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Mental stability

And complete adoration

Some things needed

To chase after God

Prayerful mind

Strong will

And complete trust in Him

To work things out

Just for you

Things needed

To chase after God

Loving Him through the bad

Honoring Him through the good

And leaning on His Word

To move you through worries

Things ultimately


To chase after God

To love God

And to cherish every moment

I will allow myself

To chase after God
Chasing after God because He is able to help me when no one else can.
Life throws you lemons every day when you want to be closer to God. But no one realizes that the struggle of loving God in this sinful world couldn't break me. Each night I try, as in barely, speak to Him. He has done so much while I've obeyed so little. No one deserves the dishonesty and inaccuracies of my tongue. Lying has become easy while telling the truth hasn't. I sit alone now in this apartment He has blessed me with and still doubt Him when it comes to someone trying to love me. Why is that I do such a thing? Part of me believes while the other disagrees. I must flip this thing around and believe that He is real and the truth. I must bow down on kneeled knees and head face down praying more to Him by thanking and appreciating what I have now before it's all taken away. I've been taking Him for granted while living with His blessings.
At a point in time, I became confused as to who God was.
We are just humans’ beings.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Mistake, mistake, we’re learning.
Fall down and up, we’re growing.
Before we judge, let watch ourselves.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Mark Oct 4
Come and hop aboard my lifelong childhood cause  
Before the swirl in the ocean, makes it come to a pause  
It’s not at all, what it seems  
I’m Just trying to fulfil my childhood dreams  
Paddling up stream, to reach a sandy shore  
Seeing distant island mirages, with no actual solid ocean floor  
Time to get me off this windy sail, before its put up on eBay for sale  
I’ll instead join a holy cause, that one day, might just find the holy grail.
Enas Sep 22
Sāfar Ar Rūh..
A cosmic traveler..
Traveling in silence..
By the moon..
Beyond the sun..
Writings on the stars..
You will never know..
All that you know is gone..
Eden, a fall from grace..
Eve, a celestial embrace..
Reading between the lines..
Māktūb, in eternal signs..
To pages of the sky..
Holier than heaven..
Hallower than hell ..
Exalted above Al A’arāf..
An awakening, absolute..
A resolve, resolute..
A sacred verse..
A destined course..
To pensive paths..
In soulful senses..
Like seraphic kiss..
Of eternal bliss..
A place so refined..
A rose coloured mind..
A fate fine tuned..
A concealed meaning..
An omniscient feeling..
A sublime surrender..
In chaos asunder..
The skies are torn apart..
To painted red rose..
Blooming at the close..
A crimson sky in bloom..
A Rose of Devine..
Wārdatū Ar Rahmān..
A creation so fine..
Oh, Ancient of days..
In mysterious ways..
In magnificent design..
A moment, all mine.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 19
////                                  /////
                         Terra is rosy
               'shadow and light'
                      and evergreen.
                 It's never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                             is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
  the clouds fly in sheer bliss
      The ocean of the rivers is
                       forever flowing.

                        It's a mundane
                   yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
Xant Sep 19
If I were to say
about my day
There need only three words
And three words only

Such an outburst of profanity,
but they keep me away from insanity

So if you ask me "How was your day?",
there'd only be three words for me to say;



        Guacamole :D
How was your day, everyone? :)
Mine's been very... Crazy
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this light of yours succeed.
Candle, candle, bright and pure,                                      
from the flames of hell return.
Candle, candle, where you breathe,                                  
may this flame of yours succeed,
Candle, candle, wise and strong,                                    
bring forth your heavenly perfumes,
cease the wars, cease the injustice,
vanish at once the filth of sinners.
Candle, candle, where you are,                                        
bring forth your light, let it increase.
Candle, candle, bright and strong,                                  
from the depths of hell return,
place the jewels of Heaven on the mouths of all sinners.
Candle, candle, deep allure,                                                  
may the flames of hell adorn,                                            
with the light of Heaven glows,                                        
with the piercing brightness flow.
Alexis Jul 1
and if the rules of the church
are the only way i'll get into
         to hell
                    with that .
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