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My own growth comes from a deep realization of loss of life, whether
at my own hands or by another, I’m skewed emotional & left questioning my own intellect, I live until it’s time to go & continue to be proud or apologetic for
my own extreme nature.
anotherken Feb 7
"Hurry, my child, dawn is coming clear."
"But mother, the wolves I cannot hear."
Yet I look at her, with a single tear
Feeling the need to be near.

"Do what is must, what is right."
"Save the people that save you might."
I swear to heaven, I tried to be a knight.
Just the thought of it fills me with fright.

Being moral in an amoral state,
Where the just seemed to ****** and ****.
It sickens me, fills me with hate
But what is there, left to save?

What of the leaders?
Apparently, they too are sinners,
Found guilty of being evil's supporters.
All for a greater purpose, I wonder.

What's the point of all the great morals and ethics,
If this immoral world makes it somewhat pathetic?
No symbols in a world seemed symbolic,
No heroes in a world seemed heroic.
3 diff’rent times of day
3 diff’rent kinds of meal
3 diff’rent parts to play
3 diff’rent ways they’d feel

3 diff’rent, work, home, play
3 diff’rent spokes their wheel
3 diff’rent, pay, love, lay
3 diff’rent, earn, spurn, steal

3 diff’rent minds they say
3 diff’rent wounds to heal
3 diff’rent worlds to stay
3 diff’rent realms of real

3 diff’rent, sounds okay
3 diff’rent, no big deal
3 diff’rent, just their way
3 diff’rent’s the appeal
Momoir Jan 22
So temporal
helps us forget our morals
The damage it causes
contracts & clauses
people starving while others feast
without conscience, the evil beasts!!
That is the preoccupation in our world

confusing, making life all
twisted & twirled
Surely you can't compare it
To Gods eyes in the stars
His heart, the moon, sweet sister
Guides us in such a tormented world at such a darkened time.

Can you buy the sun?
Can you purchase the planet of love?
But you sure do your best to pay for this destruction above

a horrid corruption
when all we really need is love
Written by my mother, June 1993
Mackenzie Jan 15
I know who I am
My moral's
Things that cannot shake me
But I'm drowning in my sorrow's
All of the things that continue to break me
I have let the bad things shape me
Mold me into a form I do not recognize
I know who I am
She is very hard to find
Under the debris and
The dark night's I can still see
My moral's
the things that cannot shake me
But I let the bad things break me
I dig and I dig through the mess
I’m depressed
My moral's may be something
I silently put to rest
Just Ivan Dec 2018
Lately, I wonder.. whats really important?
I wonder if its love and or elopement?

I know the things I want but assume I'm undeserving.
So I keep my mouth shut.
Trying to keep my words vague and reassuring.
Pretending i'm not stuck in this rut.

I crave purpose, I want to take risks.
Intimidated by my shadow.
I slap my wrists.
can't help but feel hollow.

I'll continue to trudge on through.
Because I've been told, that's the right thing to do.
Austin Draper Dec 2018
A young horse went to the older horses, to tell them his goal.
“I want to fly!”
The older horses were confused.
“Horses can’t fly.”
“But I can do what I can dream right?”
“We need more horses to lug the humans around. It gives you a solid meal.”
The young horse then said.
“But if the humans see a flying horse, then I’ll get more than a few meals! And they’ll pay a lot to get a horse to fly since there isn’t that many.”
The horses said nothing, except one.
“Fly if you want, but if your wings carry you not; remember that your legs will.
Let not your label decide you, but make sure you have skill with your dreams. And if you wait for that skill or find another dream, then remember mundane labor. It will give you a simple meal.
This is another fable when I was considering getting a Job at Wendy's in the year following. Just Prose
Anya Nov 2018
I just fake it
It’s easier

The test was hard
Even though,
I got a 98%

He has a bad personality
Even though,
He’s been nothing less
Than polite
To me

She’s so amazing at it
Even though,
I’m not too far behind

Their relationship is going to fail
Even though,
I think it’s rude
To gossip
Behind their

These things...
And more,
It doesn’t
Even if I explain
Will people even listen?

I let it be
It’s             Easier
I mean,
Not when it directly hurts
I do have a bottom line

But otherwise...
With shades of gray
To differentiate


I guess...
I’ll let it be

After all,

Sometimes in life it’s really hard to know when to step in and ne when to mind your own business. And there are times when others naturally believe you agree with them but you’re to tired to explain your specific circumstances to them and just go along with what they say.
Marla Toledez Nov 2018
Our Angels have fallen,
Regrettably so.
Pithy ones they were,
Pity to see them go.
Raised by them I was
When dark hours bore no light.
Broken & coreless I am now
As I tread without sight.
They've blinded me
With their self-betrayal,
Uprooting steadfast beliefs
In search of some Holy Grail.
What am I now
Without their guidance?
A noble wretch
In the throes of blindness?

Perhaps they've favored me,
After all,
By leaving me in contemplation.
Reconfiguring virtues
To ensure my salvation
From a hero's fall
Into a villain's condemnation.
I suppose through their
Collective blunders
We've been borne wisdom
That will save us all
From the heart of darkness
Lurking within everyone,
Shadowing our love
With hate
Standing tall.
Hold no idol dear.
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