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You are like the star in the sky.
Far away and tough to climb.
Urge to touch you still alive.
Nor you can neither I,
This distance can never minify.
This distance is beyond our control...
When I look through the window, I see
Free bird in the sky.
I wish this could be the destiny of my.
No matter what happiness I get here inside.
The urge in me to go out never die...
not everyone can be a free bird but everyone desires to...
sometimes there's that urge
for silence and its answers
Viseract Mar 17
Forgive me Father, for I must sin
So I can suppress this demon within!


Urges that surge, crawl on my skin
Lifting the corners and forcing a grin
All that you've done, and all of this pain
Now is the time, take it away!


Eyes grow wider as the nights grow colder
Vengeance my master, I am it's soldier
Forcing this karma, I'm coming for you
Karma I am, and I will pursue!


I said when we met that you best be prepared
Loyal to me have no need to be scared
But cross that line, one last time,
And up comes the beast with this rage in my eyes!

So demonic
You've been blind, to all that I've asked
Shuddering breath, you'll draw your last!

No Such Roses, Phoenix...use this wisely
Pepper Dove Feb 3
I can always tell when my life is beginning to fall apart by the mere glimpse of my ******, torn and gnawed to the bone fingertips. A reflection of my internal chaos, now exposed. Revealing my lack of will power to resist the urge when life’s mundane patterns and stress-induced anxiety take over. There’s something to be said when your toenails become longer than your fingernails. I’d say it says that it's time for a manicure of the soul. ****, a pedi wouldn’t hurt either.
A pattern I've noticed when I'm not at my "A-Game" in life. I think I'll use it as a red-flag to pick myself back up again. It's time to nourish my soul.
lilhadi Jan 8
“I lOve you”
Those words
                                      from her lips.
I believed her deceitful manner, her charisma; it was alluring.
I think most people take this as an s.o. but it could be anyone who stopped loving you a friend, a parent to just deceived you to get what they want from you. I also think of the devil to deceive you & feed you with lies to follow her.
Pallavi Nov 2019
Let this urge, be with me
Let our thoughts merge & be with me
Let me **** out,
Your love & notion
Let this hatred surge & be with me.
My love was not love
It was a church,
Let it converge & be with me.
Wellspring Aug 2019
I find that our language
Is nothing but screams.
Screams that trigger a deep urge,
Somewhere inside us,
To scream back.
And so our speech becomes
A twisted language of pain,
Understood only by those
Who bear the agonising weight of life.
I actually included lines similar to these in a personification essay that I did. 'Twas fun to write.
Sumaira Asghar Aug 2019
How many times do I
have to remind myself:
"You have to let it go
so that your heart doesn't break
and your soul doesn't ache.
If it was right it would stay"

But all I urge to do is
grab your collar
and shout at my loudest volume:
"Can you give up on breathing
and still hope to live? "
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