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Sungmoo Bae Aug 31
Batteries of the skies;
booming thunders, and so are you.
You, the whirlwind the most ferocious,
befit such name ever notorious -

    ever in a strife of your own
    seemingly unending.

The whirlwind strikes hard
and fast, and as such; angels of death
descending, striking from the faint heavens
to accomplish its sole purpose, destructive in nature,

beseeching its everlasting glory
that’d evoke the sun’s jealousy, even.
Alas! You carry out the task
that spares none of the land,

taking away the dearest one from another, weeping,
flipping cars and engines from where they're standing,
while plucking out the road signs once robust
and even the trees once deemed so ancient -

none is spared but wrecked
before the might of the whirlwind
the total annihilation being its sole identity -
the one that destroys in the name of thy honor

    and in the very name of glory in vain.
    You look around -

only to see none has survived
or has been left alive; spectating
the empty earth and the water
while being dispersed, scattered amidst the air,

lifted by the hands of thy maker
disappearing - joining the void specters,
and thus befitting the word, truly,
the vainglory.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
Austin Reed Aug 31
Give me undying love
My selfishness wants your time
Listen to my words;
They’re more important than what you’re doing

Fill my void
Be something I can’t conflict
Welcome me like I do my self-indulgent thoughts
Giovanna Jul 23
Is it wrong to be happy when in pain?
No efforts ‘to be’ go in vain.
When you know what the mighty holds for you,
it is the best thing to do.
It’s just that the pain feels so real.
Misery is in the open air site,
and happiness is like all the treasure locked inside.
All the words hurt more than a bite.
What weighs upon when I smile, is not delight.
why does sadness feel more real?
-elixir- Jul 22
Hush, coz they'll run
and ruin your fun.
Hide your pain,
fears, tears in vain.
Act your apparent
hide your inherent,
for the better days
and the success rays.
As they buy the flawless
and dream of finesses,
that is missing
and keep longing.
Everyone has their own stories. Understand that not everyone is gonna be flawless. Learn to find them and not the problems. Don't jump to conclusion.
M Solav Jul 19
Oh how I hate art!
So much noise
And false pretenses,
Such undeserved poise
For those vain promises.

Sure, in everything there’s a message,
Yes, anything you want to acknowledge.

How I hate art!
For it is far too fragile
To dare play so smart
How I hate art!

Oh how I hate art!
Whether I’m missing the point
Or whether there was none;
Whether it isn't what it ain’t
Or whether it’s just for fun.

How I hate art!
For it cannot do otherwise
Than state the obvious
And pretend to be wise.

Sure, you’ve convinced more than a few;
Yes, they’ve all grasped your great value.

How I hate art!
The cliche, the glamour
The whole thing and the part,
Oh how I hate art!
Written in December 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
deeper the despair,
more fair the cries,
darker the thoughts,
brighter the light.
Kairosclere Jun 2
Heart’s rain
Drenching revenge over
Oil fuelled fuming fire
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if your heart once skipped a beat,
That's a pulse missing,
No oxygenated blood flow,
Veins empty as heart left in vain,
Love have arrived.

We die a bit, skips a bit,
only to be reborn in a stranger's shoulders,
Love is the problem and the solution.

It creeps in like a seed,
For sure you will water it
With tear drop
from heart break to miscommunications.

The seed grows
The seed glows.
Farheen Khan Apr 6
I hide it all
All my emotions
All my pain
Pretending to be strong and not vain
Why their this need of being strong always
Says a Friend
Your stronger farheen but their is nothing wrong in being fragile too
Were his words of wisdom
It's a personal experience and a emotion  and a beautiful reminder by my friend
And I also know this farheen is not alone so for all those people who need this reminder
It's ok to not feel strong all the time you're not alone ☺️
Darlingerode Apr 4
I glorify your misery
It suits you,
You were just skipping rope
And on the count of a hundred
You are so ready to trip.

I wish you all the sadness
It fits you,
You were just shuffling cards
But the joker's eyes are glaring
Now the joke is on you.

I will resent you
That's my revenge,
You can never win my world
And I want to make sure
That it's you who is losing.
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