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Ackerrman Aug 20
If you knew
That you were already
Would you still go to work?
To be humble
Is not to be fraught or distraught
And hide those feelings away
But rather to know what you feel
And know why you feel that way
To have the humility to talk to someone
Is the true definition of humble
Humility is an often misused word.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2022
The side the flipside
and the bridge.
The day the night
and the bond
the humbly wane
Descovia Jul 2022
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

I S A A C Aug 2021
money, fame, glory
Childhood was so rough the only option was to come up with a story
Adulthood came early and taught me to be discerning
But in a world full of colour hues its easy to pick the shivering blue
Fell into a whirlpool, a black hole so dark my memory vanished
But these lessons I learned taught me to survive in famish
So I worked for the juxtaposition because I deserve lavish
So stunning and blessed I came to be
Never let that light die in me
I knew I would make it with the right opportunities
So I learned how to be hardworking and ambiguities
A humbling story and sometimes sad
But I am grateful and cherish moments I will always have
But I moved on, looking good, getting back
Everything they took from me I used to have
Ashanti Aug 2021
Humble yourself whatever you received can be taken away from you just like how it was given to you
Humble yourself and wait your turn your time is coming
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