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Zhanara 44m
I am a bird
I am not still married
I am not still loved
I am not still hated
Nobody want to hurt me
A writer writes for themselves
An author writes for the world
A poet writes for those who cannot speak
Zhanara 7d
I wait my love
Without any hurrying
I wait my Prince
Without any looking for
I wait my Happiness
Doing just good things
Alice 7d
I once wrote about
being written into existence

how I longed for someone
to put pen to paper
fingertips to keyboard
to tell me who I am
to give me worth

how could I have

I am my own poet
and I can write just fine
I don't need you any more
Zhanara Oct 13
"Good morning"
Beautiful word
I appreciate it when I pronounce
"Good morning
I thank when I can say it.
"Good morning"
It's a period when  I understand everything.
It's a period when I know it doesn't come.
It's  a peried when I notice that I am alive.
Thank you "Good morning"
Zhanara Oct 3
I am a little person
Who has just a humanity in her pocket.
I am little girl
Who has just a fairy dream.
I am  a little angel
Who has a big love in her heart.
Zhanara Sep 20
Tell me please
the secret of living as a lucky person.
Tell me please
the secret that somebody can  love me
Tell me please
the secret of being a successful person.
Zhanara Sep 18
if you don't know what to do.
If you  don't understand.
If you what to know.
If you couldn't get something.
Without asking
You  can't  decide anything.
Even ask yourself.
You can do it correctly.
Learn to say No
Don’t give an explanation.
They don’t deserve one.
Stop saying it’s okay when it isn’t.

If they grab your arm, push them away, kick their shins.
If they get angry and yell at you, yell louder.
You are a powerful Woman,
You don’t deserve to be trampled on.

Use your Voice!
You have the force of a Typhoon in your voice.
Drown out the misogyny and wash them out of your life.
Tell them that the answer is NO.
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Henrie Diosa Sep 11
some folks in this department
are really full of it —
a curse on those who use my poems
for some didactic ****

but blessings on the amateur
who reads, and reads again
and travels where i’ve never thought
to go, or never been

within the walls, between the lines
to make a hidden way
and use my words to say the things
i never thought to say

to make a subtle gradient
between the truths and lie —
and turn me over in my grave
that i may slower die
This is a poem about how I want people to overread the hell into my work after I'm gone.
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