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Eurus Mar 11
I'm not looking for
A statue in a museum
Or a love song about me.
A heart beating
To the rythm of mine
Sounds perfect for me.
My heavenly angel:Mommie
Today I got the news
Memories blue
Frozen stuck to me like glue
I didn’t feel
Tears paradise vision of you
Flashing how I was raised
My shelter
Understood me without speaking
Of how to feel
Little cousins playing in the dirt
In that hill
We loved and hurt
No more pain
Confused days
Your love remains always
This is just another memory
For your days in the sky
Smiles of your sweet
Harmonized voice
A family you built
Far and near
A family we are
Rest peacefully my dear
MOMMIE(Bertha Sommerville)
#harddays #blessedways #heavenlysmile
Sumairu Feb 23
As long as there is breath in my body and when my days have reached it's end; You will always be perfect, even when in moments you do or say imperfect things, your imperfections are what makes you perfect.
Even in imperfection you
still have to say I'm-perfect
Shine like the sun
Be calm like the moon

Stay humble
Like you are
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What attracts you? The humbleness i replied.
Deadwood Jawn Jan 20
Get back.
          Turn the light off.
                   Kneel before the master.
                         Then weep continuously.
                                  Bring yourself to a humble state.
Weep. Wrote this a while ago but couldn't be bothered to post it. Idk.
Baylee Kaye Jan 20
your might is like a river
your unfailing power flows
readied arrows in the quiver
but it’s mercy you bestow
you don’t relish in the flesh
rather it’s delighting in the heart
for my life in turn be blessed
is the reason you take part
your love is what admires
my humbly surrendered name
what your soul desires
is your compassion made my fame
and it’s your conceit you abdicate
to transpose my wayward state

I really wish to get better at sonnets. This year my resolution is to write a poem every single day, I’ve been following this well. I plan for the month of February to write sonnets to try and get better.
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
Searching for a monument to build,
to my stranger nature.
A display of living purpose,
but it's paper,
A failure to surface,
when the current spills
my hopes out to the maker.

I'm breathing toxic calamity like a vapor.
I'm receding, firing soliloquies over faders,
and waiting for it to taper.
The baser instinct to sink into
to a shape conforming destiny's favor, amazing
but it's death in a manger.
A gift of unrequested breath
to levy questions of our nature
impartial but starting to loose
the fruit for us to play with

Don't play with your food
the canopy vines can't seem to stay in the mood
when amity cries
just as we bite another layer
and hope our spirit affords an existential favor.

The corporeal farce of the mortal coil
Where I'm going, what I've done,
who I am, who I have to become

Who am I to give a ****
about what has to be done
will I be actualized
if I inhabit the gun
will I be dazzled to find
that I should never have won
that all my fevers of prayer
were only threads to be spun

I am the definition of survivor's bias
clamoring for comprehension to a writer's silence
buying into lines reverberating in my mind
and all the while I soak
in revelation of the killing kindness

an absence of a unique purpose
a lavish elusiveness revealing
time as worthless, when I dig for deeper meaning
but seemingly informed by enduring
anguish in a world to test which
axiom I'll push the furthest
my reluctance to lift the curtain
My redundancy in spilling refusal
sooner empty than truly certain
My abundance of energy
filling the room
I bask in knowledge
Honoring the right to never learn it

And so I paint
I drape the walls and fall into
the sordid echoes,
calling through the mist.
Simple soothing bruising lips
They whistle darkness
move your hips
I'll leave a mark

I'm through with this.
Everyone wants to find that connection between their spirit (soul, self, being) and the rest of reality. That's mostly what this is about, with some tangents. Getting things out and in stone. Exploring, building, creating our own purpose, or finding the value in the purpose others have created for themselves in an existence that can seem bleak or meaningless at times. There's more in there, but that's sort of the broad strokes. Enjoy, and thank you.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
I believe
Will appear in your life

That moment
You will feel special
You will  flow with the time

You will be comfortable
With a soulful company
Opening the door of sincerity

Like never before
You will carry the flame of life
When dream meets reality
You will find beautiful

Genre: Romantic
Theme: Sync Vibes
trf Nov 2018
you could never take a compliment
they're buried with the rest of 'em

my mind is prone to atrophy
rewind your body next to me

no lies in our comfort zone
take this time turn off the phone

we are not an accident
don't be so incredulous

  it's getting dimmer, swimming in a shoal...
  dinner bells resound like white fog around a light pole...

heaven cannot face us
not to be complacent

devil wears my shoulder
your angel is adjacent

seven years of chances
still drowning in a basement

you could never take a compliment
they're buried with the rest of 'em
TheStartOfMyEnds Nov 2018
Blessed with a sky of waterfall
I let my thoughts run amok the greedy raindrops
The beats, the trickle and the gush
  Resting on concrete sand
With nothing but thin fabrics that clung to my skin
It's a silence of pleasure
Being caressed by the cold
Surprisingly peaceful
To let the wind slowly, at a leisurely pace
Invade your body's temperature
Humming in your ear
A songful of promises
That faith never fails
And patience rewards
Tempting you to stay seated
Wait out the storm
The clash of waves a raw entertainment
And a rumble of applause
Somewhere beyond those thick clouds of uncertainties
Words unspoken
I let myself listen instead
Letting the mysteries solve themselves
Unanswered questions
Offering crystal answers
And found it rather enjoyable
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