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kei Aug 1
naive : unaffected simplicity
desire : to long; hope for
temptation : act of appeal
greed : selfish, extravagant desire
pride : state of excessive self-esteem
arrogance : overbearing pride, personal superiority; contempt
sin : offense against the moral law

these are applicable to all humans.
what a nice sentence.
Psychostasis Jul 16
I was once accused of being the devil under a darkened moon on a foggy night

Now, I've met the devil and let me tell you
The devil once beat me with a curtain rack over my back until I bled
Only to pretend it was in the sport of the game

I've met the devil
In fact, the devil used to show my mom love from the end of a fist and in the sunrise after a long night of crying
Would convince her it was in the name of his love for her

I've befriended the devil
The Devil once taught me how to pick locks and marks minding their own business
And to prey on these people, nay,
Like my life depended on it

I've lived with the devil
The devil kept once me locked in a house-shaped-prison before flinging me into the world unprepared, and dazed
Only to blame me for not watching the outside close enough from my foggy window

I've loved the devil
And eagerly, I gutted myself in the devil's name each time she asked me to see my still beating heart
Only to be confused as to why she hated the mess that followed my orders

I've sacrificed to the devil
I've taken my own heart and soul, and impaled them on a blade made of pure jaded spite, only to lay them with all the other hearts I've stolen and pierced
Unknowingly, yet undoubtedly maliciously.

I've kissed the devil
And in that deal I sealed my fate a lifetime of servitude to a soul I helped created
And created a bond with the devil that was forbidden for good reason

I've lied to the devil
Only to have my mistakes return and slash me across the face like the blade that is the sun's beams shedding light on a long night of forgetting problems
No matter how justifiable he claimed I was

I've seen the devil
He watched me from the bottom of an orange tube only to switch his view finder to something he could swim in
And once more, even now,
As it dances on the end of my blunts

I've met the devil
And I've met the devil many times throughout my lifetime
I've met the devil enough times to identify it by smell, or hearing
Despite it coming with a new assortment of blends, and a new chirp every time it appears
****, at one point, it was me

But I know this Now:
I am not (currently),
Nor will I be ever again,
The Devil.
created a isolated world
than plucked
myself into reality,
for impulsive reasons.
& love,
I'm apart of
I circle the store at least three times, every time I go.
I can never make up my mind.
Usually Trader Joe will ask me if I'm OK,
Or if he can help me find anything.
Usually I'll lie and say I'm fine,
Squinting intently at the array of fresh greens
But today I asked him..

How can I decide which fruit is the sweetest?
Does it matter where it came from?

Does it matter if an onion is red, or yellow, or "sweet"
If they all will make me cry?

What's the difference between a fig and a date?
How come I can never find either of them?

If swiss chard is so good for you,
Why does it taste so bad going down?

Why do beans make you farty?
How is that a "magic fruit?"

Why is everyone blind to the lie
That carrots make your eyesight better?

Is it toe-may-toe or toe-mat-toe?
Poe-tay-toe or poe-tat-toe?
Does it matter?
Does any of this matter?

He replied, "Ma'am, my name isn't Joe. I don't know. I just work here.. and they definitely don't pay me enough for this."

So I left with an empty bag, and a heavy mind.
Please provide any constructive criticism that you are willing to share!
Mitch Prax May 19
Maybe living is
itself morally worse than
never being born

4:08 PM
CommonStory Mar 11
I swirl at the thought of us human

Nobody thinks they're wrong


Nobody is doing anything right

Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/11/20
Poetic T Mar 5
I put all religious texts in library
in the over
   eighteen fiction section.

For who would let a child ponder
           on the dualities of moral
discomfort, and the lessons of
  what ponders beneath the page.

For the lessons are a contagion on
      young minds. These books
choose the morals of an age bygone.

These books have been a disease on
the morality of humanity. yet they are
         fiction a duality of horror and beauty.

But lest we forget that the horrors within
should not be shackled on a mind young.

   So that is why I put those religious books
           in the over eighteen section..
In every library I visit,

              am I wrong or right...

               You decide....
Poetic T Feb 15
We are godless
and yet more moral
                       than those who
                               cherry pick.

                    And yet never
able to swallow the
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