Jeric Doblon Feb 9
I rolled down my tearful eyes
The holy feelings as I looked up the skies.
I hear their whispers calling from above
It made some tremble, I’m out of love.

But the sinner has whispered, I stood up today.
I’m not a saint but disciple who pray
Each day and night all that he has to say
He wants some peace of mind and clarity.

Don’t need some miracle signs
I’m faithful believer that’s needing a time.
A wicked and shameful and bisexual guy.
Don’t need some of preaches and biblical lies.

The heartbreaks and downfall, yes its all
I need some redemption, I need one to call
My peace ran out it never let’s me sleep
Cause I’m sure God don’t give relief
Joel Johny Jan 20
i was young and naive,full of emotional turmoil
I'm playing tough guy, I won't cry! Really internally I'm about to burst.
Time has flown past so fast when did I become this man?
Scared as hell and coudnt tell ya what's bout to come next
But I know you were there with me from dusk till dawn
Thank ya for never quitting, giving up on me.
I promise to fulfill your purpose
If wasn't for your gifts, there would be no glow on me.

I told myself I wouldn't breakdown in  verse
But it's hard to walk away from the one place you'd always go first
Leaving at all the memories, damn that's the worst
I know we dont talk much..but when we feels great
Thank you Jesus...I can finally feel my life has started to change
Took me out of the dark and let me see the brand new me
Never give up when you're down, you can get back up.
That's all i needed to hear from you

I'm gonna let go of the past break the mold of this cast
you gave me the heart of a poet,so easily shattered by your touch,
Be careful what you hold on to, Because it just might be too much,
As it drips from your hand, Piece by piece,
Never knowing where it will land,Never having any peace.
Cause Jesus is the man..and he was born to be the light
To cast away all our troubles far beyond our sight..
God has helped me overcome a lot of stuff i dont even like thinking about this is just my way of saying thanks man...i know youve got my back
Umi Jan 13
The size of Allah,
Is more than my little mind can handle, it makes me stay in awe
We are but none existent if you would compare
Just remember, my children, to fulfill your prayer
His mercy if far bigger than his wrath
He wants us to stick to his path
The path which he has picked for us,
So do not follow the devil, for he only means us harm
My children,educate yourselfs and think of God, he keeps us warm
Think about all blessings you have recieved
Even the ones you wouldn't have believed in
For your own sake, please don't commit sin
It is far better to be righteous and pure
Righteous deeds are for a sick heart some kind of cure
Indeed, he is the one who created the heaven with might
And he is the one who constantly expands it. Has this switched a light ?
This is just one of many signs you can find
Now rest, it  is already night...
Let us sleep, then tomorrow do what's right

~ Umi
baby angel Jan 9
i've felt this from the first embrace i shared with you:
the cool and chilled air you blew.
canopy of Leaves, can you block the light for me?
the heat is hot, and it is burning through my dusty skin.
you're nice, so nice for letting me use you in this manner.
thank you for this gift of nature.
i wish i could have been endowed with this lovely fortune;
you know you're a voice that whispers in my ear and coos sweet heresy in my ear.
all i've needed was this crazy feeling: this bite and nip at my cheeks;
(never freezing my heart)
cool me down from this heat, cool me from the inside out;
a refreshing breath of you -- i think i want this to stay.
i think i'm still using the semi-colon wrong. i've been feeling really embarrassed while writing... yikes.
baby angel Jan 8
i’ve always read about the dangers of false prophets.
the devil would disguise himself as the topper on a christmas tree,
the icing on the cake, the smell of fresh bread, the warmth of a hug.
and i thought it’d be in something obvious, like in movies or in books.
but it’s in something that seems to be closer to my heart.
the stars, the angel guidance boards, the numbers on doors,
the breaths i take, the stretches i take.
he plants these seeds in our hearts and minds
to get us closer to him, away from Him.

but here i lie in the same bed with a man, (a fleshly being)
who kisses me softly, who whispers all sorts of heresy with love and affection.
he gently begs of me to worship him, and gets jealous of any other god in my life.
a man who has cut the life of something so soft, a man who has prayed to the morning star and his surrounding debris, a man who has a voracious bloodthirst has become my sweetest downfall.
who wouldve guessed
Kate Eddy Jan 8
Throughout our lives we may see,
That throughout our very history
We were all given a destiny,
From which we can't escape.

The ones we love must dearly,
With whom we can agree;
Will be the ones with whom we
    Spend our eternity.

The deeds which we have done
Both bad and great ones
The webs which we have spun
Will decide our very fate.

As Catholics we must do our best,
So that we may pass the test,
Then we'll have eternal rest
     Our home eternity!
This was the very first poem I ever wrote......I wrote this in 9th grade.....and I believed then and I believe it now....
is worship
here namaaz,
Sun Temple
here is Taj.

singing in temple
Dancing day night,
While shutting
His sight.

Is here
Here Ardas,
This India
Not Country
but a collage.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
Umi Dec 2017
You are everything for me,
Why is it that I get distracted while your light is to beautiful not to see
Can you set me free ?
This world feels like a prison which becomes worse by time pasing by
I would be gone if I could fly....
But you made me without wings,
Bearing this and being patient might be one of your blessings

All glory be to you
Your love is all I need
I will try to purify each deed
For your majesty, so please free me from all greed,
I want to be righteous, your angel in human form
So that by just thinking of you, my heart stays pure, stays warm

In pleasure and happiness
And as long as you are pleased with me
My mission shall be
To make you happy
My joy and expansion are my shelter and my state and my cover
So make it light and truth which I discover
And turn me away from the unrighteous

All glory be to you

serpentinium Dec 2017
it goes something like this:

(god the maker. jesus the carpenter. holy spirit the healer.)

god wills your atoms into existence,
the crashing echoes of collapsing stars
mapping the pulse of the newborn universe.

pockets of time push through black holes,
ordained to swallow the dark by a being
bathed in holiness.

the heavens are pinned into place on a
twinkling backdrop of fire, planet-making
material spread like a celestial blueprint.

“this is where my most beloved will live,” god
says, mouthless but firm, words dripping with
the first vestiges of life.

the angels crowd the first life form, shouting a collection of
“hosanna on the highest” and “glory, glory, glory,”
singing on wings the size of galaxies.

later, when the passage of time leads to
two-legged mammals, when humanity is breathed from dirt,
and then from rib, the angels are silent with awe.

god, jesus, the holy spirit, sees the world and it is good.
god, jesus, the holy spirit, sees humanity and it is good.
god, jesus, the holy spirit, sees you and it is good.
christmas always makes me nostalgic
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Peace be upon you and your home
Blessings and graces abound
The love of the Lord goes wherever you roam
And wherever you are may he always be found

Grace to you and all your kin
Glad tidings and good news we bring
A man like us in all but sin
Born this night; Heaven and nature sing

Rest easy tonight, do not be afraid
For one has come to save us one and all
Shepherds and wise-men in homage paid
A bridge builder breaking down walls

Hail full of grace the angel said
You shall bear a son and call him Emmanuel Jesus
Let God’s will be done in me Mary prayed
Understanding how God sees us

Peace on the earth and good will to men
Let it start with me and then
Let all who look at me see this light
Shining like the star on that first Christmas night

May you be at peace now and always
May you never run out of thanks and praise
May the God who made you draw you close
In the love of Father, Son, and Holy Ghos’

Peace in the sea, the air and the land
Peace to the people, the flock of His hand
Peace to all nations their leaders in power
That we would have peace and safety in this dark hour
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