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Keiya Tasire Jun 1
Between the breaths
There exists a stillness.
It is not noticeable
Until the soul becomes tired
Only then exhaustion stops the racing mind.
In this moment "It" opens.

Just under the surface of breath.
Breathing in
And breathing out
We sense silence.

"It" comes quietly.
It whispers
I am here.
Be still.
Know me.
I am Love.
When anger, crying, and lashing out bring us to the point where we must stop and rest. It is possibly the first time that we truly sit in silence. This poem is about meeting what awaits us within the silence between the in and out breath.
Deep waterfall slowdown it stream.
And time of movements also slowing down.
Red flowers which around me standing motionless.
I hear silence wind and eachoes sing the song of calmness.
The mountains whispering though trees.
Soft melody of harmony and balance.
I take a deep, deep breath.
And each my cell get fill by oxygen.
The nature teach me to accepting everything like it is.
Don't struggle just accept that.
Relaxing waves flow throug my veins and fill my blood with love and calmness. I'm here, I'm now in presence moment.
my rose petal lips vanished in the sky,
hazel eyes to stare at moon until they die,
soft skin and a world of consciousness,
my soul keeps breathing,
a light of sunless whims and wishes,
melting disease of tears drowned in euphoria.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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Zywa Mar 10
My heart beats action,

my mind follows and forgets –

to breathe and be free.
The heart is made for action, which makes it hard for the mind to be quiet.

Collection "Wean Di"
Kelly Marie Mar 4
With a calming breath I feel you,
deep in my lungs
In another I slowly exhale you out,
letting you be you,
as you’ve always let me be me.
Sweet serenity at last;
this is what love is supposed to feel like.
My lips pushed against his chest when he pulled me in
I breathed in his scent, this is better than fresh air could ever be
Pressed against his chest,  counting  the rhythm of his hearts song
Clamped in tight, I watched the sunrise from in between his arms
The beautiful trees stand in glory
Flowers bloom showing their beauty
Grass spreads its intoxicating scent
Every color is vivid and jubilant
Happy for all to see their colors
Spring, a season of balance
Spring, a season of serenity
Spring, a season of joy
I spotted you alone across the crowded room
With the feelings I thought I would never consume
Who knew that I’d gamble and come out on top
That my mind would cease spinning, and that time would just stop

Mary Frances Sep 2018
The grey clouds cover
my clear blue Sky
as the Storm  threatens
the calmness of my Sea.
Still, I dared to open my eyes
to gaze upon the horizon
hoping that the grey clouds
will be soon lifted
and my heart be put at ease.
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