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Klita 3d
This cursed heart
So naive
So h o p e f u l  
Its disgusting
Its p a i n f u l
its hurTING ME
P l e a s e
Cat Lynn Sep 17
If i was to admit what has been stirred
I know on my life, I would only be cursed
Somethings are better kept unsaid...
I'm mirror-like sometimes
reflecting back the faces that I see,
all of the faces and emotions around me

I'm mirror-like sometimes
shattering into fractals,
my own emotions ever-so-fragile

I'm mirror-like sometimes
I show you what you want to see,
cursed forever to agree

I'm mirror-like sometimes
vapid and forgettable,
not inspiring, but rather regrettable
Sometimes I just blend into the background. Sometimes when people don't notice you, it's easier to get through the day.
Nina Aug 5
i feel like
i'm cursed to love you
only you
and no one else
Alexis Jul 8
what a cursed existence this is,
to long for the eternal rest
but never having the courage
to put myself there .
no, i'm fine.
Joseph Miller Nov 2017
I am cursed
by those around me
i did not choose
hands that put me down
with their selfish rage
i did not ask to be
a child cursed
again and again
year after year
who could blame me
for the mistakes i've made
before i was born
the pain began
I Am Full The Demon
Half The Person
I Used
Pulse Apr 27
listen, my love, but don't follow.
question, but don't answer.
watch, but don't become enraptured.

for there is beauty and there is grace,
but danger follows closely.
for the folk most fair are crafty
and death comes swiftly after.

from the lilting call from the valleys green,
and the roaring whisper of the winds most proud—
to the steady murmur of the waters deep,
and the swaying song of forest fair.

spring has beckoned you my darling,
and it calls your name,
it beckons you forth—
into the woods with a softly glowing sun,
and curls it's vines and plants its roots behind you.

and forward now is warmth and light,
a cheery little tune.
a dance, a game, a riddle, a rhyme.
and the fair folk come for you.

so sight has cursed you my precious one,
and i've gifted you with knowledge.
should you choose to close your mind,
but keep your ears wide open.
then may your mind be steady and your feet be quick.

for the fair folk hate you leaving.
I am not a human being,
I am the deity of profound perceptibility,
touch me with your terrestrial senses and die,
blessed or cursed for eternal life.

(My autobiographical book will be out soon.)
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