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Sa Weol May Apr 28
Everyone tells me I have no luck in love,
cursed as well.
But you came as a blessing,
will be my heart blessed, too?

DanielSchott Apr 24
Thou were warned,
how to be saved.
Empty hallways echo as the ****** scream.
Seldom escape this place.
unexpected and
left behind.
Striked and burned.
Accused and forgotten.
Odors seep through the cracks.
Underground lies the truth.
Realm of the dead.
Search and you will find.
Together or alone.
Open the door.
Key of the keep.
Embodiment of anger.
Extricate yourself if you dare.
Plagued by regret.
Hidden message: The souls are ours to keep.
Nicole Mar 29
Night assaults in charcoal smudges,
repeatedly cloaking the horizon in darkness.
Hollow ruins coat the empty space in agony
as loneliness clings to every surface,
breathless in the brewing alchemy shift.

The barren and jagged mountains,
though cold and bitter in shadow,
are abruptly caressed by a balmy breeze
exhaling secret incantations into the dampened surroundings.

Beneath the heavy silence of night,
blankets of celestial fires and moonlight foil
spill a summoned revolt across the chasm.
A measured mist of cooled water drops
ventures a dance along a cluster of murky trees
at the edge of a hushed clearing.

Beyond, a presence, plagued and exposed
by the arduous web of darkness,
beats a crippled, even antsy rhythm.
The cessation of its burden is nigh;
the emancipation of daylight - a fated end.
Jason Apr 6
Though my heart was dead long ago,

This ******,

Through my chest,

It is as the first.

Though I knew long ago,

The break of trust,

Denies me rest,

Heart smoldering, mind cursed.
©03/25/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved.
Jason Feb 24
I curse like a drunken sailor with a stubbed toe and an eye full of Tabasco.
Is this even worth copyrighting?  Not really sure it's a poem lol :p
Tahlia-rayne Jan 29
Everything I touch seems to hold a memory of something I've done wrong
Keeping it locked inside until It sees an opportunity to punish me
I used to think maybe I was cursed
Cursed to live my life always fixing one problem or grieving or healing a forever broken heart
Exhausted I struggle to face the next month knowing another trauma is short awaited
I want to wrap myself in bubble wrap and wait out this wave but I know I can't
Mrs Anybody Nov 2020
dear diary,

today I curse
the universe

for making
the kindest people
suffer the most
also check out my other poems! :)
AceLione Nov 2020
The sweat streaming down my eye brow
Looking at the arrow in my ankle that was shot by Paris' bow
Oh my briseis, please don't cry
My shield and spear are always yours as i point it at the sky
Zeus, you have blessed me with immortality but oh i am cursed
All my life i've been killing men for another's thirst
Finally my chains have been broken, i can breathe
This cold feels nice, my sword at last in it's sheath
Derrick Cox Nov 2020
Trust me.
You don’t want to be with me.
You say behind my mask
I’m a human who wants to love
And be loved.
It’s not who I am underneath,
But what I do that defines me.

You want me to be Superman.
Your Superman.
But I am no super-man.
I don’t wear glasses and a suit
like I’m doing 9 to 5.
Then change into my gear
to save the world from the bad guy,
get the girl
and live happily ever after.

That’s fiction, baby.

I’ve seen death
take everything and everyone close to me.
I’ve been disappointed
by two-faced people who flip the coin
on the trust I gave them.
I’ve been broken
by many who I opened up my heart to.

I promised
I would never let it happen again.
I built my cave
to live in alone
where it’s safe
and no one to bother me.

The only time I go out to have fun
is in the darkness.
I get into fights
with any joker who ****** me off.
I party till the break of dawn
I drink til my eyes are bloodshot red
I smoke my lungs out
And **** a bunch of girls
who can help me forget everything.

But you though
You do things to me
like kryptonite
that make me feel weak.
And it scares me shitless.
That’s why I need you to stop.

You’re beautiful.
You’re brave.
You’re good.

But I can’t be with you.
I’ll hurt you
maybe you’ll hurt me.
Either way things will be ****** up.

I can’t be your white knight.
But I can be your dark knight.
If anyone ***** with you,
I’ll be your vengeance.
And if you’re looking for a good time,
I’ll give you the best night of your life.
Just flash the signal on my cell.
Batman is my favorite superhero. Him over Superman any day. He’s human. He relies on his own skills and he’s relatable on how we are with ourselves. Although dark, he’s a hero. With me, I wanted to describe my curse with love. Something I knew I could never have because I know myself. So it’s better to be single, shut your emotions off, and not care.
Peter Balkus Oct 2020
You say your life *****
and that you are a mess.
Yes, life could've always been better,
but also could've been worse.
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