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Rose tears are my lips
and these lips are anointed
in the nectar balm where
angels sip and roar. This
garden of my soul is but a
flying dove, going from
pond to pond and hiding in
its treasures. No human can
catch me, no perception, no feeling,
for I am the everlasting substance
of Heaven.
Ghostly tombs flourish the deadly spirits,
and as they reach purification,
their Mother God embalms them with honey bliss,
a war of earthquake kiss.
Ana Ehlana Jul 2018
you portray an image that is religious
& your actions are the opposite of pious
you advise people on the right things
yet disregard it when it’s your own being

what am i to say
i am no saint
i’ve sinned in a lot of ways
and i still have not repented to this day

but it disturbs me a lot
& i cannot push past this thought
that you mess with people’s minds
and act like you are so fine

you can’t just **** around with people
then expect them not to get bitter
you better hope to God they forgive you
so you can peacefully sleep the night through
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
My sister is a box of piety,
Tied to obedience to her creator,her priority,
Wrapped in a hijab,plain and simple,
As her way of life,modest and simple.
Layered with prayers which are obligatory,
And recitation  of the Quran,that too, necessary.
There are tightly packed packets of truths followed to the letter,
For to lie is to be a sinner.
Antidotes abstains her from harmful deeds or pleasure,
Fears of incurring His  displeasure.
The bandages of her beliefs are
so strong,
That the path of Almighty does not deter one to do any wrong.
To her, beliefs of the wise,
Are to feel what is in the heart,say it and act likewise.
She has great bundles of charities
Connected to different activities,
All carried out with sincerities,
Be it be  to help a beggar, an orphan or a widow,
She is there to wipe their sorrow.
She has all the kits for the hereafter,
In order to procure heaven ever after.
Lure Pot Mar 2018
You're kind and respectful
you're sweet and beautiful
you're pious and honest
you're polite and modest.
You're cool and wonderful!

You've happy smiles and lovely eyes
you've an amazing look and face
you've a great heart and sweet voice
you've such a soft mind.
You're so cute and special!

You respect your parents
and respond to your friends
you love your family so much
and you're a gift of peace.
You care all about them!
BA Khan Nov 2017
A pious man had two daughters beautiful set forth ,
Till one day he married then off both,
one wed the farmer and other wed the potter,
the wise man called on them a year after.

To the farmer’s wife he asked how she felt,
"A lot happy father, only there is one thing I want yet
We sowed some seeds and the rains have not made the fields wet",
Do not worry dear I'll pray after I have left.

As he crossed the fields green,
He prayed for the  clouds  to rain.
and went to see the other one of his lineage,
who lived yonder in the next village,.

To the potters wife he asked how she felt,
A lot happy father, only there is one thing i want yet,
We made some pots and the sun is not as hot as it should get,
The wise man sat up and soon he went out and left.

Under the big tree.. he knelt down and prayed
Asked His forgiveness, uttering these words as he raved,
O Lord.. thou are the only one to know what to do,
The wisest of all, thou only  knows what is the best..!"

This is a story narrated to me by my mentor (Moula)..longtime ago and I only gave it a shape of a poem. Before this I had posted  it on my Multiply blog.

(By BA Khan..01-1-2017)
however man may try to alter the things  ultimately it is the Divine that sets is right.. the key lies in finding the path to Divine and stick to it..
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017
As the cries of the captives
are left unanswered
So will the prayers
of the pious
be forever met
with silence

As the pleadings
of the warrior
abandoned forlorn
are met with indifference
So will the oblations
of pretensions
be met only with scorn

As the words of the prophet
that the famine soon
would be lifted
were met with
callous unbelief
So will those gatekeepers
be trampled
in the stampede
of the multitudes
who seek God's relief

For those who have ears
So let them care
For those who have none
Let their eyes in death
coldly and everlasting stare

For the words
of God's wisdom
are life to the dieing
They are surely for
the self-righteous
precious pearls
before swine


eleanor prince Sep 2017
do you think
cloaks of normalcy

societal smiles
wash away reality -

that screens pulled close
pious veils drawn

means all is well -

that children next door
from 'respectable' homes

aren't used like so much spoil
displayed with polish

to the highest bidder -

what tales do you keep
to sleep at night

in perfumed air -

'it's far away
some hapless child

not where I drive
with tinted glass

they're lower class
don't know the Lord

mere runts down town
where father drinks

can't pay their rent
make decent wage

so sell the kid
for sordid nights -

- n - o -
it happens

to tender buds
in wealthy

and poorer shacks
in any

and every age
from dot to

they stay unseen
stare at their

are ***** this night
sob off to

as mother too
walks right on

deaf to the screams
he wants his

so he will take
her brother

'now be a man'
says worm to

he lies to all
most to his

and no one sees
and no one

the silent screams
with veil drawn

they look askance
and walk on
I welcome responses to this poem which is aimed at revealing the culture of silence in 'polite society' - this outpouring of outrage at abuse has been boiling for some time but this poem was sparked off in response to PaganPaul's important and raw poems on this topic
Journey of Days Jul 2017
they are nice people ...really
spend what they do not have
ruin other people’s reputations
with idle gossip and untruth
they are nice people ...really
attend church with pious pretending
say the right things to the right people
they are nice people ...really

tired of dealing with "nice" people and their fake ways?

me too!
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