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arthur lomax Jul 23
The Holy Ghost extinguishes
to the blow
of her miraculous hands;

and I - that Holy - am not,
drift afloat
in the salt of her glimpse,
baptized afresh.
Jeremy Betts Jun 22
Only God can help you now and and I don't see him here, do you?
I asked you a question motha plucker!! DO! YOU! SEE HIM?! He's certainly nowhere in my view
What's he gonna do, bust in her on some kind of divine rescue?
Kick the door off the hinges and run through, swoop you up and save you?
As a grown asss man how does that idea not perplex you?
If he exists he's forgotten all about you, he's forsaken all but a few
And the slough of sins you've happened to accrue became an issue
He's turned a deaf ear to every sincere word you've ever cried into that pew
Oh but you've never been alone, the devils there for us all
To answer the desperate call for help when our life's in a free fall
When we pledge to give anything for that one thing we believe to be a cure-all
Turn to an inadamint object for a sec for a possible answer to it all
"Oh magic eight there even any hope for me at all?"
"Not a chance" reads on the small dice, that's when you offer up your small life
Hand over your soul and heart packaged nice in a Ziploc bag full of ice
And at that percice moment he hands over your dreams but at a price
As eventually the good days splice off giving way, showing your sacrifice
A new nightmare trasnforms from your paradise, what once was used to entice
Turns to a vice that's twice as powerful when used as an evil device
And of course, by then, it's far to late to stop this from happenin'
The Lord's furry captured by a heathen stolen through the Golden gate, taken from heaven
Good heavens, where's Chris Evens? We need the captain
But a heros shield held by a broken zero is a domed zeppelin
Soooooo...I win, dark beats light again
I've racked up so many that we should change that old time sayin'
The one about how light always trumps dark cause I leave no question
Leave no doubt in anybody's mind that good doesn't always come out the champion
If you've ever watched any wrestlin' you've seen that the heel or the villian
Gets his hand raised often, over and over again and god willin'
I'll can keep continuin' this stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin' n' dealin' with a little added blood spillin' till my will 'n passion come unfastened or to an abrupt end
That's your only hope so I hope it doesn't ever happen
Dylan Mar 13
Echoes of the water hymn
meander on empty boulevards -
I trod this sunken labyrinth on the sea.
I watch silk-clad cherubim
standing near the milky shards
as they join a haunted melody.

The girl sculpts lamenting statuettes
on the sunlit crown.
Countless hours within the tower
nesting angels in her lillywhite gown.

Ghosts of a shipwreck
pour into the starboard garden
and I paint their tears like pieces of an ocean.
They wander on the fore-deck
and sing as the eggshells harden.
I see to the dawn, filled with strange emotion.

She swims in the moonlight
as her body stills.
A winged flight in the fading night
while the chalice of golden wine overspills.
charlie darling Aug 2022
my chest is full of burning coals / a penitent shepherdess, dreaming / above the slumbering world the moon changes shape / through the waking-world, spring turns to summer / i kneel before the garden in sorrow / one olive in my hand
lilly grace Jul 2022
i lay in my bed typing this with one hand on my brand new laptop

i think it's getting bad again

i'm moving out in 19 days for college

i can't get the memories to leave me alone

my dad was the one who bought me this laptop as a gift for college

i can still feel the touches of the man who couldn't keep his hands
off of me
i will never be the same

my parents pay for EMDR therapy
it's expensive
it's not covered by insurance
i feel guilty

i feel like i ruined this family dynamic
we don't go to church anymore
church is where the man worked
church was where i suffered
the cold brick wall all the way at the back of the building
behind the pews
everyone's backs to me
as i stood in silence while
he ruined me

it's time to go to bed
maybe i'll feel better tomorrow
sorry this one is kinda dark
lilly grace Jul 2022
at the hands of a holy man, I was taken away
I'm not sure what they did with her but
she's still gone to this day
I don't know if we'll ever find her
but be my guest and try
and if you do, from me through you, tell her
it's ok to cry
haven't posted in a second, enjoy this beginning of something
(धर्म के ठेकेदारों से परमात्मा कहते है)

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।
बनावटी सी लगती है तुम्हारी सारी बातें,
जो तुम मेरे बारे मे औरों को बतलाते हो।

पहले खुद ही लड़ते हो, फिर खुद ही डर जाते हो,
बार बार मेरे ही नाम पर, ये हथियार क्यों उठाते हो?
मै ही तुम्हारा निर्माता, मै ही जगत रचयिता,
फिर मुझको किससे भय, जो तुम हर बार मेरी रक्षा करने चले आते हो?

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।

मुझको बाँट दिया तुमने धर्मों मे, दे दिये कई भिन्न नाम,
फिर क्यों दिन ओ रात खुद के दिए उसी नाम को गलियाते हो?
तुम भी मेरे ही बच्चे, वो भी है संतानें मेरी,
फिर क्यों एक दूसरे को भाई बोलने से तुम कतराते हो?

हर मुश्किल में, हर एक मुसीबत मे साथ तुम्हारे खड़ा मैं,
बावज़ूद इसके, क्यो तुम मेरा नाम लेने से हिचकिचाते हो?
जब सत्य जानते हो कि मै ही अल्लाह, मैं ही येशु, मैं ही हुं श्रीराम,
तो इतनी सी बात को स्वीकार करने मे तुम इतना क्यों सकुचाते हो?

दिखावटी सा लगता है ये प्रेम तुम्हारा,
जो तुम मुझे बार बार दिखलाते हो।
A poem about rising religious intolerance in the name of Almighty.
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