I believe that the darkest parts of me
have voices of their own,
that they call to me,
call me far away from myself
to go deeper into myself
they call for me
to come home;
I believe in the darkness
behind these eyes of light,
that these hands can unlock
the window to the soul;
Many times, I've asked the shadow
to touch my face, reach for my heart,
many times, all I could hear was silence
as the currents of acid daylight
carry me away from the truth;
But every night I am closer somehow,
and though I can't see past my outstretched fingers
as the evening takes refuge in the night,
I feel more than I've ever felt before;
Nightmares never find me
when I lose myself in the darkness

Ammar Nov 5

You are the call I wish to never get
Yet long for everyday
For as long as I live

I've left my dear
I've already left
I'm so sorry
You don't have to forgive me
You don't even have to understand
Stay strong
I still care
I understand

Silence Oct 8

In this place we call home I swear none of us have the right morals to look up to and we’re all on social media wishing for acceptance in the for of likes and followers and views and friends on snapchat. In this place we call home were banning people from their dreams and are taken away from their families and are laughed at because of their color on the outside and not by the inside on the space of their hearts and is separated by who they pray to and how they celebrate their life. In this place we call home, we all have messed up minds.

the words just kinda flowed out of me and this is what happened
Jamie Rose Sep 27

From the moment I saw you
I knew we'd be something real
I knew you'd be the one I'd want to grow old with
I love you
You treat me as if I'm the only girl in the world
You're my king and I'm your queen
I'm in love with you
When I'm with you I smile so much my face hurts
But I'm scared
Everyone is saying you'll just break my heart
I don't want to believe them
But I just wonder if they're right
And they were.

Jamie Rose Sep 27

How can you go from telling me you love me to not responding to any of my calls?
How can you tell me you need me then say you're going to a party and there's no guarantee you won't fuck someone else?
How can you say all the things you do and still get mad at me for getting hurt?
Do you even want me?
Am I just a convenience?
I knew it was too good to be true...

In Eeuwigheid Sep 26

I know the joy that keeps us believing
that we all should live a different life
filled with purpose
in a place filled with only a few good men
and if that call comes from the inside
that was once said to me
when I was still watching from the shore
I will be patiently waiting
to be able, despite my fears
despite the waves that are crashing against my ship
to show them, with all that I am
I will always be faithful to the one
that will never stop coming after us.

I will keep coming after Him.

Amma Sep 22

It's blindness
no mercy
It's foolishness
It's fancy

slowly slowly
I fell down in a deep hole
sorrowful to take this role

Can you hear me screaming, calling to the lost souls?
It's the silence among the walls

Waiting is hurting too
I have no choice either stay or go..

Pick it up
     Slowly dial

Say hello
     Talk awhile

Bring back old times
     Talk of new

Remember the friendship
     That continually grew

Talk for hours
     And reminisce

Talk of old friends
     That you may miss

Now the bill is increasing
     It's time to go

There will be more times
     To say hello

For it is no big task
     To make a call

Just pick up the phone
     That hangs on the wall

So I wrote this poem back in 1987 for my best friend who my family moved away from. Living so far apart was hard for us so the telephone was out connection.  I was 11.
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