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In this garden,
This beautiful creation I've blessed with my wisdom and experience,
I see in dimensions no one else can.
My third eye gleams in the sunlight, glowing and glistening like a perfectly cut jade.

In the distance, I see my goal.
It breeches the soil and reaches for the sun's warm embrace,
Escaping the mortal coil without ever leaving its vessel.

I approach.
Through the travel, the soil beneath me turns to salt and cracks.
The bees turn to wisps of a time once forgotten,
The butterflies, ghosts of a forgotten era.
The sun and Moon become a single entity forever fused in a dance older than time itself.
The sky turns dark and bleeds attempting to warn me of the horrors protecting my ambitions.
My claim to my destiny becomes shaken.

I power forward, blinded only in the physical world.
And as I approach the apple hanging gracefully from the tree
The snake will whisper its temptations,
And God will scream and tear the heavens asunder, seeking my cursed flesh and blood.
And as I pluck my ambitions and wisdom, digesting it and the truth whole,
The corners of my stone eyes will crack,
My third eye will screech,
And I will watch as both God and the serpent battle over my intentions.

I am The Prophet.
My destiny is written by me and me alone,
And all those who take claim to my soul will be cut down by my power.

I am The Prophet.
Where my gifts and talents, ambitions and goals, and curses and vices originate
Is unknown
But these are answers that do not matter.

I will tame the serpentine prince.
I will take claim to the power your God once stole from me.
I will refuse the sun its moment to set, plunging myself in eternal sunset.
I will embrace the moon as my lover,
And I will not allow you, nor anyone, nor anything power.

I am The Prophet.
I will scan the horizon with my peripheral vision
And blind myself with the sun's direct effects
To strengthen the sight of my soul.
Exceedingly underwhelmed,
I found myself in awe
of my own vacant stupidity.
Oh, how we often
fail to grow wiser,
and instead lose
our clear vision
with time,
the way the rain blurs
the window
yet cleans the air.
Maya Sep 23
I had a vision today.

A vision where I saw your face, where I heard your voice.
You were right there before my eyes. And with these eyes I smiled to you, and in my mind you smiled back.
And that smile, that laugh I knew exactly what it meant.

Then you came closer, repelling all my sorrows.
And with each step you took towards me, something in me was set back to life.
And before I knew it I was alive again before I could even greet you, and long before I could even place a word.
I somehow sorted out the meaning of every tear I’ve wasted waiting for you and I knew I could wait a thousand years just to see you smiling back.

But that’s when you stopped, that’s when you were close enough for me to take notice that this smile was actually a wince, and your laugh was nothing but a grin.
That’s when I knew that you weren’t coming closer at all and that you didn’t even take a glance at me.
That’s when I knew that we lived in two separate worlds, two worlds at war with the deadliest conflict, the greater armies and the deepest rage.

Well I had a vision today, a vision that turned my world upside down and subverted my empty heart.

It was a vision for sure, but deep inside, I choose to be believer, and I’ll go on calling that my truth. Because an illusion with you is worth a million lives.
Of course it’s watered down
Everything is and see
There’s always a watering down
As you knew always and we all knew
Along with you but take notice
Of how it all is
In all dimensions this
And this and this and this
And this and this and this
But yes we see it all snapshot
Until maybe just or only a poem
Can or cannot capture
What has to be but it may get close
Or close enough to see nothing
Is forgotten or forgets nothing it
Has worse dreams than you
But knows they are not dreams and
Some will sow seeds and
Or maybe just or only a poem will
Wonder if yum yum this appeals
To mind or this or that part that
At present needs what it does not
Yet know it has in abundance
In profound abundance
Or call back tomorrow
Or tune in tomorrow
Or hope for tomorrow
Or just hope
Justin Aug 28
I was lost in the darkness,
Thrashing about.
Fading from this world,
My mind losing its grip.
The moment, a mystery;
A nightmare I could live without.

Then, with the morning,
The light reappeared
Pushing the shadows down below.
I opened my eyes,
Still breathing.
Air in my lungs,
My heart still beating.
For the life of me,
I still can't reason why.

I never woke up.
I took the fall.
I'm stuck in between.

Is this my prison?
Did I get what I deserve?
****** for my fall from grace?
Another lost soul to burn?

Questions of a broken heart
I ask out of pain
Knowing the answers
Are not so hopeless.
And yet I wonder
In vain.
Hunter Sep 13
I lay awake,
Broken glasses,
And try to fickle my hair.

I look up to the sky,
Awaiting some type of answer.

I look down at my legs,
Hardly look normal,
And down at the end of the road is you.
The reluctant royalty looking at the town crier.

The most beautiful sight was thinking I saw you,
As the paramedics put me in the ambulance.
I got out of the stretcher,
And ran to your embrace.

I wasn't ready to die,
Purpose was literally in front of me.
When I got your embrace..
I think that's when I woke up in the hospital

I adore you.
You don't care where I came from.
When I'm gone do you think of me?
When you dream do I make the screen?

I've watched my bridges burned,
And here you are helping me build them.
Life is better now with you,
Loving you,
Making me feel nearer to God or even the heavens.

All I got for you is love,
And the rest of my life.
Let me be your prince,
And let's build our own kingdom.

We can live happily ever after,
I love how that sounds.
Don't you?
Can we do this forever please?
May 1st I tried taking my own life, at this same time I was meeting someone special. What I believe from the drugs the paramedics gave me I visioned this person I adore and I ran to her, It was In that moment I woke up in the hospital. To this day she has been by my side being my crutch I owe her everything.
I cannot change no one.
And even I don't need it.
Whole world not falling to the knees for me.
And I don't even please it.
But I'll change my world.
But I'll change my mind.
But I'll change my vision.
A ghost of a house is a blueprint
A soul of a blueprint is a sketch
A sketch's spirit is in vision
And lemme tell you, your vision's quite a stretch
A guy I know has a tendency to develop things and plan for stuff he has no way of ever accomplishing. This little nugget js written in about 2 minutes.
wmv Sep 5
From a Galeano-style piece titled "DISCOVERY":

He can see himself standing there, happier than he is right now. He can see himself with everyone else together, laughing and enjoying life.  But he knows, “That isn’t me”. At least, not yet. But he knows he can choose to be that person who knows who they are. He knows he will discover who he is.

He can see himself, just beyond the veil.

But he won’t cross it. Not until he’s sure it’s himself he’s looking at.
a piece written for an activity in my freshman year english class. meant to emulate the style galeano used in book of embraces.

dated october 20, 2015

roast me fam
let the lips of my angels embrace you wholly, God,
a kiss of wisdom waters love with the embodiment of heavenly art,
I am scented with an ocean of delight,
my soul is wounded in your love,
let us rejoice at the final end of human life,
death comes near, let it approach and break the bonds,
the lips of my soul paint your beatific visions,
let me die not for your love, but instead let me flourish evermore with this sublime gift.
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