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"Well, if my parents aren't gonna let me wear a suit to the dance, I'll wear the most extra dress of the whole year."

"What if you wear a dress with the trans colours?"

"Y e s"
A "poem" every day.
at the tips of my fingers

and in the palms of my hands

on the backs of my eyelids, where sleep should be

between fanciful flower petals, dead since long ago

upon the fabric of my dress, where your hand met my waist

within books and doors slammed shut, a restless cacophony

from falling rain, polluted by quixotic aspiration

under the breath swept from my mouth, in a

prayer that i am not in love with you
Steve Page Aug 20
All dressed up and waiting for summer,
a summer as strong and as fresh
as this perennial dress.

All made up and ready for life,
a life as bright and as perfumed
as this fragrant woman waiting to bloom.

'Wake me when summer comes.
'Stir me when the sweet zest rises and the sun can kiss me as with the dawn.'
Each September comes BEAT Borough of Ealing Art Trail - Art shown in artists homes. And each August poets are invited to write an accompanying poem to a piece of art. This is one of my BEAT poems.
Once upon a time,
I dressed in fluffy frocks
and wore tiaras
believing I was a princess.

Now that I am older,
I find myself dressing in others skin
believing mine wasn't worthy
of being worn.
Anastasia Jul 3
Roses are red
Red as the sky
Red as the blood on my fingertips
Red is the color of my soul
Red as the sun
Red as the man on the street
Red as his eyes
Red as her dress
Red is the color of my tears
Red as the splatters across my vision
Red is the color of roses
She dancing on the dance floor.
In very yellow dress like sunshine.
She moves unde the blues and jazz.
Her hair fluttering around.
She dancing beautiful and slowly.
Like she is dancer and rehearsed this dance so many times.
She dance with man.
But who is he?
The only stranger or her life?
She dance in very yellow dress like sunshine.
She dance with stranger of her life man?
Philomena May 23
Close my eyes and I can see yours again
Let myself get lost in the distant memory
The song plays through my head
And it's like watching a movie through my own eyes
Because I know it's not real

And I remember how I pressed my head against your chest
How soft your lips felt on my cheek
And how my heart shuddered when you whispered that you loved me
I never wanted it to end

And I'll never forget how soft that dress was
Or the respect I commanded dressed in blood with crown in hand
I wont forget the glittering lights
Or the warm air that night accompanied by the soft breeze

But most of all I wont forget you
Your smile your laugh
Your pocket square with four prongs
I can't forget your dancing
Your sweeping me off my feet

And how could I
You made me feel like a queen for just one night
And as wonderful as it all was
All I really needed that night was you
Although this is something I hope to never forget, it haunts me.
veritas May 22
silent girl in the red dress,
             what else do you hide behind
     that smile? "The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold.
  The curves of your lips rewrite history."

the hollows of your cheeks casting diffuse rose shadows, the soft glare--
   lips that make the smile but don't quite touch the eyes,      eyes that see to you but you don't see them back,
       --peering out of the frame, half turned to go but just there enough to see (your eyes are so wide with joy); be this happy forever, it suits you. your knowing winter face is shy and alive, and you never say anymore but you are glowing-- in this, ironically,
           you are exceptionally dissonant; the permanence is astounding--
    startling, halogenic-- you, the girl in the quiet red dress, captivate.
               and no one will see you.
saw a girl in a red dress with a pretty smile, thought she had some secrets up her sleeve.
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