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I think I was grinding some thought, ah, what was it about. ? Well anyway, what else should a sage visionary besides how to make possibility of all impossible cases. Making peace and building humanity. It was my only goal to make the world a better place for you and I and every breathing thangs, that walked the earth's surface. Dreamers don't sleep. Sleepers never dreamed. Achievers lived dream. Life's but happening dream. Life is live. woolgather. Wake don't sleep !

As I move over a grey road the feeling reveals itself,
I feel a tear form in my eye as I move further and further from home.
And as I move away from this happy place
A song is being sung, and you are it's lyrics.
The lyrics are your poetry, your love it's melody,
And your heartbeat is my home.


Underneath a fruitful tree I dream of you,
Your gaze fixated on mine, always and forever…
You're singing a song about our beautiful home,
And you paint my hands onto a canvas,
A rich and detailed canvas,
It imitates my every imperfection, but you move past them…
You love me.


While you can paint an imitation of me…
I am no painter, I cannot draw,
So here is our love in poetry.
My imitation is one of my heart,
An expression, an inherent truth.
Guide me to your soul, my Poppy,
There we'll stay. There we'll stay.


Here in this dream land once again,
A field of poppies, I take you there,
Sometime in time future.
There we'll kiss, there we'll exist.
We'll be present. You'll be in my arms.
For Poppy.
My only vision of you is your character
That's not easily found in another
Now it's your face am trying to figure
And am finding it much more prettier
Come here, little one
Tell me, where are you from?

I'm from the future,
Sent to you, to show you what will come
So that in the upcoming hour
You'll properly decide, if what you intend, truly should be done

Tell me, little one
How's the future? Am I there, or am I gone?

Two futures are here, set on the table
One where you are alive and healthy, one that is without you
Both possible, Neither stable
Depends on an upcoming crossroads, what choice you're gonna choose

Tell me, little one
How's the one without me?

Oh, it's dark and gloomy, for all you have known
Many still miss you, many lost the life they now own
You broke the heart of many, some you never would have guessed
The one that you saved – broken, depressed
Your art is unfinished, lamented is your loss
By your selfish choice, you stole the world one important voice
And thought the world did not end with you gone
Many lives did, hearts were turned into stone

I know that such a future would cause a lot of harm,
But is it worth to suffer, is there any light?
Tell me, little one
What's the first one like?

After cruel months and years
Tortured by your mind, your own fears
You finally made it, changed your life
Moved to your love and made her your wife
Together you live, in a small northern house
You still write poems, and your beloved, your spouse
Still draws sketches and paints, creates the most wondrous art
You have two children, talented and smart
You live a life full of love and happiness
Never, ever, will you know sadness and loneliness
Your life will be bright, illuminated by rays of sun
Beautiful family; Wife, daughter and son

My eyes filled with tears, that sounds like heaven
That's what I chose, even if my pain turns to eleven
Thank you, little one, for letting me see
Just one more question; Who send you to me?

My father's the one that send me to you
More I can't tell, I was asked not to
Although I shouldn't, I still tell you this
Thank you for each of your goodnight kiss
Thank you for reading me books in my bed
Thank you for making me laugh, when I'm sad
Thank you for all the things you are yet to do
I now have to go, but know I love you.
I sit around, have nothing to do
And thus my brain starts thinking of you
It tries to remember all our talks
Our deep conversations, evening walks
That time when we cuddled and shared our fears
The other when you have called me in tears
The day when I made you laugh with a joke
So hard that you have nearly choked
That smile on your face, that beautiful view
When I finally said "I love you"
And that feeling of your beating chest
When we were together, cuddled, so tightly pressed
But how is it that I remember so well
Something that I have never done or felt?
Do you remember when we first met?
Do you remember when I made you laugh?
Do you remember what stupid joke I said?
Do you remember our first hour and a half?

Do you remember when I first kissed you?
Do you remember when I first hugged you tight?
Do you remember when I first missed you?
Do you remember when we first talked through the night?

Do you remember when I gave you the ring?
Do you remember when we bought our house?
Do you remember when I listened when you used to sing?
Do you remember the first time I could call you my spouse? 
If you remember, tell me, how can I reach you?
How can I get you quicker into my past?
I want to experience as many days as I can with you
Because I need you now in my life and fast
I can see the morning scene
Waking after night long sleep
Your cute self feeling the morning colds
Covering up with pieces of my clothes
My giant hoodie goes down to your knees
Your arms are lost in my long sleeves
What a view that I can see
How lovely our mornings are to be
Martin Boško Apr 28
Droplets of water falling on our skin
Naked, under the showerhead
My lips are moist from kissing your chin
Not a place left dry, everything’s wet

Passionate kisses
Inside the shower
Two puzzle pieces
Are joined with fierce power
The water is running
A cleansing rain
The screams are coming
Overwhelming brain
Sacred water
Lingers on our lips
Taken as offering from a holy altar
By our passionate post-shower kiss
Martin Boško Apr 27
Flames dancing in the fireplace
Silent crackles that bring you peace
Heat melting the ice from your face
As you wake up cold from a naked sleep

You come closer and hug me tight
I feel your body joining mine
I close my eyes, I don’t need sight
Your existence, intoxicating, as the sweetest wine

I feel your heartbeat
The warmth of your breath on my skin
Our fingers entwined just like our feet
The air is heavy with amorous sin

Morning turned into ecstasy
Without any effort
Now we lie, feeling heavenly
Reading one another like the most precious of letters
Exhausted by love, we fall asleep
Thousands of kisses on both of our cheeks
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