Anna Wolnik Jan 13

I always wondered why people judged others for their sexuality. Shouldn't love be just the words like "love is love". People should be able to express themselves thru words and actions. Sexuality is something others take for granted or even advantage of. If a guy comes out gay woman usually always say "the pretty boys are always the gay ones" or how men always come up to woman who are lesbian say "I can turn that girl straight in just one night". Or even hearing still to this day people are protesting on the street against gays and gay marriage. Today's society rather care bout brands, religion, race, and someone's sexuality rather than someone's cultural background and getting to know someone deep within. Teens who hide in the closet due to their families being against their sons or daughters for being gay become suicidal and the suicide percentages go up. People take deaths more serious than those who are a live and trying to make some of their selves. Rumors that are spread round by high school students bout someone's sexuality turns into harmful beatings, but the school system is too into themselves and care bout their job title rather than to take care of harassment and bullying. Celebrities who hide their sexuality then later come out are the talk of the town, then there is always that one person from paparazzi who screws with the news headline and puts lies into everyone in society and everyone believes what they see rather than to think outside the box that not everything they see online or TV is true. Parents who are gay are looked upon as to "who wears the pants" in the relationship, or "whose top", or even whose the "daddy or the mommy". Then the children who have gay parents become victims and are always assumed they are also gay too or just not normal in today's society. A lot of countries for example Russia abuses their laws against gays and soon enough fights and killings close to murders happen every minute of every second of every day. Even presidents in a lot of states and countries are against gays and try to pass laws made by the government which by then a lot more people hide behind closets. The world is more screwed up than people may think, if we just stick together and except people as they are then there would be equality.

Graff1980 Dec 2017

Female, male, Homosexual,
Genderqueer, Pansexual,
Transgender, Bisexual,
there is wonder in
the fluctuations
of identity’s observations.
Hunger swelling
desire blooming
then in a sated state
no longer needing
sexual fulfilling.
A curiosity
how such complexities
reveal humanity’s variety.
Not to be feared or hated
but celebrated and elevated
for the chance to see
something different from you and me
cause life is boring
without the beauty of novelty.

DD Hicks Dec 2017

When I was fifteen, I took a Health class and got "the talk,"--
(it's not what you're thinking because this is Tennessee).
It started with the boys and girls being separated and
mass-confusion ensued like bees who lost their queen--
(despite being female, I'm still scared of ovary diagrams).

Our speaker's name was Mary, but I think that was faked.

We were fed PG-rated and legally mandated information
about how our bodies are meant for HUSBANDS ONLY--
(joke's on her, half of my diet consists of Taco Tuesday).
Mary guided us through the "exciting changes" of our body
only to declare quite firmly that "sex doesn't even feel good"--
(unless you're married, of course, because your holes are holy).

And yet
I was

And thus began my intrinsic journey of "pearl-hunting."
After all, if it didn't feel good with my hand, I couldn't
imagine what a dick would do for me and, boy oh boy,
that woman was so WRONG (suck on that, Mary).
But I digress, because I confess, I never really even
gave my clitoris a second thought before I took an

Y'all don't even know how much wine I had before I wrote this.
DD Hicks Dec 2017

there's something disgusting about young love because we're conditioned to desire it
"your time will be up soon"
"you don't want to die alone"
"find someone early and work on them"

"WORK on them"

that's for the birds
i am a puma

a puma doesn't waste time worrying about who will sprint with her or love her in winter
a puma will have her fill until her hunger is sated
two rabbits for lunch and a buck for dinner
"aren't you lonely?"
no, because a good hunt requires solitude

why is it we are so keen to find love early and rush the hunt rather than
wait until we've become seasoned to the task?

i sink my claws into my prey and rejoice in the warmth of my victory as i whisper,
"think of all the time you spent choosing
when you should have been

Drabble, kind of still editing.
tess Dec 2017

in the basement our crevices become maps
we point to the tender parts

Rebecca Sorenson Dec 2017

Why do we hide ourselves
burrowed deep underground
into the confines
of our mind?

It’s like a prison
one that can be harsh
yet also soothing
almost like a spa

And you get so caught up
in the massages
that you forget
all of the beatings

And when it switches
you’re struck down
again and again
until you’re back at square one

And all of this back and forth
it’s taking its toll
wearing you down
until you can’t even think

Perhaps we should tear the prison down
and instead, build a house
a cozy place to call home
where there is no judgement
and you can finally be you

I wrote this for a friend. He is having trouble finding himself. I understand, fore I've been in his place before.
Rebecca Sorenson Dec 2017

when we were younger
and we were scared
of the monster in the closet?

We never asked questions about it
why it was there
why the closet, of all places?
we were too terrified

But as we grew older
some of us stopped being afraid
because we knew it couldn’t hurt us
why be scared of something that couldn’t hurt you?

But some of us didn’t
to some of us, the monster grew
and it would attack us
late at night

Some of us weren’t afraid
but later in life
we confronted the monster again
and all those years of work dwindled down the drain

However, as we all grew
we, at some point, accepted the monster
sometimes welcoming it as a friend,
someone to listen

And as the days went by
all of us growing older
and finding ourselves, one day at a time,
the monster disappeared

It was like a weight off our chest
we were sad it was gone, but happy all the same

We could finally leave the confines of this place
and breathe
and laugh
and smile

maybe we were the monsters in the closet after all

I decided to write this poem since both my friend and I are struggling with our sexuality. The monster symbolizes the burden of keeping it a secret. And at the end, when the monster disappears, it's because the person had finally came out of the closet. :)

She posed naked online just to spite them.
It didn't really turn HER on that much.
She wasn't really that interested in turning GUYS on
She just wanted to do something
Which she knew
Would piss them off.

Anthea Dec 2017

Captivated by her beauty
She's a lotus blossom
My mind becomes a time bomb
Of worry and sapphic thoughts
The line that separates admiration
Is thin
And I'm no longer sure which side I exist on

She's a lily pad drifting toward me on the water
Do I reach to touch her leaves?
Or avoid the pond all together?
The tug-of-war inside my brain
Is the noose around my throat
Choking me

Come on now
Choke it down
Watching the pond from the window...

zero Nov 2017

I can't concentrate because of your words,
the ones I can't help but listen too.
You say people are selfish
for loving two kinds of people, not one.
You say that it's confusing,
to like both sexes the same.

Like we need you to understand,
like we need your permission to like who we want to like

I never asked you at all.

To the girls on my English Lit course,
fuck you.

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