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Steve Page Sep 28
Extract maximum energy from every day
Turn you face towards the light
Turn away from the shadows
and at dusk
ready for your dawning.
Learn from nature
lake Sep 19
i can't run if i don't have the energy
it's no fun if you straight up just answer me
i'd thank you but i know that you won't notice me
so thank god for me, thank god for me
i can't lie if i don't know what's my truth
i can't try if i don't have something to prove
i'll win but i know i still have something to lose
so thank god for me, thank god for me
loosely inspired by this song i was listening to. i guess i looped back around to doing that.
sara Sep 18
On a day i felt broken,
no piece of me left,
I found a finch on the ground,
it laid there lifeless,
heaven bound.

Not a breath in sight,
no songs were sung,
the bird was there,
but the music was gone.

I picked it up,
laid it on soft soil,
the life was gone,
but the presence was royal.

I felt a surge of energy,
I felt whole again,
I heard the songs,
they  were flying away earlier,
but the finch brought them back.
It was a profound recognition when I met you,
My heart was young
But my soul,
It knew you.

You understood me,
The intensity couldn’t be explained.
The longing,
Immediate trust,
Urge to unite,
Like a magnet,
Your pull was too strong,
And I couldn’t stay away.

Your energetic force
Transported me to a deeper sense of emotion,
Something about me would never be the same.

I didn’t recognize what I saw
But I knew I’d felt this home before.
A person I didn’t know
But a place I could freely fall.
I didn’t belong there on the outside
But within, it was mine—
This sphere that fit like a puzzle piece,
Everywhere else was confusing and out of place.

This little girl didn’t know much about life,
Her mind and brain were still growing.
But you were a calibration point,
A navigational pull
Keeping her straight,
Until the time finally came
When her soul could finally see
Where it always wanted to be.

When I looked at you back then,
I didn’t see your body.
I didn’t see the grip of your hands or the veins in your arms,
Or the way I wanted them to hold me.
I didn’t see the scruff on your chin or your eyes which held stars,
Deep enough to see right through me.

When I looked at you,
I swear I only saw your soul.
I saw your story.
I saw hundreds of moments of laughter and pain behind those light blue eyes.
I saw who you had been and who you were still becoming.

I saw a man that looked so foreign,
But without rational sense,
Felt as familiar as my own bones.

And when this little girl was finally grown,
A trauma that sped up her years,
My body suddenly knew yours,
My heart suddenly felt at ease.

Whether I can explain why or not,
I hope you know what I felt was real.
The way my body took unconscious steps forward,
Shortening the rope,
Bridging the space between us.

Our lives seemed to fold into one another,
It wasn’t love at first sight,
But connection—connection of both body and soul.

I’ll never forget these moments,
When nothing and everything made sense all at once.
I was pulled to you,
In ways I still can’t understand.
We were connected—mind, body, soul—and it was real,
Still is real,
Will always be real,
For me, at least.

And if it’s true that I know you,
That I knew you before,
Maybe this is just another trial run that didn’t work out.
My needy soul wants who it wants,
It wishes it could speed up the rerun instead of waiting in torture.
If only it were that easy,
I’d let you finish this round.
You got a head start this time,
And gained a lot along the way.
So I’ll walk off the sidelines instead of crossing the finish line
And see you in the next race.

How long does it take to get used to *****?
Most people say they never do,
It burns too much.
But the first time it touched this body
It went down like liquid honey
Like it’d been there many times before,
But still not enough to forget the one I loved and lost.

There is no logical explanation for you.
You can’t be reasoned about,
But there is an inexplicable mutual recognition I know exists.
We were a mix of powerful excitement and fear,
Certainty and uncertainty,
Safety and danger.

Your love was free,
But your presence costs time.
It breaks my heart
That I let myself get so attached
Thinking I could ever win first prize
When I never even had a chance.

Now I’m supposed to live without you
Even though sometimes it feels so strong,
I would choose you against the whole world.

Because after all this time,
You became the world to me.
Even if eternity frowns upon it
My heart screams for you
No matter how much my mind tells me
I love you
With such a resounding
That it almost seems as though you were the reason I was living to start.

But I can’t make you love me
And that’s a fact.

I set boundaries and built walls
To protect myself from people seeing the shattered parts of my soul.
But then you came,
And those walls fell to dust.
I let you decrypt the deepest parts of me
And fell into hope that you would put my shattered pieces back together.
But what seemed so good left me with no hope,
So hollow that I can no longer look within.

You could wreck every part of me,
But I’d still love you with the kind of love that burns so intense
It feels like fireworks breaking and healing my bones all at once.

You leave me wide awake yet exhilarated,
So lost but exactly where I’m meant to be.
The can’t-sleep-can’t-breathe-can’t-eat type of love.

You were my first true desire
And now I’m constantly stopping from giving myself anything good,
Because it’s not you
It never will be
And nothing can fill the empty void in my heart
Like you once did.

When you kissed me
It was like you kissed the hell out of me,
My body was subtly writhing in pain,
Holding onto so many demons and means of death.
I silently wanted you to kiss the hell out of me
In hopes that you might possibly
Save me.

But I fell in love,
Hoping I would rise in love.
I was not saved,
Because it couldn’t stay.
I was broken,
Because it left too fast.
I crashed to the ground
And I swear it crushed all of me.
I was shattered but I didn’t notice I was lacking air
When I was drowning in your eyes.
I couldn’t feel the pain in my bones
When you arms were wrapped around me
Keeping them all in place.
But then it ended,
And I felt it in every part of me.

So I’m looking for closure of any kind
Just to get you off my mind.
Because a head so full of you
And a heart of nothing but you
And a dream that is made of you
Is not worth the time
If I can’t have you.

I’m not saying that I’m constantly thinking of you,
But I can’t deny the fact that
Every time my mind wanders,
It always finds some way back to you.

So I’m taking scissors and trying to cut off the rope
But I can’t keep from butchering myself
When you won’t come off.
Tell me,
Would you please help me cut you off?

But when the rope falls,
Please don’t leave without a hug.
I just want to be close to you.

I’m hoping that if you were only temporary,
Maybe the pain will be too.

People say they know love
But I look around
At everyone everywhere,
And I can’t imagine they’ve felt the life that I did.
The breath in their lungs
The passion that physically kills them,
To feel so connected to someone
That you can’t see life beyond them.

This love can’t be normal
And I don’t believe it is.
But if I was not made for you
Then I don’t want to be made for anyone
Because I never want to experience this again.
Never again.
OC Sep 10
The truth is
There’s always dishes to do
a floor to mop up
a phone call to make
food to cook
fences to paint
people to see
about a dog, about a cat

About a life
you never own up to
because of all the little hurdles
all the small achievements
you rake in your confined Zen garden
neatly piling skipping stones
as if boulders don’t exist outside
as if there’s no mountains that require scaling
as if the big issues
Who you are? Why you are? When will you be?
are not looming over in the distance
casting shadow in the twilight of your days

The truth is
all these notches on your belt
are the sum effort of your laying lows
the trophies for your standing stills
the “what if”s you stifle into the pillow
because you know the odds
never scale with the effort

Truth is
minimal struggle dictates the average
but you decide on the endeavor
blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit the barrens
13th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics (for details, read the first one in the series here: Shared this with a struggling friend recently, let him know we all struggle.

For more information:

Thoughts and comments are always welcome
bitter and creamy
i need to fuel my body
latte twice a day.
a haiku
Gale L Mccoy Sep 8
built a puzzle out of my surroundings
till it makes the perfect formula
the catalysis: energy
T Sep 7
I’m overflowing
Radiating high vibrations
My body cannot contain it
My hands are shaking
So I run, I put them into the earth beneath my feet
and she drinks them
and I hope they fuse and dissolve into what you need
and I hope she returns it to you, with no trace of where it came from
Because all I need is to give
and it doesn’t matter what form that takes
As long as it makes its way back to you
DivineDao Sep 7
Woebegone are daily Thrusts when Life
Is happening.

Therefore - no need intices Us
To pour the Black or Bluish Ink
into the Whitest Indigo Alternative.

Yellow is Golden. Gold is for the Star Gods.

They are above our power, above and over the gender differentientia..

Só - - Love and Praise Love giving Light Illuminaries! Our Gods of Solar winds
and rain and floods and growing "things"
Do not care about Marakesh, Neo-nazis, pacifists or Vezuvian dust bites.

They Emanate, Emit and Emirate
Brilliantly To us  Offer-rings Divine - - Life manifested Love for All

Love for All!!!

... And all I have longed for ~'~
was your Embrace. ThatLove
transmitted and Enhanced,:;. I Thank Thou Pure~Intent§' *§
Thou lovely smiles of no names~lands, Thy clean, clear-fatial features.

Black Velvety Tulip should be heard-byyoutoyouwhispered (From Me to Thy Presence) from Near~nearnesses, when we love(d) each other in those summer pine woods. The playful shadows sometimes play with shinny colours and exchange the long day for a beautiful Night...
And I'll never forget The Love within Your Eyes.

Those soft words of yours, thy knowledge..
gentle raindrops upon your walking being I love and Love... and yet, why do you walk, like you were crushed, injured, remote, withdrawn in solemn thoughts - - How can I heal from you?!! Is your focus elsewhere 'cause the remedy you seek is not harmonious with pulse of my beating drum!!?
Wholenesses, Galaxies, Love, Lust, Pliè

The Europe has Been Unified in Mutual
It's religious Abode has been (stillis) Petratka's Dome for Torcherings, Muted People's Dreams doomed by some deeply perveresedPsychological Violence (of Elites?) The Red Violin's Obssessive 'A posteriori Mortem Lovings' , For Bombs and Boom Boom Bombastic *** Slavery Proclaimed and Approved so Innocently and Meekly By Accolades Gaining Genially Prolific Authors..

Let me ask Thou Hearts -_-not ThyMainBrain:"Who would ***** if not in vein,out of scrutiy and utmost struggle, pain!!!? Would you be pleased if circumstances were Turned around and you'd be the one who has to struggle for survival (perhaps not being able to the fullest point - as you are now?)
Would your human dignity be pleased, when others generous"humility" proclaimed so easily:
"If it's for the money, so what the hell, we both gain - me the pleasure and you the" golden "game"".
And yes - - Where's the check for our Ideas you MF Criminals!?!
Thy Heaven oh - Rich, Elegant, Arrogant, Arduous, Europeans and DarklyDeep Global Intellectuals.. Have you been of some help?!
To Whom do Do you Blow, For Who do Youperform, Who's the Ruller of Thy - <3
Hades for The Famined and Deprived
Artistry, Crafts and Different Cultures
Havana, Bahamas,
Chick Chorrea, No nausea, Sydney, Mauritius and a pig Guinea
Now Na na na na
The Europeans have Got The Wisdom!
Pragmatism reins!
Especially on billboards:for women no Harry no orangeries on tights, all noses that are not tiny as Mini mice it's oh - so ******* unnice: in Europe do not be too fat, do nať há Američan Indian, Arabic or Hooked nose - Listen - You'll be a Threat woman! They might mix you up for some mad scientist, for The Thinker for a man of knowledge and power... Do rather break thy brittle bones and subdue to infancy rhymed~~ rhythm and shuffle in your domesticated *** the poultry and look extremely lash fluttery flattering naive woman-forewa childfeaturedeffeverscentmeek

And we'll plan some tanks and bombs and missiles and Those fantastically Gorgeous Self Thinking Killer Robots To Erase

Inspiring smooth operating mediums Always on the run
Await for us within This Virtual Millennia
We can hide between white earrings
We can play with Identities,
We can **** as many **** of knowledge as we want The World wide Web
Whereas digits and Dots Resolve
The Forest's Loved Longitudes,

Whereas The Creatures Loveliness
Exposee is heard among the Jungle plantiful clustered Middle plants; Their Beating Hearts, and Veins and All those moving limbs, and joints and not only segregated Left/right Wings

But Whole Chivalry the Nature Can Provide

Do listen attentively:
Audio miraculously sly sounds of Winged Beings have Enchanted Me, as dots and Stripes and Patterns

Oh - The Sacred Symmetry of Natura Sans
Ad Homminem Dat Dost Dates

Poetic Poesy Perpetuum Pottery Wheels
Humming as Milton's Longing Blakes

When we observe Works of Art
Today O'night we forget the outer world.

We Laugh Out Loud in pleasant, cute and
Unstoppable Adorable Manner - That Hurts No-one, Nobody, None, not even
Opuss Magnum Max & BunkerNumb. 1

You see:)( :
We see many beings, Sterling's, Garrets, Chelloss, Storms and Diamonds in the rough
And Yet - How can we not be energetically

Borghes IS  (  The one and only mindblowin'ImpeccableEssays final~fantasy  ) approaching on Syberian Sybertooth Lion. S/he rides the FurryBeast with Nelly Furtado, Milla Jovović and Nipke.

I knock on Your door my Trustfully Neighbour's Friendofafriend.
Under OldTreeGiantTop no-one is ever Alone~Love

Whereas Truthful Threads remain Like
Utopistic Melancholy
Dreams Diseased
Divine Prolonged Prolegomenas
Being Grateful for so many Exceptional Persons, who may or may not ponder upon my Words.

The essence is God.
God is
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