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Unfortunately you are not for everyone. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will love you regardless of what you do and how nice of a person you are. Not everyone will vibe with your energy and not everyone will understand and support you.

Even though it is a bitter pill to swallow at times don't let it make a turmoil of your emotion and deplete your energy. Because your time and energy is so much more precious than exhausting yourself by shapeshifting to pander to the whims of others, moulding yourself to fit in every where and hence retaining no shape to call your own.

Choose not to sacrifice your uniqueness to succumb buttering up their bread. To Be selective with your energy by politely waving them goodbye to stand by your values and lifestyles that most deeply resonate with you. Choose to take social risks regardless of the awkward glances and haughty whispers. Choose to not care of what others think to the point it stifles your ability to take risks and disrupt your social satisfaction.

For there is nothing more liberating than to not waste your life allowing the faultfinders to dictate your actions. To seek to align your actions with your heart. To stand up for something, to do and believe what brings  content regardless of it being disliked. It is beautifully candor being your authentic self.
Renhui 3d
Ancient Greek philosophers state that the world is
Composed of four elements
-- Earth, water, air and fire
Ancient Chinese thinkers say the world is
Made up of Wuxin or five elements
-- Metal, wood, water, fire and earth

Modern quantum physicists echo
And say the universe is mysteriously bound
By atoms and subatomic particles
As if in a gigantic bowl
Of quantum gumbo soup!

If we are all energy
What makes us organically beautiful?
Instagram selfies, luxury clothes and sexy figures?
What makes us organically powerful?
Physical strength, piles of money and millions of Twitter followers?
What makes us organically happy?
Endless laughs, constant highs and numerous lovers?

Ah do elements, atoms and particles
Fields, waves and vibrations care about those?
If not, what is the secret formula for all?
What is the one word that is behind it all?
"Mountains are mountains
Mountains are not mountains
Mountains are just mountains"
Said the Zen Master.

A drop of water belongs to the ocean
A music note is most pleasant to the ear
When in concert with other notes
We humans feel most vibrant most whole
When in harmony within ourselves
And in harmony with the Universe --
Ah "harmony" is the word!
"A poem a day" challenge - Day 4.  This poem is a continuation of Taijitu or Yin Yang symbol pondering.
Harry Roberts Sep 11
Spreading The Truth So Thin Its Like Butter,
Keep Up The Lies And You'll Lay In A Gutter.
You Take Only Take How You Rob & You Steal,
You're Fake Oh So Fake Cannot Keep The Same Zeal.

I'll Keep The Same Energy,
Bitch Put An End To Me,  
Pull Up Then Fall Back
That Shit Is So Lame To Me.

You're Weak & Not Learning,
Low IQ It's Concerning,
But From Hate I'm Not Turning,
I'll Keep The Flame Burning.

While You Love To The Play The Role Of Fool,
To The Truth You Feel No Pull,
You're Self Absorption Is Just You,
After All This Shit We're Through.

I'll Keep The Same Energy,
You'll Be Pushing Up Anemones,  
I'll Lay Posies On My Enemies,
Empty The Soul From These Entities.
Harry Roberts - Energy © 12/09/18
I gaze upon the soft pillow of the night sky
Underneath, the gentle moon illuminates a quiet world
With no one around I relax my identity
There is no reason to be “me” with no one watching
I simply am

The peaceful environment paradoxically invigorates me
Underneath the vast expanse of space, I feel infinite and infinitesimal
My calm mind produces visions of beauty
I hum along to the night’s quiet song
My heart beats to a rhythm I cannot hear
A flowing melody of wind blowing through the leaves

Restful, I bask in the aura of tranquility that pervades the darkness
I am not asleep, but also not awake
I feel as though I am in a lucid dream
With no fear of waking up
I fade into the background of the night
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Carolina Sep 1
Illuminated by the moon.
Her whispers come to me.
I show her that I listen,
I'll prove her that I see.
In a white summer dress,
barefoot by the creek,
with my loose long hair
and my soft pink cheeks.
Almost midnight time,
stones, herbs and tree barks,
kneeling on the grass,
going over ancient marks.
My silver hoops sparkle
and I begin to recite
a beesech to a force
unnoticeable to the sight.
Developed energies.
Astral effect;
my state of mind goes higher
so my wish I can project.
I feel its presence;
It thickens the air.
The wind blows stronger.
I can feel its piercing stare.
I command you my will
and I order you to bow
as I start to float inside the circle
baring my tar black soul.
The moon is still there,
up there in the dark sky.
It giggles and whispers:
*You belong to the night.
jacob hulecki Aug 31
love is all around
sweet and sound
within and without
resolve all the doubts
Air breathes on down
as it touches our crown
kings and queens of the earth
divine right in your birth
manifests all around
breathe and ground
you are the one in all
don't fear and fall
come and take your place
and feel God's grace
cause all is possible
you're bright and full
your focus brings it here
your faith takes it there
and now we're here
all that holds dear
direct source incarnation
The Sphinx in its location
The beauty and perfect form
to be you what is the norm?
Alchemical fire calcination
Spiritual flight education
The Pheonix is rising
top of the pyre blazing
infinitely rising upwards
talks of sheep and shepherds
Illusions are called real
try to get your appeal
be careful what to trust
testing it is a must
dancing flames of fire
on top of the pyre
a feather blowing away
on a blissfully sunny day
with the ease of ebb and flow
we all reap what we sow
souls merged together as one
in the now let us have some fun
letting go of the worries of past
being here finally at last
ascending ever higher above
with hearts filled with divine love
sailing on the quantum wave
experiencing the new on the path that's paved
riding in the left lane full of spirit
feeling ungrounded yet with good merit
riding the right lane grounded to earth
clinging to the material to find worth
the middle path where to extremes meet
this is where you'll find my souls seat
circling the square
translucent and clear
goldeneye drop energy wave
remembers its vibrancy to save
comes from the center of all
brightens away like a great ball
infinite interwoven reality frames
looking at things differently never to be the same
the microcosm meets the macrocosm
Jacob's ladder leaves a great chasm
infinitely going up and down
vibrationally connected no need to frown
a beautiful infinite universal melody song
many octaves of realities never get you wrong
spirals of energy swirling around
unlimited manifestations are profound
waiting for a savior without
finding the savior within no doubt
following the path ready to serve
guiding others on the spacetime curve
bringing them back to the one
speaking truth that is not spun
sacred geometry and fractal waves
philosophers climbing out of the cave
breaking free from controls
flee the thought police patrols
breaking through the chains
shifting to new with birthing pains
dreaming a dream in waking state
not paying any attention to the date
interconnected dreams simultaneously
drinking from a nice herbal tea
experiencing no beginning or end
watching space fold and bend
cosmic encounters of another kind
treading lightly among the spiritually blind
symbols speak a thousand words
truth is mightier than a sword
cutting through the illusions deep
having great faith to take a leap
into the arms of the creator
not knowing for sure you'll know later
going within and ask to know
your higher self-goes with the flow
All the answers of life are inside
be careful not to have excessive pride
on this path learn to be humble
or else things around you crumble
moderation in all things
enjoy what it brings
narrow middle math of balance
like a inter-dimensional dance
the oneness of all omnipresence
God is everywhere universal essence
infinitely complex conscious creations
Existence of infinite dimensions
secretion of the pineal gland
Stargate portal inside so grand
Light pouring out of the gate
a wave that flows called fate
giving and receiving energy freely
feeling God's love so deeply
Awaken, Remember, Receive thought forms
manifestations of thoughts they break norms
intention, think it, act it, be it, so it
the world around you matches it
treat others the way you want to be treated
if all did this equal respect can be seeded
the guardians of white light
prismatic rainbow beings of might
Keeper of the Golden Ray
do not be lead astray
By being center you help all
let us evolve and not fall
by accepting a new reality
we accept that its not fantasy
mgnmrph Aug 30
I’ll spend the rest of my life
searching for the energy
that replaced your sunshine
when you left this once comforting earth
Aisha Aug 28
A maze yet to be discovered,
A combination of pieces to unravel the key chains of the mind,
A muse,
A safe of thoughts,
Unmatched creative circuitry,
A pulse, a power,
My mind, a mosaic,
Wire it right,
Figure me out.
aquis Aug 26
you will know
when it’s time (to)
show who you are

no matter where
no matter how

you never know
who you might inspire
what spark
you might ignite

you will never know
if you don’t start

similar skies
seek each other
until they unite


you never know
“Art is coming face to face with yourself.“ Jackson Pollock
Apollo Hayden Aug 21
Take your time beloved,
remember all that we spoke of.
If your heart isn't in it, get out because it isn't love.
We're more than our flesh but when it gets weak it'll start to speak,
tempting us to satisfy it's desires as if it's something we really need.
But you've gotta protect your energy and mind your aura.
For all are not in it to give but only to receive,
leaving you in a lower state which makes it harder to breathe.
That which you possess, keep it high
because not everyone who comes can surf the waves on which you vibe.
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