I'm clawing at your door, God
Don't you see the shadows seeping out from under your closet?
I see those shadows everywhere.
Let me be that for you, God.
Let me pull you in.

Nicholas Mitchell
ShowYouLove Oct 7

To know Him is to love Him
To love Him is to follow Him
To follow Him is to imitate Him
To imitate Him is to be Him for others
In knowing Him we know and find ourselves
In loving Him we see others the way He sees us
In following Him we learn and grow in faith and holiness
In imitating Him we are more truly free
In being Him for others we bring another heart to know Him
And the cycle starts again

ShowYouLove Oct 7

You are the vine I am the branches
Connected to you the source of all life
You are the vine I am the branches
Connected to you I bear great fruit
You are the well source of living water
I am a cup for your blessings outpoured
You are my shelter strong tower in the storm
You are the rock my salvation
You are my solid ground and firm foundation
You are the source of life everlasting
You love a sacrifice of praise and prayer and fasting
Apart from you I am nothing I am empty
In you I live and breathe and have my being

ShowYouLove Oct 7

United to Christ we adore
United to each other what are we waiting for
United in love together we stand
We can begin to heal our broken land
United we bring the kingdom come here
Together we may cast off hatred and fear
When we work together with our sisters and brothers
We can start to bring about a faith revival
We can begin to thrive and not focus only on survival
Uniting our hearts to Jesus we draw nearer
Drawing closer we reflect Jesus as a mirror
So much more unites us that which does divide
I want to make a change but I'll let you decide
If you want to join a revolution start a fire
Watch it burn brighter and hotter and higher
United we stand against the devil and his ways
United we stand for Christ and creation for all our days
United we are hope for a world that seems so lost
Standing up for what is right can come at a high cost
But you are worth it Lord and you thought we were as well
So much that, perfect, you died to save us from hell
United we come to pray and give glory
United we join ourselves as a part of His-story
United we lift our voices in worship and song
United we find a family a place where all can belong
We stand together in faith hope and love
In union with the perfect communion of the trinity above
With the Angels and Saints who praise your name
We your children strive to do the same
United as one body working to act as one
We care for Christ as we help everyone
From the greatest to the least from the powerful to the weak
From those who stand strong and tall to the ones down on their knees
We are all one people one children of one father
We live on one world as son and daughter
We do not stand alone or apart
When we are united not at hip but in heart


ShowYouLove Oct 6

Mary Mother of God, Mary Most Holy
Take me into yourself and in doing so draw me closer to Christ
It is through you that we find we are led to a deeper understanding of Christ
The more we understand who Christ is the better we are able to know who and what we are
Mary, take me as your son and love me as my mother
Comfort me when I am and stay with me when I feel sad
Grant me the ability to treat you with the love, care and respect you deserve as the mother of Jesus and as my mother
Mary you are pure and blameless with no stain of sin or death
By your grace, grant me some share in fellowship with our Lord
I know your son well enough Mary, but I want to know you better
This prayer is very much like a letter
Today we celebrate simplicity, humility and love for creation
With St. Francis of Assisi
Remind us of the sanctity and beauty of life in all its stages and forms
Look with favor upon your church and upon this earth
See all the destruction we have brought upon ourselves
In our ignorance and arrogance of Jesus
Look with mercy and love upon your children longing to make a change
Bless and strengthen us to act with love, peace, and wisdom
As we go about our lives strengthen our devotion
To you and your son and the Holy Spirit
Guide us along the one true road
As we pray to the angels and saints
May we learn and grow in sanctity and holiness
One day we stand before our maker in all his perfect glory
Did we enjoy the life we had, did we use the gifts we were given, how did we love
What will be my answer and will I be counted among the shepherd's flock
Mary be my shelter in the storms of life
Mary be my way to be closer to your son
Mary be my love that shines forever
Mary be my peace and the grace for everyday
Mary be with me always in every little way

ShowYouLove Oct 1

From life's first cry to final breath
In my living daily until my hour of death
You chose me and formed me with love and affection
Wonderfully and marvelously made with no exception
From my head to my hands to my little happy feet
I am the only one of me. I am perfectly unique.
You gave me eyes to seek and a heart to hear
You gave me a burning love to drive out fear
You gave me parents to love me and to teach
They taught me to pray and challenged me to reach
They raised and cared for me the best that they knew how
How lucky I am I'm starting to realize now
You gave me a home to laugh, play, and learn
How love and affection I never had to earn
There were times I was lost and couldn't see the light
I'd cry myself to sleep sometimes but I never left your sight
You were always there for me if I only looked around
I could run and I could hide, but I was always found
You gave me hope and a future; you gave me a chance
To live, to make this world better, maybe find romance
To share my love with another: the biggest thing from one so small
You gave me the gift of Life. The greatest gift of all!

ShowYouLove Sep 30

Mary Most Holy virgin pure and chaste
Breath of Heaven help us make haste
Let your Spirit dwell within us and walk beside
Help us glory in the cross of our Christ crucified
By your grace and faith we have been given Christ the Child
Who calms the storms or our souls when life gets wild
Help us live by your example show us the way to your son
How amazing that praising 10000 years we've just begun
Bless us all and take us unto you
Pray for us and guide us straight and true
Let your light shine in our hearts and our lives
Help us to be good parents and take care of our wives
Queen of all the Universe your name in praise we lift
For the love you have for your children, and for the greatest gift
Lead us to your son our Lord and point the way to him
Lead us today and lead us home when our eyes grow dim
Grant some share of that grace you possess
Help me find some peace and rest


ShowYouLove Sep 30

You Oh Lord are the Alpha and the Omega
You Oh Lord are the beginning and the end
You Oh Lord are the counselor and healer
You Oh Lord bring us here and now you send
You Oh Lord are the word and the light
You Oh Lord are God of the day and the night
You Oh Lord are the wind and the rain
You Oh Lord are God of my joy and my pain
You Oh Lord are present here and now
You Oh Lord give me the strength to stand and to bow
You Oh Lord are God of my life and my death
You Oh Lord allow me to take my next breath
You Oh Lord are the life blood that flows
You Oh Lord stir a fire that grows
You Oh Lord are my rock and stronghold
You Oh Lord are the anchor to which I hold
You Oh Lord are my Shepherd my Master
You Oh Lord make my heart beat faster
You Oh Lord hold me in your hand
You Oh Lord are firm footing in shifting sand
You Oh Lord are my peace and provision
You Oh Lord help me make a good decision
You Oh Lord help make me complete
You Oh Lord have made me a seat
You Oh Lord are good when I am not
You Oh Lord love me a lot
You Oh Lord are the reason I get out of bed
You Oh Lord are where I lay my head
You Oh Lord are knocking at my heart
You Oh Lord love my every part
You Oh Lord of my good, bad, and fair
You Oh Lord are inescapable, you are everywhere
You Oh Lord love me even when I fall and sin
You Oh Lord you come running to take me back in
You Oh Lord are my shield and my sword
You are my Savior my King and my Lord

ShowYouLove Sep 29

Full of mercy and compassion
Abundant grace and blessing
Justice and peace are never out of fashion
Focus on what we can do and stop stressing
Rest easy and be quiet as we go about living
The Lord rejoices in cheerful giving
Giving some of our time or money or skill
We use what we have been given for good will
The humble and the broken are graced
The lonely and oppressed are lifted
Those who mourn will have a taste
Of hope and joy and all will be gifted
We are to be light for a world that is blind
We are to be love in a world often unkind
We are to be warmth in a world now cold
We are to be courageous when so few are bold
We are to be strength to lift up the weak
We are to be gentle in a world that is not meek
We are to be pure in heart for a world that is broken
We are to be the truth that must be spoken
Be a blessing for others and a blessing for the Most High
Help others, do your best, and always try
Allowing God to bless what little we bring
We find that this can be a wonderful thing
Whatever you did for the least ones
Whatever you did for my daughters or sons
You did for me says the Lord God of Hosts
Help us be humble and honest lest we should boast
You gave us everything we could ever need
You are like good water to our seed
You gave us all we could want and ask
You will aid us in all of our tasks
Be with us Lord when we are burdened and  worn
Keep us safe through the night and wake us in the morn
Let your love go before us strengthen us while we pray
Let us bring your kingdom here this very day
There are so many who suffer in spirit and in physical pain
Give us the grace to bring them back and there, remain
Bring me to your heart and help me love with all I am
Take my hands and use them for your healing
Remind me why I do good with this wonderful feeling
To praise you with all that is in me
Bless and glorify so everyone can see
This is what I hope to do
And serve your people the best that I can
Let me not be prideful in me but rest in you
Continue to refine me in your perfect plan

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