haley 7h

As I am falling backwards,
time and energy escape
my ever so desperate grasp

Yet I am made of matter,
it does not occur that I do
to anyone in the surrounding rooms

and I feel alone

The existence I am in space
only feels like another waste
of this mortal potentiality

and I am sorry

Sometimes, days are a whirlwind,
Of possibilities, exchanges, people's faces.
Silently observing; energy stretched thin,
The sunlight sinks, leaving only traces.

You close your eyes after the day has decided to die down.
The weight of your exhaustion, so heavy, you could drown.

But before you have a chance to embrace the dreams that dangle above your head,
It's another day, and another whirlwind at the foot of your bed.

I wrote this a couple years ago - when my youngest child was a newborn. I felt that as soon as I had laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes; it was morning, and I would have to start another day. Luckily, I get more sleep now.

I know others live worse than I, but in todays society I cant help but long for the picture perfect family ideal. A mom and a dad together, and a happy kid. It seems that all my parents and I are now are distant friends who can make a little time to visit every now and then.
And my grandparents do the best they can in which I am forever thankful for, but it does not fill the hole that is the ideal of togetherness, reliability and loyalty.

Seema Nov 3

The sky split open
I'm sucked in a whirlpool
My body light as a feather
I am used as a tool
In another world or dimension
I not know the place
But it's too familiar
And I recognize that evil face
A demon of this world
A satanic being with filthy evil powers
Sapping my energy, draining
And this forces me to be awake for hours
Lying on my bed, praying hard
To prevail, evil forces from destroying my spirituality
Alas, I get pinned down most days
Like that of a nasty shaman practising dirty sexuality
Hitting on my chakras, stealing my energry
For somehow, I feel this person is attached to me
Please believe me, I am not insane
I feel his presence around me
And then I am left dealing with my pain
I am a spiritual person and used to feel my positive auras
Now that I am draining from my so called sickness
And feel my energy used by another for astral travel
A thief, in shadows, I can't even sketch coz of weakness
I wish to get well, I wish to live fully again
But seems, all my tries are going in vain
Hell, seems to be cracked open to let its beings out
To crawl and survive on the energies of high spirituals
Sometimes I wake up sweating with a shout
May be that's the time, this person performs the rituals
From another place unknown to me
Stealing from my meditation vault, my energies
And I am too blinded to believe and see
Coz I feel I'm in mercurial abyss, with some alienetic synergies...

Kim Johanna Baker, this poems is dedicated to you my dear poetess friend. May you get well soon :)

So much energy
Plenty to do
I can do anything
Except what I need to

My thoughts are a whirlwind
I want to escape
I can't drink liquor
When I'm working late

I can watch movies
Play games on my phone
Reorganize my desk
Sing a long song

When it comes to it
I'm just depressed
Life's going nowhere
Memories repressed

Keep pushing on
Take a deep breath
Practice mindfulness
Repair whats left

There is only today
What I don't get done
Won't go away

Grab up that energy
Make a big push
Write a little poem

Abhijit Oct 28

To write, I fear
'cause I think it'll make me sad.
To speak, I fear
'cause the criticism hurts so bad.

They call me a rant
stating their ego, stabbing me.
What is that they want?
My knowledge or to be my enemy.

I was strong yesterday,
but today my success is bequeathed.
I am weak today.
My emotions caged. Imagination tethered.

To break, I am ready.
Like a loose invertebrate, I lay.
To die, I am passionate.
But it is adjourned to someday.

They made me run away.
And I feel it easier than to fight.
I can try for a billion billion times.
Would I ever be able to escape this plight?

Life goes on.
Angela Rose Oct 27

It’s 3 AM and I haven’t laughed this hard in a year
It’s 3:30 AM and my heart hasn’t felt this full in too long
It’s 4 AM and my eyes are so tired but my soul is full of your energy

It’s tomorrow and we haven’t spoken, I spoke too soon.

Harry Roberts Oct 27

Chewed through your aura
Like liquorice All sorts.
I could taste the darkness
But feel the soft places in you.

I could taste light linger
In you.

You say you're plain evil,
Insane and satans reflection.
I just see a hurt human begging
For affection.

Love and direction,
Can lead a horse to water.
But you need to move
And satisfy dry lips with
A sip.

In order to breathe
And find fire in your breath,
To live you can't leave
You've got to find what's left!

The taste of you
Might leave souls blue.
But Behold - Nothing New,
In me resides the taste in you.

Post night shift. Have a good day.
-Taste-  is about energies, life and living with that.
Andreas Simic Oct 25

Kiss My…©

Morning people,
Those people up at the crack of dawn

With more energy than a ball of fire
All done up like they haven’t even slept

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

Looking at them through my bleary eyes
Me feeling like something off a scrapheap

Their exuberance like a cup runneth over
Excitement exuding everywhere

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

My rear glued to the bed
Unable to muster the motivation to get up

I listen to them espouse great plans for the day
Bubbling with sheer excitement

It is in those moments I want to say
Kiss my sass

We all have our place and so do they
I have to admit with some dismay

Andreas Simic©

I am a morning person so this is how people view me.
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