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Zhanara 3d
I cried a lot
knowing that people are not people
Knowing that  person is not person
They are just vampire who drinks someday's dream!
Zhanara 6d
Tell me
what should I do?
when my heart is broken
Tell me
what should I do?
when I cry a lot even rain doesn't see my tears
Tell me
what should I do?
if people without any thinks shout on me
even dolphines' voice can't compare with it
Tell me please
what should I do?
men don't respect me
cuz money is winners in this life
Zhanara Feb 15
Person who has not money is not Poor
Person who has not a car is not Poor
Person who has not a big house is not Poor
Poor is
whose mind
Whose heart
Whose soul
Is too empty
Because they love gossiping
Zhanara Nov 2023
I am tired
I am so tired
I work very hard
But I am not rich
I am so humanity person
Bu t I am not beautiful
I do good things
But nobody notice it
I  help everyone
But nobody appreciate
After it
What should I do
Just DEATH helps me?
Zhanara Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life:
My winter is my beauty.
My spring is my humanity
My summer is my kindness
My autumn is my reality
Zhanara Nov 2023
We think about  yesterday
We think about  tomorrow
We don't think about Today.
Today will be tomorrow.
Today could be yesterday
Just appreciate- Today
Zhanara Nov 2023
Take care my poem.
Never die, please.
Take care my wisdom words
Never lie, please.
Nitika Sharma Oct 2023
Maybe I will walk a little bit more
Fall more than I thought
Love more than i fought
Maybe I will feel a little bit more
Numbness of heartbeat
intense emitted heat
Maybe i ll drive a little bit more
Underneath the sea of thoughts
Deserted sand
The cracked drought
Maybe i will live a little bit more
Surviving till moon bathed  in light
Reaching no where
The circular flight
Maybe i ll walk a little bit more
More than I believe
Hoping for calm
A gasp of breath in breathe
Zhanara Oct 2023
Love is a piece of happiness.
Love is a piece of sadness.
Love is a piece of cake
Love is a piece of fake.
Zhanara Apr 2023
I open the door of happiness
I open the window of love
I close the way of sadness
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