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Bede Sep 19
To re-mystify, here's what i mean:
Imagine a well planned out, ancient scene
Imagine the Druids all clothed in white
Waving their staves, a pure, wondrous sight

Can you smell the fire burning?
Can you hear the kettle turning?
Can you see the embers rising on high?

Can you hear all the chanting?
The rhythmic drum bashing?
This is what i mean: Re-Mystify!

Bring back the comradery
Of dancing round, fondly,
A fire that's meant for a king!

Take all of your friends
And tie all of your ends
May the mystical triumph ascend!
Bring back the righteous, the virtuous, the dancing ways! Even virtuous pagans can be saved, if not, we'll learn from their dances!
exst Sep 17
I love the silence of the night
When there is no one about
Just me and the sounds of my soul stirring ....

I love the silence when it takes me over  Completely
It grips me and all I can hear
Is the whirling in my ears ( are these the whispers of angels ? )

Apart from the love of our fellow person
God is best found in the silence
For He is perfect silence and fullness ( the pleroma )
the first sound
  before sounds ( om )

The mind loves to create internal and external images of God ( and then play with these )
But god is beyond image and comprehension ( though we are created in his image )
And though God is far away he is yet always close  ( his absence marks his presence )

  Therefore Our job is to  let all pictures of God evaporate  and instead let the silence of the heart produce an image we can't see.  But yet can feel    ( the mind is in the heart )  and share this with others ....

So brothers and sisters our duty is to love in the day  and be silent at night
And in this way God will build a house in our hearts  forever . Amen
Aisha Zakhael Aug 18
Who are you?

I am not a vessel;
woman, poet, coloured,
they are only covers.

Who are you?

I am not any of those titles.
You force me to knit a name
from parts of worn clothes
to avoid your own face
in the mirror.

Who are you?

The love in your veins.
The liquour of life -
like water I mold
into shapes, but
I am without form.

Who are you?

A soul.
how can i afford the cure?
the cure is my disease
how can i speak with words still pure?
my doctor poisons me
yet will i laud
and make it
the words of the wise
are plainly lost
Written ca. 2011
like koans
halting in their tracks
your logical thought
processes like a train, black and long
when it runs in a padded room
small, silent, white
Written ca. 2006
the angel called out to me
But I said,
"what will I recite with these unclean lips? "

So the angel ripped my larynx
out of my throat
and set it on fire
until it burned to ashes

then I began to recite
Written ca. 2014
i and i wept
by the waters of Knoxville
remembering Zion
repatriation, what a notion
slowly, we came to our senses

the brave new world
closing in around us
we sought our refuge
at the doors of perception

timothy leary and
Marcus Garvey
were on a bad trip
together one day
when it began to snow outside
like grace
from heaven, falling
i was there with them
the angel of death

my thanatalivity
is all i know now
i will make it
to the end
Written ca. 2012
On a world with no moon I pondered deeply on a starless night
Wondering what happened when the sun fell silent with the light
And yet the black sky told no story, no star-man seen with belt alight
Orion quiet as the darkness still, unthought, unformed

Not because of clouds or want of sight was my world formed in darkness
But because the sun had gone and was the only light
The nearest star was just too far, and so to me had never been
Like I must be to it as if it were I wasn't born

All the light I knew this night was fire; fire was my own
Nothing out beyond myself had gave this fire or had shown
One sign of having helped me strike the tinder into flame
I didn't even know it "fire", knew it by no name

On a world with no moon, no stars, no clouds, no name
I forgot there was a sun
but it was all the same
Written ca. 2012
I woke up
opened my eyes
i was alone

and then, just as quickly as the terror had come and passed
the moment was so beautiful that i refused to capture it

Jesus christ
save my soul. Jesus christ, make me whole

the turbulence reached for me
but i was beyond it then
i'd sought for the Spirit
a different spirit came and went
i'm still looking
still looking

but even the inadequacy of words is muted
right now
we are living in different worlds
not only from one another, but particularly from ourselves
the pride of life courses through the brokenness of language
wanting, however, the Spirit of Truth

but i am looking
we are all looking

and just when i'd thought i was barren, She did come again
even in the mess i was in
like a baby, lying in a manger
I woke up
opened my eyes
I was home
Written April, 2019
San Francisco, a whisper in the wind tonight
tells of rebirth
not Beat
or beaten down
not beatific simply being

it is whispered that soon
we will all see our visions and dream our dreams
amidst the microchip mindbending screams
can you really, really believe?

The true dawn begins tonight
at which I woke, and was alight
and the wind rushed through me like
the rustle of dead leaves

San Francisco, I never knew
you but I hear of your deeds of renunciation and renown
they have echoed across time and space like starlight
that is evergreen

I have seen, I see, I will continue to see
me in you
you in me
I was born
not anachronistically
but just in time
just in time
Written ca. 2012
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