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Find me
In your breath
I'm infinite
Search me as absolute
Genre: Love
Ken Pepiton May 27
Living, and being in a state, as yet
unestablished as to meaning, states
the obvious. What is a state, undefined?

I care less, and wonder if you ever wondered
how I came to feel inside you?

and in due time, you may know how
very strange the experience
mentioned, ends, in ever.

Dirac did not like that answer.
Do the math/ or believe the poet, life wins
I love you with a love
I thought I lost
with the loss of all my saints.
I love you with the breath, smile and tears of all of my life.
And I know I will love you even more after death.

All feelings change all the time. Once in a while the love is infinite!
Melody Mann Mar 16
Hear her silence for it tells a tale to seeking ears,
Through pursed lips she spills secrets the mind's eye has led you to fathom,
The wisdom that lies in her intellect is that of awe,
Spare her a mere moment to witness a world of constellations and revelations.
Joseph Miller Mar 13
You have found me
i am here
inside these glowing pixels
come with me
beyond the mystery
for just a moment now
move closer to the center
feel the power of life
transcending space and time
an infinite connection
lives forever
deep inside your mind
the essence of our being
does not fade or die
it knows the truth
and does not lie
all this i can tell
for i have seen the light
i want you to know
the spark of truth
is burning bright!
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Melody Mann Mar 5
Time is a number,
A value we have denoted to a moment perceived as the now,
Its presence doctrines society and its functionality,
A fickle means of conceptualizing the abyss.

Time is but a construct,
A bid to control what is everlasting,
A scattered ploy to compartmentalize actions and obligations,
A means of justification.

Time is arbitrary,
For the essence is eternal,
Our soul is formless,
As the creation is infinite,
Relinquish your mind to this celestial current,
And harmonize to its flow surging within.
Maya Morales Feb 21
I found myself waiting
for love i already own.
Found myself in every reflection.
No recollection of home.
My heart called my name and this time I recognized.
heavy rains of mother earth
washed away my masks
so i bear no disguise.
ancestors became clearer when i looked inside the mirror
i remember my true beauty
reflecting so pure
i see nothing clearer .
i love myself...
i am love
i am light
i am energy so free and abundant
i am cosmic
i am source
divine creation of masculine and feminine combined
infinite intelligence
wonder and wisdom.
everlasting love, companion to life itself.
"break free, my child"
intuition whispers to me
voice as soft and sweet as sugar cane
no longer a victim of ILLusion and strife
i root myself deep and call back in all my power
so my friend, as you read this, consider it your final hour
what will your bring with you into this new earth?
wake up.
wake up.
wake up.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I must dream a long
time in order to act
with grandeur
creates my faith

The dreaming of anything better
first must be nursed in darkness
Transforming into light
Is to know that such a form of love is
borne out of being our own witness..
To the truth of ourselves
of what we are held so capable of
In a sky that shines for a real love unknown at the time it was inside stirring
Waiting to accept its reward
To know someone who takes another’s form; embraces it
For everything they are
Is not afraid to lose it
Because they know...
They’re meant to keep it

The highest form of love there is
Is the highest form of light
I can be and belong.

And I love you for showing me.

God: that I am.
Spriha Kant Dec 2020
The infinite flambeaux guards inside me daily haunt the subtle led through which the darknesses enter inside me and bully me.
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