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Sanjali 9h
Need to write
A song or two
To ease the mind,
Let the strings be loose.

All my friends
Are here for none,
Yet I shall call them that
For it’s a short word.

Oh once upon a time
I would dance at nights,
Sing like an angel,
But I burned out inside.

A candle that’s lit
with a flame that hurts,
I still look within
To gather what I deserve.

But what is there?
Except dancing witches,
It seems they cursed me
And captured my wishes.

Fear not, I’m done.
Yet I haven’t begun.
Maybe one another day
I’ll rhyme this madness away.
Looking for a way to undo this curse
Poetic T Apr 17
I cut down the last tree,
   and ate the last apple...

I  wore the snake as a noose...

******* gravity...

                 I fell hollow and empty...
Connor Apr 16
Love is the only cures that we wish on ourselves every single day
Blake Mar 13
Someone once said to me,
I'm addicted to broken people,
Addicted to mending them,
And once I fix them,
I'm off finding another without realizing.

I took this as a compliment,
I half smiled and said,
"well that's kind of a good trait"
And I'll always remember the look he gave,
Eyes becoming like glass that will shatter in a second,
His lips resembling an emotion I didn't know existed,
A face I've never seen before while his voice scraped out a reply,
Which weighed my past...presence and settled my future,

" It's because you can't mend yourself"
muteD Feb 2
Please tell me why I even bother.
Why do I bother to scramble to find the words to express how I am feeling when all you are going to do is press Ignore?
Why do I bother to talk about the thoughts that run screaming through my mind when all you’re going to do is Interrupt?
You hate it but I hate it more.
Never being able to finish my sentence is the curse I’m destined to die with.
Never being understood is all I’m meant to be.
Invalid is all I am. Invalid is all I’m meant to be.
I’m just so tired. Tired of going through everything I have to go through.
Jack Jenkins Nov 2019
And all the loneliness floods and pools within
The darkened sea of sweetened sin
A pain strengthened of anguish
Lost hope breeds my languish
Sanguine eyes are blind and frail
Misconceived by this stupid veil
Til I've paid my final price
My life's vice has cursed me twice
//On loneliness and addiction//
BEK Oct 2019
Rid me of this burdensome curse
A power envied by many
Yet I have no desire for such

Let your eyes twinkle
Illuminating all that is beautiful and kind

With no influence from
The fright inducing hypnosis
Inside these piercing black eyes
Klita Oct 2019
This cursed heart
So naive
So h o p e f u l  
Its disgusting
Its p a i n f u l
its hurTING ME
P l e a s e
Cat Lynn Sep 2019
If i was to admit what has been stirred
I know on my life, I would only be cursed
Somethings are better kept unsaid...
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