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"Calm yourself.
Anger can make
it worse."
Susana Jan 18
A cup of coffee so hot it
burns my tongue.
I like it, gives a kick

An opened book on Freud
laid out on the table so I’d seem
More cultured, educated

A joint in my hand as
I inhale the smoke with
the petrichor sneaking in from outside

A sense of calmness in this
chaotic world
somehow soothes me
Rachael Dec 2020
the world is on fire,
but i am at peace.
the situation's dire,
and this year was so bleak.
who knows what twenty one
will have in store?
will this virus be done?
will we go to war?
whatever awaits,
i'll be so okay,
passively accept fate
'cause i am unphased
by trudging though days
that are just as grey
as those filled with rage,
as those filled with pain,
that always lit my way.
alexis Oct 2020
sometimes i miss the touch of rain on my skin,
the water pouring down on my body,
soaking me to the bone.
sometimes i miss the feeling of calmness,
the racing thoughts in my mind
drowning into a peaceful quietness.
sometimes i miss the feeling of not knowing
where my tears begin and the rain stops,
basking in the sorrows i feel.
sometimes i miss being alright,
the depths of numbness,
the emptiness staring back quietly.
sometimes i miss the sun,
sometimes i miss the loud thoughts.
sometimes i miss the nights it rained for hours.
sometimes the soft sounds luring me back to sleep.
sometimes i miss the calmness i seek.
12 octobre 2020
6:48 am
Delluna Sep 2020
She walked slowly through the pavement
the agony, the sorrow, and the forlorn felt choked
suffocated chest and the trembling cold feet
heavy breathing as she could hear the puff
a gutted it might sound
the longer silhouette followed
warm breeze brushed the pasty cheeks
trees and the blooms waving gently whispering a love song
the nature chanteuses were consoling the dejection
she was abducted into a beguile realm
escaped to feel the evening sun
where the ray embraced her tighter than him
She Aug 2020
Replace all of your sadness with great joy,
every meter of your doubt with quite convictions.

Take the places of every fear you had with some endurance, all of your anxieties with enough calmness.

You have the influence to make the right choices for your own.
And what really matters, is that the moment you knew the whole you in every ground plans.
All you need is to hold on to yourself - trust;
Michael R Burch Jul 2020
Peace Prayer
by Michael R. Burch

for Jim Dunlap

Be calm.
Be still.
Be silent, content.

Be one with the buffalo cropping the grass to a safer height.

Seek the composure of the great depths, barely moved by exterior storms.

Lift your face to the dawning light; feel how it warms.

And be calm.
Be still.
Be silent, content.

Published by Hibiscus (India), Ethos Literary Journal and Mad Hatter. Keywords/Tags: peace, prayer, hope, spiritual, benediction, meditation, ohm, calm, calmness, silent, silence, still, stillness, quiet, serene, serenity, composed, composure, warmth, tranquility
Tina Tickery Jun 2020
Sometimes there is the serenity
of a deserted desert.
Sometimes there is the cacophony
of an overcrowded city.
But sometimes there is the right amount
of bells and smells; and the other levels
of sense.
Val Vik Apr 2020
Oh, how I wished for a friend...

the curtain brushed my cheek
by the gentle wind.

I whispered to my sorrow:
"...everything will be okay".

to my closest friend
Jenish Apr 2020
Ponder me, I'm the best poetic expression
In yonder world, my father had wrote.
Awful me, I'm the depth of calmness
In buoyant sky, the eye of storm shows.
Fearful me, I'm the lord of darkness
In dreadful night, residing beneath the light.
Cheerful me, I'm the light of lightness
In playful way, children adore to hug.
Joyful me, I'm the pleasure of a new born
In delightful might, when motherly angel nears.
Wishful me, I'm the wise of the wisest
In brightful day, like sun showering his grace.
Colourful me, I'm the blush of the rose
In beautiful hands, picked and worn in romance.
Tearful me, I'm the cry of the heaven
In cloudy day, drowning the earth of hope.
Blissful me, I'm the minute of the minutest
My faithful Lord, allowed to wander in this world.
Humble me, falling into the pit of ignorance
Boasting myself, for impressions in distant hearts.
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