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Camryn 3d
Don’t call me a star,
They’re not at all rare,
There are plenty in space,
Too many to care.

Don’t make me your sun
And hate my burning rays,
Then miss me when I’m gone,
as you’ll never change your ways.

Don’t make me your moon,
watching from above,
cold, distant and silent,
because that is not love.

Let our love be infinite
Let me be your galaxy
Let our love be infinite
As it always should be.
It’s still a work in progress, I just couldn’t sleep and needed to write something. It will probably be edited in the future.
She would tell me
about this
young black horse
how he used to run
through the forests
finding spots to bury
the perception of infinite love.

My adventures towards it saddened

She would then also tell me
about how he died of a
lung cancer &
that the perception of
infinite love was still alive,
unburied, undecorated
as it is, as it was.

My adventures towards it sweetened.

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Sara Kellie Sep 28
Being nothing may not be everything you thought it would be
but experiencing yourself as nothing,
that's absolute,
It's the stars,
It's the sky,
It's the wind you're riding.

So here's to you and that
nothing you're finding
Here's to YOU.

because it's all I need.

Poetry by Kaydee.
You're all I need.
sky Sep 27
Then suddenly
all at once
I felt both
i n f i n i t e
without you.
I can breath
even when I'm a
i n   t h e   d a r k
I realized
that no matter what
            ­       Beating
and life will move  f o r w a r d  
even without
I'm at peace with myself.
With my flaws and insecurities.
All thanks to myself
GreenTrees May 2015
Love with its picturesque mountain peaks
one finds oneself opening their hearts to the unending sky of dreams
Down to its deep fertile valleys
where we worked the soil with hardened hands
and perseverance of heart.
At the land's edges where waves of emotion lap against its jagged shores
we find tranquility in the sound of its crashing waves.
In the high deserts where life still abounds and its fragile existence yields to the windswept nature of chance.
In its open fields where our desires roam care free
to it’s densely wooded areas where we frolic in the beauty of its simplicity.
In its grandness we are but the migratory animals who seek it's bounty from season to season.
From it we are born and die but the land remains to remind us that love endures and its beauty exists to teach us to adapt to all of its wondrous and various forms.
Karisa Brown Sep 20
Common denominator
Portrayed witness
Lackless drive
Pure divine stationed
In this shallow heart of mine

Somewhere locked out of sight
I dive
She Writes Sep 20
Through blood we are tangled infinitely
A sideways eight to let the world see
Just how much you mean to me
Rafael Torres Sep 15
Another day has come
Us all greeted by the Sun
Skies that shimmer blue
Bring new choices we could do
Within the mind
We create
An ever vaster
New landscape
It is our fate
To stir and shake
A life that only
We could make
Miles long
To the horizon
Try to see
With more than eyes
So much more
Could than be seen
Like hidden stories
In between
The words
And voices
And choices
So often taken
Just for granted
How little nourished
What's been planted
Always asking
Never granted
No steps taken
Always pulled
Leads to unintended fools
For at the end
Of this one path
Is infinite
Says all the math
Endless love
Or endless pain
When phrased like this
Much less a game
Fortune or fame
Or selfless giving
Which ones are
Truly living?
Just alive
For an agenda
Leaves no rest,
Just ask yourself
And do your best...
These words just read
Have not been spoken
By a life
That's not been broken
But sewn together
Healed by time
Or in an instant
Within the mind
Seek anew
And one may find
That what's ahead
Is far behind
Shackled by our thoughts
That be
Just look inside
You have your key...
Written 09/15/2018 11:19 AM.
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
***'s love is delight itself
it is beauty itself
it is tender yet fierce
sweet yet wild
steadfast yet unpredictable
enveloping yet freeing
captivating yet boundless
protective yet empowering
certain yet never boring
relentless yet gentle
secure yet mysterious
trustworthy yet exciting
all-consuming yet unfathomable
He is everything
you’ve ever hoped for, dreamed of,
longed after or imagined
and so much more
He is the Lover of your needy,
thirsty soul and He fights
continually for your heart
My love for you is defined by smallness.
The time before I miss you when you leave.
The space between our lips.
The connection of our hearts,
        No matter where we are.

How long before I reach out to touch you.
The space between our skin.
What we see in our future,
        Aligned to destiny.

From how we feel now to eternal bliss.
The difference in our thoughts.
Shock of coming happiness,
        Shrinks to ever present.

My love for you is infinitely close.
Together in every dimension.
Time, space and spirit.
Two souls once divided,
        Together in one heart.
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