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I wanted to write,
But I don't think anyone will care,
And I think that's why-
I don't think I can share.
I was diagnosed with bipolar as a young teen. It kinda *****, it's so awesome. It's like trying to pull your brain in a million different directions. It's like crippling depression that immediately becomes boundless energy. Like snapping a rubber band.
JJ Inda 5d
Unaware of these scars
for they are beneath the skin.
The air of radiance and joy;
a facade,
one that fools even I.
Still, there's no escaping the night;
the lonesome quiet,
the heart's drumming,
the mind racing,
igniting a riot.
No calm by the sea
or by city light,
by white sand
or gray concrete.
This visceral yearning
will not cease.
You think?
Just a poet hidden in a rhyme?

No Poet nor Poetess can
describe me re-invent create me
disintegrate or compare me
nor understand me
I am you I am him
I am even all of us
yet very unique as each one
of us is
only one of me on earth
interconnected to everything and everyone by nature
like we all really are!

I do sparkle in my birth chart
with an April's diamond
I am a mystic daisy
Aries is my Constelation
I was born to lead and the opportunity blossomed obscured by great pain and untimely loss.

only my old true love decided to get to know me behind my back using his strange methods as oposed to giving me a chance one on one face to face to
get to know me
impossible to know me through the slanderous affiliations of selfish jealous people who don't have my best interest!
if bad men and women who might envy me or feel rejected by me must help you decide where your heart is about me
you'll never know me at all!
you will be lost in the maze of your own ignorance and lose a chance to know me as a great lover great parent great wife greatest friend that you could ever have.
This isn't any wild thought of mine here. NO. It's my life how it has unfolded how I experienced  great fortune great love great loss rejection admiration
and how I had to heal all alone
because friends came not to me in this life time at all.
Most masculine gender saught only to use me and I got tired of them playing their nasty impersonal text photo **** games requested leading nowhere
Most married women envied me and were sickly unecessarily jealous of my unmarried non challant status and sincere platonic friendly disposition.

My dogs cats crows and raccoons
remained my better friends then any humans could ever be.

My few diamonds are forever though their sparkle never lied steal cheat nor deceive or commit treason,
I tried singles adds for friendship but t.v's episodes of
"Mission Impossible" was
an easier task then finding even a friend much less a husband a best lover a good father
for my kids!
I tried chat lines most men seemed to be functioning through their ****** primarily and heartlessly offering to pay soliciting full trust so long as it was all between two strangers no strings attached, right unto instantly intimate chaotic
dangerous *** games
which I was never into any of it.

So I put my Kama-Zutra brain I inherited from my Mom and Dad inside a tini match box all to sleep.
A husband of my choice was forfeited
and a second one or third of my choice seldom materialized.
so I didn't settled never sold out.

My true love's diamond heart promised stayed in his coat pocket waiting for my
" jealous tears" now scintilates in another woman's finger.

I couldn't like her as a greedy drug user law liar manipulator much less be jealous of her answering your phone.
Much less be jealous of the *******'s calling photo card you showed me so I cry of jealousy and anger to earn your huge diamond ring!
You could have tried telling me
"I love you" then marry me,
filling my woumb with your beloved seed, and at last
stand by me;
  then I would be jealous only when and if, a real good reason to be jealous, existed!

Wasn't I ballanced in my emotions? beautiful in and out being self assured!?
Couldn't you reward that in me instead?
A beige yarn still wraps around my left ring finger today.
I guess in the end even my sparkling diamond betrayed me.

an **** insecure jealous greedy woman won it.
what's left for me are my pets my grandkids and my 41 undeserved unprovoqued enemies to busy myself with praying for!
and to finish my books depicting my ****, my almost paradise
a new heaven on earth
painfully forfeited.
I never sold myself to men never sold out, no. I don't regret it

but I regret not playing one man's game to earn my man back at any cost because in the end I still
very much remain loving one man no matter what he put me through
his kind of love was all worth it .
Welcome to planet Earth
jump into life!
By: Karijinibba/ASG
All rights reserved.
Let's ransom positive energy from one another by understanding each other so we wont miss out on a perfect man and woman made for each other. I believe in rewarding the ability to ballance non destructive emotions instead of promoting unhealthy ones as means for a man to feel loved by a woman
or vise-verse.
Nathalie Nov 5
I knew of you before we met

I would visit you

During my nighttime wanders

Observing you from the cosmoses of

My active mind

At rest…

I felt your energetic touch

As it drew me closer

The dominance of your circuitry

Knitting our fields in webs

Of pulsing adoration

Signs of ardor

Remain present

When your soul companion

Is near…the communication

Is never amiss

The understanding

Between these two travelers

Are through surfs

Of invisible connections

Detectably palpable

Joseph Loggi Oct 30
A faint glow and you may see
All the colors and shadows that
Our private world displays
Once the lights go out.
ZenOfferings Oct 29
Wherever there's rocks
Watch out; eventually...
Those rocks come alive
Justyn Huang Oct 22
The smaller the ****
Nah that's it, seriously-
I'm not ******* you!

A joke to compliment the small ***** ones prior - from the women's POV
Stygian Oct 22
I am alone.
Personal. My humble abode.
Only with my permission to enter my home.
I am lonely.
I like to be lonely, be one and only.
Company is hard to come by unless you show me.
I am alone.
Always fighting demons, and secrets.
When I say I'm tired, I mean it.
I don't want to entertain anymore.
My energy needs to be restored.
Let me sleep, please.
Just let me sleep.
I'd rather be alone.
I'd rather be lonely.
Then be with someone who makes me die slowly.
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