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JoJo 2d

I want to pick you up
and carry you in my pocket
for the rest of my days.

little did I know that
you'd be the one to
carry me for the rest
of my days.

For God, my Redeemer lives.
You walk beside the street wonderin' where to go.
This fiercely knotted rope, holdin' onto lettin' go.
What was once truth is now a brainwashed someone else.
Destination nowhere with a stranger inside, a stranger beside.
You don't want it; you Need it,
you don't want it; you've got to Have it.  
The fear that takes you is the fear that breaks you and the fear that breaks you is the fear that makes you and takes you and breaks you
By the Father’s will,
Christ the Savior came to save
Perfect in His life,
And His death which beat the grave

Son of Man,
He who sees You sees the Lord
Jesus, in Your name,
Ev’ry image is restored
Suicide is not an option
Everything has to be done with caution
Be it wrong accusation or depression
Taking your life will reduce our population
Believe me, all you need is affection
Speak to someone who'll relieve you of your oppression
Who'll give you nothing but compassion
You may need trust and care in addition
When facing life challenges and tribulation
Take not suicide for a compensation
Try to have a little comprehension
Of the afterlife using your discretion
And also have a little conversation
Involving you and your intuition
Considering suicide may be as a result of impression
Or thought in abstraction
Or even to punish a relation
No matter the condition
It doesn't worth your life as a rendition
If you do plan of taking this action
I beg you take this into consideration
And do a bit of cogitation
That suicide is not an option
Though, it's taking it toll on the nation
Leading many to quick expiration
My fella, suicide is not an option
Try to do some reconciliation
And make sure to somebody you mention
To get your mind in a good position
Or perhaps it might change your situation
And set you in a new direction
Again I say suicide is not an option
Take this into admonition
That your afterlife may as well be in inversion
That live each day with vision
Devote smile to your face a portion
Do activities in admiration and jubilation
And in you life begins a resurrection
Thereby killing the ulterior notion
And also averting a possible perdition
Because suicide is never an option.
Anna Grace Jan 16
My future is in my past.
I know it doesn't make sense but it actually does.
All my hopes of who I want to be
Have been buried with dead ancient dreams.
Corpses of ambitions lie six foot under
With tombstones of pity and mourning.
My future is in my past and I am free
To chalk up everything to destiny
My fate is written in torn pages of time
My hope is no longer mine
Yet my existence is my own epiphany
Michael King Nov 2018
Spear of life, crown of virtue,
blood relaxed on slab of hate.
To the wind, in raised agony,
metal shards crush bone and fate.
There the light, the helmets glint,
forsaken he, in hour of shame.
But never bowed, in half life saved,
to the skies, and not the flame.
Parched soul, but never succour,
bitter taste of blood and brine.
Feels the tug, the Lords right seat,
one last breath, now is the time.
His spirit flees, mountain cracks,
from quaking mighty land and whence,
his body gone, neath tomb of stone,
to rise again in three days hence.
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
The bamboo forest favors impermanence
Flower petals, thunder, snow flakes
So let the time traveling tourist tell us
We will have something to say about this, later
National Sucide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. May you walk each step in the garden of resurrection.
EP Robles Nov 2018
AND if the lost made their return
from soil to land and within
your life
would you -- could you -- accept
them back
From death to dust and an urn?

Surely first the shock and disbelief
maybe a hug if you dared -- could you?
And all the adjustments you made --

The new lover, what say to them --
who replaced the gaping hole
within your heart?
A new baby but not from him --
what then?

the possibilities of a Return, some sweet
but mostly a hidden poison -- you think
But in the end (their end) sprang
a new possibility!

You live your life as best you can.
Especially when a lost is much to bear
and you pray -- leave the lost
within the ground

...sweet love sleep sweetly unto the Light!

:: 01132016 ::
Copyright © Ernest Robles
What would you do?
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
Morning greets me with surprise
A silent knowing of gratitude
That now is all we ever have
Delivered as patient birth
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
May Death befall
upon thee
and be slaughtered
by the blade of thy pen

The aftermath
of the poet's resurrection
will be an allusion
to those who never
believed in art

The Tempest
shalt come early
and by wolf's jaws
the artist
shalt rescue the light
A poem to all of us, the artists
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