Julie 11h

you don't want me like i want you
you never do

he has no god damn clue
this is a one sided kind of affection

that cologne and cigarette smell fires my intentions
my heart can't take this rejection
it needs protection
been trying to escape these feelings but damn
we have such an intense connection

you have no idea how badly i just wanna grab you
look you in your eyes

into your god damn soul and spill it
into your heart, i'll fill it
with all this emotion that's been tearing me apart
lately it's been setting me afire
burning my insides, i'm spilling my guts here
this is exactly what i fear

i fear unrequited love
that feeling of missing someone so god damn much

it hurts my heart
feels like it's bleeding
but i'm proceeding
while you sit back and smile without me
don't give a damn about me

can't take this defeat

i'm tired of my love life being stuck on repeat

this is so bad lmao i wrote this half asleep and the ending was kinda rushed. i'll probably edit it some other time

My brain has chemical imbalance
held inside a ceramic palace
The fabrication of lies
and blankness behind the eyes,
with bloodstains on my body,
assault is my hobby.
Not on others you see,
just on 'lil ol' me.
And hunger isn’t a concern,
I want my body to burn.
My own pulse drives me insane,
I’d rather devoured by pain.
You’d think I’d wish the reverse,
but I love it, and that’s my curse.

Whoops I'm emo

Everyone has stories
and I imagine them
when I look at strangers
what sort of tales
did their lives spin?
I wanted to know the stories
I made them up
in my head
because to really
know someone
you can't just be
a quiet onlooker,
you have to let them
know you too
and that was something
I was no longer
willing to do
the last person
to really know me
denies he ever did
like he's ashamed of me
in fact I am sure
he curses the day
he ever laid eyes on me
no... that is one thing
I am not willing
to do again,
to let someone
really know me.

His stare had pierced through me.
His kisses had stained my lips with ecstasy.
This was the love that I wanted to keep,
But when I think of it, it makes me weep.

Our pathways had met, but never crossed,
And all hope for the future was quickly tossed.
In our dreams we got lost.
Just as the Sun steals from the Autumn frost.

In jealous eyes we watched the Sun and Moon kiss,
Staring in awe of their eclipse.
We were two opposites that never met,
But it was the most exciting attraction yet.

"Amants Maudits" means 'Cursed Lovers' in french
Katli Mathobela Apr 22

Free Falling
With no ground in sight
My life is a never ending cycle of a mess
When it comes to matters of the heart
Because what I saw as art
Ended up tearing me apart

© Katli Mathobela 2017
The Lonely Bard Apr 16

Know that I asked for physical pain,
Right when I was the most happy,
Invincible I seemed to myself,
Poor me- I got it what I asked for,
Into the hospital ICU I joined forces.

Ya I'm cursed with a long, long life,
Onto an evil world I'm slammed,
Until I met her I knew not love.

Could I walk on water to satisfy her,
How convenient for her to imagine,
Exhausted, my love isn't even a bit,
Aches my heart so metaphorically,
Tiniest shards of my soul just cry.

Prior to my accident when I was associated with a social service society, I often ended up praying to the almighty in my loneliness to let me bear all the pains of the people. I got what I asked for.

My HP Poem #1507
©Atul Kaushal
DJColzz Apr 9

When people are people
It's the strangest thing to see
Because people are rarely
Who they pretend to be
Friends soon become your enemy
Smiles don their faces wide
They will profess to be walking
Fornent to God's side

The trickery and fakery
The beguiled full of charm
The only thing they want to do
Is cause you painful harm
The sweetness and the light they shine
Predatory as seen
A flick of a knife in moonlight
Quickly turns vulturine

If they seem too good to be true
It's no wonder, I say
Time will present that truth forthright
In a startling display
They garner an overdue curse
A soul ache deathless slay
So I'll take dogs over people
True friends in every way

Maud Higgins Mar 29
How when electricity gets turned off for some time, when it gets turned on again, the consumption is higher.

2. How when getting through a doorway, there exists a proportion among forgetting something, a change of focus, a cobweb of plans within bigger plans - a mise en abyme.

3. How when he squeezed my right breast, I knew he didn't want my heart.

4. How when he let only our fingertips touch and not our palms, I knew that we were only supposed to be on the tip of something, that our palms have lines embedded on them since we were born and to not let these lines get in the way of each other.

5. How when I pulled his face with both hands and kissed him, he did not open his mouth. Kissing was too personal, anyway when he was just being a guy who can cede then claim that I am his cousin in a jiffy. It's when either Relation, Repulsion, or Reservation get in the way.
Poetria Mar 19

You are
a post-it note
that's just going to
collect dust along the lines
until it turns from yellow
to a pitiful grey.

that usually happens
when the people you love
never stay.

I'll read your contents
almost every day
and maybe I might

Know that
on my wall, you're safe.
But if I ever could,
I would gladly watch you
fly away.

Please just fly far away, aka, stay?

Putting others first

can mean a good friend

but it is cursed.

It makes you blend,

teaching your friends the worst

putting you second, becomes their thirst.

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