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Michael Hole Aug 23
In those moments,
Heart pounding, body hot.
Their energy inside me,
Their scent surrounds me,
Their breath on mine,
Souls tangled,

I breathe the night air,
Fresher than an hour ago.
The gentle rain hits my skin,
tiny drops of life,
My body is alive,
I feel alive,
I am alive.
I was the sea
She was the ship
Rocking gently
On my ocean,
I tossed her
In  waves of sweet lullaby
Heart. Sweetness. Beauty
Eloisa Jul 27
In my quest for solace, love truly never fails,
Your memory magically appears to calm the violent storms and adjust my sail.
The voids around me.
It's filled with care, kind and soft.
With joyful, silence and calmness. With wisdom, acceptance and love.
Keiya Tasire Jun 1
Thrashing and gnashing teeth
I screamed out
Whaling with fear
Tears flowed as a river
Between hard choking
Gasps of air.
Again and again
Until exhaustion drained
All from me but stillness.  
It caught my attention!

Between the breaths
I felt this stillness.
It is not noticeable before.
Only then exhaustion stopped my racing mind.
"It" opened.

Just under the surface of my breath.
Breathing in and breathing out
I sensed the silence of stillness.

"It" came quietly, whispering,
" I am here. Be still. Know me for I am Love."
I am forever entranced.
When standing in the shadow of my darkest night wtith anger, crying, and lashing, it was my exhaustian that brought me to a stop. this was possibly the first time that I truly sat in in the stillness of silence. No more whaling and gnashing of teeth, just stillness and silence. This poem is about coming face to face with what waits for each of within the stillness of silence.
Deep waterfall slowdown it stream.
And time of movements also slowing down.
Red flowers which around me standing motionless.
I hear silence wind and eachoes sing the song of calmness.
The mountains whispering though trees.
Soft melody of harmony and balance.
I take a deep, deep breath.
And each my cell get fill by oxygen.
The nature teach me to accepting everything like it is.
Don't struggle just accept that.
Relaxing waves flow throug my veins and fill my blood with love and calmness. I'm here, I'm now in presence moment.
my rose petal lips vanished in the sky,
hazel eyes to stare at moon until they die,
soft skin and a world of consciousness,
my soul keeps breathing,
a light of sunless whims and wishes,
melting disease of tears drowned in euphoria.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
Please support me by getting a copy of my book if you like what I am writing about.
Zywa Mar 10
My heart beats action,

my mind follows and forgets –

to breathe and be free.
The heart is made for action, which makes it hard for the mind to be quiet.

Collection "Wean Di"
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