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She sits on the cold tile floor
Her life flashes before her eyes
4 am regrets.

The lack of sleep is just getting to her.

The shadows loom over the curtains
The pictures of her past start collapsing on the floor
Her head hits the back of the wooden bed panel

Could you wish for anything more unhanded?

The music from the neighbors flat echoes into the night
The barely visible drawings on the wall sneer at her
Its past her bedtime.

Who are you waiting up for anymore?

The ringing in her ears grow louder
The hours pass by slipping through the cracks of the drain.
Who are you crying to anymore?

There is no one to confess to.

The mirror overshadows the bed like church pews at midnight
She tells her that she never loved her.
She disappeared into the clouds that loom over the moon.

Her watch tells her to sleep.

She sighs and climbs back into bed
She remembers that she never loved her.
She remembers the scars that trail along her back.

Her life cannot help but flash before her eyes.

The ceiling morphs and twists
Her eyes flutter shut as her mind plays its tricks
She caresses the scars that itch at the roots of her hair.

Maybe its better this way for everyone.

She can no longer hear the heart beating slowly in the closet
Her mother told her that she is worthless
She begs for the sleep to take her.
Before her mind starts wandering to that point.

The darkness feels cool against her skin
The crooked mattress settling in its place
She sleeps on her side to avoid the bedroom mirror
The world grows still around her as it walks

on ******* eggshells.

The dawn permeates through the broken window sill
She never was a heavy sleeper.
She went missing out of nowhere
The ringing of her phone echoed in her ears

like Sunday bells.

And there was no more trace of the former shadows that pitifully gazed at her in the corners of her room.

yoOOu never loved me moooooooom but i needed you woaAaah
What am I in for?

You tell me.

I ask and you show me
The things I have forgotten

I ask and you give me
The sins hidden in the back of my closet.

Who were you?

Does it matter?

Its too late to be sentimental
No amount of praying to a God you do not believe in will get you out of here.

It clicked in my head like the metallic trigger
So cool to the touch, in my hands.

I am only but a ***** sinner am I not?

To be hung in front of the masses
Have at me, I will burn for every stare and every smile.

You deserve this do you not understand?

I am fully aware of what I deserve.

We do not bury my kind in the pillars of this church
It is a shame but I have none.

Do you know what you are in for?

There is no point in being sentimental.

So make me a shrine and pray for me
But sinners do not deserve forgiveness.

And I do not want to be saved.

Had some religious trauma flashbacks pog.
Jason Cheney Feb 7
In a world of sorrow and pain
Oftentimes, when it appears only to rain
And everything has gone completely down the drain
The drop of each tear causes such a horrible, wet stain

The need now for heroes is more readily needed
The loneliness within our hearts hasn't been treated
An immense, dark hole has been created
The fact that severe depression is being left unimpeded

When in life, what we really need, are simply more unsung heros
Sharing happiness is what he or she happily and readily sows
They find those people in need, by following their hearts and their nose
Because heartache and pain often are hid behind simple, plain clothes

A heaven sent message, ministering angels always bring
They swoop in, just in time, to lift someone's spirit it would seem
They show their willingness to help by selflessly serving
To alleviate other people's pain and suffering

This special hero is found without a cape or fancy car
They don't leap tall buildings nor thru the air do they swiftly soar
They aren't those men or women from legend or lore
But when in need, the light of their car is seen from a mile or more

My heart, a friend, it did yearn
Even though it wasn't any of their concern
This lesson I did quickly learn
That through the whisperings of the spirit, my need they did discern

Their bright smiles and comforting embrace
Are what's needed to put depression in its place
Unhappiness and loneliness they quickly erase
They're a true friend whose heart of gold is easy to trace

Unlike those heroes of legend and lore
These types of heroes stick around for a few years or more
Their embrace has such infinite power, my smile they did restore
This happened in my earthly mansion, behind my closed, front door

Each person do they edify
When they appeared upon my doorstep, I didn't question why
To my succor did they fly
They lifted my spirits before they said goodbye

These ministering angels are a hero to all
Not just during Christmas time or earlier in the fall
They don't care if you are short or tall
For their simple acts of kindness, their names are written in heaven, if I recall

So superheroes they've become
On to the next house, they've run
Love for all is their mighty anthem
To impart with others a portion of their joy and wisdom

These ordinary heroes can never be mistaken
From them, encouragement, have we taken
Their saving powers cannot be hidden
A vision of Heaven, hope, and love did they awaken

Of these amazing heroes, what more can I say
Their willingness to stop and help a stranger, when in earnest I did pray
This special memory of these ministering angels, forever with me will stay
I hope that I too can become a hero, to someone, someday.

Written by:
Jason Cheney
January 2021
Daivik Feb 2
Where truth itself defines
The postulates of humankind

Where the blaze of dreams is alright
And burns with all its might
Where humanity conquers over
The darkness deep inside
Where every man is free
And live a decent life

Where the do not die
But are in golden words immortalized
Where the right and just do not succumb
To the devil's evil designs

Where thoughts are acknowledged
The light of hope is shown
Where knowledge defeats ignorance
The ultimate truth is known

Where the river of piety flows
From glacier of purity, undeterred
To serve those all those suffering
Their own illusions' plight
Where sun of conscience glows
And where that glow is bright

Where restless souls find
There goals in this holy life
And are not by sinful desires enticed

Where earth is adored
Life is respected
Good work is appreciated
Goals are met with
Where there isn't any greed
Where corrupt souls are enlightened
This holy mind is freed

Where questioned are reasoned
Reasons are question
Where art still survives
Philosophers philosophize
Happiness is forever enshrined
And unity is on the rise

Where love is maintained
For the hateful there ain't no room
Where peace and joy reign overs
Shadows of terror and gloom

Where truth is in constant fight
With the dragon of a thousand lies
Where the confident lion roars through
The ever anxious night

Where the sincere and honest do not suffer atrocities
Where deprived aren't led to immorality

Where the good actually win
No excuse justifies inhumanity
Nothing shatters our inhumanity

Where crime is unheard of
Where crime is unknown
Justice is for all
Democracy lives on
The tree of wisdom
Covers all

Where love is the key
To all of life's problems
Camaraderie is in the air
And charity in very corner

There is mutual respect
Where there is trust
Apologies aren't shameful
No mind is disturbed

Where all are brave enough to fight the wrong
Every one follows humanity's laws

Where those who take give
Poverty doesn't exist
Where sun of hope rises
And sets only when aims are fulfilled

Where curiosity never ends
We all can friends
Nobody defends
Wars and revenge

Where the helpless aren't left to seek refuge in the evil
The disappointed keep on believing

Good deeds are enough for glory
All are fed, clothed and homed
No job is small
Every talent is honed

Where the light of good sears through
Clouds of stupid follies
Where every self is allowed
To write his own story

Teachings aren't just remembered
But followed by mortal souls
Where to work hard for humanity
For it to perspire
To die for it
Is the only goal

Everyone's allowed to live
Their own reality
Nobody falls into
The abyss of depravity
Every individual
Has equality

Where no one makes
Mother Nature cry
Her children live under her smile

Where beauty, joy, life,
Truth, contentment, light,
Love wisdom, free mind,
Honesty and purity thrive

There everyone's God resides
There true Utopia lies
In our very minds
My first poem
jeffrey conyers Dec 2020
If you stay in my corner?
God, what is there to fear?
You have that power to stop envy?
To stop hate, to correct mistakes
God, stay in my corner and stay great.

You see through falsehoods and pretense.
You're a wise spirit about pretense.
You make the liars' man up and use common sense.
God, stay in my corner?
Through wars you my force field and more.
You're the CREATOR of love.

We just need to use it, promote it, and show it.
Even in dealing with certain idiots.
To which we all are one.

God, stay in the World corner.
Love us, instruct us, teach us everything you request.
We owe you our best.
We Are Stories Dec 2020
you hear the call
you answer the call
you follow the call
you chase after the call
but after all
who is calling
who is taking the fall
who are you leaving behind
back on the wall
an empty hall
shouting empty calls-
who are you leaving
to pursue what you are believing-
who is at the back hand
of your swing-
who is carrying the burden
that you’re carrying-
who takes up your cross
as you carry a wooden symbol
claiming that you hear the call-
i sit and wonder if you heard nothing after all
except the voices inside the heart
where deception befalls-
jack cariad leon Dec 2020
a radiant light
so dazzling and inhuman
oh gods have mercy

scaring the livestock
in the meadows, all bright eyed
lands heaven forgot

one vengeful angel
delivering false sermons
oh gods have mercy

causing only harm
he’s turning into a snake,
turning on his charm

beautiful, terrifying
oh gods have mercy
Elusive but everywhere
some live their lives seeking it,

"if it feels right, how can it be wrong?"
they say as they self-destruct,

The lord gives us free will, and we choose to die
who then can complain?
Unrestrained pleasures lead to a hedonistic lifestyle devoid of meaning. There is a higher purpose and we all have a choice. If you enjoyed the poem, leave a comment or share this with someone who would appreciate it!
Mitch Prax Nov 2020
You are an angel
straight from the city of light.
I am a sinner
but when I'm with you,
I strive to be
a saint.
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