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A 6d
You used to trace infinity signs
Looped patterns traced on scarred skin
and useless breathes
Small signs of tranquility
When my thoughts were nothing but a rough sea
I trace infinity signs
Since those small hand movements
Became the difference between
Coming down
Crashing down
In its own way
Those infinity signs
Held some sort of forever
Maybe not between you and i
But rather
In the promise of being okay
You have reached the edge of the world.
You held my hand- my toes, they curled.
I shook down my hair, without a care.
Lost in time in that infinite stare.
I wouldn't dare look away-
I want this moment;
Sarah Mann Dec 7
(for you, tf.)
“Tell me all of the things that make you feel lovely.”
You whisper to my longing ears
As we quietly barrel down this highway road.
Silence follows us like a dark cloud.
Predicting our next steps, and our doomed fates.
You stay until my heart has calmed and slowed.
I feel safe when I’m with you.
Like there’s a pocket of falling sunlight,
Hidden away from the cruel broken skies,
All by itself, somehow sustained. Glowing.
Nothing in the world could interrupt you and I.

Do you remember the time I spent waiting?
The time we spent in love.
Together. Wandering, learning, living.
The way your hands held mine until they stopped shaking.
I miss you, and the beauty, and wonder of it all.
Especially your endless blue eyes and charming smile
That made my fears seem small,
That told me everything was going to be alright,
It was going to be okay. Perhaps you were wrong.
You told me that I make you feel like you’re floating.
Like the earth has lost its’ gravity, its’ presence
All that used to be of its’ essence
And we are the only two, left behind.
To enjoy each other’s company for eternity.

“Lovely, what a lovely word.”
What a terrible world to take that away.
A list, of all the things that make you happy.
I hope to *** that I would be on that list too.
Because to me, you shined brighter than the stars
And kinder than the waves.
I hope you can hear me, where you are.
If so, I love you. And thank you for showing me
What life really is, and what it can be.
And if not, it’s okay. Right now, it’s difficult.
But, I know we were never meant to be infinite.
July 2, 2018.
Written from the perspective of Violet Markey from All the Bright Places. The death of Theodore Finch really stuck with me for several days after I finished reading. I miss him dearly and his quirky personality.
Arianna Dec 7
Gripping the rings of Saturn,
Rotating, gyrating through the Vastness of anti-gravity,
What if


                          Let go?
Hunter Green Dec 3
I get so mad knowing you will never understand what I see.
You can’t see the pain,
the memories,
or the people who make up these images.

My mind works in such an otherworldly way,
I wish it wasn’t so far away.
I wish I could just share it with the world.
Even if the vulnerability hurt me, it’d be worth it to be less lonely.
All my thoughts could be appreciated,
and in their own light,
to the right people only.

I think in sentiment, so the clues of the portraits I create,
would communicate in clear secrecy, the truth they bear about me.
This unimaginable beauty,
that even I only see in glimpses,
would maybe a have a place,
could maybe be hung in a museum,
sold in an auction,
stolen for its value,
fought for to save.
It’s infinite.
the stream, the river, the trees, the forest,,,
the undetected particles in the air glowing in the ray of gold squeezed between the canopy from the sun,
the world of green and blue underneath the repetitive streaming and complicated designs that carry rainbow colored fish,
even just the emptiness of sound at the precipice before the greatest vastest canyons of our earth...
You can’t dare to frame a single one of these without spending every medium you can find.

And now I think I get it:
Art cannot contain the beauty we see and feel,
It is meant to be a ***** of a window to the inside of what's real.
Art borrows a pinch of the beauty to show the others a glimpse to awe at,
And if successful, that small ***** may bring one into the glory of it all someday.
The reason I'll never spend my life in a office, or feel satisfied in the suburbs.
hannah Nov 29
A light cloud
Rising up
Around you
So clean and pure
See the lack in your face
But I don't care
You are so vivid
Colour seeps into the world
Around you
Just from standing near you
I become colourful too
Like a clean breathe
Of fresh air you cleanse my lungs
Drift away my regrets and fears
Dare me to dream
And I dream
Endless skies and the scent of
Evergreen and the stars
Walk alone for miles
Live my life the way I want to
I want to be here again
He'll never see me the way I see him but that doesn't matter.
We walk
the night,
and spoke
of infinite
and myself,
I thought of
how one
may speak
as the beholder
of their own sight,
and yet, what
can be may
also be what
it is not, how
I perceive the
coffee I hold
as differing
from the
view of my
within our
in this metaphysical
moment of time,
we reached the shore,
and so together,
we stayed
by the ocean,
“how do you
see the blue
of the sea
as a way
of knowing
your heart?”
he asks,
the shore
the tides,
and I say,
“I see the
strokes of
white as
my own
through papers,
as waves,
they will
and I will
love and
live through
as a rose
it’s petals,
I will bloom
the hearts
of those
I love, I will
sing for the
and create
a symphony
for the grieving,
so they shall
grow, reaching
to the beyond
as the flower
beyond the
barbed wires,
I am the
one who
and soars
beyond the
clouds, to
the rainbow
skies, far
from the
of the
with their
at my
I am
the one
who has
to the
I call
hj Oct 30
I wanna dance in the dark
Let my audience be the stars
Move around to the song of waves
Have this world be my stage
I wanna walk on the beach barefoot
Leave my soul in footprints on the sand
Road the earth like it’s my home
Because I’m not marked by a piece of land
I wanna be an infinite soul
The moon is my only friend
You wanna be like me?
Just take my hand
I’ll show you the infinite world
Where it starts
And how it never ends
Because his world is full of wonders
That the limited souls just don’t understand
To all the infinite souls I’ve met in my life, and again to my girlfriend, You are all amazing, keep blossoming, I love you all
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