In dream God spoke when I was nine
Advise I cherish gave so kind
Mom asked what did he say
Her look I see today
Making my bed a waste of time
John AD 6d
Raise the Flag , Start the fight !
Unleash your Strength , Reveal who's Right!

Eruption of War , Many People Die
Innocent Mind , Endless Lie

Now Show me who's Right , and
Let the people Fight , for
Freedom,Abusive Power the dark of light ,
Scrutinize The Identity  , The Government is our enemy
People of Society , Sufficient of Equality

Dyslexia of the Human Brain
Humanity are going Insane

Incessant noise of people dying
Priests and bishops are always screaming
For help from their imagination being
Media Are the slave of the Political , Religious Healing!
Wake up people!
phoenix Jul 3
Your name is all I pray on dawn worship,
Wishing you all well is all I need,
Hoping you to be in peaceful state,
Praying that you will get through your obstacles.

Sometimes I dream,
Of holding your hand,
Of laughing beside you
When the sun rises,
Or seeing your smile
On your cool face.

But when I see you,
I can't help but be quiet,
Passing through without
Saying hi,
'cause you're just too cool
To be mine.
My love,
My love from another star:
An Ode To My Breath,
My whispering chest,
holy sabbath,
my Gospel's lap
my Nichiren,
my Shivaay,
my Allah's disciple,
my blissful night:
the heaven which brassy day denies
Oh Ye Creator, who love us
The superceder above us
Aid me, Lord! Let me not despair
I'm at the bottom of this sphere, cuddled by deep fear
Let me witness your blessing, ere I die.
Let your guiding light arise, to drown my cry
My heart, my soul and whole, is under thy control
Let not the floods of anguish, overwhelm my soul
Let not my spirit separate from its being
The garbage bin; I don't want to be
I know I'm destined for something great
But there are obstacles that keep it wait
I know its all part of the plan
But my skin is turning to tan
Conservative era....
Era of mediocrity.
The seeds you refuse to release
Will never
Bear fruit.
He gave me strength,
He gave me might,
He gave me freedom,

How i didn't listen,
How i didn't follow,
How i failed,

Still forgiven,
Still saved,
Still living to make amends,
Still breathing to follow,

O how i was so wrong,
O how i was so blind,
The Lord forsake my soul...

A bleeding heart could only,
Mend for all the love that was and still,
Its getting.

He gave me,
Sometimes you take Gods Words for granted and at the end of the day you
see his light.
Mercy came to me
like the answer to my prayer
As I live every day
on borrowed time.

Do you know of such value,
O fellow mere mortals?
Judgment postponed
Death delayed
Life blessed
Grace given
Forgiveness bestowed.

Mercy came to me
by the means of a friend
the answer to my prayer
who prayed for me

As I stirred on
to seek
the deep wonders
of God.

I whispered and sighed,
"How can this be?"
I screamed and cried out
in the wilderness
beholding in awe
glory, majesty

Still, mercy came to me
like the sweet answer
to my prayer
consoling and attending
to all my dreaded fears.

Mercy came to me
in the likes of a Person
who loved me and
gave Himself for me.

And now I live
on borrowed time
making the most of every
opportunity while my
judgement is postponed,
death is delayed,
life blessed,
grace given,
forgiveness bestowed.

In time, mercy comes to me
and now I freely give
as I have been given.
Pondering upon the great mercy of God!
They say you can't fall anymore than Rock Bottom
But I've painfully crashed a thousand times, and
melted into the Earth's Core; filling the cracks
With liquefied remains of what I became...a failure.

My broken pieces caught in alluring lies
and tangled Bed Sheets

Rock Bottom is every bed
A boy has invited me in
Because I could not accept
God's knock on my chest.

Rock Bottom is every cigarette
I've shakenly put between my lips
Because I could not let
God's words fill me.

Rock Bottom is each step away
from my Body
Because my soul-my remains
Are left alone above someone's covers.

My soul is locked away in a room
I can never return to.
It's been captured in his bed.
So I fill myself with broken glass
hoping the reflection of what once was
shines through.

I drown myself in self-deprecation
Praying that a form of baptism
Will return my soul to me...

But it wont.
Not until I open my chest,
Not until I fill my lungs
with scripture.

My soul was captured
Because God told me
Who the Devil was...
Charismatic, body like a snake, and
Eyes filled with love...maybe lust?

But the thought of happiness captivated me
And comfort was found in his arms...
I ignored God- calling him a fool.

Now, I must heal and find my soul
Because I didn't listen the first time.

I open my chest
My lips spill with alcohol soaked apologizes
And He still holds me,
Cares for me,
He has not Forsaken me...
like I had Forsaken myself.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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