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Elena Jun 2
You don't want me
When I am happy
You don't want me
When I am sad
You only call me
When you need
Your sick pleasure
You only call me
When your loneliness
Eats you up inside out
J J Feb 27
she put the knickers she wore to his in her mouth then proceeds.
her finger stroking his cheek is their form of a lover's kiss,marking the prelude over, her fat *** cheeks rise and drop and slap his skinny thighs until he **** just like he paid for and requested.
he'll miss her and imagine the life she's living after she leaves but he can't dwell on it too long for he's got no one to vent to, and she in-return will long for him and here, knowing even as she makes for the door that the most normal part of her day is over and that it's all uphill from here.

little did they know the other was planning to return the two of them back into strangers.
money pocketed, satisfied at last,
what a stupid little idea it was to start an argument,
spit on bed and slam the door, he shouted i'm nothing if not sorry and she kept on walking like she never heard a thing.
She was darting through thoughts
I dart through hers
My brain tied in knots
Kicking with spurs
Her eyes darker than night
A bottle in her hand
Tearing down with words polite
Meaning hidden I understand
Pack of smokes in pocket
A state of misery
Launching like a rocket
No reason I can see
In foggy haze of confusion
Rain quit falling down
Bars closing in conclusion
Remained dimly lit around
Resting back against wall
Bricks of the front of our wet home
Could hear the substances call
In back of her mind to roam
Let in with welcome arms
Turn off lights one by one
It's about how want disarms
Forfeit to them almost none
In a day will return
Finding you the same place
Or someone better takes their turn
Does not matter
Just a different face
She falls asleep eventually
Giving her dreams attention
Call names and she will be
All things you mentioned
Written about my mom when she was still alive :(
Man Dec 2023
Can you call?

When voices are lost,
And nothing but silence echoes

Truly, it is too much-
To love with your all, it takes a cost
At the expense of yourself, you let go

Rear cheek,
And rob the moment of any frost,
Recompense, in word and not wound

What a world it could be,
If we weren't so self consumed.
nick armbrister Oct 2023
Vice President Boss
The call centre VP boss flew from America to Thailand
She’d been in sales 20 years and knew it all
From presenting to rebuttals to fronting and closing
This was why she was the big boss and flew to Bangkok
One of the reps said to his pals take her to a Go Go bar!
See how her ******* twist and if she can drink and grind
Would you **** her another asked? Of course he replied
They got the business meetings over and official stuff
Including signing the new contract for another year
Then it was time for a team dinner with pizza and Pepsi
There were many photo ops for the website
Later they all went to a ***** Twister bar for fun
She paid for seven buckets of beer and more food
Music played dancing gals danced hookers hooked
A couple of the lads got bjs then and there
Others went back to private rooms with bargirls
The Yankee boss nodded to the TL and a rep
She took their hands grabbed some beers
And they all went to a room to make love!
What ensued in the ***** Twister bar stayed there
Had she done this before or was it the first time?
None of this would appear on the company site!
over 18s only adult
nick armbrister Oct 2023
Mouse Cat
The client went on about how fraud hit the revenue
A single case of fraud could be bad
Costing thousands in dollars by criminals
Take the Mobile Application on cell phones
This was for business owners to take calls on
Separating them from personal calls

On the upmarket plan it was text capable
With unlimited SMS text messages
It was a free service but if 10,000 were sent
In a single day that cost something

If enough of such fraud cases were done
It cost the company hugely in lost revenue
It took time to find out if a new user was a fake
Doing fraud before their account was cancelled

Even if it took 48 hours to stop them just imagine
How many thousand text message could be sent
On 1 upmarket business account Mobile App

Its ease of use on a cell phone was a drawback
It allowed scammers to call up for a new fake account
Using a stolen credit card to pay

The 30 dollar activation fee for the service
That started immediately with a free 14 day trial
Perfect for nifty social engineering fraudsters
There were hundreds of them all being smart
We all had to be smarter to thwart them
How exactly do you do that?
It was cat and mouse
nick armbrister Aug 2023
I had a good talk with the manager
About my numbers the account and sales
You need to do this and that

Yes I shall do my best boss
Here are my suggestions
To make the account better

First there is…
Next there is this…
Followed by this…
And lastly this…

Please see that this is done boss
So the account is smooth
Without issue or trouble

What a good meeting we had
I’m so glad the boss listened
Much will improve
nick armbrister Aug 2023
What Fun!
I worked in a small call centre once
The boss was fed up of being bossed about
So left his job and set up his own call centre
He became his own boss and my boss
Gave me a job dialling varied accounts
In the US UK and Australia

Including tech support surveys sales
Plus education and B2B accounts
I learnt so much in my year with him
It was different and challenging

Each day was different even fun
I was gal agents cry I saw guys battle
We work drank sang ate danced  
In my first year of BPO work
I’d do it all again oh what fun!
nick armbrister Aug 2023
Work a forty hour week or more
Five nights a week for pay
Get a bonus if you hit the targets
Drink every two weeks when paid
Till you fall over have more and crawl
Celebration BPO style wage slave job
Dial the ******* customers do as told
Stressed to Hell and back be quiet DIAL!
You wanna work in a call centre?
Go ahead you better be ready
For stress orders drinking and more
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