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The youthful
one is amongst
the flowers, her
dream is in
her breath,
the birds
sing in
and so
does the
the poet
her harp,
in thoughts
as clouds
rise before
her feet,
a white
is a petal
in the light
of sun
robes of
the wind,
it has been
a while, since
she truly felt
forever in
the dew
upon her
the little
in the
rain of
fell from
the fair
one, all
moves at
the tremble
of leaves,
the wings
of birds
have made
homes in
little worlds
where you
would not
expect to
find it, the
wonder in the
fair reader,
there is
a place
the sky
parts in
fields of
love and
time itself,
they are
as her,
in the
of the
calypso May 6
a husband and wife
maybe with 3 kids,
in a cottage house
or a cabin in the woods,
like the one we made up
like the one we say we'll run away to
when we were tired of existing

it has ivy leaves grown on its walls
it would tell its history - everyone who lived there
they were helplessly in love
just like we were
just like everyone told us
when we're oblivious
when our time was infinite
we had nothing to lose
we wore our hearts on our sleeves
our love was made for books
and people were romanticizing us
but this was the past,
a long long time ago.

time flies, my mother said,
old habits die hard luv
when are you going to learn
to control your heart?
to control your words?
because there will be a day
where all you'll think about is what you've done
from what you've promised him,
it will be your inevitable doom
so choose your words wisely
choose the ones you tell
you love them, the ones who stay.
i love love lalallalalalallalalalaallallaa
make up for my time out!!!  
these are not real they are fictional hahha yea def
Nik Apr 2
my love feels infinite.
my love extends beyond the barriers of sound,
moves faster than the speed of light—
my love is strong.
my love is often a burden, a weight on my shoulders dragging me to the crevices of this earth.
flesh burning, oxygen depriving love.
my love is infinite.
often feeling like glass penetrating my skin—
air losing its way from my lungs.
flesh burning, oxygen depriving love.
my love is often limitless, weightless to those i love. my love is abused.
When you see
something truly
beautiful, time
one infinite
Is a million
of light
In the
of silence,
you feel and
hear everything
come alive, when
you see the smallest
details come alive as
delicate, blooming
flowers opening for
the awakened
heart opening
itself for the once
unseen, tonight, a
little miracle happened,
I looked up and i asked
within my mind, "oh night,
why is it i cannot see a light
in your dark sea?" then,
suddenly a star appeared
before my eyes, the
the soul within
the windows open, so the
light could shine through.
Tony Tweedy Nov 2021
Two hundred billion galaxies, trillions upon trillions of stars,
And to reinforce our insignificance we search still for life on Mars.

We look upon a heaven so vast there is no rocket we could send,
that in a hundred thousand lifetimes could it ever near its end.

Twenty billion Earths scattered across all of time and space,
stupid to think we could be alone and its all about this place?

For over nine billion years the universe survived without our sun,
is it real to think when we arrived universal purpose had just begun?

The universe did not wait for us its evolution just carries on,
and so it will be in future times when all memory of us is gone.
explains itself
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2021
Find me
In your breath
I'm infinite
Search me as absolute
Genre: Love
Ken Pepiton May 2021
Living, and being in a state, as yet
unestablished as to meaning, states
the obvious. What is a state, undefined?

I care less, and wonder if you ever wondered
how I came to feel inside you?

and in due time, you may know how
very strange the experience
mentioned, ends, in ever.

Dirac did not like that answer.
Do the math/ or believe the poet, life wins
I love you with a love
I thought I lost
with the loss of all my saints.
I love you with the breath, smile and tears of all of my life.
And I know I will love you even more after death.

All feelings change all the time. Once in a while the love is infinite!
Melody Mann Mar 2021
Hear her silence for it tells a tale to seeking ears,
Through pursed lips she spills secrets the mind's eye has led you to fathom,
The wisdom that lies in her intellect is that of awe,
Spare her a mere moment to witness a world of constellations and revelations.
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