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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Earthlings live and lose
Standard human protocol
No one is exempt
I wonder what the protocol on Pluto is
Julie Grenness Jan 2020
Yes, a blessed Sunday morning,
A fresh day dawning,
I pray for faith to unite,
In the early morning light,
As our day of earthly prayers does start,
To be blessed, chats straight from the heart!
Feedback welcome.
Colm Sep 2019
We love the rain
We love the night
We love the heart
We love the sea

We love the snow
We love the sun
We love the quiet
We love the trees

We love the dawn
We love the song
We love the sands
We love the birds

We love the warmth
We love the cold
We love the girl
We love the earth

How we love and love
And for a short while, our world
This is the shortened version of the twelve earthly, distractive, loves.

Each one gets its own individual poem, two of which are available right now.

Just taking my time and enjoying each one.
Dante May 2019
Where's my babe?

Where's the turning of her head
and the flying of curls
like waves—
The ocean in all its terror
And the winged pests of the earth;
From soil you came—
My babe, like a true devil, she.

Where’s my babe
Call me and I’ll come
To hear your command,
To fall in prayer
and kneel before your word.

Your wet blade in morning dew...

And goddess grey sky
Show me the moaning of your thunder
Pour yourself on me
and stain me with your sweet rains.

My babe, my devil sweet,
Godless love of the earth
Crack me with your Quaking
so that I may be blessed by the nature of you;

Unleash unto me
all that you may be—
The howling of the wounded dog
The singing of the morning bird

And like the earth to its mother
and to the Devil who came from its soil
I will love you with each measly part of me

My babe, My devil sweet
My holiest of troubles—

I’ll love you so.

lunademiere Apr 2019
I am searching for the imperial crown,
my body injured by the earthly pain,
the voice and scent of mankind,
I am reborn in the spiral of earthly evolution,
sip of divine scents,
the seeds of my unique being sprout,
kiss me and die,
vanished from life.
My new book is going to be published soon.
Meanwhile you can purchase my previous book 'The Allure Of Time' on amazon.
Andrew Mar 2014
Sipping red wine is new to me, I enjoy it nonetheless
I find myself sitting in the nook of the couch
Laying in between my legs and on my chest you sip your wine
I love feeling your weight resting on me, our bodies coming together

The channels flick by as we both look for something to watch this evening.
I'm looking out the window. The sun has sunk below the horizon.
Without second guessing myself I reach for the remote in your hand
The tv snaps off and I wait to meet your eyes. Eventually you turn around.

Your look is a curious one; eyes open waiting for me to say something.
Then your head tips back and your eyelids drop as I see a smirk escape.
Both glasses make their way to the table before you turn to straddle me.
Now my eyes look at you with curiosity. Your skin glowing in the light.

Leaning forward almost laying your chest on my face I smell your perfume.
Before you can turn the light off I could see you were wearing a white bra tonight.
The view disappears and I feel you rocking slowly back on top of my lap.
Your silhouette sits in front of the window, with all the orange, pinks, greens, and blues.

Your waist narrows a bit as your arms fold in to take your shirt off.
There's just enough light. The smile on your face, so lovely, so.... happy.
One arm reaches behind and your white bra, that's a dim blue now, slips off.
This half naked woman in the shadows, forever ingrained in my memory.

You make your way to my waist, lips hovering over the skin exposed on my hips.
I enjoy your many growls as you playfully gnash your teeth on my skin
Making your way back up to eye level with me my shirt comes off by your sweet graces.
While you slip my arms through the sleeves I kiss your shapely ******* under wild giggles.

The light is all but gone in the room and from the sky. I can still see you though.
Leaning back, then regaining posture, a wine glass finds its way in your hand.
A long sip and inhale- glass down- you spread yourself evenly on top of me.
I suddenly feel intoxicated as wine enters my mouth when we kiss- not from the wine though..

This is what it must feel like to be drunk..
It was fifty four degrees inside last night since there was no electricity. Conjuring up this poem kept me a little warmer. Had trouble falling back to sleep.
Aditi Kumar Nov 2015
Don't detach yourself.
It is not wrong to love


Look at the piece of earth in your hands.
That is your entire world.
That is your gravity.
That is your rock,
That you use to fill your pockets for weight.

Don't detach.



Attachment is only human, and is not always unhealthy.
T'was a diamond
    amidst stardust
  struck of gypsy's
    celestial adoration,
  crashed and sizzled
 'neath earthly intentions,
ultimate shimmers
     escalated upon
       fiercely impetuous seas,
each dappling
    luminescent wave
saturated of
splendiferous galaxies,
   bathed in heavens'
      stellar effulgence,
mesmerizing wanderlust's
    magnificent indulgences
Rockie May 2015
I've tasted life
I've tasted death
I've tasted hate beyond all control
I've tasted greatness
I've tasted love from friends
I've tasted honey beyond earthly sweetness
I've tasted pain
I've tasted ungodly jealousy
*I've tasted.
George Krokos Apr 2015
The more that people indulge in earthly pleasures
the less they will partake of heavenly treasures.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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