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from wanted to worthless
she didn't ask for this
they wanted a princess
she wanted the crown

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
she was Pretty in pink

now she's broken and beaten
and tossed to the side
America's golden girl,
wasted with pride

sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose
so defines life
you don't get to choose

she painted her face
with colors of the sky
got called a disgrace
whenever she walked by

Flowers can change
as flowers grow
people can do it too
I didn't mean to leave you

they said they loved me
they said i was wanted
please if you please
can i be Pretty without pink?

the world is trying to beat you,
to throw you aside,
but you've made it so far
hold your head up with pride
happy pride month losers!
yes. i am still active. sometimes. not often.
this is from a song im writing! i took out a few of the choruses bc the ratio of chorus:verse needs to be fixed and i think it makes more sense as a poem this way? idk lmk what you think <3
Petrichor May 5
         You've turned into dirt.

Twisted away in fragile positions,
You've turned into dirt.
          How does it feel to be this vulnerable?

To be plucked from your home, and bought with dirt to be sold off to the husband who forgot his wife's birthday?

To be called 'beautiful', only to be left rotting away?
To sit beside a bed of 'beautiful' red roses, who think they'll be safe forever. To know they'll turn into you, you who has moulded into dirt.

These eyes fall on you now,
   they feel guilt,
      they feel remorse,
(they feel happy?)
          they feel like a murderer.

They run to drench you with water.

                           The poor white tulips,
                                              and the poor pink roses
                     will you be fixed from this phase of dirt?
Here is to those bouquets of flowers the lucky ones received.
Perhaps, you were lucky,
perhaps the flowers were not.

PS. I've written a poem after a year so it's definitely not my best work, not even close. Perhaps as I continue, it may get better?
kayzamo Apr 30
I've got no pop; no tangy sugary bite.
I'm not your type.

You need to forget me.
I'm not cute or pretty;
I'm not innocent and sweet.
I may not laugh at all your jokes.
I'm not your type, I'm no bubblegum girl.

I don't bubble up and out,
With a sunshine smile and a warm hand.
I have weird knees and baggy eyes
And my body is like nicotine gum;
You'll quit me and go back to the real thing.

The wrapper is in the trash -
So there's nowhere to spit me out.
So I run around the house at night,
Like a careless kid in the rain,
Splashing in puddles from my indulgent tears.

You need to forget me.
I'm not your type,
But I'd love you more than I've loved anyone.
I'd bury my heart in my tiny backyard
If that's what it took to make you happy.
I am open to critiques! Thank you kindly
Oh my…
My love, I saw the moon, and she revealed the truth
Of me, and you, and dreams so true
The lust, the lie, the loss!

When first I saw your handsome face
The sparkle in your eye
I loved you then
I love you now
But truth, it never lies!

You promised me the sun and stars
The sea, the tide, the sky
You took my soul
My heart
My life
But, in the end, love died!
26th April 2021
Pink Moon in Scorpio
Raven Feels Apr 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, follow your dreams or they will<3

fed up on the revolt of the real

locked myself behind the dreamy doors to an an evermore of a seal

I seek you on the delves of the stormy spaces

it's like a universe I called came back with answers to shock faces

your name I heart you speak and led lights illuminate it

sparked on my heart when duty calls I fade in

morseismyjam Apr 15
Little glass axolotl perfect
shades of pink and orange.
Found him at the thrift store
brought him home &
shone him up with some  
windex and a cotton cloth.
Now he sits on the shelf  
and sometimes I pick him  
up to marvel at the smoothness  
of his back, and the perfectly formed gills  
at the sides of his head.
My little glass axolotl  
is one of the things that
pulls me through papers  
with his tiny smile and  
teensy toes. This is love caught in
silica and pigment. Yes this
is what love is.
I wrote this for a creative writing class this winter. I like it and think it's cute
Yawnoc Apr 4
I thought y'all said no bullying !
So why would these words seem to excite,
they banned Farrakhan from social media then passed the mic to Trump,
how bout that first Amendment Right.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
But it's like we never heard it,
police **** blacks on purpose all of the time,
then come out with a not guilty verdict.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
But you lie at what you say,
people are losing their jobs in droves around this country,
because they don't believe in being gay.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
So when it comes to a rule they bend it,
all guns **** but Biden wants to ban the AR-15,
ain't that infringement on the second Amendment.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
These distractions are getting out of hand,
why does my son have to see a grown man dressed up like a woman in the public,
when I'm in the process of teaching my son
how to be a man!!!!!

Ar-15 bullying cats dogs gays lesbians police girls boys black people Farrakhan second Amendment Right
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