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a slab-less crazing-
mixture of papier-mâché;
conformation of made-less things-
quagmire bracing to break;
lonesome drought-
steer clear of my thirst;
vacuum sealed lungs-
anguish waiting to burst;
purified water:
landfilled with kimberlites;
there are spotless skies
reflecting off sunspotted eyes;
purified water:
a laborer letting go;
callouses like dandruff drift-
like welcoming snow
a son lost comes home
skies filled - no longer alone;
dead rise again
healed, hopeful, looking

The Joy within me is a flowing river
And I can’t deny the Source.

If I die young —
I’m sure He’ll remember me…
And every anthem of my soul
Shall weave the letters to portray His love.

I consider myself a dust —
One day, I’ll leave this shell
One day, I’m no longer a vessel
But a dust without His breath.

He holds the future I have never imagined,
My plans will always fail without Him
And I know that.
But my faith, it’s unending —
By grace, I shall live…

For today, I’m a vessel of His love,
Tomorrow, I’ll die too
I’ll die and be forgotten
But I hope they remember —
That Jesus lived within me
And that what matters the most
Then my purpose was done.

My hands were weary
Even before I came here —
But the stone was already rolled away!
Where are You?
Where are you, my Lord?

I was a nobody
But still, You called me.
Where is Your Body, Lord?
Where did they take You?
Or, what miracle are You doing?

I look at the skies
As the sun rays kisse my skin.
I lift up my hands and praise from within —
I lift up my eyes to the One
Coz I know You always make a Way!

No body’s in the grave!
But I know the promises You made!
No body and yet my soul rejoices!
What a wonderful resurrection!
Jesus, the freedom is here! Reign! Reign!

My soul waits for You
But I wait not in vain
But in hope, I continually trust in You.
Nobody before, but I’m somebody now!
And You will come, You will come!

Come, awake my soul
Come and get me to rest in You!
I sing to Your magnificence!
I dance in the hymn of the Spirit You gave me!
I’ll wait for nobody else, but You!

As I watch the Sun bleed,
The oceans went through my eyes —
The deep ocean, diving in my soul
Driving and cleansing every dirt I envision.

I had no hold for tomorrow
Nor I had no idea what will come next.
And yet my hope is in the Sun’s rising again.
My hope isn’t hidden, it will soon be captured.

The image as shut my entity’s door
Becomes the image of a robe in white…
The reddish ribbons in deep wounds,
The spiky thorn in the Sun’s crown.

Tearing all in the mention of a Name —
A name higher than the stars in space,
Higher than the galaxies discovered,
Higher than the infinities no one could ever measure.
Zywa Apr 2023
Winter light eats the wide hill
ever barer, buzzards hover over

the headstones in the fertile soil
which for centuries bore olive trees

The souls are elsewhere, where Israel
takes them, the remains perish

in black cloths, to be the first people
to enter the new world on the day

the gate of mercy opens
That is what the dead have lived

and fought for, for that
they have won against the god of war

they have conquered the city, with the source
that breaks out of the earth

Jerusalem, where I suffer
from divided togetherness

Will children of my grandchildren
collect their bones, honour them and

grow olives here again
with sky-high twigs of peace?
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Isra-El = Azra-El, the angel of death, who collects the souls of the deceased

God of war: Shalem, after whom Jerusalem is named; today Jerusalem presents itself as the "City of Peace"

Collection "Short Sermons" #50

If I die today, I don’t want a sorrowful service
I know it is quite inevitable and yet I want people
To learn not to lose hope or lose joy.

If there’re words that they will utter,
I pray it’s no longer for me but for those who are left —
Who are truly in need of comfort as living individuals.

Let them play a Worship Song
And remember the goodness of God
And His faithfulness that will endure forever!

For even death should not separate
Every relationship with Christ
But death should add fire to their faith.

I hope they will sing a song for the Lord
And no longer sing me some lullabies
For I would no longer hear them.

If I die today, I want to leave not an earthly legacy
But I want people to remember me
As a follower of Jesus who has finished her race.

If I die, I would no longer run
Coz I have stopped where God told me to stop
And let me see His face as He grants me a “Well, done” hug.

But today, I still breathe the air God has given the world.
Life is a gift and there’s no reason to waste it.
Let me appreciate life by serving my Master with all I have.

Today, I want to keep speaking life to others –
And I’d rather choose to empower them now
Than hearing them later with no ears to sense them.

I’d rather receive rejections today as I speak the truth
Than overhear their late acceptance
When I lie in the last home the world could give me.

Today, I want to move freely – led by the Holy Spirit.
I’d rather move now for the sake of God’s will
Rather than not being able to move anymore
Because my timeline has passed its season.

I know God has planted so many dreams within me.
I know I can do more in this world and I can achieve more.
But I want to learn how to achieve the things
That my flesh cannot attain.

I want to give a smile,
Not to those who may laugh at me when I am at my worst.
But I want to focus on my Only Audience
Who is the Ultimate Judge of my life.

I knew I am inconsistent in so many things
And I have failed my God so many times.
But if He exposed me today, then it is for my good.
I may not understand why and how
But I am sure that my God doesn’t lie.

He knows I am tired of the pressures life pours on me.
I may find myself drowning in the worries of this world
But these things are only temporary.

I know someday, I no longer need to lie on my bed
To have the rest which I think I deserve.
And when the Day comes,
I will no longer sleep
And I can no longer distinguish Night and Day
For my eyes will only be fixed on the Apple of my eye.

It’s crazy pleasing the world
And running the way people do.
We are all tired but may we know
The rest our Saviour had freely given us.

We don’t need to toil the way we know how.
Coz this time, we will shift from “prison” to “reason.”
And there will be a huge elimination
Of the things that do not matter in eternal life.
And I pray we can distinguish it
Through discernment which is a gift from above.
solEmn oaSis Apr 2022
ang hangin ay merong hatid na amoy
at pawang init naman ang nasa apoy
sa tubig, mayroong ahon pag nalulunod
sa lupa, may bangon yaong mga na-talisod

Bilangin Nawa Tagong Bituin ,,,,
upang hiling wagas makapiling !!!
buhangin din tila pumag-ibig ,,,
lutang ngunit saganang alamin !!!

Tulak ng bibig kabig ng dibdib
kung ayaw daw maraming dahilan
Puspos o kapos, bawas o Tigib
kapag gusto raw, merong Paraan

para umigi kapupuntahan,,,
lingonin lagi pinanggalingan
sampuan man 'tong pagpapantigan,
Takaw-dinggin sa naninindigan !!!
magnilay - nilay
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2022
“Why seek the Living One among the dead?“
asked angels to a few who‘d watched the Lord
be crucified—His blood and life outpoured,
“He is not here! He‘s risen as He said!“
In days before these women wept in grief
as Jesus‘ lifeless body, wrapped in shroud,
lay buried, guarded, sealed from Paschal crowd,
but by God‘s plan entombment would be brief!
His slaying served full payment for the debt
incurred against Himself by mankind‘s sin.
His raising proved His sacrifice the win
to satisfy God‘s wrath, my debts forget!
Because Christ Jesus died but ever lives,
the sin of all who trust Him God forgives!
Ylzm Mar 2022
If you need dark to see light
   then you had never seen the light
If you need the grotesque to see beauty
   then in all likelihood you're the grotesque one
If you need death's sting to feel alive
   then you're already dead for life's contemptuous of death
If absence makes heart fonder
   then death's eternal separation
   compels love unto life resurrected
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