That was a star in millions,
Which I wanted to touch from core of my heart.
Just to touch from warmth but not to touch so harsh.
Yeah! That was vacant from any bothered shine,
He made me do sins, his lips were like vine.
I saw him on the full moon,
He was shining brighter then the moon.
He doesn't believe on sun anymore,
Just a thing that gives light for sure.
His disbelieve made me believe,
In love and destiny.
I tried to touch him cause I got sparkled in his shine,
And then when I touched him he lost his shine,
He drowned in darkness,
And never appear again.
Again I destroyed a star in million!
Being satanic and dark I stay now low
Spreading the curse wherever I go.

-Being in love and don't wanted to hurt love is a next level kinda thing,
Cause let's just admit it im the end we all wanted to get that person whom we have loved and YASS! If you can keep distance fronm them because of them then YASS you are CURSED with love.
September Rose Nov 2017

My soul has started to rot
Charred black by the flame of heartbreak
Cold as the night you left
I don't think I'm breathing anymore
The feeling of dread carried in with the wind through every open window
Every shadow whispers your name
I feel myself fading as fast as you left
I don't feel the drive and passion anymore
My happy place has crumbled to dust, broken fragments of reality
The air I breath poisons my lungs as I fall faster and faster into the hellish hole that appears on every path
My heart as empty as the canyons that used to make me feel free
My breath as cold as the pouring rain that used to send me to sleep
My soul as rotten as the core of the witches apple
The witch that has cursed me
Cursed me with the boulders I carry on my shoulders
Cursed me to lie when I say I'm fine

Jonathan Keeley Nov 2017

I'm cursed to be the late night daydream
that floats from the back of your head
without precaution or warning
as you sweat alone in your bed
for you no longer know me
left me still standing but so spurned
you're the one I got caught up in, spun up on and churned
into the softest of feelings, left to harden in the earth
down in the fire of it slowly gaining self worth in dirt
but for now when you glide your hand across the my bottom of my cheek,
I'll turn my neck slowly, slightly feeling less weak
eye to eye till I fix on your grin
eye to eye as you move your fingers down my chin
then thrusting your fist firmly into my guts
twisting my insides
pulling out thoughtless words and blood
please just leave enough vitals for me to whisper to you
I'm fine, I'll be ok
in 20 years tops
for now I'm just cursed
but you could make it all stop

aphotic blue Oct 2017

Translation: Missing part of a beautiful soul

can i have my control on anything my king?
block that fear of thy and deem the life i could bring
i am enthusiastic on destroying the whole humanity
trust me, i'll you show you the life with glory

the sensation of magic and the foolishness of any mortal
i said don't look at me in the eye so you can't enter the portal
that's the only gate to make you in demise without mercy
no one will see and  no one will pity

one by one i will show you how powerful Belle Âme
you'll fall for my charm and be killed with my slam
the killer me as Belle Âme without any notice
no one grasp the logic, so everyone will be punished

aphotic blue Oct 2017

An introduction to the poetry.
Translation: Missing part of a beautiful soul

alluring young lady born yet cursed
with the ability to make emotions at worse
she was force to be the eye of the devil
hurt the inoccent and be thy rebel

she said once that 'don't look in the eye'
but one has the courage to exert but didn't die
unpredicted matter ensued rapidly
then the revelation itself changed the prophecy

a mortal risen and asked the soul
for affection and the inner you had stole
the magic that can turn thee into something magical
a real life warmth and thou art as a phenomenal

but the soul demanded to change the whole history
would she refuse the devil and accept the redamacy?
it says, 'missing part of a beautiful soul'
can moral fight for her and achieve his goal?

Addie D Oct 2017

Suffered have I through time,
While searching for home
But I never found a homely planet
To accommodate my bitter sorrow.
Cursed I am, I believe
To not find happiness, ever.
I have tried, I swear
But fate does not release me.
Love I have not known
Nor warm lips have I felt
Or held a trembling hand
In my own unsure embrace.
Many years ago,
A witch had cursed my blood,
I know now
For I dwell alone in darkness
And my kin lives far away.
For I have not found happiness
Nor love have I known.
Cold lips have touched mine
And the sweet aroma of death
Locked onto my heart.
Cursed I am,
To live forever on this foul land
And when my death occurs
I would still wander
Maybe in a parallel world
But still close enough
to hear the wails of my tortured soul
And see the decay of my body.
That shan't come soon,
I need not hope.
My mind lives in fear
Of today and tomorrow,
However, the past I cherish;
For bitter kinlove I have known
And their lips brushed my cheek.
Their cold hands caressed my hair
And their cold souls left me for dead.

SwordNPen Oct 2017

I've been dragged through the threshold of angelic indifference
my world has gone to the hounds and I'm here holding it all together with nothing but my teeth. I'm cursed to keep my world from falling apart just like Atlas.

Rebel Heart Sep 2017

I guess
That after you,
I'm just
To forever fear
Opening up
To anyone
Ever again

I've hidden
The pieces
Left of me
Deep inside
My steel heart

I'm just cursed
To forever push
Everyone away

Everywhere I look
I see these
Iron walls
And yet...

I'm just cursed
To forever live
Behind these walls
I keep putting up

It's Dark
And Abandoned
But it's
The only place

I'm just
Cursed Lonely
For forever and over again

It was hard enough knocking down my walls the first time around... thanks to you I'm almost unreachable now (excerpts from a journal a couple years ago so it has a bit of an immature vibe to it but I don't like editing my past works so here it is)
Tori Schall Sep 2017

These dimly lit corridors
are not a home to me
I walk down these tainted halls
With a broken heart, i try to flee

I walk down this cursed hall
where others don't reside
for fear of the pain they'll face
where monsters don't try to hide

Rebel Heart Sep 2017

A beautiful Rose
In a field of dandelions
Not alone
Yet lonely
Forever cursed
To never belong

Slowly fading away...

It was he who'd been too busy
Picking at her petals
To realize she was beautiful
Just the way she was

It was she
Who learned to grow thorns
To keep him away


For it was she
Who realized
He was the darkness
That wouldn't hesitate
To crush her
Just to mold her
To his liking


She was a beautiful Rose
In a field of dandelions
Not alone
And still a bit lonely
Slightly cursed
To never belong
But content
To forever belong
With herself

And that's all that mattered...

"As long as you find home within yourself, you'll never need to go searching for it ever again"....
An excerpt from a long winded rose metaphor stuck in the pages of 2014.. a bit of a more optimistic poem to contrast the usual depressing ones
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