I wish they understood how I see the world
I wish I understood how the world sees me
I wish they knew how hard it is sometimes to smile
I wish I knew why I smile no matter how hard it sometimes is
I wish they could feel the joy and peace so real
I wish I could feel ever full of passion and zeal
I wish they heard the cries of the poor and unspoken
I wish I could give the voiceless and unspoken a way to be heard
I wish they wanted to provide and care for the least
I wish I could provide and care so the least feel wanted
I wish I could do for for the world what I can do for one person
I with the world could do for one person what one person wants to do for it

Written in Adoration at St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Wednesday

We bleed the same, we breathe the same, we hurt the same, we hope the same
Some seem to try their hardest to tear this world apart
I try to show love, give love, live love, be love and bring the world together
Some choose to see what divides us
I choose to see what unites us
Some would see the world on fire
I would see our hearts on fire
Some would seek to change another
I would seek to understand my brother
Some might say all hope is lost
I might say we are lost and search for where hope is found
Some might feel only rage and hate
But I feel that peace and love will dominate
Some might believe that I'm a dreamer or a fool
But I believe that hope and dreams will never be uncool
Some might wonder and ask why should I care?
I wonder how they don't see it everywhere

Written in Adoration at St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Wednesday. It seems very timely in the wake of all the chaos, hate, and violence across the country and in the world in the past few weeks as well.

Shine the light of Christ for all to see
Living in love and peace and charity
Spread the good news to every people and land
See the good and the work of human hands
What God can do with and through an open heart
Broken can be made whole ad changes can truly start
Though your heart may be as hard as stone
I pray you remember you are never alone
For we are all children with one Dad
We have a safe haven when things get scary or bad

Written during Adoration at St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Wednesday
ShowYouLove Aug 10

I come before you now and I lay down at your feet
I come before you now with the weight of this day
I come before you now in Humble praise and joyful Adoration
I come before you now to show honor and thanksgiving

I praise you for your goodness and for another day of living
I praise you for your love and mercy brand new every sunrise
I praise you for your grace and peace that stills my restless soul
I praise you for the gifts you give and blessings from my life's role

I sit at your feet and listen to all you have to say
You walk by my side and give me the spirit to illuminate my way
I sit at the table and take in the great feast and try to go out and to share with the least

I lay down my burdens my stresses my troubles and tears
You raise me up with strength and peace give me rest and quiet my fears
I lay my heart before you bruised, broken and unclean
You lift my eyes towards Heaven and to yourself bruised and broken so I could be redeemed

I fight surrender even though surrendering is the only way to win the fight
I don't let go of the chains that bind me
When you don't let me go and I cling to the one who sets me free
I don't trust you enough to completely be open
But you can be trusted completely, trust me, I know

With all of my faults I try to run away and hide
But you love me the same and run to me to bring me by your side
How great this love that I don't deserve
It's painfully obvious how much you love us if we stop to observe!

Written at St. Patrick's Catholic Church at Adoration tonight
jdotingham Aug 9

weary eyed hipsters stumble and wonder if others wander the streets so bleak as post intoxicating liquor grips their throats with their crispy eyed dope and melodramatic tropes ramble through their denail of stereotypescalation.
The world did them a crime, stripped them of rhyme and their sandstone blocks of identity ready to be crumbled by the dynamite expression of a cynical drinker of coffee unaware that in the mirror is the same hipster begging for for money on the streets. The one who wonders if others wander so bleak.
    Drenched in irony.
    Cardboard shelter of whining ivory and printed barcodes.
    ABlissful tyrony of tabloid hoes in leather skirts who smoke fags without a second grace at the phantoms of the poloroid.
     Shredding vocal chords. Angel cum clean. W1pe off that liquid graffiti, the cross says it so, should not touch the dew of the floor or a curse shall b-bestowed.
     Acceptance of culture. Fuck!poe_
etry?hello&bi-my/english/suite/heart. YOU DEVILS CROW! a raven's snow, bleeding from earlobes and vaginal holes.
---- Who copulated insatiate and ecstatic with homosexual dollars who sweetened the snatches of sweat dripping down glasses and broadway trashes talkshow masses? Eluding gyzyms of my prismomous orgasms of satirical patterns. /.....Pretentious lanterns roam the skyline of a blistering moon, subverted by the doom and gloom by desperation of lustfull wombs. They scratch at the square jaws and poufed hair of clones. Who pound
                     pound the street with treetrunk cocks screaming
Pulsating club music reminiscent of a rampant connection between two pupils dilating under the influence of spice, rolling the dice with death and life.
------{I've seen America with no clothes on, I've seen the road howl all the same.}
/.As ?drunks! begin to splutter their venomous barks of spikes, smokey rooms and coffee eyes are a part of my disguise. .........it's.innate.in.our generation, there's only need for sex to crave. %But really, have we really got the time? .
...weary eyed hipsters stumble and wonder if others wander the streets so bleak as post intoxicating liquor grips their throats with their crispy eyed dope and melodramatic tropes ramble through their denail of stereotypescalation.

White paper lantern
you are so light and frail
but that does not stop you
from wanting to set sail.

I fill your empty space
with my worries and regret
it does not weight you down
but it helps me forget.

A fire is lit within you
and then you start to glow.
Take my prayers with you
Its time to let you go.

I watch you float away
into the starlit sky
Which of the stars are you?
I cant identify.

God lights a fire in me
then I begin to glow
I’m filled with the holy spirit
From my head down to my toe

I am now called to rise up
and shine for all to see
so that they may grow a fire
and float alongside me

Nathan Duncan Jul 30

There’s the story of the old violin,
Badly beaten and bruised throughout the years,
Viewed as a completely destroyed has-been,
Expected as an assault on the ears.

Worth not even a penny at auction,
Until a musician played a sweet piece,
And touched everyone’s hearts by the action,
Raising its value to the Golden Fleece.

So too does the Great Jesus know your worth,
When you think yourself a poor, broken soul.
Indeed, this is the reason for His birth:
To deliver you from Satan’s bleak hole.

Look through the lens of our dear Savior’s love,
To feel closer to that heaven above.

English sonnet form adapted from "The Touch of the Master's Hand" by Myra Brooks Welch.
ShowYouLove Jul 28

Lord, I’m longing to be in the light of your glory
I’m yearning to kneel at the foot of your throne
I hunger and thirst for your presence oh Lord
My soul longs for you, my spirit thirsts for you Oh Lord My God
How I wish I could spend just one day with you
To walk hand in hand down the heavenly streets
Just the two of us how beautiful and wonderful it would be
There is no greater feeling than the feeling I get when we are in sync
I can almost hear the trumpets blaring and joy fills the air
The feeling I get when you and I dance
Nothing compares Lord. Nothing comes close.
You are an oasis when I’m lost in the desert place,
You are a ray of light on a cloudy day.
Yours is the love of a father for his child
Yours are the hands that are rough and calloused with work yet soft, strong and gentle
Yours are the eyes that have taken in so much joy, so much suffering and everything in between
And still they are full of love, full of life and. They are kind eyes
Yours are the feet traveling many miles to find the lost again
Yours are the arms stretching out to hold the world close to you
Yours the heart with room enough for all and endless love
Yours is the way: the journey we take, the path we walk, the direction we try to follow
Yours is the truth: this is what we seek. We want to know truth, to know you. The truth that sets men free
Yours is the life: trying to imitate how you lived, loved. And the eternal life of a soul that rests in God.
You are peace when this world is at war
You are love when there seems nothing but hate
You are life for my soul like the air that I breathe
You are strength when I am at my weakest
You are good when my life is anything but
You are hope in times of great despair
You are light to drive away the darkness
You are true in the midst of many lies
You are perfect in my perfect imperfections
You are my God and I Am YOURS!

A copy. Exactly the same as the original. I don't know what happened.
Arcassin B Jul 16

By Arcassin Burnham

Mister Mr. Spare me the cheap talk and all
Of the schemes,
I'm not amused by your dilemma of sneaking
Behind scenes,
I'm just waiting for all of these nightmares to
Turn into dreams,
The problems will occur wherever you are by
All means,

I'm glad to be a teacher,
I hate to be learning,
While gravity is holding us down,
Inside we're burning,
So I lock myself in a freezer to prevent being grilled,
Didn't ask to hear about your gossip,
Please save me the grief.
I'm glad to be a teacher,

Mister Mr.

Angel of Sin Jul 13

Hellfire and brimstone
Waiting for me back home
Sin is what is in my soul
I'm who you call the "devil"
But this world is so evil
And where's your Lord?

I saw three men restrain a fourth
Til he swung the gallows back and forth
They beat him down and strung him up
Just to watch him suffer
Men are so evil
It's no fault of mine

Holy mother hold your child
Men are beasts, perverse and wild
The spirit of the animal
Are in your sons and daughters
All the blame is pushed on me
For your suffering and misery
But every single one of you
Are capable of murder

Hellfire and brimstone
Are waiting for you back home
Sin is what is in your soul
You're walking as the devil
This world is so evil
And it's all your fault

A perspective insight into how easy it is to blame something, and how hard it is to accept that we are all capable of extreme, and unspeakable evils
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