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Anya 2d
Just a color
Is it really?

In preschool it was fine
I liked what I liked
No one cared

In elementary school
It became
Yet, ironically
This made most of the girls
Like me
Stay away from it

And instead,
It became cool for a guy
To like it

In highschool
Girls don’t care
Guys don’t care
People like what they want

Is that really how it is?

Somewhere, under the surface
Amongst sparkly pink nails
And dresses

It’s not a color anymore
But a symbol
Pink bubbles burst
In a strawberry pop
Underneath the sharp shade of the green leaves of her oak.

Fingers twirl blade
After blade in hand,
Until her nails blend with the grass.

Alone, she watches heat,
Swirl in ocean waves across the road.

Someone might come by tomorrow.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 10
One step up cloud we touch
Rainbow is close let’s go for the sky
Let’s do it now don’t delay
It’s time for a butterfly dance!

Rose is ours with a handful of earth
Tickled pink flower gives a smile.
Banish the morning blues away
down the feet the floor is ours.
It’s all clear written in the stars
Now is the time for a butterfly dance!

Be it in the day or in the night
Bask in the moonlight or in the sun
it’s not snowed under the seven seas
nor is tucked away up on the sky.
Still on the ground, the floor is ours
and it's time for a butterfly dance.

With the green we grow the river we follow
Left, right, east and west every way
it flows, open to all directions on its way
The world is open worldwide!
But what if in the midst is missing an eye?
The show is on with the hidden card
Let’s get it done it’s time for a butterfly dance!
Vikram sikki Sep 5
What’s opposite of a teacher

I have thanked them all
For what I am
But wait master Ji
What about the glass half empty

No credits to thee
For the ignorant, indignant,
insolent -me
For indecisive, irrational -me

For teaching the logic of convenience
Over the struggle and friction
then enabling to veneer the meekness
with vainglorious diction

“Sit  down” for “How?”
“Shut up” for “ Why??”
You didn’t even,
ever let me Try!
Branded the doubt as foolery
and ensured that my mind
be all but free
Yes, all but

Contouring my thoughts
with that of someone else’s
Delineating the world
of abstracts into absolutes
Befouling the beauty of randomness
by the confines of routine

So why
Yes - Why
I dare to ask
On this day ‘ O Teacher’,
you stand so tall
All in all you’re just
Another brick in the wall.
Inspired floyd
the sun
leaves the earth
with bright red,

preceding seemingly endless darkness.

only to return
with splashes of
pink and orange

giving rise to yet another beautiful day.

- v. m
your favorite colour is back after a few months of nothingness
Ron Gavalik Jul 27
At this sushi joint,
she searched for the words
to describe her dinner.
‘It's heaven,’ she said, ‘Yes, heaven.’
Call me a simpleton, but divinity
on Earth is the sweet tinge of bourbon,
the smoke of an acid 60 gauge
that rolls over the tongue,
and the music of Pink Floyd
with the lights off.

-Ron Gavalik
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Her mouth resembled a
Black cat's fable
Just as vile
Half as smelly

I heard the singer
Underneath the rain

The Revolution
Should the televised

Next thing on the chord
She couldn't go to sleep
Nor could I
As we remembered

Different gangs
Punk Rods
Pink Elephants
But we loved each other

Both sentient beings
Old Posies
Just dogs
©7/22/18 James Dennis Casey IV
From my upcoming book published by Cajun Mutt Press:
Owl in Hot Rods with Pink Elephants and Dead Bats
frankie Jul 23
you glance at me
the look you give is enough to propel me into an amnesia that allows me to forget every ounce of pain you ever inflicted upon me
a bouquet of pink roses is handed to me
as if you’re asking me to prick my hands on the thorns as i pick the petals, wondering if i’ll ever land on he loves me
a haze casted over my eyes
the rose tinted curse, everything seems to be blissfully nice
CGW Jul 19
Ashes all around.
The bombs were blasting on the ground.
These city lights dying.
The airplanes in the sky.
Time stood still for a moment.
So you thought you could escape.
So you thought would run
And try to hide.
In the darkness of the night when the moon was bright and the light of dawn was breaking through, did the city collapse.
In the end the only one left was death.
All the faces we passed and all the smiles we shared are blowing around stupidly in the wind.
Heaven only knows
What golden light would peirce the clouds.
Reaching out to the sun
To the above.
We are all just fragmented space colliding amongst each other.
cait-cait Jul 14
death is a tiny girl in pink —
with yellow hair
                          and stick legs -

coming out at twilight , she
on your door with her claws in a fist
smiles wide at you
from the

a wolf in sheeps hide ,
she is only
          (not even)

she wants to hold your hand .
I’ve been playing a lot of love Nikki recently which helped develop this but it was really inspired by another poem I read where they described death as a little girl who listens to the world from underneath the ground
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