tears have been let lose
In the distance…brown boxes neatly stacked

Orange bowls of lemon drops
Silver bells, nicely shined

Yellow labs in playful chase
Purple sheets sublime

Hair turns gray and copper rusts
Platinum credit cards

Teal paint to trim the house
Amber rocks, which line the yard

Scarlet fever takes a hold
Mustard spread on bread

Rainbow suckers chosen first
Candy apple red
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