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Joe Kreydt Sep 11
Begins September
Nature's paint has touched some leaves
Its magnum opus

Many joyful vibes
Nature's great preparation
For the cold white death

Joyful, not afraid
Faith, hope for resurrection
New life springs from death
Left an Easter Egg
Behind in all his
Works just so that when

You found out
What it was
You would have

To believe

All your doubts
Washed down the
Bath tub drain

Want me to tell you
Where the Easter Egg
In the Lion, the Witch

And the
Is hiding

Search out
Baby Aslan
On Twitter
Philomena Jun 1
"I never thought I would ever escape
At times, I wanted to die
Feared that it all was just a little too late
For then, I wouldn't survive
I let you in and let go of the hate
My heart recovered now, I
Owe you a debt that I can never repay
I still believe 'cause you're mine"
Aquilla May 17
I beheld the pale rose
Ethereal, yet cold.
Meant for summer
But betrayed by the winds of winter
it laid claim to her joy
And by it rage her head bowed low
As rain, tears became a torrent, cascading and pulling at her soul
Her heart was scattered
Like petals in the breeze
As shards they are sought and collected by the lowly
Guarded in vessels of hope
Awaiting the hearts spring that it may bloom anew
For spring is here and winter has passed
The tears have made her strong
In the warmth of the sun she will raise her eyes again
The laughter of her kin will call as a new morning
For where there is life, there is hope
And the chill she will feel no more
The moon light will dance upon her skin
No longer cold, but lovely
Ever the pale rose
Gray May 11
i want you next to me,
to feel your soul intertwined

to feel you once again
would be a dream come true

you are the one thing
that meant anything to me

you held me together,
and now you're gone

wish i could bring you back
another poem for my dearly departed gramma.
01/11/1945 - 10/22/2017
you are missed more than you know
Caitlin Apr 20
The book that I was raised on
said we killed You today.
That it took three days
and You rose again.
I believed it.
I still do.
But it says You're always with us.
And honestly.
I'm starting to wonder
Prabhu Iyer Apr 19
There is a night to reflect on
as there is a day to celebrate it:

it is love that is pain that is
the unspeakable joy of the heart
a transformation

and here in this world cruel of men,
it is to love that is to suffer;

And so when you love
with all your heart
with all your soul,
with all your mind
with all your strength,

so is the suffering
sweeter the water
deeper the well,
dug into the earth
where walked the prophets;

But we can die a hundred times
on the cross,

for there is no love
that does not heal death, and

blessed is this sky under which
such a thing as love

Risen, we live, when in suffering
we die, loving

such is the gospel of love
we contemplate tonight.
an Easter poem - its traditional for me, some of my meaningfully deepest poems are written at this time of the year...

The reference is to Mark: 12:28-31,
rose gardens cry the nightly shades,
purple mist covered in grace,
candlelight glimmer undressed by the flood of light,
the forehead of deities clashing on the edge,
smudges of sparkles drunk in uncertain movements,
jam rose kissed in honey bees,
swing of suffocating dreams.

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Ylzm Apr 3
Evening and morning, a day:
The third night, before t'was day,
He rose, before the sun rose.
The last night, was forty days.
Today is the third day, till
Ev'ning comes, and today ends.
He'll return in the morning.
Ylzm Apr 3
The Soul ages not, agelessly it grows
In sleep each night, to realms unknown it goes.
In dreams, lands immortals repose, hinted.
Refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated,
The Soul returns and we're resurrected.
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