Mary-Eliz Jun 10
the sun descends lower
a cerise and tangerine haze

across lilac clouds,
while a pink blush of stillness
across earth and heaven
creating a soft space
for nighttime

till finally
the Daystar pulls up
its night covers,
letting the darkness
take hold, while
dreaming of the morning’s
rosy aurora
Prompt: "your best 'pink' ."
Sage Jun 9
We got through another day
We got to wake up to
Cotton Candy Clouds
When the sky is that sunset pink
and the clouds above around it are
Cotton Candy Clouds
The Fuchsia spread in the sky
The Magenta mass above
I've got to make it to
Cotton Candy Clouds
Kind,gentle,humble,my dear daughter,
To me you are my carnation flowers.
Which sprang from Virgin Mary's
For Jesus's plight of carrying the Cross. (Christian Legend).
Pious,a fairy, an angel,
Sent from the heavens up above,
The flowers of God.
Affectionate, motherly,loveable,
White and pink carnations,
Mother's Day flowers.
Strong, active and wise,
Long lasting after being cut,
Carnation blooms.
A treasure I cherish,
A perfect piece of my heart.
For my daughter whom I miss
Dear, soft pink clouds,
you make up my dreams
and the flush on my cheeks
Could I stay up above with you?
Just a while longer?
you make up the storms
collecting, waiting, observing,
after anxieties of darker, greyer days
Dear, active, changing clouds,
you make up my reality
and what happens behind the scenes
A dash pink sugar
Now don't get
so vulgar

Let's have
a smashing

We need to crash
we are tired
Her blush the new posh
A brush_ up
course to blush
The---- binge
He is
pink-tinge  (.
for her

The dark pink TV
The Park and recreation
Meeting place
face to face purr--facto
Someone gets
fired bravo
New replacement
Now, please whip
Comfy cream on me
Wild cherries
She's hired+++
Now set the table
all queries
In legally kiss print
pink big %
Ms. Weatherspoon
So virgin hush
High cheekbones
No, I sir not to be
We need them

The money disturbed
The chief of the
lagoon not to be
Judged by Judy
She is not born with
the senior discounts
citizen spoon let's give
her points--

Pinker what
a man looker
Overly taken
from her blush
The thinker

Of Zen
Oh When?
Henrietta Hen
Way to yellow
We need them
The founder
The Cheaters
make the best
The baby white blush
The blusher
smile no rush

((Red Flush))
The blusher cheats
She Takes
All my lover
Pink shirts Valentines

The Blush
The good eats
The pink apple
Martini computer

Resse Illegally
Mentor all cheeks
in college
of her face
He gave
her Rose pink
-smart as the
That blusher
Record hits

The Blush pale
My friend could
hardly faint
Greenwich the
Big City pink
her cheeks broomstick
So Miami Vice
Village People
the check Hollywood LA
he ain't getting
Any wiser
Quack Peking Duck
Pavillion NJ
The high
society girl
colors to swirl

Stop/red/City bar
The blusher drink
Who would cheat
over the most
The player all layers
Of the cheater cake

My shy producer
Outblushed by
the pusher
The blusher, please
don't push her
The poem in her room
Those copycats
Pink feathers
Robin Redbreast
The blusher cheats
Were are the Mothers?
Those edible beats
What a love crush

where we
came from
ladies of
the parliament
We love pink it makes up for all the times that we were bad. Let's show the world that we are higher than what they can imagine let's broaden up our cheeks meet the fabulous horizon. No time to crash just blush minds to always think. Without a spoon no time to blink. Life is full of divinity feather of wings her gravity lets fly Robin Fly
Nikki Danilov May 29
are you really the you when you pass the mirror?
ARE yo u reallY the face that stares back in horror?

trembling hands. blurry vision. wrong place.
I know you walked a block after you left home.
but now your lost in confusion of where to go.

forming sentences right now is a little too heavy.
the letters start to clump like mold from within your throat.
glued like concrete, you've lost all mobility.

your eyes start burning, in waves of pink your whole sclera covers in shades of watermelon.
you start to swarm your hands that have now grown in the length of street poles but you just attack anybody in sight that makes them run away in alarm.

you have no voice.
no name.
no identity.
you begun the process of self discovery.
intertangled within the webs of regret.
every transformation focused to the point of ruining you.
that way you'd never be satisfied.
just to be miserable.
Nateive Son May 19
One of the most romantic moments of life,
Was there in that bathtub with you,
Listening to Pink Floyd in the bubbles,
Touching your pearl and kissing foam.

The memories toss themselves aside from years of replay,
And even though I've never ridden the rails,
I feel O-L-D and D-O-N-E because of time,
Kicking its boot into mah head.

My mind and body are torn astray
That was the conclusion after 24 hours of driving,
Toward the Continental Divide in search of,
Tearing myself apart to find YOU again.

But it's only myself that I have to live with,
Over and over again,
Repeating ceaselessly similar songs,
Hoping to catch the tune.
There is a quote attributed to Bob Dylan that I'm almost positive he lifted from some true Amerikan hobo:

"To live outside the law, you have got to be honest."

Regardless who said it, 'tis true.
Starbursts are not mere starbursts when they're pink,
and every new pink starburst stings my heart.
For altered hearts deeply of feeling drink.
The depth of pain and pleasure forge an art.

I hear her voice and remember her face
whenever I that strawberry chew chew.
I pray that she is blessed and filled with grace,
this sister whom I love. I truly do.

I pray that she can show the world her heart
with kindness and compassion for the lost.
For whenever she smiles she creates art,
and rainbow lines shine from her without cost.

   Pink starbursts just ameliorate the pain.
   What I wish is her presence to regain.
Explanatory key: Pink starbursts are a bridge between a wonderful, kind girl and me. From her I must now turn, and it brings me sadness.
b e mccomb May 13
your car doesn't have
a cd player
which is a little unsettling
but i don't really mind

your hands remind
me of my dad's

i want to wear dresses
play taylor swift
spray myself in
citrusy perfume
and paint my eyelids
a shimmery pink

when i'm with you
i feel safe

i'm not convinced
that soulmates exist
but i am convinced that
we pick up people on
our way through life
and some of them just fit

some people are habit
can't remember a
time without them
and some people are the future
what could be instead of
what's always been

you're art in the foam on a cortado
you're a peach drenched in
heavy cream and limoncello
old overshirts and amaretto

you're champagne
and i'm the idiot
who intentionally
calls it "sham-pag-nee"

you can see through the
espresso stains on my
hands and arms right
down to freckles over scars

even if i slap myself to wipe
the pleasant look off my face
at the end of the day
you'll still think i'm cute

and when you say things
like that i start to feel all
gooey and underbaked
like a fallen cake with
cinnamon buttercream
melting down the sides
perfectly and
unabashedly flawed

i am selfish and afraid
and you don't seem to mind

so here's a toast to
letting someone new
into my life for
the first time
to allowing myself
to be vulnerable
and happy even if it
might be a mistake

because goodness knows
you're sweeter and softer
than i ever dreamed
someone could be
copyright 5/13/18 b. e. mccomb
Red-haired artificially
with shiny teeth,
clean knees
with a gap in between.

and my voice will carry
like a songbird in the morning.
Beautifully composed
uttering a peaceful warning

My linens
So pink...
no blue stains to be seen.

And the skin I wear
airbrushed and screaming
a lulled importance

With my night creams
and appointments
lessons and ointments

I will become the most perfect woman-made sculpture America has ever seen.
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