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I've found happiness
Sweet and empty,
Moments where pleasure
Teases and tempts me.

Let me float on,
And want for nothing,
Not money,
Not love,
No worries for me.

The world is in chaos,
Let people resent me;
I'd never repent,
Let my mind represent me;

Through violence
And vengeance
And dreams of
A silence,

A place we've destroyed
Through ignorance
And finance,

Where money and blood
Buy you bullets
And diamonds,

And everyone else
Can be bought or
Be silenced,

Where loyalty gets
Bought through
Hope and through fear,

And you spend
Every night hugging
Those you hold

When the sun's
Early light is a
Moment of peace,

And you look to the sky
And you sigh
And you

A contrast of sorts.  This poem is both what I'm feeling now and what I've felt and seen before. It's a kind of half dream, half vision I'm currently having. I'm kinda ******, hahaha! So... I don't really know what else to say about it. It can be sung like a traditional song.
Mark Wanless May 13
i saw a vision
or reality squirrel
sitting still on grass
Steve Page Apr 1
I can’t reach you, you far off,
you unborn, you yet to come.
I can’t reach you, touch you.
converse and engage you.
I can’t reach you, embrace you,
you beholders beyond my borders.
But my love invested,
my ripples,
in time, just might.
After Rob Mckelvey’s workshop: Cultivating a hundred-year vision.
Fiat money loses value over time
     People know this and this influences
          Their thinking towards the short term.
               Short term thinking bleeds into many
                    Areas of life leading to inferiority in so
                         Many areas of our life and our world
                         We need a money that increases in
                    Value leading to long term planning
               And greater VISION in goals, family,
          Business, architecture, and nutrition.
     Imagine nations and people planning
For generations. Bitcoin gives vision
You can see this poem on a background here -
M Vogel Sep 2023

"They've outlawed it, you know.."

       "Outlawed what, Sweetie"

"The  Unknowable--
that which cannot be  defined
  or easily explained away..
That which cannot  reduced, down
in to something  more palatable;
  Or maybe diluted-down
in to  that which  one could drink
..without it bringing some form
    of dis- comfort"

She is looking down;
Woven into her hair.. all things
edelweiss,  suddenly begin  
   their wilt

  ..and  all along the waterway
  are those coming towards her
     to smother
You will hold on, my Beautiful
(or maybe even turn  to face
for the first time, with loaded gun)

--But Beautiful girl was never  meant
    to go loaded
(..And her beloved Rooster Cogburn  said
that she's no bigger than a corn nubbin)

    My beautiful girl
    locks and loads, anyways--
Because the Mason-jars  
she was forced to  pour it all in to,
     were never made  big enough
         to contain it.

There's a small stall  at the  swap-meet..
on Thursday and Saturday  mornings,
  she rents a space there
      Her wares,  true liquid Gold..
   (when a jar  becomes sold
   no hidden-thing will be  needed
        to sustain it)

  .      .      .      .      .

Quiet hearts  are never meant
to reveal themselves
      Some words (in this world)
      were never meant  to be spoken

You'll see now, beautiful Angel--
that this Rare-Jeweled heart  of yours
  is not the only-one,
                perpetually Broken

Some gifts, the world
may never  be ready for.
may I be the one
to help  get that
un-ready World, ready--
(so very well fed
    yet still;

  so very slowly,  burning)

Some beautiful Heartbeats
are so very much worth dying for

        ...  And I,  myself ;  

                        I  am  turning..

--Look out, Mama, there's a white boat
   coming up the river
With a big red beacon
and a flag,  and a man on the rail
I think you'd better call John
'cause it don't look like they're here
  to deliver,  the mail;

And it's less than a mile away
I hope they didn't come to stay

It's got numbers on the side,  and a gun
And it's making big waves
Jeremy Betts Mar 2023
A life time lost, mindlessly searchin', wanderin' aimlessly in the margin
Lingerin' in the gray, outside yet somehow dead center of socially accepted norms and action
Starved of affection, but by design, never forget to mention it feels safer with zero human interaction
Parched, withering away, no reaction, no peace, only life but just a fraction

A scorched Earth, a nightmarish vision, a dream state of my demons risen
No rhyme, no reason, no time to be forgiven, is it a sin if the motive is kept hidden?
Does one exist if forgotten? No answer if you can't remember the question
Hence then, to stay afloat one must stop the spin of the downward spiral one finds oneself in

Listen, or don't, it won't matter in the end, frightened without the knowledge of when
A last breath taken after finally on the mend, would it be different if hope wasn't given?
A permanent decision, forever finally allowed to begin but could it be considered a win?
It's all about perception, a frown flipped upside down is a grin

Eyes wide shut, lie and try to pretend they're open, heart closed off, can't repair what's been broken
A conversation with a villan disguised by the voice of a friend, a danger unspoken
Another bad omen, no one around, both voices coming from a location deep within
What's been awoken has stolen emotion and allowed the erosion to begin

...and here...we go...again...

Hastfan Aug 2023
I see vivid, my vision flowered
All the colours, i call them ours
Afterimages and my poems
Branded on my eyeball's moments

Blue does spread like food colouring
Dropped in my vision spluttering
I close my eyes to escape the noise
But all it changes, is the background choice

I see the bright blue sky
With floaters, sparkles and vivid lies
And sometimes my hands are dissapear
Beneath shadows leftover from lights bright near

But all in all it is alright
After all i could lose my sight?
And that is without mentioning my ears
that have been ringing for years.
When crypto fans approach us
And say “We’re on the same team”
Invite them to grasp our vision
And see if they share our dream

Say, “Great, now you’re joining us to…

Adopt seizure resistant money?
Boost personal power and accountability?
Separate money from state control and abuse?
Restore proper capital allocation through hard money?
Forsake the fiat fraud and cancel the Cantillon privilege?
Allow people to simply save and store value through time?
Cultivate new freedom for billions of people under tyranny?
Abolish the theft of our time and wealth through debasement?
Increase long-term work and vision in all areas due to stable money?
Abandon foolish agendas and wars made possible only by printing money for free?”

Then they can humbly join us
Bitcoin’s purpose in their mind
Or see they are “not on our team”
And sadly - get left behind
You can see this poem on a background here -
Why should I surrender to fear? /
Oh, is this frailty I sense in me? /
As I'm budding I envision the aethers /
Embracing me, rapturously, /
I spiral upwards /
Efflorescing, bursting into bloom. /

Why do we tremble at change, /
Yet embrace continuity? /
When do we stop pining & /
Herald equanimity, harmoniously? /
Yin & Yang; of lore I once sang, /
Now triumphalistically I declare His name. /

Freedom reigns /
Truth prevails, /
Justice weighs /
Spirit sustains /
A diaphanous azure flame: /
—I shall ne' er be the same. /

(—Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS
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