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Marmaelady Oct 17
***** clothes bunched up on the corner
Look for a washing machine
Find washing machine
Begin separating whites from hues
Add a bit of water and soap
Add clothes to machine
Press button
See the clothes swirl and swirl
Wait a bit
Transfer to the dryer
Set the dryer to maximum
Press other button
Wait more
Take out garments and put in basket
Place garments over the mattress
Fold side by side
Stacking each on top of the other
Or crumple them in the closet (you choose)
Look at fruits of labour
I think washing and folding clothes aren’t really chores
If I’ll be doing them with you.

I’m playing around with poetry. Have a one about clothes. Sorry for the not-so-clickbait clickbait. XD
Mansi Sep 20
I understand why
Romanization of death
The world is so exhausting
That death seems like a
better option

However, I wonder
What made life
So mundane and empty
That we seek to
Escape it?
LeV3e Sep 12
Drugs are like people
When we first meet them
You get such a thrill
How could such an experience
Be contained in a vessel
We try to keep our distance
Addiction makes us look dependant
But we can't wait to get more

OH that sweet taste of fulfillment

People are like drugs
We put some on a pedestal
We look at others with disdain
It's so easy to blame it on them
The chemicals in our brains
So cynical but the truth is
That once you get used to it
Life is pretty mundane.
Ces Jul 11
Mundane concerns stifle
the soul that hungers for the infinite
Practicality subverts the mind
as it questions and wrestles with
this existential enigma...

Bound by the curse of productivity
and the insatiable drive for accumulation
Libidinal, perverse thoughts
drive the working man

to this, to that...

he is a puppet pulled by invisible strings:
the corporate, bureaucratic masters
calling the shots
laughing control freaks...
the world is theirs for the taking
and the worker-slave raises his hands
a sense of triumph
as the crumbs fall down

We live in a Kafkaesque era
merrily languishing
in this willful dementia.
Marmaelady Jul 10
“Aren’t we just like curtains?” I say
“How?” you ask

Well, curtains
We never really appreciate them
Until they’re gone
Not until we feel the bustling heat
Penetrate our skins during summer
Or when we can no longer hide ourselves
From the light and the world around us
When we’re already too tired to deal
With anyone, really
Because we took off
Those **** curtains

We speak of lines that spell diamonds
Majestic cars and palaces
But we fail to realize how this ordinary object
Can make a whole difference whenever
We wake up in morning
Sitting in bed, tiredly remembering what
We were going to do today
A small choice, packed with a lot of meaning
Whether we want to stay inside
Or go out and meet the world

Serving as a doorway
To the possibilities each day brings
These curtains show us the days worth living (and hiding from, if that's what you want)

And if you don’t find that ordinariness beautiful
If you don't find those moments where we stand up and try to survive the long day ahead of us
Often just waiting to see those familiar curtains again amazing
Nor can you see how curtain-like we all actually are
Then try having no curtains for a day
And see what I mean
3 AM thoughts I have while looking at my curtains.
Marmaelady Jul 9
Familiar names
Familiar brains
Familiar faces
Familiar tastes
Familiar scenes
Familiar routines

It's  something that we take for granted -


Because oftentimes we’re too focused on exploration
That we forget to realize not everything has
To be new and sublime
To give us life
Sometimes familiar is good enough
Hello, familiarity.
Nylee Jul 8
i expect today a sad day
a silent day
a tiring day of waiting
it is calm
with its restless way
the unknown
creeping up on my face

the first half, left up
the next right, the second call
a building floor
every home in discord
a frozen time
clock moving its hand hour
the patience
is just a thread long

the work is third cup done
the coffee cold
a look into cynic's mind
it is hopeless pit
wonder when star's align
and time be right
it has turned out plain and trite

a bare notepad,
my current head space
working for what
the life is continuously stale
it is mundane
at boredom's highest scale
i should shut down.
Maria Mitea Jun 24
Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry and take
One thousand visits at the temple,
The time for the invocation arrived.
Take care and not stumble or hesitate on your way,
I know you might have plans, errands,
and occupy yourself with mundane delights.

Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry from gate to gate,
and from heart to heart as we all need light, and can’t afford any longer misfortune.

Hurry and see that
there is no supremacy
in terror, in blood, and in sickness.
In me, and in you, and in everyone,
There is only one source of creation.

Hurry and take Sendo-Mairi
One walking and praying a thousand times,
Thousands walking and praying one time,
Hurry and see how
One can be free in the temples of humankind,
Sendo-Mairi a Japanese ritual of praying in a form of one person walking thousand times at the temple and praying thousand times, or
thousand people walking at the temple and praying one time.
-elixir- Jun 13
The sun blares upon me,
as I gather my fruits
from the tree of life.
My body aches and
perspires and I go on,
picking them for my future.
The gloom of this mundane,
sets into my mind,
as I toil in the heat.
I yearn for the rain,
to come and cleanse
me of this toil
and let me enjoy,
the fruits.
we go about gathering things all our life yet don't feel satisfied.
Oka May 11
I became a zombie,
A mindless being
Drifting through life aimlessly
wanting to change something
Not capable of doing anything
And ended up with no one by my side
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