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Chop wood, carry water,
channel Ra.
Overtones over the undulations of Nun,
where the first man stood quite
apart from his father.
The cattle of Ra poured forth from his eyes and
thus he ruled over what he made.
Red frequencies in the dark are
strung outside of time -
the mana by which energy makes art.
I cannot look toward the Black Octave…
bad cymatics in the Red Resonant Year.
I’m barking at the Blue Tetrad.
The indian guides couldn’t tell if it was
Comanche or wolf.
They remained still for quite a long time.

By: Jordan Gee
all of it in frequency
It's all much easier
when you are not making hard work of it

the energy put out to solve  a problem
is the same energy that's feeding it
lean back from the script in action
and life will write you a letter of recommendation
I am working on me
I shall keep working on me
Working requires energy
The problem is who will provide fuel
I like your vibes
No need of introduction
A journey begins
Genre: Haiku
Theme: Intuition and gut instinct matter.
When choosing a new course
And you’re not sure where to start
Call upon a faithful guide
Your energy of heart

Your heart - it speaks the truth
And will make your fear depart
So always lean towards love
With the energy of heart

When life weighs upon you
And you’re feeling pulled apart
Healing can come quickly
Through your energy of heart

Your heart - it shows the path
And will help - to you - impart
Ask then - to be full of love
With the energy of heart
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You can rely upon your "Energy of Heart" to guide you in helpful and creative paths! Read this poem and let the words impact your day and your life. The initial idea came from my friend Rikka as she talked about how we are made of love. Then I gained more inspiration from a favorite scripture.

Trust your energy of heart. Connect with your energy of heart.
ibkreator Sep 2
We last as ever
again we come
for we never leave the earthly hum
the dance thru amber gold and blue
keeps shaping life inside of hue
Sara Aug 23
How could you not see?
That you were giving them your all
While all they deserved, really
Was the recklessness with which they treated your soul
How could you not see?
That you were burning all your candles
While they so easily
Blew them all out, without the least what if
How could you be so oblivious?
So blind?
Why did you let them treat you like this?
Why did you waste all that energy and time?
But now you know,
Oh so very well
It's all clear to you now,
You'll never settle for less
A Aug 18
me, wanting to be alone whilst feeling so alone at the same time
Alicia Moore Aug 13
nothing is ever Simple.

a Simple context can be made Complex.

Complexity is what fuels Fascination.

Fascination enhances the true energy of Life.
nothing is ever Simple, but it’s Better that way.
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