Bee 2d
was purely a four-letter concept with you

you made hours alone
discussing the universe and its secrets
feel like fleeting minutes

a year passed by
in an ephemeral glance

reality completely deliquesced
with the touch of your lips
and your love was marked as transitory

                                                     ­  ...but those eyes were infinite

ephemerality is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. because different people may value the passage of time differently, "the concept of ephemerality is a relative one"
Seeing is believing, for which we can perceive
Believing is seeing, for which we can't perceive
There are infinite things that are, let alone aren't
That we cannot even dream of, let alone chart
Living in shadows of a universe unknown
From stardust we are born, where from death do we go?
Semicolon Jun 8
You are made of stardust;
Your skin sparkles the way those stars do.
Your blood is made of the earth;
Your veins bloom flowers and leaves and trees.
Your breaths are made of the air of this planet;
You blow life into this world.
Your mouth, your lips are made of words;
You speak tales that nobody else feels.
Your eyes contain the universe in them;
They have stories to tell and stories to bury.
Your scars are made of the chronicles your life has lived;
They're constant reminders that you've felt emotions nobody has.
You are infinite.
How'd you think it's okay to burn yourself down?
this is just a reminder that i once existed.
That I was born on a rainy day,
It was on a month in the middle of the year
– it just started, but seemed like ending all of a sudden.

This is a reminder that I was once part of your life.
Just another person on the list
with whom you may or may not have interacted with
– I was there, at the moment, then gone.

This is a reminder that I was once part
of this vacuum you call the universe
I was once part of this non-empty void,
always have been intriguing,

This is a reminder that I was once a being,
who felt waves of overwhelming emotions,
who have taken needles into my veins
who have tasted water
who have shared a bread or two.
I have thought about the very meaning of life
I was once there
Like how you are here,
right now.

But hello seems like incomplete
when not complemented with something else
Don’t you think?
Surely that hello wouldn’t linger
in the air forever.

Sometimes, infinities are a bum to our limited existence.
After all, infinities are reminders of what we can’t be.

No, Uncle John, we’re not infinite
I’m sorry but all we are,
are just shells and caskets
conscious, we may be,
but even premium caskets rust.
There’s no way around being ephemeral.
There’s only one way.
One way to go.
One way to go…
for all of this to go away.

And I’ve chosen to go that only way.

cristy May 25
The creativity i once had is gone
and i am left with my minds ashes
to identify who i am and what is special about my dying heart.

The excitement i once felt has completely faded and i can no longer see where i am going or what the future holds.

My happiness has vanished and i am tired of trying to be the person i once was.

I fell down this hole faster than an elephant falling of a cliff ,
and the only way to get out of it is being someone i despise.

What a shame there is no easy way up.
open to criticism

As infinite as numbers.

As beautiful as the sea.

As endless as the galaxy.

Cry, my love, for emotion is the only thing that will never leave.

Cry, my love, for your tears have powers to heal.

Cry, my love, for I know you're hurting.

Cry, my love, for I will always be there to wipe your tears.

Cry, my love, for tears will ease the pain.

Cry, my love, for I know that I am to blame.
His lips pressed against my skin like raindrops that fell gently upon my cold body. So gentle, so close. His love for me transformed, it grew until my skies were covered and his world was all I knew. The sensation he gave me was captivating, for I had always loved a storm. His smile hit me like a blinding streak of lightning, and it made me feel infinite. I was so lost in the thundering words that echoed in my ears, I was so incredibly obsessed with his hands and how they held me so tight, and I forgot that storms always come to an end. Slowly the raindrops stopped falling over my body so fiercely, his words ceased from thundering as they faltered to an echo. A memory. The ghost of his lips remained, like my love for him. Since the storm dispersed I sometimes fall in puddles of our forgotten love and I wish for the storm to return. A storm may be beautiful, but it will not last forever.
Avary May 24
The human mind is immeasurable. Don't build bars around your infinite potential.
Avary May 24
Tonight I sleep soundly,
a blanket of stars cover me, the universe tucks me in.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
mother moon has hushed her lullaby and emits her gentle light.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
a million stars a million light years away decorate a sky incomprehensibly vast.
Tonight I sleep soundly,
because I know that I am all, and all is I.
And I, am limitless.
Universal consciousness
Caution taken (lathering
     exposed epidermis with sun screen)
     against harmful innocuous
     rich (Times New Roman)

     12 font ask tick sun yet sen sate)
     refulgent radiant balm
unequivocal panacea medicinal luxuriant calm
     on par with a old

     sister wives tale remedy me late mom,
would magically construe
     to alleviate home sickness qualm
post pledge initiation invocation befriending
     Jason the Argonauts and Major Tom

dizzyingly zipping thru space
     in search of the golden fleece,
     (which acquisition
     ranked as a no brainer)
which recollection, sans above exploit flashed

     (at greased lightening speed) this peace
full May afternoon, a pitch perfect spring day,
     one adequately oxygenated
     air supply crowded house

     legendary fete of the rising son momentarily
     sol limb lee flared concluding with reverberating
     (though decades elapsed
     since fortuitous galactic heralded

     world wide web panegyric
     broadcast cosmos wide),
     then with just as quick
     memorialized recollection

     prominently recalled,
     said remembrance as things past
     vis a vis denouement across Universe
     with Poof! lifelong (black hole sun hopping)
     capping achievement did surcease.

Ah...such blinding realistic provocation sparked
     via pure imagination
     upon one earthly terrestrial beast

Sunkist soaking raiment sequestered
     within corner nook decreased
with onset of dusk, a mind bending
     dreamy experience least

expected while nonchalantly fantasies take flight
basking (with robins)
     in an angulated nook sky height
upon premises of Highland

     Manor Apartment out of sight
from the buzzer (I may as well be
     a million miles away),
     thus poetic justice end trite.
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