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first thoughts
they’re the easiest to remember
paying attention to the first impression
how about you?
hearts vision & perception
Marley Gold Nov 7
When I looked at you I saw the world,
The way you saw the world.
Everything was shaded with the brightest yellows
And the deepest blues,
But all the reds were gone.

Looking away from you
I saw the blinding white haloes around the stars,
I saw the pink laces between different cells of my hands,
I can see the red ball thrown in the field of green.

I just had to look away from you.
Some palettes change. Dogs see only blue and yellow.
Daniel eason Nov 4
Morphing objects, breathing walls
Gypsy caravans, market stalls
Roads to nowhere
Visions in mind
Where people are free happy and kind
Out there somewhere yet to discover
Chatting freely amongst one and other
As seasons go by people come and go
Letting go of what they used to know
A vison about a road to nowhere
Hartaz Kaur Oct 28
the wipers are tired
the screen a blur
my mind pleads for rest
for in judgement I err
Hannah Chin Oct 27
‘Twas mid-day when I sat
Ready with paint and brush and all that.
Upon the stool I sat brush in hand
But like a bowl of lentils plain, my mind ‘twas bland.
Minute after minute, hour after hour
Passed before not one idea did flow’r.

‘Twas mid-night when I stood
Brush and paint in hand I did not think I could
Create even a twig or blade o’ grass.
So I took my brush, my paint, and all th’ mass
And turned quite sudden to throw them all
In to th’ depths of nearest lake to fall.

But unbeknownst to me,
That hellish stool on which I sat to paint thee
Had fallen to that curséd ground
With th’intent to trip me I soon found.
And fall I did in to th’ nearest lake
With paint and brush and all that I did hate.

And ‘twas then that I thought
As I did sink, ‘twas then that I was caught
With thine image of pure light.
‘Twas then one hour past mid-night
When I beheld thy face of peace
Upon my canvas painted piece by piece.

Then I rose to th’ surface calm as could be.
I took my soaked paint and brush and all that I could see
And sat upon that hellish stool
To paint thee floating in that pool.
So ‘tis to thee that I do write this bit of Posey.
To thee, O my dear, my blesséd beauty.
someguy Oct 21
Here in the darkness I lie alone
Letting her raven wings cover my ******,
Her gloomy and dreadful mystery runs through my veins,
As I slowly become one with her.

Time goes by, I’ve already fallen into the abyss,
Immersed with its darkness, my soul has been obliterated by it
Blind, deaf and emotionless, I’m fine with it
Since it’s warm and peaceful inside it, like in mothers’ belly.

But what is this?.. a light?
Haven’t seen it in years, decades of time
It burns my eyes, it kills me,
And though some say light is a savior,
For me it was just a destroyer.
Paul NP Oct 18
What freedom it is to be nothing among everything.
The point inside the wheel cycling for words, knowing
myself through mirror's reflection forever like air under wing.

My Soul becomes freer, growing ever fractal
upgrading it's software, such as they in the sea.
They who jump forth by thy will becoming distinct
by that of beneath.

Positivity through connectivity, I am In Charge.
Love in Phase, will resonate a Standing Wave called Ki.
That which Resists only exists when it passes through the
body of me.

In such the Capacity of Responsibility remains for the taking.
My soul yearns to lift the torch to teach those in a lesser light,
forever above is my Zenith in which under such flame I cast
no shadow, or as it be that which rests underneath the souls of my
feet may be freed.

In every step I take toward my goal.
Daniel eason Oct 15
When there's no one else who cares
The world's astray
Maybe we could change one day
Evil forces
No remorses
Never will I fuel these extortionists
They rip you off make you blind
I'm pretty sure you might find
Another way a better day
Let's lead the way
to a  better place
Universal barriers shut down
There will no longer be people feeling down
Is it one life or is it multiple
our mind reaches out for a release of strain
Most of us just suffer in pain
It's the society we live it's so full of anger
Oneday people might know more about changa
A message to people who know there be more than what meets the eye.
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