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Descovia Jul 25
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

Om Ggai Apr 4
Caught in between the sky and the earth
How can I be fulfilled when I’m born being cursed
Happiness is never balanced, overcomed by traumas and hurt
Dampen your ego my friend
we will all end up as dirt …
I S A A C Aug 2021
money, fame, glory
Childhood was so rough the only option was to come up with a story
Adulthood came early and taught me to be discerning
But in a world full of colour hues its easy to pick the shivering blue
Fell into a whirlpool, a black hole so dark my memory vanished
But these lessons I learned taught me to survive in famish
So I worked for the juxtaposition because I deserve lavish
So stunning and blessed I came to be
Never let that light die in me
I knew I would make it with the right opportunities
So I learned how to be hardworking and ambiguities
A humbling story and sometimes sad
But I am grateful and cherish moments I will always have
But I moved on, looking good, getting back
Everything they took from me I used to have
Ashanti Aug 2021
Humble yourself whatever you received can be taken away from you just like how it was given to you
Humble yourself and wait your turn your time is coming
degzvdg Apr 2021
Be still and write.
Let the fire in you become wildfire as your worries enfolds you.
Create words as if the last sentence you will produce will create greatness.
Stand firmly as the darkness slowly creeps,
let light shine upon you as you pray to the almighty however you may perceive him to be.

Walk as if the adventure will be the destination,
Run as you go unknowingly to tomorrow.

Smile as you find the peace of your mind,
laugh as you greet your heart with euphoria.

Treat people as if kindness is our only virtue,
dedicate actions thru affections.

Plant your feet into the ground,
carry each other's weight with great care.
Feel not of heroism,
but instead be heedfully compassionate.

Write like the sunset will be the last you will see today.
Give life chances as it surprises you with grace.
Path Humble Apr 2021
”against your will were you created,
against your will were you born,
against your will do you live,
against your will will you die, and
against your will will you stand in judgment before the
King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.”

Rabbi Elazar HaKappar (C.170 - C.200 CE)
(Ha Kappar: the one who made and gave atonement)


in these, the years of my erosive declination,
when the noble prize, time for introspection,
once was a chore of delaying, now no longer can be off-put,
the certainties of Elazar, offer guidable satisfactions

the nighttime review, resurrecting my life, the gaps,
the untaken actions, those dream-schemes speak loudest,
memories of what should have been, are a litany of what ifs,
prosecutorial accusations of crass wastage

against my will, the charges brought,
against my will, plead guiltily my innocence,
against my will, knowingly, time’s erasure judgment,
secures my fate, all the granular cells causal dissipation

my warped willingness to be a coward,
it was my meditative, to natural be the lesser man,
choosing the safety premise, the road most oft trod,
the addition of my meager totality, willing given

Even if all these land mine/roadblocks
and summary judgements are against my will,
willingly do I confess, in all innocence, my guilt,
“if it be my will”
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2020
It's not the things
that , I desire

It's the moments
It's a walk on a beach
It's a conversation over coffee
It's enjoying a good laugh

The moments created
That leave memories

To be humble and give
back what nature so glady
has bestowed upon me

To appericate what , I have
To just find the joy in this journey

It's not without struggle
But for now I am here

I am not gonna worry
Why stress when you are blessed ..

© Jennifer L DeLong  Sept 2020
Talisman Jan 2021
I stared into your deep brown eyes
And you said it’s nothing
I admired the gentle flow of your hair
And you said it’s nothing
I ran my hands through the curve of your waist
And you said it’s nothing
I said “What a beautiful soul you have”
And you said it’s nothing
If all of that is nothing
Then nothing is everything
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