RenzoAndy May 14

How come i can be this longing
Bare with me if you mind to sing
Telling you now not mean to cling
Just letting my mine been digging

Only to you be bring closer in you
Only for you be true closure of you
Never been told these will making us
None told as growing deeper as cause

Tonight what i feel isn't for me only
You will see what i can feel with folly
You can laugh as you can see free in me
This is what will shown for you and me

Be missing of you bring star faded
Being with you star glowing as beaded
So glown sparked me, cant even close...
Won't Close my eyes for just second pose

I need to see you.

Arcassin B May 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Chemistry embeds the heart and soul into
capacities that can not be measured,
Love Is limitless even to the people , just want
a piece of the pie when it severs,
As much ambition as i have in this world to
make a girl wanna stand up and praise,
treating the people how you wanna be treated
but instead they see you stuck all in your ways,
Got sick of love for awhile so i stuck to the
feelings of diamond valley,
got to know myself a little bit but in a nick of time
God called to me,
Told me about the long distant relationships and
heartaches with memories,
remembering a time way back when i told my ex,
i want you to want me,

I'm just tired of the love,
I'm just tired of the hate,
I'm just tired of the kissing,
I'm just tired of your face,
don't you tell me that you love me,
cause i know it ain't real,
don't tell me that you love.

Shanath May 8

Awakened by whispers from a friend
On the other side of the earth.
He perhaps forgot how time
Lacks to treat us the same.
He was bouncing from
One classroom to the other,
I was in my bed
Sweat drenched in my dreams.

I tried to muffle his scream
But he yelled louder,
Bloodshot eyes, I spoke,
Careful not to wake my mother.
I asked and asked if he was alright,
I was afraid he was thinking up
The actions I almost followed.
I asked him again
If he was fine,
He replied with a "good morning",
I said "goodnight".

My head was thumping too hard
I knew the morning would begin
With my weekly dose of migraine.
He called me back,
I asked again if he was alright,
It's 3 damn clock in the morning,
I would sleep if he was fine.

He acclaimed that I lied,
"I was hurt so I was up
Or else I would never have taken his call"
He said. I sighed,
He couldn't hear.
I told I would be back in two hours,
I wished he would rest
Get his head straight.

He acclaimed that I lied,
I wasn't gonna sleep,
I was traumatized,
He asked again if I was fine,
I replied "relatively".
I wondered what I meant,
He didn't ask to clarify,
I declared I am going to sleep.
I lied.

I was up till past 4,
My alarm set to 5,
I would speak to him then I resolved,
He could do with not killing himself
For two hours I analysed.
I slept for minutes 45
I called but he was gone.

I tried to decipher my strange dreams.
It was about the dogs
Chasing me,
The fear I always have.
I try never to think of love,
In my dream I had no way out,
That was when he had called.

I reminisce now
Was he looking for me to save him,
Or did he save me?

We all need our saviors
Even while we try to save others.

When her ocean sounds
Rang the pallid chandelier
I felt my blood cook
and disappear
The pool-house hummed
In the veil of night

I want to speak with her
Beneath a canopy of lights
I miss her bathroom floor
(The meadow of clothing)
Buried like Carthage salt
And the hymns she half-sings
.. -. - --- / - .... .. -. / .- .. .-.

Breathing maliciously, I procure exponentially. My defeat is all but a matter of time.

I slip down that slippery hole that  enters or rather exits into my mind.

I eventually stare from the side lines. Potentially no more option, Left with blind eyes.

I wander from room to room unmasking every sin and every lie.

Until the rooms are empty, I transpond images. I assure you there is no silver line.

What a chilling cauldron it becomes beneath all that I find.

The destruction lay wait to repair with so little time.

If I donot hurry there will be nothing left to salvage. I will be stuck here for all of time.

I cannot emphasize the importance enough that I must leave at the sound of the right sign.

Further below and further behind. I have been bound to this bed with a hope that I will hear a sign.

The time has come I hear drug out beep and see a flashing light.
The battle is won, now to begin a new life.

Today I discovered
What I already knew
That our friendship will go
Only as far as our memories can carry it
Which is kind of sad really
Because I cannot
Will not
Should not
Adjust even just an inch for you

Tis true.
Pamela Rae Mar 29

impending moments
which will define our future--
we have to hope all goes well--
trying our best to believe
that our lives won't delve into hell
with all that awaits--
yes, fear of the unknown
even though we are determined
to stand and fight
we know we're not alone
in this
that which we find to be your plight--

again it's back
with a vengeance this time--
and though we have a good team
it just seems a crime--
how many times, my love,
must we endure this fight?
I suppose the answer is clear to that question--
we'll do it over and over again
with all of our might
and we'll WIN and come out of this intact
We both know our love is the
bonding fact
that holds us together
through the worst (and best) of it all--
©Pamela Rae 03.29.2017

My true love faces major surgery to remove a mass on his lung next week. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we fight our way back from yet another round with cancer. I know we will win--
our love is too strong to let the so called big C take him away from me!
Wishing you all blessings and good health always! ♥

I say sad words
with a contented voice
Smile when i cry
Cry when i laugh
Will anybody
hear my call?
Call for help

Im in here.
Shawn B Mar 8

The phone rings

(My heart leaps for a second
I haven't heard this voice for at least three weeks)
How's the weather down there?
It's just snowed, my vehicle is Brocken,
A dead starter,
My starter is dead today too,
No work
No play
But a little bundle of energy in my chest
But not motivated to do anything)
Cold.. snowy, you?
(People say these conversations have little or zero value...)
Nice, thanks
How are you?
(...But it does. Cause in 1978 when it was dry
The crops didn't grow and
People went near dead)
(He's always good. It's a talent that comes naturally
To him, but the ready of us struggle to get to.
I feel like I have to work so
Hard just to break even with everyone living
With what seems like effortless ease.
But he struggles not.)
(At least he struggles not as far as I can see,
With a heart as big as that there has to be some struggle there.
With care, and affections, comes hope,
And hope hurts until it's fullfiled,
And he hopes, I know he hopes,
Or he wouldn't call,
and I can hear it in his voice,
See it his eyes.
I want to succeed, just to prove you right
For believing in me)
We talk a bit
I hang up the phone,
And get busy.


Hi Dad. Thanks for calling.
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