Rebecca H Jul 15

Throw rocks on my car
and spit curses in my face.
I'll sharpen my teeth for war,
getting ready for the chase.

I'll cut you and let you bleed,
for all the times you've broken me.
I won't listen to you plead,
but laugh in your face with wicked glee.

My teeth are razor sharp,
and I've put on my war paint.
Trust me, no angels will play the harp,
when neither of us have claimed to be a saint.

I've never been a damsel in distress,
no I can fend for myself.
With claws for nails and rivets on my dress,
you brought this upon yourself.

- i have two faces. the first one is the nice me, the other is the angry me. sadly, the angry me often takes control. but i promise you i'm nice. -
aryanalynae Jul 9

someone notice
i'm wearing this little black dress.
want someone to see my lace set.
need eyes not a compliment.
someone feel this.
lets slow dance
grind my hips.
pretend that its pleasant.

grab these thighs
get aggressive with soft hands and slow grinds.
make me feel that first time
'i'm high' sigh tonight.

someone notice
i put on this little black dress.

theblndskr Jul 6

I could be
The best version
O f   m y s e lf
Without the mess
In my head.

It can eat
A million threads,
Different colors,
Different lengths,

But it would
Never sew
A   d r e s s .

Coz thoughts,
Are cloths,
S c i s s or e d
B u r n e d
The only stitches
You see
Are made
For my
S a n i t y
W o r k

Jacob Jun 18

I don't have much time to go
But before I have to let you go
To part as friends as I failed to let my feelings show
I ask myself, how could so many chances I forego
And when was the moment to feel just right to let you know?
That those times we spent together is all that I can think about
It's so hard to believe from this day on, we'll be apart
I guess it was all my fault, though
Thinking there would still be tomorrow
But is it too late to tell you what I feel?
Please think things through as you walk down the aisle
When the music ends you'll be with him,
As you both pledge your whole lives to each other
I can't bear to watch his kiss seal your union,
Knowing how things could've been instead

And though we were not alone,
I thought then our love had grown
So how could I've been so wrong?
And have that man part us both?
As he made his move, my mind foresaw,
The day would come when I can't help but let you go
I handled you with care as though you were already mine
Somehow, he took away what mattered most to me, with but a line
For his bravado, you fell and now we're here, so
I just can't help the way that I feel
That we're the ones meant to exchange those vows
Or so I thought

If you can toss that bouquet like the love I thought we had,
I'll bother you no more then wish you both well and go
It may take long
But I will try to get you out of what's left of my heart
If only you can hear what my heart says
We'd be the ones meant to exchange those vows
Now, I guess there's nothing more I can do
But bury all these thoughts in my head

You look more than beautiful as the day I've first laid my eyes on you, wearing that wedding dress.
alasia May 3

Emotions are sewn into every stitch I make as I remember. Crooked like their crooning voices serenading each other under the blanket of black sky. Off track like their entangled limbs. Long like their memories and short like their fights. She blew out birthday candles and I wished he were there: I didn't ask what she wished for. She dons her black sky dress, cradling their moon. She falls apart in the car as she sings alone. They say he is sleeping I know how he slept: beside her, facing her, living only on her breaths. She checks her phone like they are arguing and he has wrote her yet another novel. I sew her dress up to cover her heart so when it explodes she can salvage it later. She says she does not feel the right to cry I say he loved her and we are eclipsed by silence. By our guilt heavy hearts. She put on the dress today and I pray my work is strong enough to hold her body as she splinters. She quivers like the tires on his car when he would drive too fast, she can not touch him but she needs him to hold her. We hold her. She does not want to make a spectacle. We all want to come home to him in our driveway but we know better. My thread has kept her in place for the day: but each stitch in me is unravelling.

Zenith Apr 24

I have never felt beautiful.
Never. No. Not me.
But there was a sundress I owned
in the fifth grade when things weren't so bad.
And I wore that dress on a sunny day in May;
I wore it confidently.
It had orange and white stripes
and it reminded me of popsicles.
Maybe that was why on that sunny day in May
a man tried to get me to follow him.
My sister told me not to listen to the people
who stood awkwardly outside of schoolyards.
But I couldn't help but think that maybe
that awkwardly standing man thought I was beautiful.
And maybe that is why I seek love in men
who always seem to have cruel intentions.
Or maybe, it's just the reason why
I enjoy the orange cream popsicles so much.

originally written 3/23/17
Zenith Apr 24

Donning her joy like a pearly new necklace, she graces the ballroom.

She adjusts her pretty red dress that rests just below her ankles, so that she can move more freely.

She twists and turns and sways to the music playing in her mind.

Her hair shifts from being in a neat bun to wildly at her shoulders, and she is free.

When she locks eyes with the moonlight, her pupils widen with pure amazement.

As she blushes, her cheeks turn crimson, and she goes to the balcony.

She reaches towards it, with at first a step.

Then a leap.

She is with her moon; joy and pretty red dress and all.

And at the bottom of her palace, a pool of her pretty red dress is all that remains.

originally written 3/23/17
Zenith Apr 24

I heard the  jingling
of the ice cream truck,
and it took me back
to a time
when things were going fine.
I used to not stress
about the stains upon my dress
and I only cared for
the cute boy next door.

I ran outside
and the jingling grew faint.
It drove too quick
with no kids behind it.
And here I am, stressed
about how to live with being depressed
and I only care for
a stupid boy who hurt me to the core.

originally written 6/1/16
cait Apr 14

i will put on my dress and slip on my shoes
and look myself in the eyes.
me to me
saying goodbye.

goodbye to all the hatred.
goodbye to all the anger.
goodbye to all the jealousy.
goodbye to me.

i will lay down on the earth
waiting to be absorbed into the rich soil
and pray and pray and pray

that when i am rebirthed.
i am every bit as beautiful
but new.

i can't allow myself to get stuck

I remember the first time I saw you
I was wearing that flowery dress

You said I looked beautiful
I actually thought I did that day

I danced that day
and from a distance you were watching
I felt free and bold

You kissed my cheek
I remember the butterflies

But memories are like ashes in the wind

Once there only to be flown away
Because that is what they will always be

Just distant Memories

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