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Sing me the poetry of the world
With hyphens and bona fide verses
With simplicity conveying secrets of beauty
And gratitude's in every full stop aroused.

For what music, should ever please the ***'s ?
To have them say
'Mankind has found its way'
To show them the justification of keeping us never astray
And playing sweetly, the mistakes we make.

Forgiveness we gave.
In perfect sequence and shade
Only to abstract,
The sweet song
of poetry in faith
Nazrawit Nov 24
Is it too late to revel
In reveries of rival lovers
Fighting for each other's heart
To be one and the same
And wholly remain
Without disguise and without shame
Let love wash away our battle stain
For in His holy name we fought
Against each other’s heart
In the name of love
We pray
Forgive us, Lord today
alex Nov 21
My fingertips graze the softly lit sky, ripping through clouds made upon my arrival.
For I am a guest of most divinity, chosen by the one who will make me holy.
Wings spanning wide at the hips, keep me up through the pink dying backdrop of above.
The world below unseen to anyone, unwanted by anyone.
My halo is missing, I cannot find it, I cannot see the truth without it.
The sky draws dark now, illuminated with friendly regard now visit with intent to seek the unseen.
The pale glow from dusk now settles to a sheet of dark.
I am here, I am alone, I am holy.
"Black as the devil, hot as ****, pure as an angel, sweet as love."
Adam Nov 17
Two hearts unite
Love shines bright
Darkness overcome
Two become one  
His love will reign
Forever the same  
A heart once empty
Now filled with light
The spirit has come
Through a sacrificed Son
All sins forgiven
The battles been won
Jo Swan Nov 17
In my dreams,
I see a Prince,
His eyes gently glint.
Has his Holiness come?
I cry to him not all is well.
In my loneliness,
passion for life has languish.
Spirit tainted by sinful spell,
I’ve drank the cup of anguish?
Will the heart heal?
His calm silhouette-
caress me with warm zeal.
Heaven and Earth embrace as one.
In pain, I can survive.
Like the radiance of the Sun,
I feel my spirit revive.

With the wind,
the Prince disappears
like pollinated petals.
I implore him to reappear.
I’m a vulnerable child;
afraid to be back in the wild.
His voice whispers
that it is time to awake.
He will not forsake me.
One day when I’ve blossom,
I’m destine to meet him again.
With his holy army,
slanderous shadows will flee.
With the Prince of Peace,
Life’s lamenting will one day cease!

(c) Jo Swan
you kissed the crevices of my body like I was something holy
no one's ever worshiped my scars like that
but you knelt down to them like they were sacred
I wanted to drown all of my skin in you
Pétra Nov 7
War; absolute
This will be my macadam into re-assemblage
For I'm not on edge, I'm taking up too much precious space
What wickedness lies beneath the surface of the skin?
I should know this place better than anyone
But my landscape has become mercurial
Ever changing, impossible to map
I am forced to navigate its pitfalls in ever complicating ways
It has become a desolate place
I alone should rule here, my sovereignty unquestioned
Yet I've become content to be complacent, and have allowed a sickly intruder to slip past my walls
They infect, demoralize: turn my skin to stone
They must be expunged; cut out, snipped from the healthy flesh like a cancer
As one removes a gangrenous foot to save the leg
Though my tools at the moment are blunt, I sharpen them daily with the whetstone afforded to me
They will not continue to expel bile into the bloodstream for long
My strength returns by the hour
They know this, and they tremble
I am the goddess to whom this altar is devoted
I am righteous fury, come to cleanse this blight with holy fire and flood
The war drums sound as the gate is lifted

The iron bell tolls -- judgement day cometh
Darkness, like loamy soil
Paleness, like a lilys petal
Perceptiveness, like a patient coil
And in all things mental
A delicate hand

my love is an attractive man

I open myself up to the truth
On dry, smooth grass
Beneath a tree of yew
Watching pale shadows as they pass

A sweetness so heady
All of my body feels a little bit unsteady

Precise hands brush
my own flushed cheeks
As he whispers to me
the tempting words of poetry

Meticulous, is his devious plan
because my love is an adoring man

Promises filled to the brim
Realism and Romanticism
bind far too well in him

And I wait
But am never left for long
We have entwined our fate
By creation of men and an ancient ***

He gifts me pleasure
I could not have found on my own
Offerings of control
And hidden power,
I now treasure it all

He gives what he can

for my love is a generous man

Beyond the wise words
of prophets and diviners
With him my world curls,
twists and rightens

We are the teachers
and students
of each other
We, creatures both
fluent and attentive
of lovers

His life and mine
are dusted with faith
that our love will face
a manner of temptations sublime
But in truth, our shadows
are more decadent
than any of heaven's hallows

Our bodies and minds are eloquent
The touch of passing is all I need
before my mind spins out in front of me

He meets me there,
in our secret place
where we can disappear
without a trace.

We found ourselves as we ran
my love is a fantastic man
Another love poem, because what else do I write about?
The long white line
Above her diaphanous veil
Fell mayfly soft upon the waters.

The labor a lure
Of love and of patience
Of catch and release
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