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Arthur Blank Sep 22
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
This love is sanctifying me,
wines of ecstasy are pouring on my lips, injuring my soul with moaning,
I desire you only,
I desire the sweetness of our heavenly flavours from which the sun is melting and turning its gaze towards bottomless oceans,
let me drown my being in your absolute existence,
this shy soul of mine is giving fresh buds,
my tears are holy churches springing on Earth, where humble pilgrims search in quest for your graces and succour.
Path Humble Aug 24
your best stuff will never be posted here

goose, you crack me up,
your bests stuffs can never be posted,
the tender stroke away of a child’s tear,
the welcoming of a smile delightfully unexpected,
a first grade art project so successful
it is mounted forever on a
front door Hall of Fame

a good cry all your own,
in private sobbing,
mouth mourning the absence of
a kiss on the back of your neck
shivers with surprising waves of pleasure,
that announces you are more than noticed

if you can post these stuffs,
call me asap,
because that’s the sight
I wanna see & be,
when only the best stuff you got given,
given got,
becomes real


Khoi-San Aug 23
A God walked on water, saving humanity
from chagrin.
Humans travel the world on soulless
rubber, treading over corpses of nature.
Aa Harvey Aug 18
Time to bee invited to Honeycombe

The news of Blues-Bee’s demise had far reaching effects.
The worms had disappeared deep underground
And the fleas had all fled.
Harmony was going to bee restored,
To the happy place it was a long time before.
This was nice to hear for a Bee who was far away,
For he had already lived through The Hive Wars.

He happened to overhear a conversation about a bee one day.
His name was Heroshima and he knew of Humble’s hive.
He heard how it had been attacked and was almost destroyed,
But fortunately The Queen had survived.
Blues-Bee had hired a group of ***** rats,
But try as they might the bees never succumbed to the attack.

One night Heroshima said this bee has been through enough;
Bring him to me.  His hive is welcome to move in with us.
There is plenty of space, so make haste with the messengers.
Go find this Humble B. Bumble, wherever he is, never mind the danger.

Tell him about us and tell him he should come to bee with us soon
And he will bee welcomed always into Honeycombe.
So bees were sent out and eventually Humble was found.
He didn’t want to go; he wanted to go home,
But the bees were insistent and gave Humble a crown.
This is a sign of our loyalty to you.
Come live with us in Honeycombe as a King; you can start anew.
Your Hive are all welcome to join us too.

Humble took the crown and said thank you friend.
We will take a look around
And then placed the crown on Bee Bee’s head.
I guess this belongs to you, Love.
Oh no sir, it is yours.  You have been so good.
You are to bee made a King and you may choose your Queen.
I have no need for a title; I already have all that I need with Bee Bee.

Then neither do I said Bee Bee throwing it away.
But sir!  But maam!  You have no idea what that crown is worth!
We have no wish to rule your domain anyway.
Let all bee’s bee equal and rise from the dirt.

You shouldn’t bee throwing it around.
It is made from the finest honey.
Then you can have it, take the crown,
I already have my honey, buddy.
Humble held Bee Bees hand and said lead the way…

I will just fetch the crown first sir.  Ok?

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 18
It’s not meant to bee

Humble and BlondeBee’s latest date was at ‘Where it’s at.’
All their friends were there too, so it wasn’t that bad.
But by the end of the night, they realised there was no spark.
Sure enough, good friends they were and still are,
But there was no love, even when the two of them slow danced
And by the end of the night,
They each had the same doubts about the romance.

They arranged a date for the following day,
Because they both really wanted it to work.
They went for a fly and made their way to a pool,
And the two of them began to friendly flirt.
But after a while BlondeBee said I’m sorry Humble,
I can’t do this anymore.
I do like you, but only as a friend
And Humble said thank The Queen!
I was worrying for sure.

I do like you too, but I’m not falling in love.
If we can remain friends, that would bee so cool,
But I think we both agree, that this should end,
Before I act even more of a fool.

Yes Humble, it was nice to dream,
But there is someone else on who I am keen
And I think he could bee the one.
You sure move fast, Humble said with a laugh.
I wish you all the luck in the world BlondeBee.
I will see you anon.

The two of them parted and Humble’s new search started.
He still had such hopes on who she would bee.
The Queen had been right.
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s wrong;
But it was time for Humble to go and find his own song,
But who would Humble’s bee bee?

He hummed to himself as he made his way home
And he told his parents what had happened when he arrived.
He coped with it quite well, and only once when all alone,
Did he allow himself to cry.
Soon he was fine and a new love he would find.
There has to bee a way.
He knew his heart would once more fly.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 18
It will never bee

Humble knocked on the door to BlondeBee’s parents home
And her Mom answered the door.
Hi Mrs. Friendly, I’m here to see BlondeBee.
I’ll just give her a call.

BlondeBee, Humble’s here, are you nearly ready?
Just doing my hair Mom.
Take a seat Humble.  Would you like some honey?
No thank you Mrs. Friendly, I’m all full up.

What are you two up to tonight?
Oh, we’re just going for a walk.
Make sure that you don’t go outside the hive
And to bee back before it’s dark.

Humble and BlondeBee tried dating for a while,
But they never really made the connection.
Sure they were friends and could make each other smile,
But the relationship lacked any passion.

At the end of one night on the doorstep to BlondeBee’s house,
The kiss opportunity came along, but Humble feared like a mouse
And no sound came out, when he tried to ask her for a snog.
She didn’t ask either, for she wasn’t a believer.
She was starting to have her own regrets, knowing it to bee wrong.

So nothing happened, three nights in a row.
Then along came a whole new threat.
BlondeBee cancelled a date, after turning up late,
And Humble walked home alone feeling bad and fell into bed.

Little did he know, BlondeBee was not alone.
She went dancing with a bee from her past.
They shared a kiss and BlondeBee did confess,
That Tiny Dancer was the one that made her laugh.
Humble thought maybe he should forgive her.
When she was around, he could still act the clown,
But there was no way he could ever bee her lover.
Humble was happy for BlondeBee, but he still felt so let down.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 18

Humble wasn’t a pretty bee, nor was he what you would call ****,
But somehow he did ok with the ladies.
He got the eye, lots of smiles and feels,
But he never knew how to seal the deal.

So on he went, a lone little bee.
Most of the time, he seemed to bee quite happy,
But underneath, his heart was aching.
There was no mistaking, it was good love he was needing.

So one day he somehow managed to get BlondeBee
And sure enough, she sure was pretty,
But all the time they seemed to disagree,
About almost everything.

They had their time; Humble thought it was love,
But he had never experienced the real stuff.
So he stuck it out and liked it when they danced,
But at the end of each night he would never make romantic plans.

I guess he just didn’t see a future.
Well maybe he did, but it wasn’t with her.
So he decided to live in the here and now.
Who knows what will happen anyhow?

But BlondeBee could see this wasn’t the real thing.
She spoke to her friends in the hope of finding meaning,
But they were just mean and told her to dump him.
Move on, find someone else, you go Girl-Queen!

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Aug 18

The hornets appeared on the horizon.
Zipper was on lookout with Tryin’ Flyon.
The two of them were in an argument
And didn’t see the hornet’s a-flying.

In fear Tryin’ stumbled back and hit a plant,
And all the water came raining down with a mighty splash.
Sound the alarm!  I can’t, Tryin’!
My wings are soaked through, said Zipper, nearly crying.

The two of them ran and watched as above a squadron of hornets,
Crashed down with a thud!
What have we got here lads?  A couple of wet-through bees.
Please don’t hurt us, please!
Oh this doesn’t look good!

Shut up Tryin’, we are not scared of hornets.
You should bee, we’re bigger and stronger that you lousy maggots.
Zipper grabbed his stinger and said en garde!
The lead hornet laughed and insofar,
As to actually consider Zipper a threat,
Grabbed his stinger sword and said ok Bee, let’s!

The two of them fought and soon Zipper was no more.
Tryin’ was desperately trying to find a door,
But he was surrounded, soon to bee pounded,
Like the honey in the hive,
When it was deemed too rounded.

But the hornets didn’t know that the two bees were a three.
Scaredy Bee flew off as fast as he could,
Heading back to the hive and brotherhood.
He didn’t wait to see what happened to Tryin’,
He was too busy screaming and rapidly flying.

The guards saw him approach at an incredible speed.
Who the heck is this?  The fastest bee I’ve ever seen!
The guards said wait!  He said no way!
And he was past them before they knew what else to say.

Did he say hornets?  No way, get your ears fixed.
He did, he said hor…He said there were hornets!
With that the two guards turned tail and fled.
The commotion caused by Scaredy Bee was up ahead…

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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