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Sparrow Mar 3
Those who tried to claim me
Were unable to tame me
They stopped to blame me
Then started to maim me
Ever caught the wind, have you?

I care not for our defaults
I care not for societal norms
I wouldn't dabble in white lies
But take the bull by its horns
Did I break your rules, too?

A free soul cannot be caged so easily
They say I'm alone, but
I know there are more of me
Our love of freedom unites us
Soul siblings from green Mother Earth
They are too set in their own ways
To observe the world as I do
They desire a mirror, and me a window
Non conforming rebels unite!
Apologies for the rhyming pattern, it became a free for all :(
Toxic yeti Feb 17
With every
Swirl and lines
This makes us one
Of a kind
For fingerprints are unique
And delect
And people should be treated them same.
Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
I see you…
With eyes that belie my weakness.
And a heart in humble meekness.
I see you, and your uniqueness.

I feel you…
With an embrace to enmesh us.
Sustained passion to refresh us.
I feel you, and why you’re precious.

I perceive you…
Your awesome aura and mystique.
The answer to the love I seek.
Perceive you, precious and unique.

Of this unique revelation.
Preciousness of your creation.
To perceive precious and unique—
That defines appreciation.
In "God In Search Of Man," Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, "Appreciation is not the same as reflection. It is an attitude of the whole person. It is one's being drawn to the preciousness of an object or a situation. To sense the preciousness of being able to listen to an imperative of God; to be perceptive of the unique worth of doing a mitzvah, is the beginning of higher kavanah."
The definition of "appreciation" as perceiving the unique preciousness of something stuck with me ever since I first read that passage.
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Daniel H Shulman Sep 2018
A thousand hearts could not love her like mine.
Ten million artists fail painting her smile.
Billions of galaxies dull to her shine.
The runways of Paris envy her style.

Pursuit of her beauty drives dreamers mad.
Bees wish honey were as sweet as her lips.
Her beauty exceeds what numbers can add.
She captivates men more than an eclipse.

She makes ascetics succumb to desire.
The blind cannot look away from her face.
**** for her hotter than infernal fire.
Infinite angels less than her grace.

She’s beyond anything under the sun.
She’s more than everything and only one.
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Michael Ramsey Jul 2018
I follow my passion, my emotions, my rhymes.
          And just like that
                  No more blank lines
Pride was the struggle
       I conquered it slowly
But it happened
“Shouting it from the rooftops.”
          It was meant to be my reward
     I wanted nothing more
They wanted more
I have nothing more

I was handed a mirror
        They demanded a snowflake
Poetic Eagle Jan 2018
I was born different
To make a difference
Always thought was unique and l still believe so. Im a little different from the rest hope its not a bad thing
Your beautiful body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above elegant
Black complexion is the new religion.

She was adorable in her coffee tinted skin
Her beauty as rare as the clustering of dragonflies
Amazing to look upon like the gathering of butterflies
Through her eyes stars felt closer than ever
Her lips was as beautiful as the opening of petals

My heart paused when our eyes came in contact
I felt like i have seen the queen of all that is beautiful
The envy of every woman there is to be
She was thin tall and adorned in elegance
Endowed with charisma of an Ethiopian princess

Her smile was first born
Her beauty always suffocated the crowd  
All i could see was the wonder of her skin
I have fallen under the spell of this black queen
She was a fragile treasure, the elixir of beauty

She sparkled like she was kissed by the morning sun
She was never satisfied with her perfection
Trying to fix what GOD has personally certified
Denting you to wear a skin that isn’t yours
Like sharp sand i watched her beauty sink rapidly

She was deep rooted in self-doubt of her skin pigment
Not knowing the magnificence of her existence
She never knew she was a gush of glamour
Glorious to behold and graced with melanin
Gradually she became high on inferiority complex
She became lost in a world she was created to own

Your beautiful brown body is a work of art
Dipped in black gold and coated with brown sugar
You define an indestructible uniqueness
Your black skin is a badge of superiority
Black is magical and above comparison
Black complexion is the new religion .
the uniqueness of your color is above definition
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