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Jeremy Betts Mar 3
I can feel every eye roll
And all I did was pour out what was left of my soul
Looks like I might be the only one to see it from that angle
Like it's painful
I brush it off and project as being humble
Really I'm only diminishing what makes me emotional
It's just standard business as usual
A series of unfortunate events themed carousel
The victim blaming has become so casual
That I somehow become the spectacle
Put a screen between us and then I bet they'd care though
Convinced themselves I'm some kind of animal
Chomping at the bit, waiting to say "I told you so"
Waiting for said moment from the get go
Was it always the plan to poke at the volcano?
The saying only mentions a bear, though the volcano makes it more...what's the word...I don't know, disasterful...
That's not a word but that's what came to mind cause the mind isn't always rational
Whatever, anyway, on a long enough timeline you're bound to get burnt, we're all flammable
A majority of us are expendable
Not essential even if dependable
Reluctantly invited to the annual shiit show
The HUD flashes on arrival
But we've been lied to before, for example
Take a look at religion and the political
What's actual?
What's factual?
And what's just another game by Hasbro?
What are you looking at me for? I don't fuuckin' know
Try tying it to a white flag and running it up the flagpole

Jeremy Betts Jan 31
I wouldn't know the feeling associated with being valuable
I know vulnerable, I do know that
I know painful and invisible, dismissible and disposable
I know, "keep your nose outta trouble" hypocritical
I know the day-to-day that tries in every way to keep you face down while you play it off as being humble
It's your mind but can't join the huddle
While any spare time is stolen by the mental struggle
The battle plan is and always was simple,
"Toss more at him than he can handle,"
"More than humanly, no, humanely possible"
It's sad though
Because my recall is abysmal so I don't know
If I've never had my hands on a handle
****** from the get-go
Now just ruins of what was easily let go
By the many that have come before and there'll be more for sure though

Ackerrman Aug 2023
If you knew
That you were already
Would you still go to work?
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2022
The side the flipside
and the bridge.
The day the night
and the bond
the humbly wane
Descovia Jul 2022
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

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