the room is red, through
eyes stained by
blue glass ,

vague memories plague
(a girl in a dress,
the orange sun, and the red
and white
of his walls)

i can’t believe i know you,
with water leaking
from your eyes .
one day,
i think —
while gassed,

ill carve our initials into
the first
tree i find ,
and cry into my palms
to help it grow .

maybe that will make me love you

im trying to get back into the groove of writing because things have been weird lately. This was supposed to be based off of my feelings about how nervous I am in my relationship but it turned into a poem about the video game bioshock,,,,: lol.. which I love no doubt but still.... I wish I could feel normal, I think my meds have stopped working.
Florine Imo Jan 3

gently i scrub my skin with soap,
i put on cream
to treat me well

when i begin to think
what does it mean?
the warm flesh around me 
the mind that leads my actions
which one should i treat

what does make me think
that cream will fix my darkness

i get out of water, clean
ready to decorate my body
i put on a dress
bought not long ago
a dress
to treat myself
a dress
to balance
my inner doubts

i take the color of my skin
to cover up
the sleepless nights of last week

the mirror shows someone healthy
and i think
this is not me

my body belongs to the eyes
of strangers

im glad
they can't see through my skin

i come home used
more empty then before

then i gently scrub my skin with soap
trying to wash out what's left
to be ready
to treat myself again

Love dressed up as love
hits you like a train,
but you'll relish such collision
over anything less,
dressed up as the same.

mjad Nov 2017

She sits on my lap
Plump and fat
Wrinkling my dress
I pet away all my stress

(cats are not evil)

At least I know mittens won't leave me
Akash Mandal Nov 2017

Her despairing mind
searched for thorns
on her floral print dress.

Temporal Fugue Nov 2017

We'll batten down the hatches boys
and shimmy up the sails
locking down the cargo bays
bindings to the rails

The squall departs
yes, soon you'll see
every storm will pass
keeping tight, a better ship
as thunder, lightning, crash

Mistakes you've made
making them, for ever more
telling her, her ass looked big
in clothing she adores

You may survive the Tempest boy
but of one thing, you can be sure
you'll not be getting happy soon
picking wreckage off the shore

You want too, your mind is exploding, just like that dress!
DON'T do it! Trust me! Love knows no weight ;D

how would you address
if i wear this tight black dress
as dark as the nights
i might
spend with you
and might not

would you pay for me
at the restaurant?
thinking that you have already
won my sympathy
by this act of courting
hoping that i'll kiss you
on the first date
in addition

or will you blame me for my
female magic spells
because this is what tells
that i am just another
pragmatic bitch
in a dress that made
your breath

tricked you into this act
like it's not
a well-known fact
that i went out with you
just because you
leave me alone
and i couldn't
defend my own
without my make up
nice smiles and black dress on

so how will you address me
after that?

it's an old piece. well, not really, from last year, but i never posted it
so here it goes
saranade Oct 2017

The day will come where it takes a mortician
to show you there are worse things
  than your depression
Death or dismemberment
It's not just your falsified insurance claim
The day you fell to your knees and wept
  over the great pacific ocean
In the city of angels you were humbled by its majestic potion
The message in a bottle you never sent
Your laziness allowed the entire ocean to be swept
  carelessly away for your lack of devotion
The day you spoke about your loneliness
sitting in an upright-coffin-confession
Adjacent to the man who raped children
  to make himself feel... more... man.
Literally, I meant, he felt those young men.

Did that yet distract your pain?
Remember that day
that day you cried to your doctor
  Elaborating about your back and lack of motion
She’d been crying
She was trying to comprehend
hospice for her cancer-ridden husband
  Off to die, he was sent
Oh, that's exactly what it meant.

But, oh, that little tiny microscopic pain!
Then there was that day you complained
To your flat-mate about your job being so mundane.
  As she spoke of her boss firing her,* post-rape*
To avoid the human resource claim
You were hell-bent over your issue…
As she went insane.

Remember the day you went "insane" to your best friend
About your second wedding being destroyed by the rain
Your bestie was a man who had never felt the embrace
      of love
                 or pain
The ability to cherish
The passion and pain of a woman,
      he had paralyzed legs,
           no woman had ever loved him
                 Because he could never provide sex.
And YES you booooooo-hoo-ed
Over all your costume-esque dresses getting wet
Whats next?
You complain about the rain...
  A magical natural scene
You've never once tried
to see that persons suffering.

Selfish people. Self absorbed and thoughtless.
Me Díaz Sep 2017

I'm jealous of that tiny, little dress
How it clings to the contours of your body
And how the seams caress your thighs
Where I wish my hands could caress
And my lips could cling.

M•(e). Díaz

Treasure Hunt! ;)
Laurel Leaves Sep 2017

Grandeur in their audacity to
Compare me to each insignificant blade of grass
As I stand above the overpass

Blurry reds and whites
Melting apathetically in with the dusting of pink

Almost lept from my gravitational pull
Instead remembered how good it felt
When your indecency once slid up
The opening in my dress
I stayed planted
Promising my dillusion the same temptations
Would ultimately make another appearance
In the infinite rotation of a tangled set of lucid moments

And maybe,just maybe
This time
They'd stay a little longer.

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