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Zhanara May 17
Zhanara May 15
Anwser my question, please. I can't understand: " Why do people lie?".They firstly tell me and after it, they don't do it. Their speeches and actions are not the same. WHY?
Zhanara Apr 23
I am running
I  close my eyes
I am breathing
I know who am I
I am sleeping
Tomorrow is not today
My heart is beating
I  see my future
I am thinkig about my aim
a flower brain across the rain,
scents of love mixed up with rage,
love was the feeling of desires,
an eye so blind in times of anger,
whims boiling heavy rain,
my flower brain can touch, can smell,
forever wet, always in the motion of the mind,
electric juice to pour a web of luxury and vivid gaze,
scarves of woody oils, petrol and water,
steams of refreshing scents indulge the body of your reign,
gentle rose blooming in the void of the Universe,
red petals melting the coldness up above the sky,
the seed, the blossom of science and genesis,
a shore of steam freezing the burning flames of ****,
it’s a heaven of divine architecture,
the throne and treasures of the magic life,
a rose so red, exploding the structure of the Universe,
decimating, vanishing a galaxy,
time’s wonder would melt and wound my ****.

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My favorite escape
Just wanna recap
It’s sunday sunshine
Little trouble in my ryhme
I don’t care
I just completed the dare
Offcourse it was hard and rare
Sitting on that chair
My feat can feel the ground
And I can smell the air
Got my chilled beer
I’ve got someone to share
Because I do care
We are God’s blessed pair
I’m not scare
To fell from these stair
Somewhere my soul is unaware
But I kept those invisible tear
May be the only way the source of my power
Doesn’t look so unfair
And for now
I hold up
Lay down on that chair
Underneath your long hair
My eyes are heavily blink here
I think I am somewhere.
The mind of a writer is driven by the desire to enact change, inflict emotion, pass on knowledge, and inspire. The process through which we choose to do this is the whole of what makes up our self image. Allowing the reader inside what makes us laugh and cry creates a bond long thought of as intimate. How we perceive ourselves, from our eyes to our cells, will dictate the product that flows from an ever softening shell. How we achieve this state to grow and create requires a vulnerability that most, even those close, will rarely see. So, as it get to know an author isn't done through interviews, talk shows, or even podcasts with ads and sponsors. It's by reading...and gathering from whats gleaming from the outpouring of the minds of scribes who express this soul teaching.
a poem
Empire Mar 14
I go about my day
Through the motions I make my way
Until I get a familiar feeling
That always sends me reeling
I need another fix of my drug
These words that I debug
Poetry can be addicting
But never, ever feels constricting
Within these words I soar
Leaving me begging for more
Don't leave me feeling low
Give me my vertigo
That only poems can offer
From you, my gorgeous author
To all my gorgeous authors
Cameron Alix Mar 12
I suppose that,
As an author,
No one would bother
To think,
Or to ponder,
At the multicolored tubings of our minds.
Blind, they would rather be,
To the undying wonder
Of a brain that is simply mine,
Or a brain that is simply their own,
For we are all aware–
Although it remains unknown–
That we are each Pacific Oceans,
Grasping on to the tide of hope,
Undulating in anticipation,
Bursting at the seams
That our hearts try
Yet fail to scope,
As authors.

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
First poem I ever wrote for fun. Please let me know what you think!
Zhanara Mar 1
I can't fly
I can fly for you
I can't  swim
I can swim for you
I can't go on without you.
I can't dream without  you
You are my world
You are my mirror of my soul
Zhanara Feb 2
Without love
Life is not life.
Without smiling
The sun is not the sun.
Without travelling
The world is not the world.
Without hopeness
The future is not the future.
Without  helping
Huminity is not huminity.
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