10%-20% smile, if someone urges
30% smile, uncertainty exists
40% smile, escape the secrets
50% smile, a beautiful feel
60% smile, a flow of fuel
70% smile, a time to catch
80% smile, a beautiful truth
90% smile, about to blast
100% smile, tears in the eyes.
Shawn B Jan 31
It's my day off

even-though so was yesterday I feel I deserve a rest.

I cleaned the washroom
I did my reading
I even exercised in the basement,
a little longer than usual.
Man am I great!

Then comes the lazy hesitance,
"this is not the end, begin."

Content with what I've done. I can do no more,

Well I could but I think I'll just play video games.

the lazy hesitance with a silent call a draw to do,
"one more thing"

Be wise with these urges it could steer me wrong, again!

But it says, "go out", not kill your neighbor.

The heavy lazy hesitance,
coupled with the silent push to do one more,
"just go out the door, just out the door that's all honest."

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

I dunno, should I go jogging?
It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to. The quote is of course from the LOTR, I got it from the book - online search. Just a funny poem about motivation I guess. Hope you like.  oh and PS. after this I'm going out for a JOG.
Vulpes Jan 26
I feel her on my skin
Her eyes piercing my walls
Her talons scratching my wrists
Her lips caressing my neck
Her arm is wrapped around me
Her hair strangles me
Her fangs dig into my soul
Her desire engulfing me
Her urges rising inside me
I am hulled in her sweet bliss
Her scent fills my nostrils
As I taste my blood
And embrace the void I created.

And she
Leaves me alone.
Only to return
Svode Dec 2017
Heart pounding.
Knife in my hand.
"God, please take me
to another land."

Mind racing.
My body demands
to drop that thing
within my hands.

Feet tapping.
Urges overcome.
I can't forget
what I've just done.

Tears welling.
In my lover's eyes.
You made me do this,
now why do you cry?
Nylee Jul 2017
Urge to let go
it is increasing
more and more
K Balachandran Jul 2017
I am the gushing river's intent,

Somersaulting waterfall's

still moment, just before

it's touch down on the ground.

Blowing wind's sweet desire,

in it's core to carry pollen on and fertilize.

The upward thrust of the wave,

to touch the crust before the fall.

The lovers' cliff hanger moment

before the lips touch and

meld together in the first kiss.

The seed's yearning am I,

to break the crust and come out

to find a place in the sun
M Harris Feb 2017
Stagnation never takes its course within oneself.
Praying at the crossroads, hoping things would go well.

Ahead of us lies
A Different standard of meaning,
Adding concrete facets to the once so-called oddity.
Clinging on the urge to stay on track and keep moving.
I just take this strange continuum,
Leaving all my peers bemused and clueless.
Have I changed, have I gone insane?
Even past is haunting me,
I have no time to turn around . . .
Chloé Bate Feb 2017
i cannot tell if i fight my urges,
do i do this on purpose
apathetic to my needs
is sleep an urge or a need
is sex an urge or a need
eating, writing, talking
there is no between
indulgence or survival
too little or too much
and it's true that angst is the hardest emotion to conceal
it is able to physically manifest itself no matter
how hard you try
Poetic T Feb 2017
They whisper incoherent visualizations upon yourself;
clinging upon you like spider webs, viscous  and transparent.

A wanting of cleanliness urges you to look away from
the apparent vocalization that is perceived with their
                         glaring pockets of empty sight...

*"A look speaks a volume of intentions,
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