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Ain't dreams are those which fuels us?
Ain't it which drives us to the the limit?
Sometimes, even beyond!
Ain't it the feeling of ambition?

What would it avail a man by succeeding?
What would a man gain by completing dreams?

No, nothing
I'd rather be bold,
than fret and make false news
Rather be fearless,
than make others grip to vain hope, and pride

You do things and you gain nothing
Hold on,
You know why might be?
Wicked ways do not profit
Like, When you work for money,
you become a ***** to it
And nothing will ever satisfy your unhealthy desire
When you're intoxicated in getting fame,
You're intoxicated to sin, to death

Self-ful, self-ish..
Your dreams are but a dream
And your treasure does not avail nor gain
But for once you know true love,
Not self-love nor possession-love
But charity, a Love of God,
And naturally, follows a love of humans
Supernatural things happen

Charity is a gift of God!
And unless a dream becomes God-given dream
God-size dream, a dream full of love!
Behold, for God is Love!
Patience, kindness, humbleness, pureness
These forms of love, for true love is perfect!
Only those of righteousness shall profit
You might gain knowledge, possession
Vain! For it is passing!
By your works, express love
And you piles up golden and shimmering treasures
Where no thief can steal, and no moth can destroy!
You got a treasure in Heaven!
And your true heart which abide in the Kingdom,
Is where your treasure will be
So brethren--- keep your hearts pure!

God is our strength,
From everlasting to everlasting He's been there!
Even sometimes, us, unknowingly,
He comforts,
For if we listen to a woman,
He might come as a mother
When we need uplifting,
A rocking lyrics in a song
You know, when we look clearly,
We'll see Love doesn't discriminate its form
For whenever you seek it, it shall be given
But--- In ways mysterious, and in thy perfect timing

It is also true in dreams,
We have given a chance to pick ours,
He loves us so much He gave much freedom
For us to choose for ourselves,
Even in our wrong choices, He understands us
And let it be to be even our gain
He rebukes errors, and lets us reason for ourselves
But most of all, His love He gives so we might be saved
And our dreams are more than dreams
We seek ten, He gives one hundred
It's His grace infinitude

So for this moment
With me and the angels
Let's praise, give thanks, and worship the Lord Christ Jesus,
Hallelujah~ Glory be to God in the Highest!
You are worthy! The lamb who's been slain!
You are faithful! You're our God!
Saviour of all mankind!
(note: With God, everything is possible! When you believe, or pray and don't doubt at all, you will receive)
(Ps. This piece is for all to see, but especially those with an open heart, It has Christianity in it but with an open mind it avails and has great purpose)
burning light of golden grace,
peace kisses fly around the Earth,
I see the humans, they are afraid,
filled with hatred and despise,
come catch the flying birds of hope,
aspire high, it's time to grow.
My next book will be out soon.
pk tunuri Apr 4
Every child is an artwork of God
He chose this world, as his canvas

Men & Women are his brushes
He painted with love, as his medium

Every child is special
Every special child is God's own child

Making a difference for such a child is a blessing
Making them smile may change your/their world

Let's aspire!
Let's inspire!!
What do I have to do
to get through to you:
I do what I must to survive.
Send thanks to any god
you dream and believe:
Shame is sitting still, smoking ****.

Do I
just get by?
to the
at large, oh
yes, oh yes.

Do I
just get by?
to me,
world's gonna
end, oh yes.

If you want to waste your mind on me,
that's fine --
I'll be using mine for feeling,
and I'll be full to satisfied.

What do I have to do
to get through to you:
I do what I must to survive.
Send thanks to any god
you dream and believe:
Shame is sitting still, smoking ****.

racks and shelves
for any
piece of
in what you
have here made.

racks and shelves
for any
of yours
to ruin   with my appreciation.

If you want to waste your mind on me,
that's fine --
I'll be using mine for feeling,
and I'll be full to satisfied.

Start the day
the only way
that works for me.
Lighter, light ****.
Massage ball, get my shoulder free.
Lungs, please, do continue.
Carry me through dance.
Tighten the strings
of the universe
through me,
from my feet to my hands.
be-no-one Mar 2
They try to burry your smile when
They hear your laughter
They try to dim your lights when
They see your eyes
They try to sorrow your spirit when
They see feel your energy
They try to get in your head when
They see you zen
They say things,
They make things up
They turbenlence your peace when
They see you calm
Just like Irma before it hit West Palm
They do things
They cook things up
Don't let them steal your lights
Don't let them take your spark
Don't let them in your head
Don't shut your eyes! .
larni Feb 24
"it's just some things you need to work on"

shouldn't you love me
for who i already am?
not someone you
aspire me to become?

sure, i'm needy
and always thinking of you
but is it so wrong
to be so in love?
i wouldn't change anything about you.
you're perfect just the way you are.
i love you for who you are.
i'm so **** sad.

The biggest thing I could find
Was my pitiful sense of pride.
Blinding stage lights I set make me blind
New sockets to inhabit myself self eyed.


Maybe a cursed heart but blessed mind.
Ribbons wrapped on gifts with a contract tied.
The wrapping paper weaves into a bracelet with mine intertwined.
Chuckle and hide the gift, a furthering puppet on it’s right foot stride.

K n o w s?

I crave remembrance in the tenements of the refined.
As I greet the regulars, painting the memory a pubescent tide.
Those decrepit halls of poverty ascend to new space confined.
My images too familiar, as the graffiti covers my father art. And mine already died.


Sympathy nods and greets me down the Levie, the fish streamlined.
I seek sustenance distilled in it’s shadow, it’s promises to my mind a ride.
Years of excuses for odd fish to the family, age to this unkind.
I feast, yet with my family complain the taste too tacky and tried.

I crumble and grovel at the end of the line.
I pulled the linchpin, and came tumbling down my statue of twine.
Strung of nylon lies and bitter vine.
The pedestal willowed and wales of years in the spine.
And the rain wails upon the unstrung man, all quite a whine.
So now where the sun forgets to shine
I build a shrine
Out of old wicker and pine.

To remember the time
Struck out of prime
That I built castles in rhyme.
Now I turn to the store with a dime
Backpocket backwater downtime.
To buy a Cassette of the old ragtime.
To the shrine, I play it in passtime.
I pass it every day as I think of bedtime.
And think;

“Oh What Liar, what cheater and what hypocrite will I build in it’s honor? One robbed of innocence, fiendishly poignant, selective in forgery, one failed in love and one carnal in empathy. Oh but one my dastardly, and more selfish. As the purpose of role models has changed, they inhabit your world now. And I inhabit a world where I decided to go and pull my own Linchpin.”
A Poem about my Flaws, about who I am and about who I want to be and aspire towards.
Climbing a ladder to a higher you
and even if just for a peek.
KM Hanslik Nov 2018
I hope you still know who I am
when this lease is up,
when our time runs out,
spills over the sides and disappears into the ground;
I hope you still see me for what I am
desperately trying to be.
Aihara Sep 2018
From a distance, fade and keep fadin
the palm of our shaky hands touched the cold mirror
There is no stopping the halt of  the creeping disassociation
Identity, stripped away like the distant memories of the future
who's there , why you are always there , Do we know each other?

Love me, I did well
Hold me, in your light
take me, to your future

There's no way,
I know no such person,
There's no way, that you are me.

I rather die than being seen
And you know I wanna be seen
The reason to quietly sobbing in the stalls
The exact reason to be that perfect, wholesome guy
I guess I'm just a very sensitive person. I felt the pain of the late Jonghyun , Chester , Tim. The reason why they did what they did. But I also felt the pain losing them.
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