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Survived May 1
I have to make them proud
but I don't know where i doubt
They make sacrifices for me
but all I do is to let them down
I always endeavour not to hurt them
but it's me because of whom they cry.

Maybe I am cursed to make their life miserable
Maybe I am a loser who is destined to fail forever
Maybe I should stop giving them hope
Maybe I should move out from their lives

I'm hopeless, I'm empty, I'm broke, I am faithless, I'm vain, I'm a failure.

Just for once i wanted to hear them saying that they feel proud because of me but maybe I'm their doomed son and just like me my dreams will also be in vain...
I S A A C Jan 10
its the end of the old beginning of the new
but i can't pretend to walk through this new door without any residue
without any trace of you, or memories
starting a new project, transversing a new lane
i wish i was as sacrilegious and vain
as i used to be before i was beaten black and blue
until i encountered you and my confidence was rocked
until i encountered you and your mind games won’t stop
even after i have burned away every trace
even after i have burned away at the stake
you always find a way to worm your way into my peace
disrupt and unplug, mistrust and vengeance
but what really is love, i just crave revenge
Thomas Steyer Nov 2021
I often look weird in photos, maybe because I'm vain
When I'm certain I'm smiling, I appear to be in pain
I could practice my friendly expression in the mirror
But then I'd have a stiff face and probably look insane
Draginja Knezi Jul 2021
press to distress
express disdain
say if may
dis is in vain

but there's rain in my veins
and through the pain
is where we gain
the whys and the eyes
for I's and the lies

I guess I got caught in the rot
but hey why not
leave like a leaf
live and relieve
weave and retrieve
humus is us and whatnot
16 July 2021
It thought of making a joke on me
I bow and greeted in an uninterested air
It laughs and shook head, it's gone
What a thoughtless action of the vain mind
To what end will you mock, o mocker
RQ Mar 2021
the bridges we built
you burnt it

the hopes i stacked
you demolished it

my love for you
you were blind to see it

the memories we had
you forgot about it

the time we spent
you tossed it

i wasted my nights thinking about you before going to bed

i wasted my tears for someone who doesn't care

i wasted my love

my sacrifices are in vain

everything i have done for you

Man Feb 2021
you have an impressive physical physique
but what of your consciousness
can you say the same
your capacity for tenacity is unparalleled
though your vain attempts at kindness,
feats to astound
a charismatic prowess
a star reacher
rested on the ground
your head's in the clouds
at your own allowance
and there's no coming down
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