Eric 2h
"I believe we’re a field of energy, dancing for itself. And I don’t care."
“There is no me. There are just things happening, and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together"
Feeling this energy
It's racing through my body
Making me feel extra witchy
Pulling out out some herbs
Time to dance this out
Burn the sage
Shake & Shivey
Let my witchy out
Raise it high
Use it to empower me
© Jennifer Delong 1/18/19
Liv C 6d
Watching my own show,
my inner critic gives it a one star,
but what does she know?
Why can’t I be the critic to my inner critic?
You don’t own me, you’re pathetic!
I give you an F for telling me everything I can’t do...
I hate you,
and all your ****** reviews!
You stop me and make fun of everything I want to do!
Why can’t you go find a new host,
because you and I will never be close!
I want to hang you out to dry
on the nearest close line
and lie that everything will be just fine..
Then you’ll know what it’s like...
I’m done with you get out of my head,
I’m going to bed.
n Jan 8
At a loss for inspiration
Creativity crippled
Drained of motivation
Passion paralyzed
Spiraling depression the only thing thriving.
Still and quiet, the only thing she has the energy to move is pen to paper as she awakens muscles she didn’t realise she forgot she had. She drowned herself unknowingly.
A viewing into where I was and the energy that pushed me to write. Just starting university all my time was split between work and friends, I had no time for my arts and so I felt unfufilled.
Nathalie Jan 7
When you are mindful and intentional about your thoughts, you really do create works of arts, in all areas of your life. If you can remember that every time you speak your words you are creating something. Every time you are putting energy in a thought, you are creating something. Every time you are acting out of the goodness of your heart or reacting in anger or frustration, you are creating. That thought, that emotion, that action is energy in motion...It goes somewhere and that somewhere comes back around when pondered long enough or acted in habitual ways enough, or smiling or drowning in emotions enough; sometimes to remind us of what we are thinking, emoting and putting out there. Think of it like this. If you are glowing with positive energy what will you be attracting. If you are walking around, all fired up and upset at a situation or person, what are you attracting. If you want to challenge this, start paying attention of when beautiful things are happening for you and when you are struggling. You will soon make a link and correlation of what you are predominantly thinking, feeling and acting and how it shows up for you and into your life.

Life is an adventure and should be fun. Play, observe, be curious's worth it : )
Ooh  the  short day light
The long deary dark winters nights.
The feeling  of  doom  & gloom
Can't  feel  lively
I just feel  so exhausted.
I  feel so low
I want to cry.
Go to sleep  until  the cold air lasps
until the  the summer sun comes  up again.
Ooh how I loath winter time.
Dull skies
Lack of  light  in  the skies above.
Doom and gloom.
Lack of  smiles on people's faces.
Let's all  disappear until
The freshness  of  cool  warm air.
Amoy Feb 2018
Is self  the vessel that holds our souls?
or is  the soul our true self?
should we look to our outer appearance  and the world to define ourselves,
do we search for the love of self through what people see and say about us?
someone once said "self cant help self"  what did he mean?
if self cant help self then who can?.. after all.. our self is the only
true companion we have in this world. here is one thing I've have learn.
when  we love our self for who we truly are inside,we defines our essences  and it is our essence that define us.
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