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Whether you Wake up to
silence or a rooster call,
darkness or light,
love or a fight,
You still woke up.
Day or night, even if your hope is gone,
You woke up. So keep moving on.
Because however it happened,
You woke up.
And that's another chance to change things. Another chance to live.
I had no idea
to call you back
when I lost everything
from my eyes sight.
But I want to get a help.
Indonesia, 14th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Kyrie Hajashi Apr 13
Green violins and caramel wings
My heart shivers as the cricket call
For his love in midnight wings.

The cold moon sings a silver anthem
In tune with the cricket's howl
For his love who's writing this poem.

The front door is open
waiting for love to peek
Psychorange Apr 9
People can fall
Buildings are tall
Can I be above it all?
Can I see the horizon?
See the sun leave for the night?
Oxygen is scare
I breathe in a pace
4 second rotations
Please lead the way

One tries to be good
One tries to be strong
One tries to feel good
Can one get any wrong

Not always consistent
Had been dishonest
Sometimes I blank
behind the actions of feelings
I have my reactions

I'm still where I am

You wait and I wait the same
You know I want to change
And I'm making my way
I'm sorry I said "you know"
I didn't mean that
And I know you hate sorries
It won't be just that
I don't want a fight
I want us to talk
till we go to bed together
Please don't end the call
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some questions are never answered---they are floating in space scrapes till now:\

who are you?

where are you?

are you there?

you still there?

your staggering blues begged

for my attention in the shackles of chaos

now what?

where are you gone?

call me right on the phone?

Rachel Rae Mar 19
My scarred up fists that broke
with weary
Long wilted petals released
Once rose, once lily
And I watched them drop off fingertips,
Catch the breeze
And with ease, drip off the cliff
Down from the mountaintop
pt 2.
Ronin Mar 15
they say
is a certainty.

they're right.

i'm not
i'm waiting,

full of fear,
i'm waiting
for the next call.

who will be next?
Maria Mitea Mar 7
from forgotten distances
search me among the shooting stars
catch me in a mysterious floating dream
kiss me in the middle of the night
promise me anything
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