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This momentary breath of time
You are the Rhythm and the rhyme
You bring us close to the Sublime
We're feathers on the breeze
Holy Spirit lifts us up
We're feathers on the breeze

To Jesus side He brings a near
The Spirit changing atmosphere
As the air you will appear
We're feathers on the breeze
Holy Spirit lifts us up
We're feathers on the breeze

He is music 🎶 laughter 😃 love 💘
He lifts us and we lightly move
Unto Jesus up above
Feathers 🪶 🪶 🪶
Feathers 🪶 🪶 🪶
Feathers 🪶 🪶 🪶

Let us rise up on the morn
Let us rise above the storm
Let us rise we are reborn
We're feathers on the breeze
We're feathers on the breeze
Holy Spirit lifts us up
We're feathers on the breeze
Feathers on the breeze
Feathers on the breeze

SoulSurvivor aka
Write of Passage
Christian song
Zywa Apr 3
In me and in you

there is a black void, and God --

fits in exactly.
"Black Square" (2022, Tijs Nuyts) about the painting "Black Square" (Kazimir Malevich) at the exhibition "0.10" in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg, 1915)

Collection "Unseen"
Megan Mar 5
I don’t know
Hidden in the darkest ignorance
Lord help me
Chant your holy name
Point me in the right direction
Chant your holy name
Establish a robust connection

I feel your love again
Hare Krsna
Shawnice P Mar 4
Holy Water


O' Father, Rise me up, consul me
My Heaven's Champion, My Lord cleanse my wounds
Find me, Find the tainted and purify me with your glory
In this room, my God, in full bloom, we are flowers
Just waiting to be nurtured, the seeds to the greens
Pour your Holy Water, Your Holy Water!
On me, my God, On me
My father, sprinkle and fill me up
Clean me, O' Clean me from the dirt
From the hurt
Cherish me, O' Cherish, Oh yes
With your divine waters, there will be success
Holy Water, it blesses and caresses me
Just more than the eyes can see
Make me Holy
Make me Holy, Oh yea
Protect me from the impurities
Through your eyes, I sing through you
With your loving, I know what to do
O' Creator, My Creator, set me free
Bath me in Holy Water
Drinking what can heal
Teach me how to feel
Safeguard me to my path
I am yours
Hear me
Can you hear me?
Save me
Save me
Gospel Attempt
Steve Page Feb 3
Not a ghost,
but aptly stylised as the dove,
the brooding feathered presence -
with a tendancy from the first
to spread, to hover, and then to swoop,

not slow to sing,
commentating, or annotating
where exposition is needed
- a narrator if you will, both direct
or by human pen and voice,

a catalyst, an expectorant,
not hesitant to disrupt and prompt
a change in direction,
keeping our toes agile,
challenging stale agendas.

No, not a ghost out of sight
that we might pass through regardless,
but a bright presence,
ready to swoop in at any time.
One of the three - God's ever presence.
Steve Page Nov 2021
sacred to love
sacred to laugh
sacred to pray

sacred to dance
sacred to sing
sacred to pray

sacred to write
sacred to make
sacred to pray

sacred to play
many things can be sacred
Maria Mitea Nov 2021
destined sacredness in the red of the blood,
intertwined shoots from the wisdom of redemption:

- Woman,
no one has ever trusted us more than the good God,
he entrusted us with all his love, with the seed of the worldly fruit,
by his favor we find delight,

- Man,
no one has ever trusted us more than the good God,
he has entrusted us with the source of life,
with all his indulgence he entrusted us,

- let”s never withdraw our holiness, Man
- let”s never forget our purpose, Woman

God has given us all His strength, Man
- That's right, Woman, he gave us all his forgiveness,
his ways, his eyes, his light,
he gave us the whole life in one endless night,
he gave us the potency of sharing  the joy and pleasure of being Man&Woman

- Man, the woman in me is just for you
- Woman, the man in me is just for you

He lives in our eyes, heralds of love affairs,
take me in your arms, Man - come close to Him,
lay your cheeks on my ******* eagerly waiting for your lips,
what a hard-working man you are, listen to a woman's heavy breathing,
a flame that burns in your diligence born of sighing and yearning:
bathe in the richness of the perpetuation of eternal life,
quench your endless thirst in the belly full of sap and fruit,

- look into my eyes, Man
- look into my eyes, Woman

Woman of the holy ray, - come near Him,
let your ear be heard in the beating of the ******* worthy of kisses from the rain,
in the land of peonies, I will be the gardener of your red cheeks,
I promise you everything you want, that you are a woman
I will be a river of honey that flows through the fruitful blood,
-we are his equals, Woman, he built us creators like Him

Generous and dignified Man,
- promise me not to withdraw our holiness from each other,
I'll bring you my lips every night,
rose petals to cover your eyes dazed by the pleasure of bed in two;
the witness of carnal pleasure.
let us give ourselves as if we were living the last moment of delight:

- Man, no one has ever been so generous with us
- Woman, no one has ever been so good to us

- by the command to love one another
he entrusted us with his Holy Ornaments, Man

- he entrusted us with the Source of his Life, Woman
Isaac afunadhula Oct 2021
Who am I to stand in Your presence with a deceitful mind.
what an amazing love that surrounds and never fails.
How great is Your faithfulness that reigns.
Marvellous and holy one receive my praise today.
Friend of a kind walk with me through fire and I will trust in you.
Holy and righteous king guide and reign in me.
Lo! The holiest saint, arises underneath the sun /
Whose august, resplendent rays fulminate /
Auric with excellency; golden in his eyes; /
Therefore, my pilgrimage upon this world /
Is but an ephemeral speck, an exhalation, transitory, /
For all is a preparation, a quickening /
Unto Greater Eden! /

Lo! A Land where dreaming is fallacy for /
Arcadia awakens anew with each morn: /
Love & Light brim in every living soul; /
There in my heart, I fathom The Transcendent hears my /
Beckoning cries beneath /
The adamantine moon, & /
My wishes shall be ordained at twilight. /

Lo! "Know thyself," said the sage; /
Yet, every man, /
Every woman, /
Every child, /
Falters should they fathom themselves fully. /
Ye, ignorance is not only ephemeral bliss, but existential.
(Voracious self-knowing is moored in a sea of vanity) /

Lo! Understand that meant to be understood /
By mortal eyes, yet, mind /
That there are deific forces whom devise, /
Transcending the veiled realm of our Mind's Sky; /
Therefore, we must allow ourselves /
The privilege of unknowing: /
By virtue of this advent, enlightenment is borne. /

(—Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS

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