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Why should I surrender to fear? /
Oh, is this frailty I sense in me? /
As I'm budding I envision the aethers /
Embracing me, rapturously, /
I spiral upwards /
Efflorescing, bursting into bloom. /

Why do we tremble at change, /
Yet embrace continuity? /
When do we stop pining & /
Herald equanimity, harmoniously? /
Yin & Yang; of lore I once sang, /
Now triumphalistically I declare His name. /

Freedom reigns /
Truth prevails, /
Justice weighs /
Spirit sustains /
A diaphanous azure flame: /
—I shall ne' er be the same. /

(—Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS
Reformed euangelist of higher beautie
And higher loue that springeth forth from Truth,
Thou didst amend, according to thy dutie,
Thine indiscretions born of lustfull youth,
And didst so well, with wisdom from the tooth.
Repentance liued will giue the liuer life,
But sinne, redoubled daily, death and strife.
I read repentance in thy later verses,
And see the visions of the heauenlies.
Thy poetry baptizes and immerses
The rapt reader in sights diuine who sees
Life and the vanity of vanities.  
Saluation doth belong to those who bear
Witness of Him, the perfect Truth, in prayer.
Nigdaw Nov 2022
a drug addled brain
wrote this refrain
I can relate
but never realise
the need to scratch the itch
where the needle went in
to release this vision
from a troubled soul
of pure thought
I will never know
the suffering it brought
Psych-o-rangE Nov 2022
"Will you leave me then?"
The leaves blew North

"After you fly?"
"After your documents?"
"After our children?"
"After my youth?"
"After my life?"
The leaves flickered in a circle

"When will it be?"
They quickened, spinning, filling the atmospheric pressure

"Please tell me when you do"
A hurricane ceaselessly swallowing all the forests surrounding its vision, carried the world with it, travelling so far West the direction was the East.
Conversations with my Partner #2

I'm saving this one for a special moment.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
at the riddle...

Ezekial 17- the  chapparal around me
I feel laughing,

We have had a wet October, the elven forest
and all its winter resting creatures,
feels laughing happy today,

as I mind fly over the old trail,
marked clearly, once you see the sign,

The Trail Less Travelled By -

you can see it, from Google Earth eyes,
if you know where to look,
but you can't feel this from there.
My forest, in these environs, is
called elven, due to lowly stature,
- no majestic trees here
my forest is wild, no trails not leading
to water, eventually, if you head downhill;
My forest,

if you will, allows us to see it extends
to Arizona, across the watered desert,
there is no horizo, no line marking mine.

But desert coyotes come here to harvest
sweet-sour fruit
of little, red manzanita
loaded with  wee tiny apples,
which coyotes eat, but barely chew.

- maybe we could package these//

It may be like that delicacy coffee,
roasted after being goat shat.
The story of proud trees jealous of the scrub lands. My take.
Steve Page Oct 2022
Before projectors
Before screens
Before Wi-Fi and cabling became a thing
Before keyboards and strings
Before the first drum tried drumming
I am.
And I will be forever,
says our faultless Lord.

While the power may fail,
while signals may drop,
while cables will inevitably come loose,
my love levels will never need a boost.

I will never forsake you or fail you.
I'll never go on mute
and that’s the truth,
says our Father-God.
Sundays can seem tech dependant - but it's not.
Simran Guwalani Aug 2022
What I see
I might not comprehend
My vision could be
fogged till the end
It's hazy, It's unclear
I don't know what's ahead
A fox, a tiger or even a bear
I could be dreaming, right in my bed
I wish I could be
one of those that can see
with their eyes unclouded
Their vision clear and unbounded.
Vishal Pant Jul 2022
My blue bicycle breezing over the grass
silence surrounded, colors faded
I saw the void gaining mass
knees went weak, I pled
What lay beyond the darkness
of the mysterious black sphere
I didn't fathom what I saw, not even a guess
The green grass went sere
Should I surrender to the sans-khrôma
maybe it was free of war and worries
utopia itself opened to us
or was it an otherworldly bleakness
I took a step into the vacuity
There wasn't a deity
nor the promised eutopia
Tried a sci-fi inspired mystery poem.
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