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Tyrone 2d
I said my year was 2020
That’s why my visions so clear
Just got out neutral
And really got my life into gear

You have to hit the floor
Before you can bounce back
And trust me I hit the floor
And I’m gunna bounce back

I took a trip to the bottom
Then seen that life is worth living
I’m ready to live my dream
That’s life with all the extra fittings

I know that I’ll make it
But right now patience is key
I’ve just got to keep going
And my success is a guarantee

I’m on my way against the odds
Im gunna prove everyone wrong
You can watch me move in silence
But you won’t hear me till I’m gone
The path is getting blurry,
My words are slurry.

Lazarus plot imminent,
Have to be diligent.

My mind has been flayed,
My soul slayed.
Salvador Kent May 19
Go away
Infuriating half intrigue,
Old friend, go away.
*******. There's nothing left here.

Nothing. You took it all
When you took old soul,
Old heart, old friendship
Why come back for more?

What more do you want
Infuriating half Frenchie? They were
Different days where I was drawn
To the way you smiled.

*******. Please.
Leave me alone.
Things are not the same.
They never will be.

And it's a shame...
Because there's something there...
Old friend, there was love there once.
Now there's just a scar.

Old scars left by
The inexplicable
Feeling you had.
The old fire of love...

You're so blue, she once said...
She didn't know the alternative
Was burning red.
Put out the old flame dear,
It's only hurting you now.
Put it out. Love is unbearable,
Blood, fire and roses that's what
It is. Never ending blood fire and
Roses. Old frenchie. Go now.
Leave me alone. It's over now.
Alone. Alone. Alone.
Please. Go. Kiss on a cheek,
Romantic bliss. Dance. France.
Pale moonlight. Old stars.
Blue recently always so blue.
Thought of her eyes. ****. Weep. Days.
You loved her like you loved the birdsong
In the woods. Hours. Days. Months.
Red was the colour of love...
Blood, rose, fire, scar.
Old Frenchie. Old blue eyes.
Old leave me alone I want to be alone
Like I said a year ago. Go to sleep.
Sleep. Please. God is dead. I should be
Dead. To you at least. Inexplicable
Feeling. Old love. Old red. Why can
I never wake up...? Plenty more fish in the sea they say.
I've been half asleep
For days...  leave. *******. *******.
Never ending *******. *******. ****...
It's like a spiritual sequel to blue.
Sheila Greene May 19
Is it weird?
Pink vison
Eyes sparkle
Wicked smile
I don't just see it
I feel it
A pony of energy
Hot mess mane
Cotten candy stain
Little miss evil
Oh wait that's me
Alter ego
My Pinkie Pie
See something deeper
Down inside
We see you
always there
To jump out
Not hide

© sd greene  10/7/17
Written for a very unique and bold friend, my friend Z.
Kai May 18
slipping down a *****
pushed in place again
hair tucked behind an ear

soft light sparkles on glass
eyelashes press to the window
that you look through
by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My friends laugh elsewhere on the beach
while I sit here, alone, counting the waves,
writing and rewriting your name in the sand ...

by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Your image overwhelmed my vision.
As the long nights passed, I became obsessed with your visage.
Then came the moment when I quietly placed my lips to your picture ...

by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Why shiver alone in the rain, maiden?
Embrace the one in whose warming love your body and mind would be drenched!
There are no rains higher than the rains of Love,
after which the bright rainbows of separation will glow with the mysteries of hues.

My Body's Moods
by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I long for the day when you'll be obsessed with me,
when, forgetting the world, you'll miss me with a passion
and stop complaining about my reticence!
Then I may forget all other transactions and liabilities
to realize my world in your arms,
letting my body's moods guide me.
In that moment beyond boundaries and limitations
as we defy the conventions of veil and turban,
let's try our luck and steal a taste of the forbidden fruit!

by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

All of us passengers,
we share the same fate.
And yet I'm alone here on earth,
and she alone there in the sky!

by Parveen Shakir
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

His world is so simple, so very different from mine.
So distinct—his dreams and desires.
He speaks rarely.
This morning he wrote: "I saw some lovely flowers and thought of you."
Ha! I know my aging face is no orchid ...
but how I wish I could believe whatever he says, however momentarily!

Keywords/Tags: Perveen Shakir, Urdu, translation, Pakistan, love, passion, picnic, beach, vision, confession, rain, rainbow, hues, forbidden fruit, body, ***, orchid
Hi to the network in the sky..
What your eyes don't see
And the mind can't keep,
Bye the to these buckled old streets where its a pleasure to meet but hard to seek,
Why is it hard to beat, what with wild feet it's hard to teach like a child to the beach it's mild yet each,, second! I treasure each time, each rhyme we share..
In the network in the sky.
Salvador Kent May 11
Breathing down your tired neck...
A soft hand touches your cheek,
Pressed down against the warm sheets...

Kissing your neck now...
Happiest you've been all week,
Even though you're in a dream...

Feel warm,
Warm beads drop from your forehead...
Warm inside...
But only because of the pressure...
And this is the happiest you've been all week...

But it is only a dream...

Blue lights block body...
Lose all personality,
No touching bodies...
Only words on a screen...
In reality you are lonely...
Imagining that hands touch cheeks,
Imagining that it's all meant to be...

It's not meant to be.


Broken figures attack your cheek...
Distorted. Thirsty for blood...
The beads on your forehead are sharp now.

Painful. Cold.

You want to wake up from this dream.
Wake up from this sleep…

But you can't wake up.
You're fast asleep.
But only because of the pressure.
Only because of the pressure.


Cold silver against your soft cheek,

Arms don't give the same kick they used to...

Never got to the blood stage with the sharp metal...

Perhaps today you will...
Today is the day to violate soft cheeks...

Today you're cutting your cheek...

Happiest you've been all week.

But only because of the pressure.


Crumpled boy on the street,
Being sick... on his side.
His face has been kicked in 1000 times.

In front of a crowd who only played along...
Because of the pressure.


There's a pressure in your heart now...
It screams stab me please...
It screams I want a sweet release...
It screams mori...

It wants you to give in...

"Forget the notion of pressured sheets...
They will never make you happy"

"Forget a boy crying in the street...
You will never help him."

"Slashing your arms doesn't help at all...
Give in to my pressure…
Stop trying to be happy...
Just give in. Mori."


Breathing down a cold neck...

Bitter. Macabre.

Dead body staring you in the face...
That used to be your home...
Now you're just a roaming soul.

Dead. No skull.


For heart craved sweet release...
From a bitter ache...

Heart said it could be released...
If you treated it to sharp pressure...

And you also felt that ache...
That crave. The desire to mori...

Heart pleaded for sweet release...
Your soul will still roam...
According those sweet books,
You read before you sleep...

Nobody feels the same.
She doesn't feel the same.
He doesn't feel the same.
No he doesn't feel the same.

So why bother seeking pressure…

Self apply pressure.

Mori. Die.


Cold body. Buried. Broken.
Under the pressure of the earth...
And in a macabre dream...

It's eyes open.
I always create all these elaborate visions in my head. This is one of many.
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