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Z May 2018
she had a heart
that could light up the sky
she had a smile
that would brighten the gloom
on a winters morning
she had the laugh
that could remove all your worries
she had the will
To stand up for what is right

but she hid her beauty
beneath scarves and long sleeved shirts
covered for everyone not to see
that behind those mask and clothes
is an angel, too fragile for this world

her beauty remained hidden
until i told her what she had
that i appreciated her no matter what
even with flaws that she really never had

on that day she pondered and learned
that not everything is judged by the outside
Mazen Edlibi Feb 23
I’m Failure!

She said that with a shining crystal tear in her eyes…

She broke my silence!

Shrinking in her bed, hiding her face, with a tear which killed my strength and toughness… I felt naked.. felt I have no power to make her safe!

Like a little child, eager to have that warm hug, that safe hug, that secure corner… and She broke my boundaries with world I don’t belong to….

Did she saw me how I see and feel her!

Did she felt how she had my back safe and my feelings secured!

Did she realized how stabilized our time and life together!

You didn’t fail me!

You didn’t hurt me!

You didn’t make me feel tired!

On the Opposite….

You did let me feel my humanity…my worthness…my existance…my signature…myself!

And after all that you are saying “I’m A Failure”

You can feel Sad..You can feel Pain…You can feel Disappointed …. You have the right to be Human!  And we will still experience Sad, Pain, Disappointment beside other things however we didn’t Quit… we didn’t Surrender… we still in the Arena that we created and will create and that we will keep creating together and with each other.

Be who you are and don’t be a shame of showing your uniqueness… your worthiness…showing how treasure you are for me…

With love..with admiration..with humble I tell you…you are Enough!
For the one who makes me feel the true of who I am
Tommy Randell Sep 2019
I have never wanted to be
The reflection in someone else's mirror

This mathematician of certainty
This philosopher of doubt
This Poet of things that sing to me
This friend that doesn't bail out

Being who I am, being what I do,
That unique hailstone in the storm

This fixer of stuff that is broken
This hugger of things that need loving
This gentleman who holds doors open
This trier who always does something

I want to puzzle out truths
About myself Good or Bad

This optimist about people
This parent who adores creativity
This believer opposites can be equal
This sceptic who views religion as bigotry

I want to be the Me who has never been
We are born that way after all

This denier of the concept of democracy
This child of 20th century hypocrisy
This practitioner of family geometry
This orphan of two alcoholic's destiny

That someone no one else could ever be
I want to make his footprints
The scent of
It's magical
With the blink
Of an eye
The way happiness is snatched from us
The way freedom is snatched
Seanathon Jun 2019
Calling you
Calling me
Is like saying your smile is unique because of teeth
You are, yet you are not, unique
touch me with your human eye and die,
swirling hallucinations change the thought into unsheathed spell,
petals of vows kneeled into temptation,
the force of the Goddess alleviates the pain of mankind,
deaths after mountains of deaths,
come spirits of the Earth,
I clean and purify your prayers,
today you will succeed beyond your terror,
come feed yourself with virtues from above,
grapes, peaches, roses of the night.
My Book 'Goddess Of Divinity' will be out soon.
chitragupta Mar 2019
Those who tried to claim me
Were unable to tame me
They stopped to blame me
Then started to maim me
Ever caught the wind, have you?

I care not for our defaults
I care not for societal norms
I wouldn't dabble in white lies
But take the bull by its horns
Did I break your rules, too?

A free soul cannot be caged so easily
They say I'm alone, but
I know there are more of me
Our love of freedom unites us
Soul siblings from green Mother Earth
They are too set in their own ways
To observe the world as I do
They desire a mirror, and me a window
Non conforming rebels unite!
Apologies for the rhyming pattern, it became a free for all :(
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
With every
Swirl and lines
This makes us one
Of a kind
For fingerprints are unique
And delect
And people should be treated them same.
I see you…
With eyes that belie my weakness.
And a heart in humble meekness.
I see you, and your uniqueness.

I feel you…
With an embrace to enmesh us.
Sustained passion to refresh us.
I feel you, and why you’re precious.

I perceive you…
Your awesome aura and mystique.
The answer to the love I seek.
Perceive you, precious and unique.

Of this unique revelation.
Preciousness of your creation.
To perceive precious and unique—
That defines appreciation.
In "God In Search Of Man," Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, "Appreciation is not the same as reflection. It is an attitude of the whole person. It is one's being drawn to the preciousness of an object or a situation. To sense the preciousness of being able to listen to an imperative of God; to be perceptive of the unique worth of doing a mitzvah, is the beginning of higher kavanah."
The definition of "appreciation" as perceiving the unique preciousness of something stuck with me ever since I first read that passage.
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A thousand hearts could not love her like mine.
Ten million artists fail painting her smile.
Billions of galaxies dull to her shine.
The runways of Paris envy her style.

Pursuit of her beauty drives dreamers mad.
Bees wish honey were as sweet as her lips.
Her beauty exceeds what numbers can add.
She captivates men more than an eclipse.

She makes ascetics succumb to desire.
The blind cannot look away from her face.
Lust for her hotter than infernal fire.
Infinite angels less than her grace.

She’s beyond anything under the sun.
She’s more than everything and only one.
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