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Poetic T Sep 20
We should
    Never think
We're better
        Than another.

But should always
strive to be
       Than ourselves.
The moral compass
Matters not, should one choose to
Not look where it points.
Alex Gifford Sep 5
Bruised and ******,
arms restrained
this criminal correctly blamed
for trying to release another.

Who not a friend
nor a brother
but thought it wrong
to just let suffer.
So together
in a cage
held conviction,
suppressed rage,

And whispered words
in hopes to capture
a nudging deep within the captor.
but dismayed,
their guardian then proclaimed,
"when dogs are slaves,
you've no regrets,
yet misbehave
when men are
A bit dark. It was inspired by the realization that many peoples explanation behind human value is completely subjective.
Maaz Jun 12
The pain one man feels can be felt by another.
When one man suffers, we all suffer.
But the suffering of one does not equate to that of another,
What we go through is nothing compared to our sisters & brothers.

One man may starve & no hands will reach out to feed him,
when You and I scroll through our feed, do we care for him?
In that moment, our hearts may bleed for him, but does that really matter? When a living, breathing man looks more like a cadaver.

We pile the blame on those in power
to allow our conscience to breathe,
And yet, in reality we, the people, are to blame.
For we can move mountains with our actions to help the powerless but instead we choose to lie and deny our own cowardice.
A crime we're all guilty of
Justus May 13
I don't care much for titles or trophies
I've never been one to reminisce over
past accomplishments
I only want to destroy the spirit of
the man before me
I will only be satisfied with victory
when I feel his grit wither away
When his sense of self is lost
I will have found myself again
Nietzsche is smiling at me from his cave
People tell me that I need therapy; I remind them that they are the superfluous.
Joseph Loggi May 3
They say you can buy happiness
With just a little luck.
That it would be so immense
You’d never need to grow up.

But time through time
It might drip away
And dry up in a drought,
That in a few days
It would be filled with doubt.

That type of water,
Doesn’t let anything grow
And maybe this ground is cursed.
Maybe it’s time to go elsewhere
To finally clench this thirst.

But you can keep on running
And that lake becomes a sea.
You just have to wait,
For it to go,
As slow as it may seem.
religion was never the truth,
the difference between good and evil,
a meaning of an existence,
the truth within oneself,
when you can’t identify your truth you try to seek it from outside,
someone’s belief is not worth an acceptance of truth for one’s being,
don’t let a concept undermine your truth,
ideas that split humans into groups,
fighting with one another,
superiority is the quality of evil,
harmful morals,
the Evil won some fights throughout societies.
My book 'The Allure Of Time' is now available on amazon.
Kaylee Ann Mar 27
hate is as strong as a blade
yet, you throw it around like it's a debate
your religion is the false foundation for your hatred
you hold onto your false morals like a trophy
that trophy is not holy
you constructed that as a shield for loathing
killing true religion
creating the theology of hate
Randy Johnson Mar 25
It was my moral duty to operate and in many people's eyes, I was admired.
I did what needed to be done and because of that, I was fired.
Four years ago, a baby was born with Down Syndrome and he had a heart defect.
Because of his mental impairment, he was a baby who his parents chose to reject.
I told the parents that without an operation, their baby would die.
They told me not to operate and sadly, I understood the reason why.
They wanted him to die because of his Down Syndrome and some others and I protested.
The parents were taken to court but the judge agreed with what the parents requested.
Even though that **** judge upheld the parents decision, I operated anyway.
I saved that baby's life but my superiors were outraged and decided to make me pay.
I was fired but because of public outcry, they said that I would be reinstated.
I told them to go jump off a cliff, I wouldn't work for a hospital that I hated.
I was fired because of my moral scruples but I had the last laugh.
Now I work at a better hospital and I've become the Chief of Staff.
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