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Oh how you always end up
in my bed, when you are most hurt--
My hands on your gorgeous hips
as I pull you  fully, down on to me..

A true descending..  into
the further-reaches  of you
In to places  previously untouched
As I hold you there

As if  for an eternity

Till you are no longer  
unable  to feel me..

Until you are  fully
able to feel me

anything less would be insincere
SYL Aug 2021
Gustuhin ko mang makipagsapalaran
Sa mga letrang nakalutang sa himpapawid
Ay binabalot ako ng pagtatantya
Kung ito na ba ang tamang oras
Para kunin ang aking panulat
At iguhit ang silakbo ng aking damdamin.

Humihinto ang mga oras sa bawat pag-uusig
At tinitimbang ko pa rin
Ang mga barkong pumapagitna sa akin.
Nais kong kumawala at lumisan na lamang
Ngunit ang aking pagpapaalam
Ay mas magdudulot lamang ng dilim.

Gusto kong maniwala na ang solusyon
Ay sa pagitan ng mga iginuhit na linya
Ngunit ang aking puso'y nagtataglay ng apoy
Na maaaring makasunog sa mga barkong ito.

Hindi ko mapigilan ang nagniningas sa aking kaloob-looban
At ang boses na mas lalo pang lumalakas
Kasabay ng pagtambol ng aking hininga.
Gusto Nitong tupukin ang lahat
At sakupin ang bawat naglalayag
Sa kani-kanilang mga direksyon.

Pumikit ako at tumalon sa karagatan ng aking imahinasyon –
Imahinasyong masasabi kong tunay na engkwentro.
Patuloy kong nilalaban ang mga ugat sa aking mga braso
Na sa bawat pulso ng aking pagkatao'y
Pilit na kumikitil sa aking pagpapasya
Na mas sumisid pa sa mas malalim.

Napahinto ako sa aking pagpupumiglas
Pagkat narinig ko ang tinig na nagsasabing,
"Manatili ka lamang,"
At ako'y kusang sumabay sa ritmo ng Tinig na iyon
At unti-unti kong nasilayan na naglaho na
Ang mga agiw sa aking mga mata
At kusa ko nang nararamdamang
Mas kaya ko nang huminga sa mas malalim pa.

Ito ang aking hantungan,
Ito ang sinasabi kong liwanag.
Ito ang aking kapanatagan,
At sa Kanya ang aking lilim ng kaliwanagan.
"Calm yourself.
Anger can make
it worse."
Susana Jan 2021
A cup of coffee so hot it
burns my tongue.
I like it, gives a kick

An opened book on Freud
laid out on the table so I’d seem
More cultured, educated

A joint in my hand as
I inhale the smoke with
the petrichor sneaking in from outside

A sense of calmness in this
chaotic world
somehow soothes me
Rachael Dec 2020
the world is on fire,
but i am at peace.
the situation's dire,
and this year was so bleak.
who knows what twenty one
will have in store?
will this virus be done?
will we go to war?
whatever awaits,
i'll be so okay,
passively accept fate
'cause i am unphased
by trudging though days
that are just as grey
as those filled with rage,
as those filled with pain,
that always lit my way.
sometimes i miss the touch of rain on my skin,
the water pouring down on my body,
soaking me to the bone.
sometimes i miss the feeling of calmness,
the racing thoughts in my mind
drowning into a peaceful quietness.
sometimes i miss the feeling of not knowing
where my tears begin and the rain stops,
basking in the sorrows i feel.
sometimes i miss being alright,
the depths of numbness,
the emptiness staring back quietly.
sometimes i miss the sun,
sometimes i miss the loud thoughts.
sometimes i miss the nights it rained for hours.
sometimes the soft sounds luring me back to sleep.
sometimes i miss the calmness i seek.
12 octobre 2020
6:48 am
Delluna Sep 2020
She walked slowly through the pavement
the agony, the sorrow, and the forlorn felt choked
suffocated chest and the trembling cold feet
heavy breathing as she could hear the puff
a gutted it might sound
the longer silhouette followed
warm breeze brushed the pasty cheeks
trees and the blooms waving gently whispering a love song
the nature chanteuses were consoling the dejection
she was abducted into a beguile realm
escaped to feel the evening sun
where the ray embraced her tighter than him
She Aug 2020
Replace all of your sadness with great joy,
every meter of your doubt with quite convictions.

Take the places of every fear you had with some endurance, all of your anxieties with enough calmness.

You have the influence to make the right choices for your own.
And what really matters, is that the moment you knew the whole you in every ground plans.
All you need is to hold on to yourself - trust;
Michael R Burch Jul 2020
These are peace poems, prayer poems, hymns and lullabies I have written for family, friends and the world over the years ...

Peace Prayer
by Michael R. Burch

for Jim Dunlap

Be calm.
Be still.
Be silent, content.

Be one with the buffalo cropping the grass to a safer height.

Seek the composure of the great depths, barely moved by exterior storms.

Lift your face to the dawning light; feel how it warms.

And be calm.
Be still.
Be silent, content.

I Pray Tonight
by Michael R. Burch

I pray tonight
the starry Light
surround you.

I pray
by day
that, come what may,
no dark thing confound you.

I pray ere the morrow
an end to your sorrow.
May angels' white chorales
sing, and astound you.

Prayer Before Flight
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy

They will teach you to scoff at love
from the highest, windiest precipice of reason.

Do not believe them.

There is no place safe for you to fall
save into the arms of love.

Love’s Extreme Unction
by Michael R. Burch

Lines composed during Jeremy’s first high school football game (he played tuba), while I watched Beth watch him.

Within the intimate chapels of her eyes—
devotions, meditations, reverence.
I find in them Love’s very residence
and hearing the ardent rapture of her sighs
I prophesy beatitudes to come,
when Love like hers commands us, “All be One!”

Love is her Belief and her Commandment
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Love is her belief and her commandment;
in restless dreams at night, she dreams of Love;
and Love is her desire and her purpose;
and everywhere she goes, she sings of Love.

There is a tomb in Palestine: for others
the chance to stake their claims (the Chosen Ones),
but in her eyes, it’s Love’s most hallowed chancel
where Love was resurrected, where one comes
in wondering awe to dream of resurrection
to blissful realms, where Love reigns over all
with tenderness, with infinite affection.

While some may mock her faith, still others wonder
because they see the rare state of her soul,
and there are rumors: when she prays the heavens
illume more brightly, as if saints concur
who keep a constant vigil over her.

And once she prayed beside a dying woman:
the heavens opened and the angels came
in the form of long-departed friends and loved ones,
to comfort and encourage. I believe
not in her God, but always in her Love.

Ave Maria
by Michael R. Burch

Ave Maria,
Maiden mild,
Listen to my earnest prayer.
Listen, O, and be beguiled.
Ave Maria.

Ave Maria,
Maiden mild,
Be Mother now to every child
Beset by earth’s thorned briars wild.
Ave Maria.

Ave Maria,
Maiden mild,
Embrace us with your Love and Grace.
Let us look upon your Face.
Ave Maria.

Ave Maria,
Maiden mild,
Please attend to our earnest call—
When will Love be All in All?
Ave Maria.

Final Lullaby
by Michael R. Burch

for my mother, Christine Ena Burch

Sleep peacefully—for now your suffering’s over.

Sleep peacefully—immune to all distress,
like pebbles unaware of raging waves.

Sleep peacefully—like fields of fragrant clover
unmoved by any motion of the wind.

Sleep peacefully—like clouds untouched by earthquakes.

Sleep peacefully—like stars that never blink
and have no thoughts at all, nor need to think.

Sleep peacefully—in your eternal vault,
immaculate, past perfect, without fault.


by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy

Cherubic laugh; sly, impish grin;
Angelic face; wild chimp within.

It does not matter; sleep awhile
As soft mirth tickles forth a smile.

Gray moths will hum a lullaby
Of feathery wings, then you and I

Will wake together, by and by.


Life’s not long; those days are best
Spent snuggled to a loving breast.

The earth will wait; a sun-filled sky
Will bronze lean muscle, by and by.

Soon you will sing, and I will sigh,
But sleep here, now, for you and I

Know nothing but this lullaby.

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