Aayasha khan Jul 19
Life is not a fairy tale,
You don't come alive after true loves first kiss.
You stab yourself to sleep each day,
Just to get up and see your pillow soaked with broken dreams.
Tears of sadness untouchable through and through.
A million promises made due,
Of the infinite love of me and you.
We all do love, loose and learn
I wallowed in the mud for too long
now I'm knees deep in quicksand

"lie on your back," they say
I've been lying here for ages

whatever I do feels like unlocking
only one of endless cages

sometimes I wonder
if everyone struggles the same
or did I put myself in the cages?
am I the one to blame?

infinity minus one?
is infinity just the same
it doesn't have to be an infinity of pain
nish Aug 5
 \ why is it that time slips /                              
   \she slides and slithers /
     \right through these  /
        \ infinite crevices  /
          \found all over /
             \my greedy /
                \ hands,  /
                   \ like /
                   /    •   \
                 /       s      \
              /            a       \
           /             n            \
        /                 d              \
      /                                      \
    / in the dainty hourglass \
  /sitting aloft my skew shelf.\
I wanted to try shape poetry again, and I have to say this was MUCH harder than .leafing

It took forever to align the slashes to give this poem shape, without them it didn't look like an hourglass.
I hope you liked this poem and I'd love it if you commented some links to any shape poetry you've tried out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Daniel Jul 28
Your infinite greatness makes you greater than all
Your infinite knowledge means you know all that is all
Your infinite power means you are as strong as can be
Your infinite love means you love everyone equally
You infinite wisdom makes you infinitely wise
Your infinite grandness makes me ponder why?

How could a being so infinite exist?
A being so great with knowledge above all
A being with power and wisdom that has no faults  
A being who loves and appreciates me

Is it just me or does this sound absurd?
Would this being still exist if we didn't have hope?
We hope for his love and acceptance at death
Yet how do we know if he actually cares?
Thus how do we know if he’s actually real?

Maybe he's real or maybe he isn’t
Maybe he cares or maybe he doesn’t
When worst comes to worst
When I lose control
I hope for his attributes that make him above all
Hey guys, was just thinking about what is really out there
Isaac Jul 27
Out of all the animals, humans are the pinnacle.

The fact that you and I are one is really quite a miracle.

All the other creatures have missed out on being one.

They don't get to take part of all that is being done.

It's easy to forget how awesome it is

to rule God's creation, although it is his.

With wisdom to find, and poems to write,

let's stop being defined by other people's sight.

Turn your heart to the one true light:

God's infinite love that shines so bright!
Written 28 July 2018
kiana Jul 21
you used to take my breath away
steal it out of my lungs
and make it into a braid
to wrap it around my blood
you I said needed it
as we both took flight
down your neighbourhood street
rain falling into my smile
I thought we were infinite
sharing a one of a kind love
we'd share with our kids
you were my vital drug
now, you still take my breath away
but you're taking too much
it hurts so much to stay
but the pain isn't enough
you breathed my last bit of air
and broke my breaking heart too
you just don't think it's fair
that I no longer breathe and beat for you
breathe & beat for yourself.
MicMag Jul 12
Looking round, the world's changing too fast,
But there's something reassuring about the night sky.
Same moon, same planets, all the same old stars
Just as I saw with my eight year old eyes.

How far away is that one twinkling at me?
How long ago did it send its light this way?
Has the universe changed or has it stayed the same?
Maybe some planet back then was just like Earth today.

Don't look down, you won't recognize the world:
Center of aimless progress and innovation's mindless hub.
Instead, turn your gaze and your thoughts to the infinite.
When you feel lost, just look up.
Often I wonder,
Is it just me?
Or is gazing at stars
A glimpse of eternity?
Subrat Rath Jul 11
Mind motivates to move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress.
Rightly guiding it and going deep inside it we will find an infinite and calm ocean.
In the ocean we will find all our weLtd.
All our thirsts will be over and we will get all wisdom and knowledge.
Serene and still it will become and we will not run after worldly mirage.
The sweet water of the ocean will quench our thirst and we will be able to serve our family,society and organization to our level best.
Mind is divine and rightly understanding it we will never be deceived and day in and day out be more wise and intelligent.
Resting on the positive vibrations of the mind all the time we will stay motivated.
Giving it proper directions we will be illumined and enlightened.
Understanding the divine aspects of the mind we can bring peace and harmony in the global village.
Mind by nature is divine and properly understanding it all the time we can stay motivated and move on the path of peace,prosperity and progress and bring peace and harmony in the global village.
Anya Jul 3
So Damn Endless
The blue sky
about to swallow me whole
Are those really atoms?
A patchwork quilt
So intricate
Not even
So intermixed interwoven
Just a mess
Just a mass
Including me
Swallowing me
PoserPersona Jun 25
That which is done can't be unseen
That which is unseen, may never be
That which may never be, such loss
That which is such loss, albatross
That which is albatross, you run
That which you run from, is no fun
That which is no fun, shouldn't be done
That which shouldn't be done, don't see
That which you don't see to, won't be
That which won't be, is total loss
That which is total loss, albatross
That which is albatross, is no fun
That which is no fun, is... wait what?
That which is wait what, give no buts
That which you give no buts, is done!
That which is done, ad nauseam
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