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malluraeh Oct 7
decline the call,
delete the e-mail,
ignore the speech,
ignore the message,
focus on yourself and yourself only
xiǎo jūn Sep 20
You called me at 2 a.m. to ask if I was in bed
you knew the answer but you went ahead
and asked about my day
and if I missed your face
I was stirred awake by your call
not answering what i felt like breaking the law
baby girl I'm sorry I hurt you
I didn't mean to do your wrong
it's just i haven't been seeing you too long
and I'm starting to lose focus
just spending the night together
just us we slip into conversation
and I don't need to worry about the dedication
needed to pay attention
wish you were in my city
girl come get your affection
it needs collecting
Old phone call
Ringing in the nightfall
Never stop from winter to fall
The noise's forcing us all
To keep quiet and stay in the hall
acacia Sep 18
Make me drink the orange-growing vines inside a drop of water; I sit in this bubble and I see the world as they transcend through slaughter; you drink the rain and bring me more strange parodies;
waiting for your darkness in the call, waiting for your call in a Tuesday window slot;
the driver forced you to buy a new one, a grown one, a torn one; a little boy brightly needs to see me, a little bird brightly needs to feel me;
forge the holy waters by the saunas, the natural sauna to drill in the Sun to drive me into the harkings through your brain, your frontal lobe, your northernmost pole;
crashing into cities, foraging through the dark;
you can’t take away from me, I’m in the single most nearest computer screen: did you see her by the lamppost? In the window, walking in the window—she got hit with the wind, though;
the brown hedge waters, they’re seeking you; they seek the driest triumphant day to reform the nations, reform indications about the way you dress, send a PSA about how to look at your chest!
Can you see me lurking in the window? Can you feel my hand through your twins, though? HER: Where does the gale blow?
HIM: Do you mean where the wind blows?
HER: Oh, the gale goes where the wind blows?
And he thinks she’s stupid, so her drinks her like a syrup and drizzles her; life is mirrored.
My whole heart has been contaminated by the single-use lines of you; I’m just a cigarette, a cigarillo with a frequent contempt for matrimony, busted **** inside the head—make me with lace of yarn; take me, trace me into the most prettiest fabric in the sea, with hair falling down Mountain Holy; I drift into your yard, with the life outside focused on my hands and green tops with hearts into jars—not that song.
Your song, (yeah, you) your song, the one you wrote for me (with calamezzo!) Mazaretto, that’s my name. I remember. Yeah, you. I remember you. Why would you say that, huh? I ask between gritted teeth, and gasping breaths. You thought it was okay to say that, huh? My voice heightens and cracks as I whip into you; sweat drips down your sides, I want to rip your heart.
Don’t tell me, don’t see. The sea is far, wide, stretched in your cavities; the crevices of your hide; my fish doesn’t like that. She takes everything away! She holds them inside of her cave, while she swims with her tail in her legs. She logs their heads there,
she holds their heads there; she follows the leader, she saw her as a cheater.
Maybe if you are lucky you can get a selfie of my chest . . .
A Simillacrum Sep 13
Start to dance,
maybe my bones break.
Start to chant,
maybe my voice dies.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

With this wand,
I waive rust.
With this wand,
I let blood.

Start. Stop. Start.

I don't want blood.
I don't want to buff
your sword and
your armor

I only learned
this trade
for the portal spells.

I only want to
Reviving the mere inceptive  conversation we had,
it was 15th of may when we first met.
~~not in real but on social app.

it makes me smile when i remember first ever conversation we had.
it was gawky we didn't knew what to talk, though we had such a pleasant talk.

I won't lie to butter you up
but trust me you were looking so
gorgeous that day,
you made me feel so right with just one look you took my breath away.
I'll send out
A newsletter
For you
And you alone
With pictures
Of me
And the dogs
And the fish
And the things
We once
Might've shared
If only you
Weren't hiding
In Colorado
I know
I put
The blame
All on you
And that's so
So not fair
But I can't
Deal with
The fact
That you miss
Me less than
I miss you
Is it so
Wrong to
Want you to
Miss me
I want you
To kiss me
At night
In your dreams
I'm begging
You please
Give me a
Sign that
You could
Be mine
Don't ask
If that's
It is because
You don't
Have the time
To listen
To me whine
You've been
Inside for days
Your world
Is surely
A haze of
And remedies
To things
You don't want
To fix and
I understand
The pain
Of being torn
Away from the
Things that
You've lived on
For so long
But I've
Been there too
It *****
It really does
But please
Come home soon
I'm in love
With your letters
There's no
Promise of
Forever but
I at least
Want to see
You before
You go for good
I'm not
Just ashamed
Of the things
That I've done
And the things
That I'll do
But not of you
Never of you
I went to the post office and now I am ****** for a multitude of reasons, most to do with myself and the **** institution.
There have times before I met my wife to be I've lived outside In all kinds
of weather with just a sleeping bag folded on my back
Those days I exsprienced
what people would call freedom beholden to no one but myself free to travel where and when ever I wanted
Finding anywhere to lay my head at night that might be a hedgerow field or perhaps some sandy beach sitting watching the sun go down over the beautiful
Then to fall asleep under the vastness of the sky stars for all to see and gently drift to sleep with the sound of the sea that's what freedom Is all about living free no pressures that's what freedom
was to
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